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    Hi there! I am making a gift for my wife. I have a Makerbot Replicator Mini+ and need a model made that I can easily 3D print using it. I am looking for a geometric/abstract/polygon type figuring of a man and a woman walking a German Shepherd. Do not use a skirt/dress for the woman, and no leash is required for the dog. I would like it to be 2-3 inches

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    Hello, I would like to have a fork of Slic3r that enables me to print external perimeters with my...more on the hardware. Also is there a way to improve the tool travel algorithm because at the moment it wastes a lot of time just repositioning the hot end. Cura and MakerBot print software are more efficient with this in my opinion. Thanks

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    Required Makerbot coding proffesional for handle all bug and problem

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    Hello, I need 3d files to print on MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer. I have sketched of 12 toys with very simple shapes. $50 for the whole project. ASAP. thank you

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    Hello, I have created some drawings/sketches for toys, and ne...have created some drawings/sketches for toys, and need to convert them into illustrator files (with some modifications). After that I wanted to make 3d files to print on MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer. I have 12 toys with very simple shapes. $50 for the whole project. ASAP. thank you

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    I need someone to make 3D version of our logo so I can print it out in a MakerBot device I have access to.

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    ...future". I would like the scene to feature a 3 by 3 screens iWall or interaction and either Oculust Rift, Microsoft Hololense or Magic Leap devices for virtual settings. A MakerBot should be in the picture as well. Regular computer equipment in a 12 pupil class room is up to the designer. Product references below: iWall: [login to view URL]

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    Trophy icon 3d model design for 3d printing Bitti left

    Hello new project this one need to make a lot of detail first of all remember this is to be 3d printed in a fdm machine MakerBot so they have detail limitation if possible design this hollow in the inside with a wall thickness of 0.35inch the diameter of the ball is about 9.4 inches and it needs to be flat in the bottom so it can stand i beleive this

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    Design a be fixed at wall and top to cover electronics. Size in centimeters are: 20 W x 10H x 5D. I just need .stl file with right dimensions and parameters to be printed in my Makerbot Replicator 3D print. I aways have this kind of need and would like to know designers that could help me as freelancer with 3D objects to be printed. Thanks.

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    3D Print model Bitti left

    Want a 3D model made to print on a makerbot, I will upload 2 files. A logo for Hacktoberfest and bird model we got made in the past. I want the bird to sit on top of the hacktoberfest and for it to be free standing. I'd like the model to not require supports so its easy to print. We want to put an led in the bacl so if it could have a couple of

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    I want an api in .net to interact with makerbot 3D printing application

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    I need a simple design created in CAD so I can print it on my 3D printer. Its a CUBE thats 50mm x 50mm x 50mm. On o...perfectly centered, it will have a cylinder thats 25mm Diameter x 10mm height. The walls can be a simple standard thickness and the cube will be hollow. I print on a MakerBot Replicator with standard PLA material Thanks!

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    The goal is to 3d print this object with 1.75mm PLA - knowledge of makerbot print settings and .stl files I have a model that has some issues - 1st when 3d printing the letters on the inscription are too small and there are contamination errors. Second the fill for the lettering has a gap where there should be material for the inside of the D

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    ...experience modeling for physical models or figurines. The final product will likely be injection-molded, however, prototypes will be 3D printed. The Makerbot series of 3D printers produces a low-"resolution" model, and will likely not be used. In all likelihood, we'll be using printers that produce high-quality models such as ones from Stratasys. Please take

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    I have a need for an original 3D design to be used on a Makerbot Replicator Z18 3D printer. We need a design for a video game tournament trophy. We have a logo, but no major concept. Turn-around time is very short (2 days). The trophy would need to have a sort of base and incorporate the logo or a representation of the logo. Also the year, 2016,

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    Utilize tools for mapping images to cookie cutter outline and add interior level details. Subject involves human form. Detail on the level of 2d features from images provided or from designs researched on own. I am looking for a set of 10 designs choosen from an array of potential candidates. Opportunity for continued projects within the same theme.

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    Design a box Bitti left

    Need a box design to be printed with Makerbot. The box should be a cover for a PCB with connectors.

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    I have MakerBot printer and I need someone to help me immediately to design a very simple box.

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    I need an Oscar... The Cavalier wears a hat, cape, boots and gloves similar to a musketeer. I need the model to be split in two parts at the waist with a square peg that is inserted in the other half to be able to glue them together. I will be 3D printing this statue with a Makerbot Replicator 2. I will update this post with a drawing of what I need.

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    3D Printing Bitti left

    I have a 3d printer Makerbot Z18, I need a person who can export 3d max files to stl files...

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