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    Election Websites 4 gün left

    Need a wordpress site for elections. A typical site would need a cover page, two pages of information on the candidate, email collection, a schedule, a page to donate, a gallery, content integration, mobile ready, social integration. I work with a large base of elected officials and do their printing...want to expand to do their websites. Great English communication is a must. Lot's of rush o...

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    Trophy icon Design T-shirt logo 7 gün left

    I want to have various T-shirt designs for the upcomming Trump-election in 2020. Please see examples here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    **update** We will not answers to any proposals or chats which not directly and specifically reply to our project *** Background: We do have an webpage up and running live. Content: Webpage of a society. We now need an online-tool for hidden and secure voting for election of the board of directorate. Our wish: Development of a module for Drupal (7/8) which can be used for online-elections. ...

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    I am looking for the possibility for a person to organize and create a website where, using wordpress or joomla, It is a skeleton site, it should not be completed with the final data or texts, just some text and sample image, it will be replaced by me after the work is finished, it is installed and works in Spanish as the main language and secondary languages ​​such as English and Portuguese. You...

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    I need a few flag designs (3’ x 5’) made for 2020 USA election (“Re-Elect Trump 2020”). We would like flags made including: - Re-Elect Trump 2020 - Women for Trump - Blacks for Trump - Gays for Trump - Democrats for Trump - etc.. Attached are some examples of the kind of designs we want to mimic, but we want better designs than the ones attached :)

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    I am looking for US patent lawyer or licensed patent agent to help my US patent application official response prosecution: Require Restriction / Election (CTRS) Claims are subject to restriction and / or election requirement in the application: Details: The Application contains claims directed to patentably distinct species. The species are independent or distinct ...., in addition, these speci...

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    Hello, My name is Dev and I am running in an election to become the Member of Youth Parliament ( Youth MP ) of my city. It is similiar to a Student Presidential Election but more senior and intense. I am looking for someone to make a high quality poster for me to put up around schools, around the city and also something is which has nice colours and is appealing to people. I'd also hope th...

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    Looking for cool clip transitions and video must coincide with lyrics, trump v Hillary, 2020 election, swat busting doors on Hillary, Cadillac cruising, all around, try to do the whole song. Must be videos, not pictures.

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    Goals Develop a Java application based on the code developed in the practical classes for an object storage service. The application should integrate the architecture of a distributed system with the aspects described in this statement. Requirements The application code developed in class should be adapted to incorporate the following requirements: 1. Elimination of single points of failure thro...

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    Looking for some pieces that can be used for a Facebook page, as well as for leaflets and handouts.

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    I am looking to have a board game designed (a set of 15 unique cards, box cover, instruction leaflet). I have a budget of £200 for this. To decide on which designer to give the whole commission to, I am starting a competition to design a single card and the winner will get £20 and I will also award them the extra £180 project. The card should be as follows: Name: Global Warmi...

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    Build a Secure Online Election voting site like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Hi alaedin, This is my offer I'm a French student and we want to make a BDE (List of student for election in France) And we want a logo. The fact is that we need to get our logo for tomorrow and we don't have a lot of money. The logo we want is a bit the kind you did on your profil (Leforged) but without the man who you replace by the Capitol (the American building) Do you think you can ...

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    Hi Jonalyn, I would need support at an online voting portal for my startup - it’s about an election to startup of the year. I’m currently 2nd place and want to win the election. The job is quite simple, but would require the use of a VPN client app. Would you do something like this? Best wishes, Martin

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    My name is Michelle Hudson Hale- I am needing callers to obtain donations for my Presidential Campaign run for the Republican 2020 Election. Will provide lists for Telephone Donations Experts to contact individuals and businesses for donations, They can three way call for payment processing and they will receive 40% for each donation obtained. Paperwork for each donation must be provided eac...

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    Facebook All Public Post Scraping related a given input keyword example Election, Politics, Modi etc

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    need to collect the details of the candidates appearing for the tamil nadu election [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] will be given after finalizing the order.

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    Predicting engagement of Facebook ads (the Russian ads placed during the 2016 election), will provide more information in chat.

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    Trophy icon I need some Graphic Design Bitti left

    Design Trump re-election animated graphic tee shirt. Please see attached picture of the style of animation that i would like. The slogan should read " Make America Crunk Again". Cross out "Make" and write "Get" above it as in the illustration. Show President Trump in a crunk Lil John the rapper pose. It doesn't necessarily have to be exactly like the attached ima...

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    This project is to edit existing AutoCAD architecture plan for a house extension. I need some design changes and some additions for a 2 story home. I have the editable CAD file. The measurement is very important. First rough draft is attached (I have the latest version too, which will be provided after election of the right talent).

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    Running an end to end digital marketing campaign for an election campaign. Key Responsibilities: *Creating a content theme *Driving SMM metrics such as (Organic Reach, Likes, Shares, Comments Etc.) *Planning and executing engagement activities. *Assessing client needs with regards to the expected content *Client Relationship Management *Data collection *Multi platform marketing

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    The New Year has brought salvation to you every year I want your publications to work and do not know where to do them !! !! #MA_Printing I will give you a lot because it makes you more than one service in one place Be special and give us your printing ✋ Because whatever your field of work, you definitely need certain types of publications Print outdoor one door (banner.flex.fil..syro) Roll-up pri...

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    Trophy icon Alter Logo Bitti left

    I am looking for variations on a logo. I only want the top half altered that says "Dont wait for election day to have your say". Please keep bottom part as is. Im looking for optimal; font type,, font size, font color and layout.

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    Machine learning project to detect election results using twitter sentiment analysis

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    I have a data analysis task. I want to compare the federal vs local election results for a map area. I have a powerbi where i have done some of it with location maps. I need you to go through a site and work out which voting place is which from a list and out in excel and then work out how to display on the map: both the federal and the local result and indicate the swing between the two in a rol...

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    I want statistical simulation of possible 2020 election outcomes. I will provide complete details in chat.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed.

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    I need you to write some [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] India’s huge population, how do we ensure democratic elections in our country? How do we make sure every vote counts and that they all have equal power? This is where our unique Election system comes into play. And one of the problems we face is electoral politics. Let us educate ourselves about elect...

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    Trophy icon Campaign Logo Bitti left

    I am running for city Council District 32 Queens New York. I am looking for a branding democratic party campaign logo. The campaign logo must be differente from the pack. Consumers and voters have seen a lot of the same and want something different. the logo must include the candidate: Kaled Alamarie, I prefer to use my last name (e.g. ALAMARIE 2020) The link to the article for logos that stan...

    €91 (Avg Bid)
    155 girdi

    We want to predict the result of the federal election in Canada using the sentiment of the people tweeting on Twitter using Sentiment Analysis. The federal elections have been talk of the town with which candidate winning the elections. We are already aware of the results that Justin Trudeau won the elections but we want to have a model, which analyses the sentiment of the people based on what peo...

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    servlet java Bitti left

    The valley of Shangri-La is experiencing political and social turbulence recently, and a new election seems inevitable. Shangri-La is a parliamentary democracy so a political party that wins an overall majority (party with the most MPs) after a general election will form the new government. During an election, everyone eligible to cast a vote in a constituency can select one candidate to be their ...

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    Looking for a Hindi to english translator for a construction project in allapalli, maharastra

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    This is a 1 day Project. The budget is a maximum $50. Freelancer is to build me a Data Entry And Statistical Analysis Sheet that we can enter results for 10 candidates of an Election. There are voting points (broken into 3160 Polling Units, 239 Wards and 21 Provinces). The sheet should be easy to enter data on to and should be easy to manage for display of pie charts and bar graphs (or any ot...

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    Hi, I am looking for a talented 3D artist to help me create 2 x unique 3D videos of election pins, each with 3 artwork variations. 6 Videos in total. ABOUT YOU You are a competent 3D artist who is an expert at camera work and rendering using a GPU render. In your reply to this job posting, please tell me what 3D package you use, and what renderer. I will disregard any messages that don't hav...

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    I am a software engineering undergrad student doing his final year project. The chosen project is a mobile android application that facilitates voting as a registered user, and administration as a system administrator that oversees candidate and voter information. A third party, the electorate is also is responsible for announcing results on the voters dashboard after the election process. The pr...

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    need creative person who can create creatives regarding person or party related to election campaign .

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    we need a individual or group of individual who are willing to write content for election campaign for 1 months . interested candidate can apply and work with us.

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    we are election management service and software provider. we need graphic designer to make political marketing content . freshers can apply. 6 months work.

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    Get data from twitter Clean tweets find the keywords Should use NLP do some visualization predict winner

    €137 (Avg Bid)
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    My project I already have an app I need source code for it the app basically has list of election candidates I need to print that in thermal printer it’s an offline app no need to be uploaded in google play store and can be created within 3 hours if ur an basic designer

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    I am running for Vice President of my Business Fraternity in college and was wondering if it would be possible to write this kind of speech. My election is this Monday and would love to practice at least 1-2 days. The speech is supposed to inspire and motivate the brothers with ideas I will be presenting and overall address the issues we are facing. I have a bunch of notes and would love to make t...

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    I am a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. I am a very energetic and involved member. I live and breathe this Fraternity and I think that I am the best candidate for the job. In the next couple of weeks we are going to be having elections, during the election I will need to give a speech as to why I should be elected. I am comfortable in front of people I would just like help with writing a ...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Bitti left

    Design a Logo for an election campaign The key information is the team "Team Stauderer" Catch Phrase: "Wir für euch" -> this is German and translates into "we for you" - but the log needs to hold the text "we for you" Colors: max 2-3 colors, best in Blue, Green, Yellow or Red tones (Blue / Green main colours preferred) Delivery: PSD format

    €27 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a smart developer to quickly develop a website that checks election fraud. The only idea I have now is that voters can upload the results of their voting points so certainly picture/video upload will be enabled. I will award to someone who can show me something in 3 days. I need someone who can start right away. Budget is max $250. Thank you.

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    So this is the second project. It's a political organization for a town. I have the theme attached in the files. I also have layouts mostly done and some pictures found. 1. The version of the home page I'd like to use is Home Page 1. 2. The navigation menu reads: Home, Election 2019, Elected Officials, Get Involved, Events, About Us, Contact Us and then there's the Donate button....

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    We are looking for 10-12 American graphic designers to create protest designs for merchandise in this election year. We prioritize designers who have a personal connection to the following issues: immigration, gun control, climate change, education equity, prison reform, homelessness, income inequality, healthcare reform. Designers will be selected to be part of an online marketplace to engage ...

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    Your task is to conduct a review of the governance of a sport organization in relation to the governance concepts and principles discussed throughout the semester, specifically addressing the following: 1. Board structure and purpose; 2. Election and appointment process for board members; 3. Board induction processes; 4. Board behavior and culture; and 5. Board performance and evaluation systems. ...

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    I have an idea for a happy poster for Trumps election. A simple drawing

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