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    I need a freelancer who is experienced in typing and understands old Indonesian language and spellingfor this project. You will transcribe scanned old manuscripts and change all the spellings to modern forms. Task details: - Transcribe the manuscript from the scan results that I provide. Most of the text is clear enough, but some pages can be a bit difficult to read. - Changed all spellings in the text to modern forms. I do not require archaic spelling to be retained in the resulting transcription. Expected skills and experience: - Skill in typing and attention to detail. - Have a good understanding of old and modern Indonesian spelling and language. - Can work with scan results that may not always be clear. - Able to meet deadlines. Paid according to the number of words in the...

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    57 teklifler the requirements of Scopus-indexed journals. • Provide guidance on selecting appropriate journals based on the scope of the research and the journal’s indexing status. • Assist authors in preparing and formatting their manuscripts according to the guidelines of the target journals. • Coordinate the submission process, including managing correspondence with journal editors and handling revisions as needed. • Liaise with journal editors and reviewers to address any queries or concerns related to submitted manuscripts. • Track the progress of submitted manuscripts and provide regular updates to authors on the status of their papers. • Ensure that all necessary documentation and copyright agreements are completed accurately...

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    I am on the hunt for a skilled academic copyeditor who specializes in Humanities and Social Sciences. I am an assistant professor who works in the fields of environmental humanities; gender and sexuality studies; and history of science. Responsibilities include: • Copyediting academic manuscripts • Correcting grammar, spelling, and syntax • Improving clarity and flow • Editing citations in Chicago or another standard citation style designed by journal • Confirming that the quotes in my book manuscript match the original source I have cited • We will work on Google Docs and you must be able to sometimes do a 24 hour turnaround time for documents. Qualifications: • Highly organized • Attentive to detail • Competency with Google Do...

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    51 teklifler write in professional manuscript. Key Requirements: - The focal point will be around Genetical Diseases. - Deep understanding of the medical research field will be essential, with an emphasis on Genetical Diseases Epidemiology. - You'll be responsible for melding my research into a well-structured, coherent manuscript, ready for publication. - Prior experience in drafting medical research manuscripts, particularly in Epidemiology studies, would be highly beneficial. Offered Work: - Writing a manuscript on an Epidemiology study based on Genetical Diseases. - Offering guidance in structuring the manuscript effectively. - Ensuring all information is accurately represented and readable. What I anticipate from You: - Background in Medical Writing, specifically Epidemiology....

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    Before publishing my novel, I need the services of an experienced proofreader(editor) to assist in refining and perfecting it. My unfinished manuscript consists of 10 chapters and falls under the fiction genre, intended for an adult audience. Key Responsibilities: - Ensuring proper ...refining and perfecting it. My unfinished manuscript consists of 10 chapters and falls under the fiction genre, intended for an adult audience. Key Responsibilities: - Ensuring proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax - Checking for inconsistencies in the storyline - Ensuring language clarity and readability Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in proofreading fiction manuscripts, specifically aimed at adults - Excellent attention to detail - Strong command of the English...

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    ...standard manuscript formatting to make the document ready for future editing and publishing processes. - **Confidentiality Assurance**: Respect for the personal nature of the content, ensuring privacy and non-disclosure. - **Time Efficiency**: Someone who can balance speed with accuracy to meet the agreed-upon deadline. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proven experience in typing and formatting manuscripts or books. - Excellent command of the English language, including spelling and grammar. - Familiarity with word processing software, with a preference for those experienced in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. - Previous work on personal or sensitive projects, with respect to client confidentiality. This project is special to me and serves as a stepping stone toward my dream of...

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    ...looking for a proficient typist to help with a personal project of mine. This task requires a keen eye for detail and a high level of accuracy to ensure that the typed documents mirror the original ones as closely as possible. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Exceptional typing speed and accuracy - Proficient in document formatting - Experience with various document types (letters, reports, manuscripts) is a plus - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines - Strong communication skills for any clarifications **Specific Requirements:** - Since the project is personal, discretion and confidentiality are paramount. - The type and number of documents to be typed will be shared with the selected freelancer. - While the completion timeline has not been strictly set, the abi...

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    I am presently working on a presentation for an upcoming conference and I need a freelancer well-versed in LaTeX, particularly ASME style, to assist with the manuscript prepar...LaTeX-based conference presentation manuscript with ASME style. - Ensuring that the layout, charts, diagrams, and illustrations are properly aligned and presented. - Proofreading and editing the manuscript to ensure it is error-free. Ideal candidates would exhibit: - Proficiency in LaTeX. - Familiarity with ASME style of manuscript formatting. - Experience with academic conference presentation manuscripts. - Strong attention to detail for error-proofing the document. In essence, I need someone who can promptly turn my Word document into a polished, ASME style LaTeX manuscript ready for conference pre...

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    I'm in search of a typist who can handle tasks at a slow pace (under 40 words per minute). Although the details about the kind of documents and completion time are not specified, the project can encompass manuscripts, academic papers, or business documents. Ideal freelancers for this job should be detail-oriented, have excellent spelling and grammar, and be able to manage their time effectively. If that sounds like you, don't hesitate to bid.

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    215 teklifler elements particularly need to be reviewed, such as headers, footers, and chapter titles, to make the document visually appealing and reader-friendly. Present font sizes and headings, and page numbering needs standardising. Wrap text was not used, thismight be recommended. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Strong background in editing and proofreading, especially for non-fiction manuscripts. - Experience with book formatting and an understanding of publication standards. - Ability to advise on and implement a suitable formatting style. - Capability to integrate basic design elements to enhance readability. Ideal candidates will have a portfolio that includes similar projects, and they should be comfortable working within a timeline to get this manuscript pub...

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    I am on the hunt for a highly competent publishing assistant who can manage both physical and digital content. You will play an integral role in my publishing process, juggling multiple responsibilities that span across various domains: • Editorial Support: You will organize, manage, and track manuscripts through the publication process while liaising with graphic designers, writers, and production departments. • Writing and Proofreading: Your excellent written communication skills will be in high demand as you will be tasked with drafting and proofreading content. • Marketing and Promotion: Knowledge of the latest publishing industry trends and experience with digital marketing tools will be key as you will also assist in promoting our upcoming publications. Th...

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    ...Implement a robust peer review system that ensures the integrity and quality of submitted work. **Key Features:** - **Peer Review System:** An intuitive and secure system for reviewers to evaluate submissions, providing feedback and recommendations securely to both the site admin and the authors. - **Submission Portal:** A straightforward and easy-to-navigate portal for authors to submit their manuscripts along with necessary metadata and documents. - **Member Registration:** A system to allow academic professionals and students to create accounts, making it easier to submit work, partake in peer reviews, or access published articles. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop a responsive and accessible site. - Experience in developi...

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    ... **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Exceptional writing skills with a flair for romantic storytelling. - Proven experience in writing long-form content (1000+ words) that engages and captivates the audience. - Ability to develop characters and plots that resonate with readers, stirring emotions and creating memorable experiences. - Strong editing and proofreading skills to ensure error-free manuscripts. **Project Requirements:** - Develop original romantic stories, each exceeding 1000 words. - Craft engaging narratives that ensnare the reader's attention from the first word to the last. - Integrate elements of romance in a manner that feels natural and compelling, maintaining the readers' interest throughout the story. - Ensure each story follows a coherent arc, with w...

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    Embark on a journey through time as we breathe new life into ancient text. With ‘Scroll to Book,’ we’re seeking a talented freelancer to help us transition historical manuscripts from their traditional scroll format to captivating book covers. The selected freelancer will have the exclusive opportunity to collaborate with us on this unique project, ensuring the seamless fusion of past and present. If you’re skilled in graphic design and passionate about preserving history in a contemporary context, we want to hear from you. Join us as we bridge the gap between antiquity and modernity, one cover at a time.

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    ...Skills & Experience**: - Proven experience in fiction editing, with a portfolio demonstrating before-and-after samples of previously worked-on fiction manuscripts. - Strong grasp of English language nuances, able to enhance narrative voice without diluting original tone. - Ability to provide constructive feedback, guiding towards a more compelling story. - Knowledge in the fiction genre, appreciating genre-specific tropes and expectations. - Detail-oriented with a knack for spotting inconsistencies in plot and character development. - Proficient with editing software/tools, familiar with industry standard formats and guidelines for fiction manuscripts. Your contribution will be pivotal in transforming this manuscript into a story that captivates and resonates. If you ...

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    ...Management:** To maintain and grow my online presence, engaging with readers and posting relevant content. Instagram and TikTok is probably most important. - **Marketing and Administrative:** Crafting and sending newsletters, answering book-related emails, organizing my schedule, and steering book promotion campaigns. - **Research and Fact-Checking:** To aid in content accuracy and enrich my manuscripts with verified information. **Ideal Skills:** - Excellent command of the English language and editing. - Proven experience in marketing, especially in email campaigns & blog management. - Competent in managing social media platforms. - Organizational skills for effective scheduling and task management. - Familiarity with the publishing industry and book promotion strategies...

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    ...analysis part, particularly in addressing methodology concerns that were raised during the review process. Requirements: - In-depth knowledge of statistical methods used in medical research. - Proven experience in interpreting medical data accurately. - Ability to revise and suggest improvements to the current statistical methodology. - Strong track record with revision and improvement of academic manuscripts. Responsibilities: - Review current analysis and revise the statistical approach. - Ensure the methodology aligns with medical research standards. - Address each critical comment regarding the statistical methodology. - Improve overall data interpretation within the manuscript. - Respond the comments and edits on the paper Ideal Candidate: - A freelancer with significant ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced editor to elevate my manuscript from good to outstanding! Here are the specifics: - Current Word Count: 45,120 - Genre: Non-fiction - Required Editing Level: Comprehensive (content, structure, style critique) Ideal Freelancer Qualities: - Proven track record in editing non-fiction manuscripts - Exceptional command of the English language - Keen eye for detail and structure improvement - Strong understanding of non-fiction storytelling and factual accuracy - Passionate about enhancing readability and impact ALSO.... suggestions for improvement. If there is an area that needs something more, more strength or impact, please let me know. OR, if I duplicated content. (I know of one place I did intentionally.) Your task will be not only to correct...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned editor specializing in developmental editing for my non-fiction manuscript. My intended audience is adults, and I need an expert who can enhance the structure, content, and flow of my work. **Skills and Experience Requ...**Task Expectations:** - Assess overall structure and content - Provide insightful feedback on clarity and logic - Suggest improvements for argumentation and engagement - Enhance narrative flow without losing the intended voice - Assist with the editing and placement of diagrams and graphic elements in the body of the book. Ideal candidates will have a track record of transforming non-fiction manuscripts into polished and compelling works that resonate with adult audiences. If you possess the expertise I'm looking for, I eagerly ...

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    41 teklifler archiving project, helping to preserve my work's integrity. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in copy typing handwritten or printed manuscripts accurately. - Familiarity with document preservation and digital archiving practices. - Ability to deliver a well-organized final document that mirrors the original manuscript's layout and design. - Proficiency in word processing software and PDF tools to maintain exact formatting. - Strong attention to detail to capture all elements of the original manuscript without errors. - Excellent time management skills to meet the project deadline. Ideal Candidate: - Has previously worked on manuscripts for digital archiving. - Can provide a portfolio or examples of previous copy-typing work. - Is comfortable with ha...

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    I need a versatile and user-friendly eCommerce platform tailored for my burgeoning book publishing business. The new website must cater to both book enthusiasts and budding authors. Key Elements for the Website: - A robust online store to facilitate the selling of both fiction and non-fiction books. - An intuitive submission form allowing authors to easily send us their manuscripts. - Comprehensive FAQs to guide potential authors through our publishing processes. - User profiles for authors to display their portfolios, enhancing their visibility. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in eCommerce website development. - Experience with CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. - Strong understanding of user experience and engagement. - Capable of implementing secure payment gateways. - SEO knowl...

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    ...approximately between 10,000 and 50,000 words. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a strong command of English and experience in editing fiction manuscripts. Requirements: - Native-level English proficiency - Experience in proofreading fiction - Strong attention to grammar, punctuation, and style - Ability to work within deadlines Expectations: - Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors - Enhance clarity and readability without altering the story's voice - Provide feedback on any plot inconsistencies or character issues encountered Please include a portfolio of your previous proofreading or editing work, particularly with fiction manuscripts, when bidding for this project. Your attention to detail will make a significant difference in bringing my story to...

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    35 teklifler not necessary, but a keen eye for detail and consistency is mandatory. This role will also require managing the workflow and the production process. Familiarity with online posting systems a must. Desired skills and experience: - Excellent attention to detail - Ability to work independently, once training is done. - Experience working with copyeditors and responding to marked-up Word manuscripts. - Previous experience in managing online content production - Image research, working with our dedicated image provider. - Basic HTML experience helpful but not essential. Note: This role involves more light editing rather than substantive rewrites or re-structuring. It's basically making sure 500-700 word articles match our format and responding to our editorial ...

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    I need an expert in scientific manuscripts who can assist with writing my research paper for BMJ. I have carried out experimental/lab work whose results I possess but finding it challenging to put down my findings in a detailed manuscript in the following format: Abstract: Max 300 words, this should be structured into introduction, methods, results and conclusions. Word count: Max 3000 words (excluding abstract and references) Illustrations: Max of 6 combined References: Max 30 Your role will involve: - Drafting the body of the manuscript based on the results of my experimental/lab work - Incorporating appropriate scientific methodologies, theories, and concepts The ideal candidate should: - Be adept in scientific writing and terminology - Have excellent grammar and syntax skills...

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    I need you to do best seller book research on , and find top selling (lots of sales and great BSR and lots of good customer ranking ) and and then filter them to find ones that are using COPYRIGHT EXPIRED MANUSCRIPTS (ie they are listed on ) I need a list of 20 such books that meet BOTH criteria. Budget $50

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    I'm seeking an experienced typist to aid in the reformatting of my book manuscript. This project is twofold: - Manuscript Retyping: You will need to care...similar document formatting is strongly preferred. Proficiency in word processing software and layout design tools is also necessary. - Attention to detail: To maintain a quality output, candidates should have a meticulous approach to their work, paying extra attention to spelling, grammar, and layout. - Experience in similar projects: Having worked on comparable projects, particularly book manuscripts, would be a definite advantage. Please submit bids detailing your proposed approach and any relevant experience you may have. This is an excellent opportunity for freelancers experienced in high-quality document preparation ...

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    I'm in need of a talented ...practical advice. Successful freelancers should be able to confidently navigate and share expertise on this topic. Experience working in or writing extensively on personal development, psychology, or similar fields will be considered a significant asset. The final product should be ready for print in paperback format. The freelance writer should, therefore, have specific experience in preparing manuscripts for print, with a focus on layout, formatting, and cover design. Key Requirements: - Expertise in self-help writing - Experience in formatting for print - Ability to deliver an engaging, original voice - Knowledge of personal growth and development topics I look forward to your proposals and can't wait to start this inspiring project wi...

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    Subject Area: Medicine Research Methodology: Quantitative Intended Length: Under 5,000 words I am looking for an experienced writer to help me with writing a resea...medicine and research in the healthcare field - Proficiency in quantitative research methods and statistical analysis - Excellent writing skills and ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner - Familiarity with academic writing standards and citation styles - Attention to detail and ability to meet tight deadlines If you have previous experience in writing research manuscripts in medicine and are comfortable with quantitative research methods, I would be interested in discussing the project further. Please include samples of your previous work and your proposed timeline for completing the m...

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    I'm in need of a highly qualified doctorate holder in Business Leadership and Management who could meticulously review and proofread my 10 books in the same field. Your role is particularly essential in validating the accuracy of the content and providing your signed approval upon completion. Also endorsing the books Key Responsibilities: - Conduct a thorough review of each book to ensure content accuracy - Proofread for grammatical errors and inconsistencies -Endorsing the books Ideal Candidate Skills: - PhD in Business Leadership and Management - Published author in Business Leadership and Management - Experience in academic editing I am looking forward to engaging with a seasoned academic scholar who can critically evaluate my work and provide their expert seal of approval.

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    ...developer should ensure seamless integration between RingCentral and your website and CRM system. Google Workspace Integration: Specify that you want to use Google Workspace for your email, calendar, and document management. The developer should ensure smooth integration with your website and CRM system. Manuscript Submission Section: Describe a user-friendly interface for authors to submit their manuscripts electronically. This could include a drag-and-drop area, file upload button, and clear instructions on acceptable file formats. About Us Page: Share your company's story, mission, and values on a dedicated page. Include team member bios and photos to build trust and credibility. Info Page: Provide frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your publishing process, prici...

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    Project Title: Book typing form PDF Description: - I am looking for a freelancer to type a book for me that is less than 100 pages long. - In addition to typing the book, I also require proofreading and editing services to ensure the final product is accurate and error-free...typing the book, I also require proofreading and editing services to ensure the final product is accurate and error-free. - The final product should be delivered in PDF format. - Ideal skills for this project include excellent typing speed and accuracy, as well as strong proofreading and editing abilities. - Experience in working with PDF files and knowledge of formatting conventions for book manuscripts would be highly beneficial. - Attention to detail and commitment to meeting deadlines are essential for thi...

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    In need of an illustrator with expertise in creating watercolor illustrations for a full-color children's book. The a watercolor style. - Producing full-color illustrations that can engage children. - Collaborating on creative decisions to bring the narrative to life. The ideal candidate should have: - A portfolio showcasing their ability to create vibrant, full-color illustrations. - An understanding of children's literature and visual storytelling. I am a retired medical writer, revisiting several manuscripts for children's books I have composed through the years. Publishing experience not necessary. I just have to love the way you bring my characters to life. This is an excellent opportunity for illustrators aspiring to make a mark, along with me, in the ...

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    I'm in need of a professional who can assist me in uploading my book to Amazon. My book comes in multiple formats - paperback, hardback, and ebook. - Amazon KDP Account: I already have an Amazon KDP account set up, so no need to worry about that step. - Cover and Manuscript: I've already got the book cover designed. However, I need help in formatting the manu...Amazon KDP account set up, so no need to worry about that step. - Cover and Manuscript: I've already got the book cover designed. However, I need help in formatting the manuscript according to Amazon's guidelines. Ideal candidate should have experience in Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing especially with formatting a manuscript for Kindle. Experience with working on hardback and paperback manuscrip...

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    ...fantasy manuscript that requires professional proofreading. The primary goal is to correct grammatical mistakes and improve punctuation where necessary. A keen eye for detail is a must-have, and prior experience with similar projects would be advantageous. Proofreading expertise in fantasy genre manuscripts will be particularly beneficial. The ideal freelancer would have: - Proficiency in the English language - Exceptional grammar and punctuation skills - Extensive experience proofreading manuscripts - Knowledge of the mythical fantasy genre Your task would primarily include, but not limited to: - Identifying and correcting grammatical errors - Improve punctuation and sentence structure - Provide suggestions to elevate the language if required Your ultimate goal ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can format my manuscript for Kindle. The project is for personal use. The content is adult - but not pornographic. The manuscript is created in Pages. I have a specific formatting style in mind and will provide the details. The manuscript is between 100-200 pages in length. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with formatting manuscripts for Kindle - Proficiency in using Kindle Direct Publishing platform - Attention to detail to ensure proper formatting and layout - Ability to work within the specified formatting style provided by the client

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    ...its quality before publication. Book Cover and Formatting: While I have a cover design and a formatted manuscript, I only need assistance with one of these. If you are skilled in book cover design or formatting, please specify which area you can provide support in. Skills and Experience: - Experience in self-publishing and Kindle Direct Publishing - Proficiency in editing and proofreading manuscripts - Knowledge of Christian historical fiction genre and its unique requirements - Ability to provide assistance with book cover design or formatting, depending on your expertise - Attention to detail and adherence to Kindle Direct Publishing guidelines. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal with a brief overview of your relevant experience and ...

    €230 - €691
    €230 - €691
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    I am seeking a professional editor for my novel. The project involves proofreading the manuscript, ensuring that it is free from errors and inconsistencies. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in proofreading and editing - Strong attention to detail - Familiarity with grammar and punctuation rules - Experience working with fiction manuscripts Project Details: - The novel is less than 50,000 words in length - There is no specific deadline for the editing to be completed, allowing for a flexible timeline If you are a skilled editor with a keen eye for detail, I would love to collaborate with you on this project. Please provide examples of previous editing work and your rates for consideration.

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    Publishing a Manuscript on KDP Genre: Non-fiction Formatting Services: - I am in need of formatting services for my manuscript - The freelancer should have experience in formatting non-fiction manuscripts for publishing on KDP - They should be able to ensure that the formatting meets the guidelines and requirements of KDP Cover Design: - I do not need a cover design for my book - I already have a cover design ready - The freelancer does not need to have experience in cover design Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in formatting non-fiction manuscripts for publishing on KDP - Familiarity with the guidelines and requirements of KDP - Attention to detail in formatting to ensure a professional look for the book

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    I am looking for a skilled translator who can translate a book manuscript from Dutch to French. The manuscript is more than 50,000 words long, so I need someone with experience in handling large translation projects. Skills and Experience: - Fluent in both Dutch and French - Proven experience in translating book manuscripts - Attention to detail and accuracy - Ability to meet deadlines - Knowledge of the subject matter is a plus In addition to translation, I also require proofreading of the translated manuscript. This is to ensure the accuracy and quality of the final product. The deadline for the translation and proofreading is within 1-3 months.

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    Developmental Editing for Book Manuscript - I am looking for a skilled editor to provide developmental editing for my book manuscript. - The document that...editor to provide developmental editing for my book manuscript. - The document that needs editing is a book manuscript. - I am open to the editor's discretion and do not have a specific style guide to be followed. - As I have not done this before, I am unsure of how extensive the developmental editing should be. - The ideal candidate will have experience in developmental editing for book manuscripts and be able to provide guidance on the level of changes required. - Attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and a strong understanding of narrative structure and character development are essential fo...

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    I am looking for a skilled proofreader and editor to review and improve my non-fiction manuscript. Word Count: Less than 10,000 words Deadlin...Non-fiction Key requirements for this project include: - Strong command of grammar, punctuation, and spelling - Ability to provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improving clarity, flow, and coherence - Attention to detail and ability to catch errors, inconsistencies, and typos - Familiarity with the conventions and style of non-fiction writing - Experience in proofreading and editing manuscripts in a timely manner If you are a meticulous and experienced proofreader and editor with a passion for non-fiction writing, I would love to hear from you. Please include samples of your previous work and a brief overview of relevant e...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to adapt my manuscript for KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The project involves formatting the manuscript specifically for Kindle. Requirements: - Expertise in formatting for Kindle - Ability to adapt the manuscript to ensure it is compatible with Kindle dev...Ability to adapt the manuscript to ensure it is compatible with Kindle devices - Knowledge of Kindle publishing guidelines and best practices Preferences: - While I do not have specific formatting requirements, I have some preferences that I would like the freelancer to consider. Additional Information: - The manuscript is less than 100 pages in length. If you have experience in formatting manuscripts for Kindle and can adapt my manuscript to meet my preferences, please submit your proposal. ...

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    adapt for kdp Bitti left

    I am looking for a freelancer to adapt my manuscript for KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The project involves formatting the manuscript specifically for Kindle. Requirements: - Expertise in formatting for Kindle - Ability to adapt the manuscript to ensure it is compatible with Kindle dev...Ability to adapt the manuscript to ensure it is compatible with Kindle devices - Knowledge of Kindle publishing guidelines and best practices Preferences: - While I do not have specific formatting requirements, I have some preferences that I would like the freelancer to consider. Additional Information: - The manuscript is less than 100 pages in length. If you have experience in formatting manuscripts for Kindle and can adapt my manuscript to meet my preferences, please submit your proposal. ...

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    Trophy icon Dition nezaj Bitti left

    Project Title: Dition nezaj Editing Services Needed: - Proofreading - Copyediting - Developmental editing Required Skills and Experience: - Strong command of grammar, spelling, and punctuation - Ability to polish and refine written content - Experience in editing various types of documents, such as articles, blog posts, and manuscripts - Familiarity with different style guides, such as AP Style or Chicago Manual of Style Application Requirements: - Past work samples showcasing editing skills and expertise - Demonstrated experience in editing and improving written content - Clear and detailed project proposals outlining the freelancer's approach and strategy for the editing process Project Completion: - As soon as possible Note: The project involves editing and refining wri...

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    nitesh sharma Bitti left

    ...providing strategic counsel to clients. These clients may include governmental bodies, think tanks, or private organizations with a keen focus on defense and security issues. Description The responsibilities of professionals engaged in defense and security research and analysis demand a diverse set of skills and competencies, particularly for independent analysis and the creation of high-quality manuscripts.. Here are some of the key skills required for this role: 1. **Research Skills:** A strong ability to conduct in-depth research using various sources such as academic journals, government publications, databases, and credible online sources. Familiarity with advanced research methodologies is often necessary. 2. **Analytical Thinking:** Capacity to critically analyze infor...

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    data entry Bitti left

    Compiling and sorting data. Transcribing audio files into text. Fact-checking articles and manuscripts. Reviewing data for incomplete or inconsistent information. Entering raw data into a spreadsheet, document or database. Merging files to update outdated or incomplete data.

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    ...word count ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 words. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in editing non-fiction manuscripts - Strong attention to detail and grammar skills - Ability to provide a detailed critique along with the editing - Knowledge of the genre and ability to provide suggestions for improvement - Excellent communication and collaboration skills Responsibilities: - Thoroughly review and edit the manuscript for clarity, coherence, and grammar - Provide detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement - Ensure consistency in tone and style throughout the book - Collaborate with me to address any questions or concerns If you have experience in editing non-fiction manuscripts and can provide a detailed critique along with the editing, please submit your proposa...

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    I am looking for a skilled researcher and writer to create a scientific research manuscript in the field of biomedicine and medical biochemistry. The manuscript should be approximately 1500 words long and contains immunohistochemistry, gleason score and western blot for data analysis. The deadline for this project is Tuesday, to: Endocrine disorders, androgen receptors, hormone signalling, endocrine therapy. Relevant skills include: - Proficiency in scientific writing - Strong knowledge of biomedicine and medical biochemistry - Experience with immunohistochemistry and western blot analysis - Ability to meet tight deadlines - Attention to detail in data analysis and interpretation - Experience in research manuscripts - Excellent ability to cite primary literature/researc...

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