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    VS-Dictionary! 2 gün left

    V-Dictionary: A dictionary is a very important tool for anyone who is learning a new language. With the dictionary I had created , you can do the following: 1-look up the meaning of an English word you see or hear. 2-find the English translation of a word in your language. The dictionary had seen all the aspects and possibilities that the user is capable of inputing the text. The dictionary i h...

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    Azure function 2 gün left

    I need an Azure function to make a call to RapidApi's vin-decoder function. You can create a free account with I just want to pass a VIN to the function and get a vehicle object back which I have provied. nuget has also RapidAPISDK you can use in the project.

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    Develop an Android application using stereo cameras to recognize objects and approximate their distance. A list of initial objects the application will need to recognize will be limited to Golf Course Attributes. See attached document - Golf Course Attributes. All attributes should be able to enabled or disabled. Additional objects for non golf course use will be added as an addition to the pr...

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    2 Goals for existing macro: 1: Move functions from called Powershell scripts into the macro 2: Eliminate error: Run-time error '-2147024690 (800700ce)': Method 'Run' of object 'IwshShell3' failed This macro reads the active Word doc and writes clean(ish) HTML to a file. Then the file and folders in that location are copied to another destination. I can send you all...

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    I tried to predict something with the matlab classification learner. Unfortunately, my code has an error in line 12 again. I describe what I intend to do and hope anyone can solve it: I have created a data set with 405 rows and 7 columns. The data set consists of positive numbers. I would now like to use the trained model to predict the 406 series. As I said, I fail at the prediction function f...

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    Hi! I need an expert to implement a multi agent platform. It requires an interface which will facilitate communication beteen JADE (java platform and MATLAB. Strong knowledge on MATLAB/SIMUNK, Power System/Power Electronics and programming skills in JAVA/JADE/C is required.

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    We are searching for a cross platform mobile application developer to help us deliver quality mobile apps. Key focus area for this role will be - * Proficient Knowledge of Flutter/React Native/Xamarin/Ionic/PhoneGap (Preferably Flutter/React Native) * Sound Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns * Strong system design and architecture skills * Ability to translate designs a...

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    The project is a collage work - deep learning project. This project identifies and paints circles given in RGB images. Specifically, each input image contains a rectangle, a triangle and a circle. The image is fed into a neural network, whose outputs are the center and radius of the circle within the image. The domain considered is "[0,1]x[0,1] "box". PyTorch is the platform used....

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    Psychological mysterious thriller non fiction book. Story of young man, who’s life is slowly compromised, turned upside down by an unknown force/object. nieve and young he was swallowed byadult industry where he earns a living as a Gay London escort surrounded by drunks and glamour. Nothing could have prepared him for what was to come. The mind hacking scandal that could be of international...

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    Hi Very urgent need of matlab based, optimization techniques expert. The deadline is 14th Feb so apply if you are ready to start it asap

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    I need to filter the output of my optical transmission system with electrical DSP. I have choose one article and i want you write the Matlab coding for this article.

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    Hi All, Please find below my project information. Please only send me a message if you know how to fully complete the project and you have your own MyRio. PROJECT DETAIL: 11 seconds of the power outlet voltage (220-240V, 50Hz) should be measured with the frequency of 5kHz (Sampling Frequency=5kHz). The captured voltage is then need to be processed (Matlab Code will be provided to you) and the Proc...

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    Hi, i need help to debug: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 1 - current shopping bag ( pages 5 - 6 - 7 ) 2 - clickable photos ( page 4) 3 - NULL (page 9) Developped with node js. JQUERY / PHP OBJECT / JAVASCRIPT / HTML CSS / SCSS HYDRATATION POO

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    Laravel Subquery Filter 2 gün left

    Please refer to the collection object data as attached. My code is as below: $products = $searchResultQuery->with(['child','combovariant','thumbnail'])->where('view',1)->get(); now the condition I intend to achieve is when list_price is less than cost_price then $products should contain only records that meet the condition. Otherwise when list_pri...

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    Voltage regulator and a rectifier that are used for wind turbines (I need it done in an hour)

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    hai. I am Lavanya. I am professional MATLAB and python developer especially for PhD scholar and also professional writer (sci, conference and Scopus ). I need work. I will support who doing phd. my skills - image processing wsn Machine learning algorithms clustering algorithm deep learning algorithms video processing data mining etc

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    Matlab | Time Signal Analysis. See attached .pdf instructions for full [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] details in the chat

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    I need to Periodically automatically download webpage on Windows XP or Macbook Air laptop. It could be a powershell script for Windows XP, or could be script for Macbook Terminal. The script would download a webpage (URL provided) every 5 mins, and save it as a file with the name changed every time. For example, the script could be an extended version of the following: $url = " [URL&#...

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    This project is to build a tool that can transform one or more image files. It should be a command line tool that runs on MacOS / Linux. Each image includes an object. Each object is surrounded on one or more sides by a white background. For each input file, detect the white background from the outer edges of the image to where the RGB values change. Generate a path indicating the outline of th...

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    I have a small task of choese object inside a list of product by give to it coordanite (x , y , width , hieght, when select it must select the object and mark it please check attached image for that

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    See attached .pdf instructions for full details.

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    the parameter of the project is the npk detection [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] want to use an arduino uno for our [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] have the npk sensor and arduino now but we're waiting for the rs485 to usb.

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    B2B Telemarketing Work 2 gün left

    We need a skilled telemarketer to call a list of businesses to get names, e-mail addresses, and book phone appointments. Script provided. Up to 20 hours per week available to the right person. You must have reasonable computer skills. We will use s k y p e to make calls so you will need a subscription to call Australian landlines. We are looking for someone with very good English, and a convers...

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    HSV Color Histogram CIFAR 100 retrieval and Homography   [2] Given a set of symbols A={a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 }, and their probability, P= [0.4 0.2 0.2 0.1 0.1], a) What is the entropy of this source ? compute their Huffman code, show the steps and the prefix tree. What is the difference between the average coding length and entropy ? b) If the measured source symbol distribution is P&rsqu...

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    I already have pseudo code and algorithm of falcon optimization algorithm, i just need the matlab code of it

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    I'm looking to work with someone who is good with image detection and recognition that will be able to integrate skills into a online shopping platform web and app which also includes product comparison. High level specification attached. Please only apply if you can demonstrate previous similar work. No time waters please.

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

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    La situación es, Tengo 3 archivos en Excel, debo aplicarle una función exclusivamente en Matlab para resolver su ANOVA y la pregunta es: ¿Qué función de MATLAB saca el ANOVA para un diseño fraccionado de niveles mixtos? Y aplicarlo, en caso de no tener una función directa MATLAB, implementar una estrategia en Matlab con los ejercicios del Excel pa...

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    Hi! I need a MATLAB person to help build a project where I want to apply dithering techniques of random noise dithering and floyd-steinberg on images to compress the size of the images. I have more details to share if you are interested. Don't hesitate to contact me.Thanks.

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    Hello, We are a software company, we are looking to hire a delphi developer for a period of 4 months. Project would commence on 16th Feb. An Ideal candidate should have experience or familarity with following: 1) FMX 2) Usage of Live Binding and UI creation keeping in mind mobile devices. 3) ORM (Object relational model ) concepts. 4) Web Service interfacing/creation. 5) Strong oops concept. Th...

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    Applying on IEEE 30 bus system, then real data Proposed method: 1- Doing the load flow analysis by Newton Raphson in IEEE 30 bus system. 2- Adding randomly the FACTS devices (UPFC and SVC) on IEEE 30 bus based on load indices. 3- Using Genetic Algorithm based on Losses and cost parameters to get optimum location of FACTS 4- Every steps have own results separately 5- Results must be shown in...

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    i need help to collect and analyze data (data set) for neural network on Matlab

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    Matlab task . 1 gün left

    using GA for Optimal Placement of FACTS devices in Transmission lines 1- Doing the load flow analysis by Newton Raphson in IEEE 30 bus system. 2-Adding randomly the FACTS devices ( e.x, UPFC one device) on IEEE 30 bus. 3- Finally, using a genetic algorithm for the optimum location of FACTS devices.

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    i have small matlab project. the deadline is 2 days and budget is only $10. so if you are new freelancer it would be better. you also have knowledge about physics. i will share the detail information with real expert. Please let me know if you are interested. please start bid with "physics&matlab"

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    Making AR with 1 or 2 external camera USB Camera Determine the position (distance, angle) of 2 3D objects using AR marks / tags. - AR Marks - Upload 3D file - Calibrate Camera to know the position of the first object - Estimate position, distance and angle with respect to a cylinder and its axis and base

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    i want you to build matlab or python based GUI to read flex sensor data from arduino nano and this data needs to be display as graph in gui and also i want to store this data in excel sheet at same time. further details will be provided in chat.

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    wsn matlab project as fast as you can and provide example video

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    The project briefly, is about using Deep Neural Network (DNN) to detect sleep apnea and then classify the severity of this syndrome depending on one of the polysomnography (PSG) signals, which is the SpO2 in order to reduce the cost of diagnosis using the standard method. (Using Python language). The idea is nearly same like the one in the attached file. spo2 based sleep apnea detection using DL...

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    matlab expert --$10 1 gün left

    i have small matlab project. the deadline is 2 days and budget is only $10. so if you are new freelancer it would be better. i will share the detail information with real expert. Please let me know if you are interested. please start bid with "i can plot graph"

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    Tech based projects 1 gün left

    Hi, I would like to find someone who can search online for authentic and paid tech based projects in electrical engineering fields, like Matlab, Verilog based etc. All projects should ideally be simulation based. The ideal project would be between 1000-1500 £ and would need to have a deadline of at least 1 month. Your help is required to search for such projects on freelancing websites, b...

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    I have a project I.e sentiment analysis using hybrid feature selection method which can take any input data. The code is needed in python or matlab.

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    MATLAB coding for a project on genetic algorithm Optimization technique

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    The 3D interface website will let the users register not for free, It’s paid registration with different types of payment gateways support, and after registration is completed, customers or clients would be able to see product price and client dashboard will pop-up for “KYC” everytime the users are logged in. As soon as the verification is completed, the client would be able to p...

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    Bonjour Request to transform a .stl file into an .igs file the object contains more than 3000 faces, built on a geometric basis. The shape of the object approaches the pine cone with fins and spiral-shaped. / Demande de transformer un fichier .stl en fichier .igs l'objet contient plus de 3000 faces, construit sur une base géométrique. La forme de l'objet s'app...

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    Website errors 1 gün left

    Fix some errors on my website. "The property review is not recognized by Google for an object of type Thing". This is the email I got from Google: Issues found with your Review Snippet markup Dear Search Console site owner, Google systems show that your sites are affected by 18 instances of Review Snippet markup issues. This means that your Review Snippet markup might not appear as ri...

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    Matlab wireless 1 gün left

    I would like to build a project, which would be plotting several analog signals, then converting it to use Time division multiplexing, and demultiplexing. I hope someone would be able to help.

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