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    ENGLISH : I need a video. Completely new video will use our attached logo. I want to see highend molten metal, smoke, fire, spark, welding fumes etc particles. We will us this short video including sound effects for teaser to our advertising videos on Youtube, LinkedIn etc. Its not urgent. I need a quality result. Professional textures and full 3D movie. I donot want Cinema4D adobe after effects. ...

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    Merhabalar, Temel olarak, adı Matriks (MTX) olan bir masa üstü uygulamadan DDE veriler alabiliyorum. Bu sayede ilgili verileri excel’e çekebiliyorum ve aslında bundan sonra anlatacağım her şeyi VBA üzerinden yapabiliyorum ama excel'in sınırlamaları nedeniyle, eğer yapabilirsem excel'i aradan çıkartan bir uygulama yaz(dır)maya çalışıyorum. Yapma...

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    Elimizdeki 20 adet armatür grubu ürünün Maya veya 3D Max gibi 3 boyutlu modellenip texture giydirildikten sonra arkası beyaz ve yine aynı ürünlerin birer adette banyo veya mutfak temalı tasarım render çalışmalarının yapılmasını beklemekteyiz. Ekteki resimlerden istediğimiz çalışmaların nasıl olduğunu anlayabilirsiniz. Modellerin bulunduğu 3D Max veya M...

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    3D Max, maya, z brush gibi programlar da organik insan modelleyebilecek tecrübeli arkadaşlar arıyoruz

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    maya ve zbrush her türlü modelleriniz yapılır

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    3D Modelleme Bitti left

    Halen mobil platformlar için bir oyun projesini yürütüyorum. Kod kısmı benim uzmanlık alanım ve neredeyse bitti, ancak oyun için gerekli sahne tasarımını yapamıyorum. Sahnelerin nasıl gözükeceği taslaklarımda hazır, ayrıca para verip satın aldığım çok sayıda 3D modelim var, ağaçlar, kayalar, mağara vs. Ayrıca elimde başka bir sanatçın...

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    Please read the full project description before bidding and answer all questions! I am looking for a mechanical engineer with 3D animation skills. I need to verify the freelancer background in both mechanical engineering and 3D animation. You are free to use 3D animation software examples are Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, ... Which software would you use? Show me your previous work! How can you prove ...

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    I want a uniformly done 3D model in maya for a character reference I have from the internet to use it for a personal project, keeping in mind I’ll be rigging the character later so the modeling should be done accordingly. I don’t need it 100% like the reference but something similar would be good.

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    We are looking for an experienced Maya 3D Autodesk modeler & animator to teach our in-house 3D designer. The current 3D animation project that is mostly complete. What you need to teach/advise and have experience in: • Animation to make bipedal model movements look natural • Character modeling to help with rigging/weight painting Extra advice regarding: • GIF lossless comp...

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    I need a 3d model made in Autodesk Maya with as low polygons as possible and fast

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    VFX artist - animator 3 gün left

    Estamos buscando un VFX artist / animator para unirse a nuestro equipo y desarrollar un emocionante juego. VFX Artists: Responsabilidades: Creación de efectos visuales para una amplia variedad de necesidades del proyecto. Los ejemplos incluyen: fuego, humo, electricidad, escombros, impactos de agua / océano, ambientales (agua, lluvia, nieve, hielo, escarcha, nubes, viento, polvo, ...

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    Looking for a Blender and Maya Expert who can handle a few character rigs and pose it in a particular war scene position to make it a cluster of assets. Rigged assets available. The artist will be required to pose the characters and place them accordingly. In one particular scene. No animation required. Just a frame.

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    3D Animator 2 gün left

    We are looking for a creative Animator to develop excellent visual frames with 3D techniques. Your work will give life to storylines and characters in films, games or videos. You have to have that unique blend of both science and art. In other words, the technological backup of science is combined with innate artistic flair to create a visually effective and a dazzling product. Animators possess a...

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    Hello, Hope doing great. We have loop animated file that is rigged & animated with Maya. The problem is- not working inside unreal engine-5/4 though OK inside unity. We guess we could not export it for unreal-5/4 from Maya properly. Your Job Is: 1. Check out the Maya file then fix the problem of it and export it into both unreal-5 & 4 2. For us make a screen capture video of the whole p...

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    I need someone experienced in 3D-Maya or other similar software and someone experienced with product rendering to create a 3D environment animation. The clips will be short, about 3-4seconds long so nothing too intense. Please attached relevant work to your proposals. Thank you

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    A 20$ project where a character's body needs to be modeled in 3D Maya software.

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    looking for an expert in Softimage Maya or 3d studio max to draw 3d characters using some coding and node wiring to make thousands of characters - Limited budget only

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    Hi I need 3D Characters Animators only on "Maya program" And I would like to know how much is will cost 1 minute animation. And give me a link to your previous character animation works.

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    For an adult project, we're looking for a FULL TIME cgi designer. We need multiple short high level animations a month, Including liquids, humans, tentacles and monsters. The job is paid 3500$ a month. contact us for informations.

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    I have a model and want to render in a layer but I need the light setting and layer setting with shadow to give natural look. No extra contrast needed

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    Hi Maya N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Looking for long term partner to create varieties of 3D models

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    We are looking for someone who can model for arch viz and has experience with 3d max and or maya. Most of the work will be to set up simple massing of citys, adding landscape in lumion or placing people. As we progress well add more task so we can add more hours to the job. Is reliable can meet deadline Can build to scale no need for UVs Can model based on photos Has experience with lumion Has ...

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    I want to make a single object make into pieces in Maya

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    Vfx artist Bitti left

    Hi everyone I am looking VFX artist for work on a independent film , we are looking for Nukex compositing Roto artist Machmove artist Lighting artist Fx artist /maya /Houdini Vfx editing If you are interesting in joining us please send your showreel and portfolio Thanks have a nice days

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    You will be required to build different 3D models embedded with rotating and translating animations. These models will consist of house interiors, industrial equipment, steel framings, laboratory experiments assembly, etc. We are looking for someone who can work with us full time and show the results quickly. You are free to choose 3D Max, Maya, Blender, or we can discuss if you prefer anything el...

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    Nosotros proporcionaremos el proyecto completo en Maya con el personaje rigueado y texturizado. El trabajo consiste en animar el rigging facial y gestos del personaje cuando habla. También proporcionaremos el archivo de sonido con la voz del personaje.

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    We require Maya 3D modelling specialists There will a sample given the first time and subject to approval of the same there will be expected regular work It requires Engineering and Logical skills to visualise the product based on provided inputs

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    deliver the service until 17:00 GMT+3 service - attach the pink fur material like sample image into 3d model(Maya)

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    deliver the service until 17:00 GMT+3 service: attach the pink fur into model(maya)

    €128 (Avg Bid)
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    I have 3d model rigged need to create 6 cricket animation like batting 6,4,bowled

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    I need somebody to model a simple character in Maya. I will share the file if you are interested. i need it done in one weeek time

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    We are developing an open-world Action-RPG that has been approved for release on Xbox, and is also releasing on Steam. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we are looking to hire to progress the project towards our future goals. For this role, we would be looking to hire an artist/animator to Skin weight armour with NO CLIPPING. This is a mid-to-long-term role that will start with this simple...

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    Please listen to the video where I explain the scope (url below) You need to submit your proposal using the template provided here or you will not be considered for this project: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I have option to choose from/ pre-purchased the examples provided. Please indicate your preference using your proposal document. All the formats li...

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    Busco un modelador y rigger para un prop estilo hamaca para acostarse. Debe incluir las texturas. Solo profesionales que hablen español. Modelo para Maya 2018

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    Hi En B., I noticed your profile and would like to talk about a project in Maya, see if it's a fit.

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    i need ERC 20 Token like Maya Preferred (MAYP), Maker (MKR), BTCEX, BNB and others send me offer with your sample

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    The requirement is very clear: We will give you the assets which are rigged. You have to setup the battle scene as in the reference imagery that we provide. Challenge: You will have to modify the rigs of the soldiers on both sides and generate a battle scene. Timeline - 24 hours max This job can be handled only by someone who has dealt with Crowd generation in Maya before and composites in Phot...

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    need to model 3 d product with User would also need to provide below mentioned files, 3 camera angles. Raw Render (Targa Format) Render Pass (Diffuse, GI, Reflection, Shadow, Light) Screenshot of wireframe (3 Camera Angle) Screenshot of UV Screenshot with checker map on product Photoshop Comp file 3D Max / Maya working file with textures

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    your team must create in blender maya or max 3d products. all products are made from scratch. An example is given and you convert that. each products takes 1,5 till 2 days to make, and hundreds are needed

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    I am a 3D model artist of animation. I do create any 3D model in maya software...

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    I am a 3D model artist of animation. I do create any 3D model in maya software...

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    Render product in Autodesk Maya. Their are 150-200 renders.

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    i have 3d model i want it rigged in maya

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    We are looking for a [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] engineer to build a 3D racing game . Our 3D visualization is built in three Js. Gives users the ability to jump online and communicate with the racing experience. You must: You have 3+ years of experience building in three JSs, plus in-depth k...

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    I need a 3D model of a netball made and it's UV layout must match the supplied layout. The model should be in either a Maya format or .fbx The ball will be used for an online customization tool so should be as low poly as possible without losing quality/roundness of the shape. There does not need to be any stitching that should save on polys. The supplied photos show the ball from different a...

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    Need clothing for market project Rigging Fitted Mesh for .ma, .fbx, .blend and .dae formats with revised skeletons. Improved Second Life avatar meshes for 3D texture painting. OBJ files will feature cleaned up geometry and proper UV tilings, for painting textures directly onto the models, in Mudbox, Zbrush, Photoshop Extended, etc. You should have Blender & COLLADA experience for Mesh Clot...

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    Tengo una pagina web y la redacción de los textos y contenido se me dificulta. ofrecemos recorridos en motos ATV en la selva, así como tour en catamaranes y yates en Cancún y la Riviera Maya. También recorridos a las ruinas arqueológicas en Yucatan y Quintana Roo

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    3d character Bitti left

    We need 3d character design that is going to be animated in Maya.

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