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    ...(HTML5, CSS, JS, React, VueJS) taraflı geliştirmeler yaparak projeyi ayağa kaldırmak, şirket bünyesinden gelecek isteklere uygun çözümler üretmek. ARANILAN ÖZELLİKLER * PHP/Laravel ve OOP (SOLID) tabanlı geliştirme üzerine iyi derecede en az 4+ yıl deneyim, * Test ve OOP tabanlı geliştirme yapabilen, * İyi derecede HTML5/CSS3/JS bilgisi, * JavaScript Frontend ekosistemine (ReactJS, VueJS) hakim, * MariaDB/MySQL veya PostgreSQL veritabanları üzerine en az 4+ yıl deneyim, * Redis, MongoDB vb. data storage sistemleriyle çalışmış, * Backend/frontend arası uçtan uca API entegrasyon yapmış, arayüz geliştirmiş / geliştirmek isteyen, * CI/CD deployment süreçlerine hakim, * Microservice ve HTTP, JSON, XML, Restful A...

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    Merhaba, E-ticaret sitemiz performans sorunu yaşamaktadır ve server yöneticisi firmamız Runcloud'dan mysql ya da Mariadb'nin düzgünce indexlenmesi ile bu sorunun çözülebileceği şeklinde dönüş almış bulunuyoruz. Veritabanımızı sorunun tekrar analizi ve gerekiyorsa veritabanımızın indexlenmesi için yazılımcı desteğine ihtiyaç duyuyoruz. İşin kapsam ve fiyatı konusunda bilgi edinmek istiyoruz.

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    I would like to create a boardgame database website. The users will be able to register a profile, modify it, upload their games to a collection, edit their collection. Base system: Symfony Database: Mariadb Storage: VPS, debian linux The followings should be the basic functions: Registration / Log in 1. Registration page 2. After registering, the user recieves a confirmation email template via phpmailer smtp 3. Clicking the link in the email confirms their registry and activates their account 4. Forgotten password 5. Login page Archiving their collection: 1. The game's ID gets pulled from a boardgame database through Ajax live search 2. The game's original language gets saved 3. It simultaneously saves visual resources to the local server

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    MariaDB Will Not Start 5 gün left

    Out of no where mariaDB will not start and all 4 websites hosted on my server cant connect to the DB obviously. Upon looking around the one sites file is 1.5 TB idea why. Still cant get mariadb to start.

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    Necesito alguien experto en Bases de Datos así como en LInux para trasladar todo un proyecto ya instalado en un servidor a otro servidor Linux (Debian). Lo importante es la base de datos. Todos los archivos ya han sido movidos, pero aún así está con problemas en el nuevo servidor.

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    Setup Servers 2 gün left

    We are looking to set up a basic infrastructure for our start-up (Server Setup, Nextcloud Installation, Email server Installation) These are our requirements: - knowledge of Ubuntu Server - knowledge of Shell and Bash under Unix based systems - Ideally knowledge with Nextcloud setups (migration, setup with MariaDB MySQL Backend) - Knowledge to setup IMAP and SMPT servers under Linux (Dovecot, Postman) - Optional: Knowledge to configure LDAP Backends - Knowledge of configuring and monitor Apache Webservers

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    ...architecture, and OOP. -Open-minded to new solutions, forward-thinking and strong ability to adapt. -Must have a strong passion for programming and research new technologies. Technologies we use: We work with proven technologies & stacks which allow us to bring value to our customers. You may expect to work with some of these technologies. Web & Back-end: PHP, Laravel, Python. Database: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL. Server: Linux, Apache, Nginx. DevOps: Amazon AWS architecture. Good understanding of cloud environment, CI/CD, unit testing and validation is a bonus....

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    I need a small PHP application to scan bar codes and driver's license. Requirement: Purpose: Read barcode, QR Code, and driver's license using camera camera. Decode Information and save. App will run on iPAD, Android tables via web browser. Required: PHP, MariaDB Note: Our average bid for this project is $30 with delivery in 3 days. Do not bid... if your price and delivery time exceeds these limits.

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    On my Ubuntu 20.04 laptop I Installed: Php 7.2 Nginx MariaDB ===== I imported Wordpress DB it works fine with data in wp-config.php. I put the wordpress files. ===== My domain is - and it of course shows the remote server. But what I need is the domain to show the local website that is running on the same laptop. For this reason in /etc/hosts I added Problem: -the website does not load. -html files are being shown well. for example -php files take forever to load and then they go to timeout There is something wrong somewhere. I need help to make it working. Final effect: If I go to the local site on the local laptop should be shown instead of the remote (real) site

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    I am in trouble to face this issue for connection of mysql. using: nginx, php, mysql(mariadb) and phpmyadmin I am trying to create my first php with mysql application using docker compose. For so I have my own application and create 1 file as Dockerfile and file to compose it by using command ‘docker-compose up’. And mysql is using volumes of docker container. The page I can check SQL connection shows "**Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1049): Unknown database 'local_neotaoclg' in /var/www/**....” It looks socket issue as these article. ( Please bid on my project only expert who can understand like this article. I need Docker, mysql and php expert! ) [

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    I migrated from server and never saw that the new server was MariaDB and i need MySQL. WHM not giving my the option to switch. I need an expert to make the switch.

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    Hi, I have a user that is creating harmful triggers on specific database tables, I would like to revoke trigger creation for this user or forbid any trigger creation by any user. Looking for a MariaDB expert to help me achieve this or find similar option. Thanks.

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    Project is to create a data entry application for logging equipment downtime on a factory production line. In concept, the data entry form should be something like that shown in the attached picture. Simplicity for the user is key. The database will be a mariaDB database on a remote server and application will be required to connect to the server and log in to the database. For this project, the server and login details will be provided and the database will already exist. This will be part of an application to record downtime information and generate summary reports (which are a separate task). It should run on an Android tablet (with 7", 8" or 10" screen size which will be dedicated to the task and will only run this application. The deliverable here will be ...

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    Hi Pronaya I'm struggling with Core Web Vitals mainly with Mobile issues, poor 77. On Cloudways Vultr HF 4GB 2 Core, incl. New Relic, Redis, and Varnish, PHP 8.1 and MariaDB. Also just started to use Cloudflare Enterprise as offered from Cloudways and only using Cloudways Breeze plugin. Maybe FlyingPress, WP Rocket or Perfmatters can help? Do you have experience in such a setup?

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    Hi, We need a PHP/Web developer to update some libraries on a Web/PHP Software Our version is compatible with ubuntu 18.04 only and we need it to work on latest versions of ubuntu (20/22) with updated libraries. Here are main libraries: Php Nginx Ffmpeg Libcurl Mysql/mariadb If you can help us, please get in touch with your price.

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    I Need Ready Code with ASP.NET & VB.NET syntax for a small clinic system study and learn purpose Thanks

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    I have an AWS architecture set up am hosting a live service for my client. I have and RDS/MariaDB database to which the client needs to have access to maintain data in tables for which he will use MySQLWorkBench. I need assistance is configuring the remote access to be secure both for his own data management and also to prevent access to other client services within my infrastructure but need someone to set up the most appropriate configuration and security.

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    We are looking for a Full Stack Developer - (Javascript, NodeJS, Vue.js, , Elasticsearch) Your profile: - Solid Vue.js developer experience - Of course you are also familiar with databases (MySQL/MariaDB). - You have experience with web technologies such as VUE Framework, Elasticsearch, Nuxt.js. - An independent way of working in combination with a high willingness to learn - You can communicate in English.. (German is ok also) Your tasks: - You will further develop our booking platform and contribute your ideas. - You work both in the front end and in the back end and are always keen to offer the best user experience for our users. - You implement features in the complete software stack and thus create complete solutions. - You will be involved in the further development of our ...

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    Tengo 2 paginas web, y quiero hacer una tercera pagina usando el contenido de las 2 paginas actuales, Quiero hace una base de datos uniendo las 2 actuales

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    Hallo, hast du genug Erfahrung, um zwei Seiten php/CSS/MySQL schnell und zügig zu programmieren? Von Grundauf? <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> sollte ok sein. Apache 2.4.52 php 8.1.2 MariaDB 10.6.7 Es sind nur diese beiden Seiten (siehe PDF) zu programmieren, nichts besonderes. Die Datenbank programmiere ich selber, d.h. wir brauchen eine zeitnahe Kommunikation. Du bekommst einen VPN-Zugriff auf den Ubuntu Server, auf dem das Ganze läuft. Bitte keine Angebote, ohne, dass ihr das PDF gelesen habt, bitte kein automatisiertes Antwortschreiben. Entschuldige bitte folgenden Check: Bitte füge in deinem Angebot den hier verwendeten Farbcode für Orange bei, damit ich weiß, dass du das Angebot gelesen hast. Freu...

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    Need to use MariaDB, MySql, php, must be able to run in cloud9 (AWS) Need Login Page, Registration page, checkout, search, Home page, shopping cart I have the layout and HTML code already written for the products. I just need to make a database and php files

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    looking for a Frappe Developer with Python / javascript / SQL skills for Customization on our CRM . who can write custom client as well as server script and have skills on mariadb in frappe framework . and who can give Training also to our Developers Team .

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    Need a developer to work on hourly basis with angular, mariaDB, Java, Kotlin skills - 1 year engagement on as required basis

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    1. Need to create Phpmydamin 2. SSL for the portal 3. Configure Mariadb

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    We have godaddy windows server along with mysql mariadb. Yesterday night suddenly we lost our data. Please help us to recover that data as soon as possible.

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    Should be able to work on: 1) Existing secrets/rds and also on new db creation 2) work on mysql, postgres, oracle and mariadb engines.

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    We are searching for a (REAL) db expert, structured store procedures first, with (REAL) experience on MariaDB 10.6 to start work with some specific task and then keep going on new activity related to query/store procedures/triggers and database tuning. ( the project evaluation is indicative, we want to find the rigth person to work with, with a great experience and logic/proactive mind set, with a good time rating cost, to permit us to have a long term partnerhip, but working for tasks and evaluating single tasks with amount/days) the backend is not PHP!!!! so you cannot bypass the "db expert" skill working with external languages.... ONLY DB ACTIVITY!!! The task is related to: "I'm making a automated flow with some control points and conditions where ...

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    Actual state : - You have the front end ready and the database model - Architecture created, you have the login, the registration of a new user and the home page. - Project with laravel , vue 3 -vite , mariadb The following modules are required to be completed. - Creation of projects. - Analysis of restrictions. Small plugins such as alerts and the handling of two profiles at most are also required. - Project creator profile. - guest profile. IMPORTANT!! - A document with more detail of the modules is attached and the Figma design is also attached where you can see the flow of each module. FIGMA : - Laravel and vue js expert programming is required to finish these modules. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY WHAT

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    ...documentation ( ) and forums did not helped me much , therefore i'm willing to pay someone that have done this before. With previous experience this should not take more then 1 hour, so i want to pay 50$ for it. Databaseserver Server: Localhost via UNIX socket Servertype: MariaDB Serververbinding: SSL wordt niet gebruikt Documentatie Serverversie: 10.3.24-MariaDB-cll-lve - MariaDB Server Protocolversie: 10 webserver Apache/2 Cliëntversie van database: libmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 15d5c781cfcad91193dceae1d2cdd127674ddb3e $ PHP-uitbreiding: mysqliDocumentatie curlDocumentatie mbstringDocumentatie PHP-versie: 5.5.38 phpadmin Versie-informatie: 4.9.5, My QT is 64 bit (Qt Creator 8.0.1 ,Based on Qt 6.3.1

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    Must be built on CodeIgniter 4 (preferably the latest at the time of writing, 4.2.9) Ideally you will use the CodeIgniter's Model Class with MySQL/MariaDB and MCV pattern The styling and layout of the UI is not important at the moment, as long as everything is contained inside a main wrapper div (per view / scene) About Groups: Groups is a collection of users. Here the ultimate goal will be to share content (think Facebook pages/groups). Groups can be private (invite only) Right now, groups are just for writing comments (in order by date) and sharing files Group Stories: As a user I want to be able to: (a) create a group that (1) is open to anyone to join or (2) open to anyone to join once I approve or (3) private and invite only. (b) write a comment in a group that I own or ...

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    ...Understanding or willingness to learn engineer applications in any programming language ● Experience with source control, e.g., Git ● Knowledge of load balancing methodology ● Knowledge of continuous integration (CI) tools and processes ● Understanding build and deployment automation tooling such as Jenkins, GitLab CI, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Puppet, or Chef ● Knowledge of MySQL, MariaDB Server, Oracle, or MongoDB The following are considered a plus: ● Advanced level of modern JavaScript front end competency, preferably React ● Bachelor’s degree in a technical field; engineering or computer science background ● Experience with continuous delivery (CD) ● Knowledge of agile software development methodology ● Knowledge of Linux system administration ● Und...

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    ...all initial data base and user interface entries or properties in order to run various adaptable simulations in the seminar room using the web database. The highest access versatility of web database template is strongly desired in order the Admin to set all initial data base and user interface entries or properties. Technical details The application should be developed and run in an Apache + MariaDB + PHP development environment more specifically XAMPP 8.1. 6 (PHP 8.1.6 for Windows ) The application should use plain PHP (NOT use of any framework). All components (e.g. PHP CRUD) should be open source and not the result of any PHP generator. The UI should use Bootstrap (preferably the latest version 5.2). Short Description The online simulation application performs

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    We need a programmer to write code to talk to an EPP server to register domain names. It will read the domain name and the exact time the registration needs to happen from a MariaDB database, then at exactly the specified time it will attempt to register the domain name. It will then update the DB with the results of the registration request. Because the registration has to occur at a specific time the code will have to run as a daemon on a Debian server, it cannot just be called every minute from cron for example, it must be running all the time so it can send the registration request at the exact time. We don't mind what language it is written in, but it must be able to run as a daemon, it must be light weight, well written and well documented and be future proof. C / C++ a...

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    you need to design, implement and document a database system with web-front using MariaDB installed on Pluto.

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    Looking to create a site that can take a Maria DB, query the DB based off of specific criteria and be able to graph in pie-chart color coded fashion the matching record count and have a side-by-side comparison of the previous dataset of the same query. Needs to be standardized to be adapted generic description tags/headers that can ...matching record count and have a side-by-side comparison of the previous dataset of the same query. Needs to be standardized to be adapted generic description tags/headers that can be modified UI need to be able to add additional pie charts dynamically and and have backend that allows admin to map datasets to different tables/datasets within MariaDB. Dataset inside of database will be updated weekly via cron bash script that will trigger the push to...

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    ...Administrator and 1 User Salted MD5 Encryption is sufficient for password protection Files should be stored on the disk, but tracked in database. Administrator : User relationships are 1:1, cross-folder permissions are not allowed. To be written in PHP 8 or Node.js. If in PHP 8, then CodeIgniter 4.2.8 version must be used. If in Node.js, Express + Vue.js must be used for the frontend MongoDB or MariaDB/MySQL are preferred User Stories: As an Administrator, I want to be able to (log in) and: (a) Add a new "User" (this should create a "Folder") (b) Delete a "User" (any user) (mark Folder as read-only) (c) Add another Administrator (d) View the "Folder" and Upload/Download files within that folder. It should also be possible to create nest...

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    ...developers and managers who are thrilled about software and technology. Every developer is important to us, we will take you up to the next level with the latest tools and know hows tried and tested by our CTO and senior developers. Major requirements: Skills needed: * Problem solver * Independent * Passionate about high-quality code.* React - high skills. * 5 years PHP / Laravel / MySQL / MariaDB experience • Jquery - high skills • Linux dev ops - basic. * docker - good skills. * Rsync - Basic familiarity. * nginx - basic familiarity * MySQL replication - basic familiarity Nice to Have: Some experience in Team Leading (not mandatory) We have standards to ensure the quality of our code, using CI/CD for quick feedback. We need a full-time employee Answer the scree...

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    I have a front end php web form that inserts the data into a mysql server. I also have a back end admin console that I can log into and see the data and modify it. The current version of php that the page is currently using is 7.4 My web host is upgrading the cpanel php to 8.1 and mariahDB 10.5.6. Here is some info from my webhost about the upgrade I need somone to fix the webpage frontend form and backend to be compatible with php 8.1 Here is a link to the front end form. To let me know you read all the info here. Please put "PHP Compatibility" in the start of your rey. I need to start this project asap, please reply with when you can start this project.

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    I need help troubleshooting Linux issues and creating local repos for ubuntu. Details as below: Task 1: We built .iso file from scratch. Converted .iso to .raw. D...file from scratch. Converted .iso to .raw. Deployed virtual machines on OpenStack using this .raw. But unable to ssh into these virtual machines. Task 2: We are running LTP- Linux Test Project to validate the stability of the Linux images we built. But LTP either don’t create a results file or will only run 200 tests out of more than 2000 tests. Task 3: Applications: Postgresql 14.5 , MariaDB 10.9, Cassandra 4.0 Download packages for above apps compatible with ubuntu 18.04z Create repo. Upload to Jfrog artifactory. Make sure repo works by Downloading the repo on a new server from artifactory and in...

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    Projetp de longa duração, Mínimo 3 anos de experiência em desenvolvimento PHP, preferencial com Laravel Framework; Experiência com HTML/CSS, Javascript, Angular; Experiência em bases de dados MySQL/MariaDB

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    **Context:** - Cutbox is a chain of barbershops expanding across the UK. We have our own booking platform which has a customer facing front end () and an admin panel where we can carry out key admin activities e.g. changing rotas, viewing statistics etc - Our current developer is leaving on December 1st, and we are looking for another developer or team to replace the 60-80 hours...the full project. **Requirements for developer** We have an existing system that works with CodeIgniter 3 and parts of the code written in Python. We are looking for a developer that has good experience working with and maintaining existing codebases. The developer should be proficient in the following technologies/frameworks: - HTML/CSS/jQuery - PHP/CodeIgniter 3 - Python - MySQL/MariaDB

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    MariaDB had an issue on my Debian server. I need to fix it ASAP

    €121 (Avg Bid)
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    As discussed (check reason for mariadb crash)

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    hi with the use of the streamcreed platform (iptv video streaming) when many people are connected all of a sudden the load overage of the main which and 196th rises to 200% slowing everything down or even letting out 502 bad gateway. It requires a solution of the problem and a general optimization of the maria db or updating of the db

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    I have noticed a variety of PHP errors in the logs for a website using Wordpress. I would like to identify the source and correct these errors. As a developer hosting my own PHP plugin, my main goal is to be able to see when errors are caused by my plugin and not due to Wordpress itself. WordPress 6.0.3 running Zakra theme. Server running PHP version: 7.4.28. MySQL version: 10.2.43-MariaDB I will provide Wordpress and cPanel credentials.

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    Hello, I need to do some tuning on my MariaDB server, when there're a lot of request (2000 requests per second) the CPU on the MariaDB process go to 400% and CPU load average around 900, how can I improve performance? Server details: 96 core 192 threads, 1024GB RAM

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    Hi, I have a Contabo VPS server along with a Plesk control panel. I want to configure the VPS server for my laravel project. I am going to also use Plesk on the same VPS to manage my WP sites etc. Our laravel project requirement : -PHP 7.4 -MariaDB -Nginx -Node 12.x For DB - Create additional DB user VSFTBD - Also, install FTP on the server and create an extra FTP user with file permission to edit, and upload thru ex. FileZilla. Plesk Control panel . Configure any necessary for Plesk CP to be used on the VPS server. ( We help to point DNS from Cloudflare ). You need to be precise, professional, and fast.

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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