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    ...Youtube, LinkedIn etc. Its not urgent. I need a quality result. Professional textures and full 3D movie. I donot want Cinema4D adobe after effects. I need real render in 3DSMax, Maya,Blender etc. TURKISH : Tamamı ile 3 boyutlu tasarlanacak olan video ile mevcut logomuzu erimiş metal, alev, duman, kaynak kıvılcımı gibi partiküller ile süsleyip teaser gibi

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    9 teklifler aslında bundan sonra anlatacağım her şeyi VBA üzerinden yapabiliyorum ama excel'in sınırlamaları nedeniyle, eğer yapabilirsem excel'i aradan çıkartan bir uygulama yaz(dır)maya çalışıyorum. Yapmak istediğim şey kısaca; 1. MTX'in DDE verilerini al (excel olmadan doğrudan MTX'ten tercih edilir. Excel’e ben DDE linkle veri alıyorum, sonra da ...

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    ...armatür grubu ürünün Maya veya 3D Max gibi 3 boyutlu modellenip texture giydirildikten sonra arkası beyaz ve yine aynı ürünlerin birer adette banyo veya mutfak temalı tasarım render çalışmalarının yapılmasını beklemekteyiz. Ekteki resimlerden istediğimiz çalışmaların nasıl olduğunu anlayabilirsiniz. Modellerin bulunduğu 3D Max veya Maya...

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    ...aramaktayız. Ayrintilar icin kontak kurunuz. Teşekkürler Hello there Looking for Ebay Germany Partner. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] has a business account and will manage this account, to list the models we have given. We're looking for a reliable partner. Contact for details. Thanks...

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    3D Max, maya, z brush gibi programlar da organik insan modelleyebilecek tecrübeli arkadaşlar arıyoruz

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    New Born Baby Clothes Models and Designs

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    ...gönderilecek ve iş bitirime hızına göre günde yetiştirebildiğiniz kadar proje temin edebilirsiniz... (english) photogrammetry method ZBRUSH prepared with the help of our models or optional help complete the remaining fields on the programs in an appropriate manner , and we need correction job to get paid per project experienced teammates in the field

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    maya ve zbrush her türlü modelleriniz yapılır

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    ...Aslında yapılacak iş elimdeki hazır objeleri bir araya getirip sahneleri oluşturmak. Çok fazla sahne yok, ufak ve birbirini tekrar eden sahneler kullanıyorum. Modelleri 3dMax, Maya, istediğiniz ile hazırlayabilirsiniz, ama free olduğu için blender tercihimdir. Yukarıda belirttiğim gibi kesinlikle unity içine sorunsuz import edilebilmeli. Türkiye / Ankarada...

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    Bim Models 6 gün left

    We are looking to have about 20 of our waterproofing products made into BIM objects. Our materials are flat waterproofing membranes or liquid applied membranes.

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    I have some sequence of work but the first one is Urgent and should be done within 12 hours. 1st is related to contours, texture and shape models. I will provide details once contacted. If you are really good at computer vision please contact, it is not for beginners but intermediate skilled can also contact. NO LIBRARY WILL BE USED. Price is for the

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    using appropriate data sources to perform some exploratory data analysis and build one or more models such as (a classification model, natural language processing, recommunication system) that address useful predication and/or interpretation problem in any domain Metis projects are broken down in to 5 components parts -- design, data, algorithm, toll

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    We have a requirement of off-the-shelf datasets encompassing Purchase orders, Invoices, and Receipts to train our OCR as well as semantic extraction models. Languages of interest are English, Spanish, Portugal, Italian, Dutch & Japanese

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    This is for video game making, I require 10 dragon videos. ~20 seconds each with different themes & backgrounds. Sample: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    ...demographic, educational, and other information about the employees. The data set is split into two parts: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and HRRetention_test.csv. Build predictive models (use at least 3 different algorithms) that would help the company to identify the employees that are likely to leave. Task1: Check the missingness in data. U...

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    ...Freelancers, I have this Maya file with a humanoid rig with 3 animations: idle, walk and run. Frame 0 to 1120 is an idle loop, frame 1200 to 1402 is a walking loop, and frame 1500 to 1703 is a running loop. I simply need to bind the skin to the skeleton. It should be very easy for someone who know what they are doing with Maya. I need it to look as

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    ...InceptionResnetv2), (c) a CNN combined with a long short-term memory (LSTM) network to fuse information about the spatial coherency of tumor’s CT slices, and (d) combinatorial models (LSTM + CNN + radiomics). In addition, the CT images were independently evaluated by two expert radiologists. Our results showed that the best CNN was Inception (accuracy =

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    A xxxx also a SasS platform is a startup company in the procurement & pu...used for building the business plan (document) 11. Financial Analysis and modelling Producing NPV, IRR, ROI and other returns as required. SaaS (Freemium, freetrial business models) The business plan should cover and answer the following: o Mission statement. o vision statement

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    We need anonymised Knee OA images for training our models. > AP and Lateral > Visible Osteophytes, JSN, Sclerosis > Weigted and non-weigted

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    ...AI-based Article Spinner/Paraphrase tool that is able to read and understand seed articles then rewrite / Paraphrase perfectly. For this, you can use huggingface pre-trained models like pegasus or libraries like spacy, GPT J 6b, etc, you are free to choose any of them or a few of them. Just remember we need very fast processing speed on CPU and top quality

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    ...DUSUN// We are a HEALTH CONSULTANCY - activity & Connectivity. We develop bracelets for interior positioning Health Care and others. Specifically, we are looking for DUSUN models:: Smartwatch - DSS W-010 WIFI GATEWAY DSGW 030-2 LTE GATEWAY DSGW-404-2 ver imagen// view image:: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    €249 - €748
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    Derive a few Maximum likelihood estimators and class conditional models in Machine learning.

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    ...years of experience in Software Testing which includes ETL/DWH Testing and Manual Testing. • Good Exposure to Software Engineering Process and familiar with various Life Cycle Models like Waterfall, Agile methodologies. • Involved in Requirement Analysis, Testing, Implementation and Support of Data Warehousing ETL using Informatica power center /power mart

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    ...unique, asset packs can be used. - the three images must have different setup and not various renders of the same setting. - no real car brands can be used - we can share 3D car models with you - image resolution must be around 4k, exported in various aspect ratios Best references: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Gym / Fitness studio 5 gün left

    ...+Android) for an existing Gym /fitness studio management system (web system that means the server-side will be developed from our side). the app is for the end-users include main models: 1) login/logout (no need for register from the app) + firebase management. 2) The user can enroll in classes/training if possible. 3) The user can check subscription details

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    ...model training • Advising the Data Scientists on the development of machine learning models, especially regarding the productive operation of these models • Design and implementation of microservices to provide the models, including functions for monitoring these models in productive operation • Deployment of the microservices in the productive cloud e...

    min €36 / hr
    min €36 / hr
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    15-30min length VR interactive movie consisting of: - Mars exploration in VR building 3D models of them. - Selected Town related great experiences which can be moved to Mars (Buildings, Music, Art ...). - Some VR gaming experience aka Speedslide, Roller Coaster, Skydiving - get some more emotions if it is first time you experience VR. Need team with

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    3d animator 5 gün left

    I need 3d animator having expert in MAYA

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    We need to create a 3D product usage video. We have the all the necessary details available, content, script, thumbnails. You will be...product usage video. We have the all the necessary details available, content, script, thumbnails. You will be required to develop a 3D video and replicate the same for 10 other models. PFA sample file for reference.

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    Looking to hire Data Evaluators proficient both in Korean and English to help the world's leading tech startups build safer and more reliable artificial intelligence models. As a Data Evaluator, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects involving the transcription of document fields and categorization of various text, images, and

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    Hi Abhinav. I need some more work on the 3D models. 1) For Model 1: remove dome, replace with flat white roof, slightly higher than the rectangular module. Make the small round module square. Remove the black ring around the main round module (including lights and wires). Remove the white hoses between the modules. 2) For Model 2: Make the robotic arm

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    3D modeller/animator 5 gün left
    ONAYLI We have already finished majority of the models and would like to seek someone experienced to help us to speed up the completion. The candidate must have done 3D video animation projects before and preferrable if they have working experience creating models for robotics/logistic companies Models required 1. Warehouse exterior 2. Conveyer belt

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    Looking for models for photoshoot

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    Work available: * Farm related models * Potato models w/ faces and mouth+eye animations * Player models, rigging, animation, cosmetics * Potentially, textures * Export assets from Unreal Engine UE4 into usable Unity Assets Requirements: * Experience with Unity * Proficient in 3D asset development * Ability to deliver rough sketches/wireframes of proposed

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    Se solicitan arquitectos con experiencia para desarrollar proyectos arquitectónicos (proyecto ejecutivo) de casa residencial de lujo y semilujo, al igual que e...desarrollar proyectos arquitectónicos (proyecto ejecutivo) de casa residencial de lujo y semilujo, al igual que elaboración de renders. Ubicación de proyecto a realizar es en Riviera Maya.

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    ... You should use your own words and comments and not those of the text or anyone else. In your own words briefly discuss the essentials and importance of Linear Programming models and how they are used in the business world. What are the pros and cons of linear programming. Give an example of their use in functional business areas like Marketing, Production

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    ...industry. They use DCF (Direct Cash Flow), WCC and other techniques are being used. I need web/ app developer who knows this domain (capital raising, company valuations, different models) and help me develop a web app interfacing with data sources. We will feed some data sources and in future, we will plug this to external data reports/sources/APIs. If you

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    We are looking for 2 male, 2 female models for a photoshoot for a fashion accessory brand. Streetwear look, age 18-30. Must be available for session on November 6th, Montreal. Renumerated. Please send photos -full body and headshots

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    build a website 4 gün left
    ONAYLI of 7 kind of settings: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, accent walls, outdoor patios and decks the purpose of this section of the website will be to highlight models of the above kinds of settings, and obtain prospect customer information other necessary features of the website will be decided based on developer input. website must remain

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    ...and C#. • Ability to deliver a full cycle game development. • Knowledge of Solidity, EVM, Ethereum blockchain, and Smart Chain. • Experience in creating simple 3D assets in Maya or Blender. • Understanding of source control. • Able to work remotely. • Proficient in software tools and technologies like Git, Slack, Jira. • Capacity to deliver complex

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    At least 3 years of Web development with Angular Should understand API integration into frontend Should be able to pick up customer scenarios and develop UI models for them Should have understanding of stock management, financial model development and ERP at large Should have Problem Solving skills Angular 9+ TypeScript JavaScript Responsive/Mobile

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    We are building a website about Digital Marketing Agency. We want some images and shapes that can replace on the wordpress theme. It's been good if you know illustrator or maya

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    ...explanations + check uploaded files. Thx for you interest. Best regards. Issue 1 We have created custom product line items in the quote module. I currently have several pdf models connected to this module. One of them must print according to certain rules: - Name of the pdf model: "Fiche métrage_test2" - As is: In each group created in a quote

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    Uber like Application - App designs; - Secure cloud-based server to store and connect service providers and customers; - Pricing models (for example fixed cost, distance-based or supplier quote/ auction) - Algorithms to connect customers and service providers based on variables such as location, skills, cost etc.; - Routing/ mapping algorithms; - Customer

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    ...acceleration vs. time earthquake, observing the sloshing effect. • Video of the lateral deflection for the acceleration vs. time earthquake. • Video tutorial on how to run the models and get the results. • Modal analysis of the tank with seismic isolator. And detect the fundamental period of the seismically isolated tank, the period of the impulsive and

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    I am looking for someone who can create a unique GeoGebra models for certain mathematical tasks. Please send me your previous GGB works as PM. Totally, I need 5 GGB models. Thanks.

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    Hello i am a roblox youtuber ...making a game on ben 10 cartoon which is owned by man of action so i need a modeler who can build me all ben 10 aliens and a custom map for more and yea not all models cuz some of the models will be made by other modelers details like payment and all contact me through discord username: (Removed by admin)

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    Build me a website -- 4 4 gün left

    ...a small welding business and we build these bbq smoker and grills on trailers. I want a website to display my products and have contact info to reach me at. We have 5 main models and around 10 different addons they can put on the smokers. I also want a section where they can rent out the smokers. I dont want payment on the website. but have the prices

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    My client's company "Maya Link" needs a logo design, the company works in Graphics Designs - Brochures - Flyers - Website Designs....etc

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    I need to add an interface to record coughs can do it ? i need the whol project interface + tratment and result my project is diagnosis of covid 19 by voice via deep learning I have already built two ANN and CNN models but the precision is only 74% if you can improve the precision thats will bea great you can use your own program if you want

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