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    Trophy icon Design a logo - WonderMami 2 gün left

    Require a new logo for a brand of [login to view URL] . WonderMami is a brand highlighting busy ...all formats, will be used for digital media - websites, social media etc, printing on garments and other formats. Ideally the logo must be Pink and contain the word "Wonder Mami".

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    i want the animation to go along with one of my songs. the idea is this kid with these electric/lightning powers has an encounter that makes him realize his true power.

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    ...showing our love over the years. This would include pictures that I would provide modified as if they were cartoons with enhanced or special features (stronger arms, super powers, etc) along with a story. In essence a graphic comic story book that illustrates our time together with the final photo showing two people (us) on top of a very tall building

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    ...nationalist killed the throne of the throne the Austro-Hungarian Francis Ferdinand. And then Austria declared war on Serbia, etc. This armed world conflict was faced by two great powers: the Empire of the West (the Germanic Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire) and the Third Pact (with the United Kingdoms, France, and Russia). The Great War began on 28 July

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    Hello! We are looking for someone who can help us give the gift of their super power through a framed cari...on-coming customers. We are looking for something well thought out and refined at the same time as playful and funny. Please visit our website to get an idea of what super powers you will be drawing. [login to view URL]

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    For Gameplay Trailer & Cinematic Trailer Which Includes Characters Padua, 6 Guardians, Their weapons and powers, 3 Bosses of the game, The Darkness, 3 parallax levels, objects, between 6 to 10 small enemies for the levels. Due date is May 31st

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    1 teklifler[login to view URL] b. There will be 11 actions per sprite sheet: Like Idle, Run, Jump, Attack, Special Attacks etc many of the powers will be like the Avatar:Aang and Korra Series: Attached are some references. We are looking for artists who can create new characters in the styles of art which are attached

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    I need a report written given the following abstract: The collapse of the Wari Empire and the Tiwanaku state mark the end of the reign of two great ancient powers. These political powers collapsed due to climate change in an environmentally deterministic framework. Several other researchers have also argued for reasons behind the collapse. Guidelines:

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    19 teklifler extend a small power management circuit. The purpose of the circuit we have is to collect energy of a small photovoltaic module, which is indoor into a cap. The circuit powers a consumer, when an upper voltage limit of the cap is reached and switch it off, when a lower voltage limit is reached. The expected input currents are in the range of 30-1000µA

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    13 teklifler of teenagers that live in the word of Chrysalis, and aspire to become the strongest. The Chrysails Realm isn’t an ordinary World, as the living beings are imbued with powers called Masteries. Masteries were used as a way to support, or foundate, or in other words, protect. But every good has a bad, and those ‘bads’ were Villains. People who would

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    ...increasing the speed of the ball,putting more obstacles and by putting the ball on to a path like a rocky mountainous terrain As shown clearly in this sketch There will be coins powers as well It will be a 3 D game which should be made through UNITY You can add some things more to make it interesting But the concept should be the same And it should simple

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    ...Server / Laptop (Host) and the other on multiple Windows tablets (Clients). Currently the only updates between them has been via a memory stick or local connect. Now the "powers that be" want the host to talk to the Clients and the Clients to talk to the Host. The information will be compiled into a simple data stream on the sending machine and will

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    Hi Mami K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Power supply Bitti left

    I need to build a power supply that powers an Arduino board. It's operating ratings are 7-12volts and 1 amp .I need it for my senior project with the calculations of voltage and current for each component. I need within a week and an completely desperate .

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    (a) Suppose outside temperature is constant at Ta = 0 C. Calculate heater powers P1, P2 to keep chamber temperatures constant at T1 = T2 = 15 C. (b) With Ta = 0 can you achieve constant chamber temperatures T1 = 20, T2 = 15 C? If yes, calculate required heater powers, if not explain why. (c) With Ta = 0, characterize and plot the region of attainable

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    ...Globe. About Wellcure - Wellcure an online community platform for natural healing and wellness practices which contains - Body Wisdom - knowledge about how the natural healing powers of our body work, Q&A Section - for people to resolve their health problems naturally with help from natural healing practitioners Recipes - of delicious food cooked without

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    Faculty IS Bitti left

    ...with the Entity Framework, Where three users of the system are: Admin and Faculty and students, Admin and Faculty have to login but students with out login . Admin has all the powers to edit, delete, add, send e-mail, and create reports about Faculty. Reports of two types, the first on the tasks on which the faculty works. The second is the work contract

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    ...Prohibition of proportion Live betting odds There will be many comprehensive options such as, detailed information will be provided. User system Role 1 > God He has all the powers. The Root Account can be Opened, Cleared, Disable, and the accounts opened by the passive accounts are also passive. View and change the passwords of accounts. When opening

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    ...make money doing what they love. I also may have a few specifics to a story that may include a monster type (For Example: I may ask for a blue looking dragon that has ice powers) However, majority of the ideas and imagination I will leave to you. I want to do it this way because I feel like you will have so much more fun using your own imagination

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    ...such as flex and bison or similar. I would like the programming language to be simple, maybe a "'maths" language, doing addition, multiplication, substraction, division and powers. I would like to to have "ifs", "for" loops or while loops and a "print" functionality such as printf(). 5 simple programs written in the programming language are al...

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    Good Morning! We need your magical powers again please. If you are available to do this please let me know asap. We need: Poppins needs to provide a standard JHA for rebar installation. We need to have this by Monday 3:30 Our time. Just let me know what your fee will be, whatever it is. Thank you so much!!

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    ...controls, blocked persons) - Distinguish users through the IP network and can block users from entering rooms - The owner of the room has a room on his own room and also can grant powers to other people - Personal Profile  ---- A live example of this application:  I want to be like him [login to view URL] Android platform

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    ...introduction All plots created in this project will include at least one logarithmic‐scale axis. Axis limits (minimum and maximum axis values) on logarithmic axes must be even powers of ten and which contain the full range of data being plotted. For example, axis limits of 0.1 to 10 are acceptable, while axis limits of 0.3 to 3 are not. Analysis – create

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    4 teklifler designed into styled react-native components. We need your help. Tech Stack We use invisionapp for design. We build the app with Expo+React Native in the frontend and powers the whole backend (data storage, computing, authentication, etc) using AWS Amplify. Since AWS Amplify is serverless, we literally don’t need to write any backend code right

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    ...aesthetic comes in. -Dark brown hair, green eyes, not typical super hero skinny, as feline Lola likes the cat food a little too much. She should look a little fierce. -No super powers or weapons to speak of, just a talented brawler. Cerebella, -A pleasant, absentminded genius, dressed in comfortable clothes, wearing a lab coat over the top. Nothing

    €221 (Avg Bid)
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    The whole project is to design 16 levels of a dragon for a game at various age levels from an infant to adult with various super powers. The dragon should be lovable, charming, cute, sweet and not the regular dragons that we used to see that are daring and fearful. (ref the Night Fury in “How to train your dragon” to get an idea but it should not be

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    Trophy icon Design Superhero Logo Bitti left

    ...superhero that I'm working on. His name is Syche and his powers are mostly telepathic. He got these powers when he was struck by lightning. I don't have a clear vision of how I want the logo so be creative! :) Maybe incorporate 'S' for Syche or a lightning bolt symbol to represent how he got his powers. This logo will be going on the superhero's ...

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    to design a system using PIC distributes electrical powers based on input sensor values. write c program

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    The whole project is to design 16 levels of a dragon for a game at various age levels from an infant to adult with various super powers. The dragon should be lovable, charming, cute, sweet and not the regular dragons that we used to see that are daring and fearful. (ref the Night Fury in “How to train your dragon” to get an idea but it should not be

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    ...need to transfer a circuit from HT- into SMD-layout. The purpose of the circuit is to collect energy of a small photovoltaic module, which is indoor into a cap. The circuit powers a consumer, when an upper voltage limit of the cap is reached and switch it off, when a lower voltage limit is reached. The expected input currents are in the range of 30-1000µA

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    I'm launching an online video training and I want to post things about it on social media. And I would like to use a catchy image with it. The image doesn't have to ...course. It would be nice if it is an image but I'm also open for illustrations. I know this is not much to go with but I'm convinced you guys can blow me away with your creative powers!

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    40 girdi

    ...Retro Star Emblem Girls' T-Shirt! Captain Marvel's iconic star symbol is styled with a retro vibe across the front of this awesome kid's Marvel shirt." "Call down the mystic powers of Captain Marvel and the wizard Shazam with the 100% cotton Shazam Greek Gods Men's T-Shirt! Wait, do we still call him Captain Marvel or has Marvel called about that? I'm

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    ...and developing her warrior and magical skills to take on a mission to planet earth and find the earth warrior who holds the missing key and together they will combine their powers to help save earth from destruction and the extinction within. I have found some beautiful images but they are by artists that developed them for video game projects and not

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    Need someone active who can sell premium tea powers and other FMCG goods in any part of India. The quality is A1 and rates are less then that of the other market products. The remuneration shall be basis sales. More than 10 %.

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    Please write a book ( in point form not essay ...the world, the Best Education System in the World, the 2nd Largest Oil Refinery Hub in the World, the Third Largest Financial Hub in the world , and etc. Chapter 6 - The soft powers of Singapore Chapter 7 - Why Singapore can be a model of the World Chapter 8 - 20 Famous Tourist Attractions in Singapore

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    I you have the book please chat with me otherwise I think you will not be able to help!!. I need help in finding answers and understand it as well.

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    i have some questions and need help on finding answers and understand concepts.

    €37 (Avg Bid)
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    i looking correspondence management system IN/out using odoo electronic transaction (doc...letter, request, memorandum, Fax, clip, invoice) whether public or secret, which needs to be delivered from an internal or external department to another department with the powers granted to sender department for following For more details contact me thanks

    €715 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a cover for another ebook. It's called Herbal Medicine 101: An Introduction To Using The Power Of Herbs. It is about the powerful healing powers of plants and herbs that have been used to help common ailments for thousands of years. A copy is provided if you need further info about what is included. Written by Natalie Shively. Please see my

    €27 (Avg Bid)
    57 girdi tablets in-store and is not for mobile download WHAT WE ARE DOING We are currently working on a next generation version of Vapemenu with additional features and powers, and want a COMPLETE REDESIGN of our application UI to take our app to the next level! WHAT WE NEED We have five concept pages that we want redesigned: You can design

    €515 (Avg Bid)
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    I am working on a short children's book about a little girl with super powers. I am looking for whimsical, colorful illustrations to help the story come to life.

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    ...Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York, (v)WeCare has been in business for the past 14 years. It provides phone, email, chat and social media customer service support. Our service powers the best brands. We offer the next generation artificial intelligence backed online charging system with real-time hosting. Requirements: You need to have prior experience

    €59 (Avg Bid)
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    ...marvel/comic book type of illustration. I want the characters to be illustrated using their super powers and I want them drawn up in pairs of 2. So 5 illustrations in pairs and 1 group photo with all 10 characters in it. *they must be illustrated using their super powers*** Anyone that is interested in this must have some illustrations involving X-Men type/Marvel

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    ...with rapidly architecting and rebuilding our backend to ensure we can go live with sales ASAP. The should have experience with eCommerce technology, React JS/[login to view URL] which powers our front end and an understanding of data attribution in the query string (we use HasOffers, and a CRM called Konnektive). - Back End Core API coding - Coding for 3rd party

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    Hello I have a chat from 123 Flash Chat But I closed the company and faced many problems and solved them only the problem that will be talked about by you They use the super powers without what is super, for example, sending a country of 400 ads within the chat This is how the [login to view URL] file goes Sends more than 10,000 ads I want to solve it so I think

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    ...different categories. * The program will contain three rooms Type: - The main rooms - Sub-room - chat rooms There will be powers and settings for each room. * The users will be classified on 5 names in different colours and different powers * The application contains live video, audio or voice only within rooms (master user) * The program will be in Arabic

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    Trophy icon Design my book cover Bitti left

    I'm writing a book about compliance management in small business. Yes I know, terribly boring topic so I need ...Shutterstock but don't really have the skills or software to do a proper design. I would like to include a photo of me on the front and back cover. Feel free to use your creative powers to come up with an amazing cover for my little book!

    €191 (Avg Bid)
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    ...have to avoid obstacles. The player can also collect rugby balls throughout their run which they can use to buy new players. Scattered throughout the run there will also be powers(included in the template). The player can pick up these power-ups to give them an advantage while playing, this advantage will only last for a short time. The player can also

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    ...-Module-Wifi-Sensor-For-Arduino-ESP-01-Advanced-Version/152996791177?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=[login to view URL] Master 8266/nano: (Response) 1). When nano powers up. Red led flashs 3 times. All led's off. 2). When message received from slave8266-01 - close solenoid. a). Red led turns on b). Send push notification, "Alert...Solenoid

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    Looking for someone to write an article for my daughters niche/blog site [login to view URL] We want the article to be 1000-1500 words, SEO,..."Do Unicorns Use Their Horns" that is also the title of the article. We just want an article explaining if unicorns use their horns, what they use their horns for, and what powers their horns posses.

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