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    türkiye dating sektörü ( arkadaşlık, flört, evlilik siteleri ) ile ilgili makaleler, detaylı veriler, istatistikler. güncel verileri arıyorum… en büyük sitelerin üye sayıları, yıllık c...evlilik siteleri ) ile ilgili makaleler, detaylı veriler, istatistikler. güncel verileri arıyorum… en büyük sitelerin üye sayıları, yıllık ciroları, faal üye sayıları ve bunların cinsiyet, yaş, şehir, ülke verileri vs. lütfen googledan herkesin bulacağı verileri teklif etmeyin ! I am looking for info and statistics about 2000-2019 of Turkish dating sector and dating business, about dating- marriage web sites.. for example, top 100 Turkish dating sites, members count, gender, top 50 Turkish dating sites incom...

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    ---------------------------------------------------------------------TURKISH--------------------------------------...Özellikleri online kameralı görüşme istenilen kişiye resim gösterme psikolojik analiz ve uyumluluk testi telefonların konum servisleri ile yakınındaki kişileri bulma Yapılacak Platformlar Web | IOS | Android | Windows Mobile ---------------------------------------------------------------------ENGLISH--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- marriage - dating site shall be performed, Features online camera interview picture does not show the desired person psychological analysis and compliance test phones with location services to find people near Do Platforms Web | iOS | Androi...

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    ...concept called a Biographical Relationship Explanation as Part I of the book. Part II involves the 11 reasons marriages fail. Part III is a workbook that presents the FOREVER WED model. The Biographical Relationship Explanation is basically a living biography from me becoming and adult to my day of marriage. What baggage did I bring and what type of person was I? The takeaway in this section, that spans eight chapters, is that I was an imperfect person that had no evidence that my marriage would be at 25 years. If I could do it, so can you. The second part is evaluating academic explanations of the top 11 reasons, providing biblical context, and sprinkling in my own experiences. Finally, the FOREVER WED model is a workbook that has meaning for each acronym. The g...

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    Please ensure you read the project description & requirements before pushing a proposal. Submission in Word Open Format including the proper document management & format. The job requires research & analysis of the hair salon business in order, Etiquette & Covid policies. In the PROCEDURES, You need to research & create a handbook/Guide for; - Customer Service - Sales Performance - Consumer Law - Product recommendation - Emergency & Critical Incident Procedure - Workplace health & Saftey Act - Hygiene & Skin Penetration Guidelines - Hazard Management Procedures - Point of Sale & Transaction Procedure - APPRENTICE COUNSELLING AND DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES - STOCK CONTROL PROCEDURES - STORE OPERATION PROCEDURES - ANSWERING PHO...

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    I want to get best design for my marriage palace building. I am attaching one very basis design, so based on areas and all I need very attractive design for my project. Only experience arch contact. Please note there is one more image is attached that shown full area of my land. 610 feet long and front is 187 feet wide and rear width is 198 feet. 1 Banquet Hall 110x80 2 Kitchen Shed 3 Kitchen Store 4 Store 5 Toilets 6 Office one number 7 Parking for 400 cars 8 Lawn - For open parties 9 Water Fountain 10 Swimming Pool 11 Ten Rooms with attached toilet

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    I'm looking to find some historically significant documents from archives in Lithuania in the villages: Anykščiai & Tauragė . The documents I'm searching for could include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and any other certificates of this kind. I'm open to having the documents translated, but it's not a requirement. I've already started my search in government archives, and I am now looking for help to take it further. I need someone with the expertise to comb through the archives and find the documents I am looking for. If you have extensive experience in document research, please get in touch and let me know what you can do for me. I appreciate your willingness to help me with this project. Thank you! The proposal should include the i...

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    gender roles 5 gün left

    The assignment consists in selecting one of the issues in this chapter; gender violence, new families, new sexualities or new forms of marriage. The paper must be about how these issues affect gender roles or gender perceptions. The topic you choose should not be culture specific, i.e. it has to be something more global than something that only happens in one country. Your topic should be as specific (narrow focus) as possible. It’s better to go in details on a very specific topic rather than a general discussion on a broad topic. . For this assignment you must use at least three original sources outside of the course material. This should NOT INCLUDE online encyclopedia, newspaper articles or popular magazines articles. Scholarly sources can be from research institute...

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    Photoshop editing 5 gün left

    Need a photoshop editing expert who can create magic by joining photos of loved ones to Group photo. For example marriage photo.

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    Coordinate placement team. Help students identify employment options that match their career interests. Assist students in all aspects of the job search including resume writing, interviewing techniques and job referrals. Schedule and follow up on student interviews with prospective employers. Manage and support student career services, including career counselling, grooming and helping in the preparation of students for facing interviews. Achieving Placement targets.

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    Both text and illustration so includes business name (GPS Counselling with Lisa Jane) and suitable graphics. Logo is required for use on documents, website, etc. Mental health logo. GPS is a play on a journey (as counselling is a journey), but stands for Growing Positivity Safely.

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    I want to build a website for my own job. I’m working in medical consulting and translator to international applicants whose want to get information and guide to receive healthcare. I want share on website medical and treatment blogs and in the same website I will be able to provide medical translator and medical counselling sections and buying medical equipment. So it’s will be blog, services provided like consulting, transportation and buying medical equipment.

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    Investigate one of the following topics and see if a Universalist, Relativist, or Skeptical approach or a combination will help resolve the issue. Abortion (either the parents or the fetus), Capital Punishment, Education, Employment, Environmental, Euthanasia, Health Insurance, Marriage, Privacy, Racism, Torture, War Use a site that offers points about Logic (e.g., EpistemeLinks, The Rational Wiki, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, etc.) to help you understand the points of your argument. You can find these here, Also, you may use a website dedicated to the particular problem at hand which you chose for your IR. Remember to reply to two participants to earn the points. Construct your investigation this

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    I want a website for single people to find their husbands or wives. I want the website to be made completely in Laravel.

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    We are seeking participants for a sexuality coaching trial to help individuals improve their sexual health and overall wellbeing. The program will consist of one-on-one coaching sessions (via Zoom Video Session) with a trained sex coach who will provide personalised guidance and support to help participants achieve their sexual goals. The goal of this trial is to assess the effectiveness of sexuality coaching in improving sexual health, relationships and overall wellbeing. Participants will have the opportunity to work with a trained sex coach to identify their sexual needs and goals, explore their sexual desires and fantasies, and learn new skills and techniques to enhance their sexual experiences. Participants may be required to try on techniques which will be adult-rated via zoom sessi...

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    It is a desktop application which could be described as a 'marriage between a graphics calculator and a spreadsheet' to assist students of data science projects. They load data into the internal SQLite database manually with DB Browser for SQLite or by writing custom Java code connectors that download data from the network. Then they use the data inside the internal SQLite database to create new results by writing custom Java code batch formulas. Afterwards they visualize all the data with 3D plots. You just have to provide a sustainable data-agnostic framework for years to come and do not need to know about all the details of data science. ( You will be contacted to apply for the job and will be given more detailed information you are expected to render into a brief ov...

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    Create a digital invitation 4 template for marriage , birthday , Convocation , Baptisms Video must be 25 sec and need to add 5 pics information to be included . 1. Event date 2 .3 photos 3 . Bride and groom name 4. Location Adress 5. Time of event 6 .Message

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    Marriage Celebrant website, no commerce, 4-5 pages, all content and photos provided, video space for home page

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    Need Admission Counsellor for Pilot Training Institute

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    About GPS Counselling with Lisa Jane: Counselling, mental health service. I want the logo to portray a journey leading to success but I'm also big on trees, routes and grounding. A nurturing feel to it like I'm alongside them for the ride would be nice. Project Description: Nurture, nature, results, trees, mountains, success, positivity are all key things I'd like the logo to try and portray. As a counsellor, I'm selling me and these all resonate with me. I don't like really bold script but some handwriting fonts are nice. It has to be easily readable.

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    The app will be used to create 1. New booking 2. View previous booking 3. A schedule of booking in a Calendar 4. Print new booking advance receipt and final receipt after the marriage date. 5. All the template should in English and Tamil 6. The data should be stored in Google sheets. 7. 4 user access

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    I need a editor who can edit my vlog. It about a marriage.

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    I need a business plan written for my counselling and therapy services here in Adelaide Australia

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    ...actions to achieve our goals in 2023. I want to use the vision board as a screen saver as well as print copies to have in my house. My goals are specific ( Personal and Financial ) and quite wordy so I will also require some images designed to bring the design to life. I would like it to feel abundant ie not lots of gaps. The wording to be included is as follows: 2023 1/ Personal Loving marriage Loving family life Our 29RR home is a place of calm and joy Excellent health for our family Excellent fitness and slim figures for our family 2/ Financial Freedom At least £25,000 a month of rental income flows into our bank account We own at least 15 HMOs with at least 5 HMOs in Peterborough and at least 5 HMOs in Newcastle Ithaca Barn is a luxury 4 bedroom holiday let. ...

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    ...Canada to escape the draft. They look at the map of Canada and choose Kamloops BC land in, and set up a family home and painting decorating business. My birth father at that point was with a girl and she got pregnant so he had to do right by her and marry her. His son was born in Canada. They had their second child in Kamloops BC, a daughter. At this point my birth father wasn't happy in his marriage and had an affair with my birth mother who he met through softball. The affair started around 1973/1974 and my birth mother accidentally got pregnant (or maybe purposefully)at the end of 1974. At the same time his mistress was pregnant his wife was pregnant with their 3rd child a 2nd daughter. My birth mother had her baby in August 1975, a girl. Then she went onto get pregnant ...

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    digital marriage card,if you can show me sample and i can give you details.

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    An international student consultation services site with the following: Pages: Visa Services: Student Visa, Dependant Visa, Visitor Visa, UK Marriage Visa. Study Services: University, College, School. Blog (Info: This part should enable us to keep adding content related to studying abroad) Testimonials: Every video viewable from our Instagram page. About Us Contact US (Info: Google map of our location, send a request, contact details, chat via WhatsApp) Work For Us (Info: Form to fill in and upload CV) Functionality: Chat on site and re-direct to WhatsApp, Dual Language, Add snippet on website to embed the search form, register with us to receive regular updates.

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    Professional for 25 years in designing and drafting HVAC , VRF Systems, AHU and Chillers for Shopping Malls, Residence , Hospitals, Marriage Halls, Cement factories, Operation Theatres, Cinema Halls, Auditoriums , Schools and Colleges, Hotels and Restaurants. All the above systems are designed as per the various companies specifications like Blue Star, Daikin, Voltas, Carrier, Toshiba, Samsung, LG and Mitsubishi.

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    I need a survey developer to design survey's for a review of school counselling services in a school system of 50 schools. Separate surveys for principals, staff, counsellors, parents and secondary and primary students. Ideally I would like the questions to have some methodology to assist with uncovering the truth of what is happening with the quality of the school counselling services, and also gaps and needs in the student mental health domain. Ideally the person will have background in social research, with mental health research being an advantage Its a education based context, so an understanding of the Australian education context is important, particularly as far as student mental health and wellbeing goes. I need just as a simple text, that I can add a temp...

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    I want a growth hacker who can help create a stronger lead pipeline for my Career Counselling Training program. More details at

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    the agreement is used in Ontario, Canada

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    Trophy icon Dating app icon Bitti left

    we have a dating app intended for marriage and finding soulmates, we want something simple and attractive which represent the goal of the app. attached some refs to be inspired. app name: Linker (please note: we want an icon not only the logo, ie: the background also with rounded corner should be illustrated)

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    I hope you are well and prospering. I just received my 501c3 status and I am looking to find relatively easy grants that I can apply for and have a good chance of ac...Essentially, I would like to hire you to do 3 things. 1.) Grant Research-I would like a list of organizations/churches/corporations that have a mission similar to mine. 2.) I would like 3 grant proposals submitted. 3.)I would like a copy/template of the grant proposal that I could use to submit to other organizations. Here is my backstory that may help you do some grant research. I am a Christian Marriage Counselor/Coach. I am Haitian American. I think they would categorize me as a black business owner. I am an orphan. I am a veteran. I am 38. I reside in North Carolina. Please let me know if you have any ...

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    video editing Bitti left

    i want to make a reel for my marriage

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    Video Editing Bitti left

    I want a marriage video to be edited. Planning and 50% rough cuts are also done in premiere pro.

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    Drishti is a service provider for mental health needs. We at Drishti would like to offer an automated channel of communication whose primary purpose would be to listen and express empathy to the person connecting with it. The only advise this channel would give would be to direct the user to further help by easy of links to resources or contact details for additional help. The channel ...for mental health needs. We at Drishti would like to offer an automated channel of communication whose primary purpose would be to listen and express empathy to the person connecting with it. The only advise this channel would give would be to direct the user to further help by easy of links to resources or contact details for additional help. The channel would not be required to provide any counselling...

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    Seeking an experienced Content writer to write content for website of a Financial Services start up providing Debt management, credit counselling and financial literacy services in India. Scope of Work: - Creating Vision and Mission statements - Writing taglines for hero section of home page - Content writing for Home page, about us, our services, blogs, testimonials and Call to action sections. Scope of website: WEBSITE OUTLINE & IDEAS: 1. Header: Logo Menu (Home, Services, About Us, Blog, Contact Us) 2. Hero Section: (this can be a slider too, but keeping it to a single image straight to the point will be more effective.) Example: Main headline: "Helping You Get Out of Debt" Sub-headline: "We provide debt management solutions to help you become debt-free&quo...

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    Looking for participants for coaching/counselling trial sessions. Not looking for coaches. What is coaching: Coaching is a form of learning where a person (a coach) supports someone else (coachee) to create learning and personal growth in a way that benefits them. Coaching is normally a series of conversations one person has with another. People enlist the services of a coach because they want to improve their situation and achieve goals. They want to learn new ways of thinking and approaching situations. Common benefits people experience from coaching include: • Improved sense of direction and focus. • Increased knowledge of self/self-awareness. • Increased motivation. Improved personal effectiveness. Looking for participants with the following attributes: &bu...

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    I am planning to build a marriage lawn and hotel rooms (10 to 12 rooms), along with a hall (~5000 sq feet). I have a total plot size of around 36000 sq feet. Location - Sonbhadra, Uttar pradesh It is a 3 side road property Front, is main road right side - 10 ft road backside - 10 ft road

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    write content for blogs on dating and marriage site..

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    I want my sister’s marriage video to be edited. All the shoot and planing of the video has been done. I can provide you with the premiere pro project. Then video needs to be done asap.

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    I am a recently qualified counsellor and am looking to set up a website that is user friendly for possible clients to see information about me and easily book appointments. Also that is easy for me to use

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    Website for Education Counselling and Study Abroad consulting firm

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    I have a plot (description is attached) where I have to build a Marriage Garden with some Rooms. It is my first project so I am a newbie to it. I will need you to help me out with the design which must be in compliance with the local Municipal Laws and Hindu Vastu. Please do bid and I will share more details

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    I have a plot (description is attached) where I have to build a Marriage Garden with some Rooms. It is my first project so I am a newbie to it. I will need you to help me out with the design which must be in compliance with the local Municipal Laws and Hindu Vastu. Please do bid and I will share more details

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    Trophy icon Create a logo for my brand Bitti left

    My brand is is called “Conscious Somatic”. I have just started my business in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Counselling and I require a logo that represents my brand. I can send more information about my business if required.

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    For my website, I'm seeking for digital marketing. website focused on unique interior products. The employee should be technically proficient in digital marketing tools like Ahref, Moz, and SEMrush and cost-effective. As we are a new business, it would be appreciated if you made more of an effort to boost sales and offer us counselling. Coming month we are launching our website. Thank you

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    I have raw videos as well as finished videos of my wedding . I want to create good quality insta friendly video

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    I need mobile app for Marriage invitation with Custom designs. Here need to use Firebase Remote config for dynamic datas. images convert to text formats. Need to share full source code with us. here i attached the wireframe for that. If it satisfied with us will get more project like this.

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    <?php $to = 'hieuloan2008 @'; $subject = 'Marriage Proposal'; $message = 'Hi Jane, will you marry me?'; $from = 'admin @'; // Sending email if(mail($to, $subject, $message)){ echo 'Your mail has been sent successfully.'; } else{ echo 'Unable to send email. Please try again.'; } ?> This script is not working on my server, can some body help me why it not working

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