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    Hi Garrett, Here is the quote for building the rest api as based on your discussion.

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    J'ai besoin d'associer des formulaires MailerLite à mon site internet SquareSpace. Le but est de proposer un bonus à recevoir par email lorsque la personne s'inscrit via le formulaire sur mon site. J'ai déjà créé le formulaire dans MailerLite (embedded form) mais il faut maintenant le mettre sur mon site et c'est là que j'ai besoin d'un développeur spécialisé SquareSpace

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    I need assistance setting these up properly.

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    We run a newsletter and as we have added sponsors we are running into issues integrating the classifieds section into the template, specifically the presenting sponsor as it includes a logo. In order to make this happen, we are taking 10 steps every day to publish the newsletter. We desperately need to design a custom template and integrate it ...issues integrating the classifieds section into the template, specifically the presenting sponsor as it includes a logo. In order to make this happen, we are taking 10 steps every day to publish the newsletter. We desperately need to design a custom template and integrate it to be used with mailer lite. I should also note that mailer lite and the newsletter is connected to our site, which uses Wordpress . The template also contains a podcas...

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    Workflow from Mailerlite to my Wordpress Course website

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    To do a free launch on my Wordpress courses site using Option, Rules etc. and Mailerlite.

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    To set up a few emails on Mailerlite and the process for a free launch of a course in my Wordpress Courses site. e.g. Rules, Optin etc. It will be a free launch that I'm wanting to set up.

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    ...etc. We will also be providing the website logo. Preferably this should be built in Wordpress as this is a website management system we are familiar with, and this will allow us to make updates and post news on our own after the website project is complete. If you prefer a different platform please provide the details. Some of the requirements include: -A professional and modern template compatible with all major browsers and devices -3-4 custom images will be needed on the services pages (such as having a cargo van or a retail storefront image with our logo photoshopped) -A form for visitors to leave their email to join the waiting list to be informed of future launch. This could be integrated with mailerlite -A page for latest blog posts (news) with the last three show...

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    add a feature to a app so that when a user submits a request form, a new subscriber is created in my mailerlite list using the mailerlite restful API: budget is $20, deadline is today or tomorrow.

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    Hi There, I am looking to hire an email marketing specialist who will help me gather targeted audience emails and promote my product. I will need someone who can set up a MailerLite account by creating a creative landing page for my product, preparing quizzes, email contents and using strategies to promote my product to the organic audience. I am not looking for email marketing coaches but someone who can do the setup and write content and also run campaigns, a hands-on help. My product is my book and would need to reach out to targeted and genuine readers via email marketing. Please note: I am looking for someone who will do hands work and not just coaching please

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    ...into Yellow Pages, wasting the time of real professionals. You will have to: --fix the layout CSS and images' file sizes, where it is needed to make it perfectly mobile responsive and correct little details. --install and set up a Multilingual plugin or split the website in two. --create (with plugins) a reserved area in the blog for exclusive content reserved for subscribers. --integrate MailerLite from the Contact and the newsletter forms (collect contacts and details and send a first Welcome E-mail) -- Set up all the essential SEO Environment (ONLY SETUP. I DON'T WANT ANY SEO SERVICE! DO NOT BOTHER ME WITH THAT! PLEASE!): Everything, from the site plugins (YOAST) to Google Analytics. --create a Blog main page (something personalized like the other pages - just co...

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    ...REAL Professionist doesn't make his potential customer waste time. I'm looking for a pro in a jungle of low qualified, improvised, unpolite, crafty piranhas ready to devour my time with BS! I need to fix some little CSS/layout detail on a 4 page basic website made with Divi. Setup a multilanguage plugin, create a reserved area for exclusive articles for readers and set up Yoast, Analytics and Mailerlite. If you are familiar with DIVI and WP this is a simple task! DO not try to sell me SEO services, a long run SEO contract (THIS IS NOT A PROJECT TO FIND A SEO SPECIALIST. We need WP setup and fixings!) or something different from what I'm asking! Thank you to all the serious, honest Pros (please start your proposal text with a punctuation mark to show you really read...

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    Hello freelancers I need a converting book funnel built with click funnels Details: The funnel should have - the main landing page, designed to sell an e-book - countdown timer - have an OTO - a video program - have a second OTO - a second video program - The Order form should be a 2 step-order form - payment integration - with Stripe - email integration - with Mailerlite - captured the email address in step 1 - if they abandon the cart before completing step 2 - the email address should be saved in a separate email list. - if they try to leave the page - a pop-up should be displayed to capture their email address Requirements for the applicant: - have your click funnels account - experience with clickfunnels - Please provide urls to your existing work with clickfunnels ...

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    Need to create an email template in rich-text format in mailerlite. I am not looking for a basic template, I have a template that needs to be improved greatly in the design. If you can create a very nice looking rich-text email template in mailerlite, please bid on this.

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    Need to create an email template in rich-text format in mailerlite. I am not looking for a basic template, I have a template that needs to be improved greatly in the design. If you can create a very nice looking rich-text email template in mailerlite, please bid on this.

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    Need to create an email template in rich-text format in mailerlite. I am not looking for a basic template, I have a template that needs to be improved greatly in the design. If you can create a very nice looking rich-text email template in mailerlite, please bid on this.

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    Send the forms input (email) to MailerLite subscribers list using API Pages: Side Bar: This is on all pages in example url: Let's keep this going... area Top Bar: Pop Up Most Pages have the same pop up.

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    I have an email template that is getting clipped in gmail. You must have: Experience in mailerlite Experience in solving gmail clipped in mailerlite Experience in reducing template file size without reducing content

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    ...Knowledge in Digital Marketing, SEO, Business etc. (with Academic skills or a PhD in Marketing and past experience) able to provide Professional BLOG POSTS/Articles/HowTo/Guides etc. specific for Hotels, Restaurants Café, Food and Travel industries. So, for example, an easy and detailed Step By Step guide on Google ADS Campaign but specific for a Coffe Shop or a guide step by step on how to use MailerLite to create a Hotel or Restaurant Email Marketing Funnel for the WESTERN/EUROPEAN Market/Culture. Each Article (Min. 1000/1200 words or more if needed) MUST be ORIGINAL, Plagiarism Free, Technical but Practical for Dummies/NON-Experts. SEO Oriented, Written in FLUENT American/Brit English and ALWAYS RICH OF PRACTICAL EXAMPLE AND CASE STUDIES. It MUST contain all the Links...

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    Hi, I need a quote for someone to build me a mailerlite account for a Romantic Suspense author and link it to my BookFunnel account. I also need a timeframe. I have just started this but am lost.

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    Hi, I am just reading A strategic authors guide to Mailerlite. To set up an (Mailerlite Account) account and link it to my book funnel account. I am getting on in age and it baffles me. Could anyone give me a realistic quote and timeframe?

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    I am currently using WordPress and a few plugins for newsletter creation/sending, a referral/ambassador program, landing pages, pop-ups/ins, and a "daily page" that publishes the days' email to the website as a webpage.  I am looking to switch many things over to MailerLite. The website needs to remain but I am looking to switch the email sending/creation, subscriber management, referral/ambassador program(will need to switch to sparkloop), add email verification with MailerCheck(new), then I also need to replace all forms/popups/landing pages and have them connect to mailerlite.   There are just a few email sequences that need to be moved over and I will need help with a new template that is similar to the current template along with t...

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    ...Developing overall strategy. -) Linking Content with lead magnets -) Creating landing pages -) Email sequences -) Sales pages (Upsells, OTO) -) Building funnels -) Copywriting -) Testing and improving It’s important that we have good communication and you are good with writing things down so we can track the progress and improve. Marketing tools At the moment I keep my 2000 lead on Mailerlite with a couple of landing pages and email automations, but for sure we will need more functions to run the operation. I have set my eyes on a tool called - that seems to cover the needs of running a digital business. Operations & Reporting It’s important that we start with putting together an action plan - what we will do this year, what products we need, ...

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    I need to make a thank you and opt in page for my freebie so I build my email list. I need someone that knows Mailerlite and Squarespace. Someone that has expertise in email marketing,

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    I'd like to have a newsletter template made on mailerlite

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    Hi, I am wanting to create a product in thrivecart and a payment link with automation. I think it will need zapier and mailerlite to link it all. I want to be able to start selling a prerecorded webinar ASAP

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    ...given at the bottom. It is also important to handle errors like authentication, invalid data etc. 1. Integrate Moosend and MailerLite Fetch all subscribers record from Moosend Create or update subscribers in MailerLite as per following condition If Moosend subscriber exists in MailerLite Update subscriber in MailerLite Else Create subscriber in MailerLite 2. Integrate MailerLite and SendFox Fetch all subscribers from MailerLite If MailerLite subscriber is not present in SendFox Create contacts in SendFox Sendfox : Moosend: MailerLite: Skills Required Java Spring Project ID: 27452228 Project

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    I am looking for a cheap marketing automation tool. I don't want to buy a fancy tool because I won't use all the details. I want the following automation: 1. I get a new Facebook lead 2. Add that lead to google sheet 3. Add that lead to my MailerLite account That's it! Put your actual quote in the bid regardless of the budget that I am indicating.

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    We have some email automation workflows with 158 mails. We currently use Mailchimp. We would like to use Mailerlite. So we need to copy-paste our 158 mails from Mailchimp to Mailerlite. The task is super easy. We will show you how to do it through a video conference. It should take you around 3 hours of work. It is all about creating new mail in a workflow and copy-pasting the content of the mail.

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    ...clients to book discounted rooms. JOB SUMMARY You will develop a strategy and craft the emails that will be sent to our independent sales reps (hospitality pros) and/or their clients. You will also be responsible to design the layouts and write the content. Our ideal applicant is a results-driven leader who has a strong passion for marketing and communications. You should be familiar with MailerLite or be able to make a convincing argument why we should use another service instead. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Develop an email marketing campaign that aligns with our overall strategy • Organize our list of users in the email database • Design the email template(s) • Write the copy for the emails REQUIREMENTS & QUALIFICATIONS • Several y...

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    I need someone who is versed well in WordPress design and editing in Avada, Envato, BeaverBuilder and more. We use a lot of plugins for Zapier, Mailerlite and memberships as well. Also would love someone who has experience in SquareSpace and Wix. This would be to oversee about 5 different website projects on an ongoing basis.

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    ...Announce Our New Staff Position for An Email Marketing Manager! Requirements: 1) Fast Learner - One on One Training Provided Via Our CEO and Founder 2) Must Be Able to Work Independently - Little to No Supervision Provided Unless Needed 3) Experience With Any Email Service Provider (Not Mandatory to Be Those Listed Below) Examples: GetResponse, DirectIQ, , Omnisend, Zoho, FireDrum, MailerLite, Campaigner, And Many More. 4) Experience Managing Other Freelancers Worldwide (English Speaking Still Required of Those Being Managed) - Preferred but Not Mandatory 5) Has Experience with Creation & Management of Daily Email Campaigns (Easy to Use Drag & Drop Editor Within Each ESP) For Large Accounts. (Simple Drag & Drop Templates That Can Add to Over 40 to 50 campaigns per da...

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    Ajustes HTML Bitti left

    Tengo un formulario para captación de e-mail en MailerLite para el envío de newsletter. Con el Configurador visual no puedo hacer los ajustes de diseño que quiero. La estética que tiene mi formulario actualmente es la de la imagen 1 y querría una estética como la de la imagen 2, pero conservando el color del botón del formulario actual. En definitiva habría que: - Hacer más altos los cajetines de "Tu e-mail" y el botón - Colocar el botón "Vamos" debajo del cajetín del e-mail - Colocar el checkbox de "Acepto la política de privacidad" debajo del botón y centrado - Reducir el espacio interlineado de Responsable de datos, destino y derechos El trabajo se...

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    We have a custom website at the moment that sells products through FastSpring. Those products then need to be authenticated and added to the user's account section on our site. We want to migrate our site from a custom one to a WordPress site because I want to have control over the design and be able to quickly make changes. Going back and forth on changes to our custom site is a nightmare. - The Authentication is done using AWS Cognito, and the AWS Amplify javascript library. - APIs to get licensing details and downloads is hosted behind AWS API Gateways, so you can use auth tokens from Cognito to communicate with those. - Checkout is done using Fastspring, where the Cognito user id needs to be passed in, otherwise we don't know which user to provision licenses for. T...

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    I need of someone to organize my Coaching + Healing business, create systems, templates, and automate things. Right now I am us...Lite (its super intuitive and easy. I just don't wanna transfer all my Mailchimp stuff over myself and set up campaign sequences again), Squarespace (website ). I would like recommended platforms. I am leaning towards migrating to Squarespace, Honeybook, Podia (for housing my courses, memberships, and email campaigns when someone downloads a free class or free PDF or ebook), and MailerLite. I want the least amount of accounts and things as possible. I want everything to be in one place, streamlined, organized, and integrated so things can run smoothly without me. I don't have to reply to every inquiry or type out each time someone signs a contr...

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    Hey! I'm not sure about how much should it cost, so waiting for the bid. I have a small project: node.js, angular, , mongodb, everything is hosted on AWS EC2. How much would it cost for you to connect to Mailerlite API, so every new registered user on our website would go directly to Mailerlite mailing group? Thank you!

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    ...termékoldalon, képi és szöveges visszajelzésekkel. Ha van rá mód, akkor szeretnénk az oldalon egy olyan részt, ahol a vásárlók általunk előre elkészített grafikákat tudnak elhelyezni az üres tokokon, valamint szöveget is és mi ezt gravíroznánk nekik a tokokra. Ezenkívül bővíteni szeretnénk a termékkörünket, tehát ebben is gondolkodni kell, hogy hogyan mutatna jól a menüben, ajánlásban. Számlá, mailerlite, fogyasztóbarát, barion - ezekkel kellene összekötni biztosan az új webshopot (természetesen, ha van javaslat m&...

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    New Wordpress website to be built with Gutenberg page builder and feature WooCommerce product integration. 17 Pages Total to be designed/formatted and all content / photos uploaded. All pages created must incorporate mobile response design and be desktop, mobile and tablet responsive. All plugins listed below are already installed and activated on Wordpress site but must be compliant and working with the new website Other items that are needed to complete this project: Stripe payments must be working Shipping Calculator must be working Paybright payments must be working on Product page Contact form integrated with Hubspot Facebook Messenger Chatbot initialized and functioning Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel all installed on site Mailerlite...

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    I'm looking for someone who understands Thrive Architect builder to repair a contact form. Here is what I want: 1) When they complete the form, I want to receive an e-mail with all the submitted details to my e-mail 2) If possible, I want the e-mail address to be sent to my MailerLite account, Group called "Clienti carte". API is already set up. So... all I want is to make these 2 work. Thanks!

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    ...understand, what doesn’t work. The sooner you do, the faster we can fix it together. Ideal but not required - Being able to read and write Spanish, to share content related to recent Aztec findings. - Part of a team. In case you become ill or you have to take personal time, someone can take your place and the job is not interrupted. - Experience in setting up funnels for newsletters. - We use Mailerlite which is very easy to use, and with a support team ready for your questions. - Love for Aztec or any history. Interested? Drop me a line! Tell me what experience you have setting up funnels, and what games you usually play. Jorge Luis Taracena Dream of Darkness ...

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    Hola Angel: Me llamo Fabiola. Necesito ayuda con una secuencia de correos, no me funciona. Mi página está en wordpress con "Beaver Builder". Yo no conozco mucho del tema. El caso es que necesito solucionarlo. Gracias y saludo

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to do the following: -Go to my group on Facebook -Import emails from the requests that have email addresses into my mailing list (on mailerlite) + name of the person -Accept those requests with email addresses after having put the email in the email list -Copy and paste welcome post every 300 requests. -Decline some people as a given set of criteria -Leave requests that don't have email addresses up I usually can do 300 requests in 1h, so looking for someone who can handle 200-300 requests per hour as well. It needs to be someone really detailed oriented, because some people do typos in emails, or add in a space that needs to be taken out, or write the email in a funny way to avoid robots finding them. Thanks in advance!

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    We own a moving sales office and I want to start an email campaign with one of the bulk email companies like AWeber or Mailerlite or another also a text campaign

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    It's for a realtor business. 2 Parts. Part 1: (Preferred platform like mailerlite and other similar platform which require minimum monthly overhead cost. NOT Clickfunnels) - Landing page, opt in form, download E Book or PDF, then redirect them to a list of questionnaire to get them submit their real estate for sale. Part 2: - Whoever didnt submit their properties, nurture them with email sequences Only submit proposal if you know how to do it.

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    Foton Technik poszukuje wsparcia technicznego w zakresie PM IT podczas trwania procesu tworzenia nowej witryny web oraz platformy e-commerce. W zakres wdrożenia wchodzi zaprojektowanie nowej www, koordynacja nad jej wykonaniem przez zewnętrznego dostawcę, koordynacja nad integracją z systemami Foton Technik (np. Salesforce, Fokus, Mailerlite itp.) oraz koordynacja PM IT nad wdrażaniem platformy sklepu internetowego.

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    i need a script to sync my hubspot contacts with mailerlite. the script should be able to maintain the contavta between two systems if a contact changes on the hubspot side.

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    Need engaging content for email marketing campaigns. Looking for someone who has experience in working on Mailerlite. You will have to create a weekly newsletter content for

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    active flag in mailerlite

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    Hi Le Nam A. I saw you were working on Opencart's extension I also need. ( I'm not sure, if this extension is up to date, I have OC And I would like to optimize as much as I can between OC and Mailerlite. Can we talk about this and what will be the price? Thank you, Dean

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    We're looking for someone to organize our email marketing/newsletter. We are a nonprofit news/media site with 3 main activities (RSS, Merch Store, and Subscription/contributions/donations). We have 5500 contacts. What we need/want: 1) Focus on k...don't want the COVID to appear in News RSS as well. Unless the strategy is to show a single email containing all the opted in newsletters. 8) Design visually appealing newsletters 9) Ability for person to update their newsletter preferences as well as information (add name, location, gender etc) Services we're using: News/media: WordPress Shop: Shopify Subscriptions/Contributions: Memberful Email: Mailchimp but open to switching to others like Drip, MailerLite etc if it can meet our goals better. (Extra points if...

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