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    for creating a caricature video add for you tube adds, -90 sec long, its a conversation between two characters and last 15 seconds is the add

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    I am in search of a marketing expert to start this week. This is an on going for a new family start up. We need someone who has a high ROI and experience working with new start ups. Please read we are starting with Facebook Adds so your main skill needs to be Facebook adds. We are starting with SEO and then move forward with FB ads, I will pay for SEO 150$ and ads it is negotiable. Lets discuss. - You: Trust Worthy - Honest & doesn’t whistle. - We need someone who extremely knowledgeable and who is willing to go an extra mile. - Facebook & IG Marketing add professional preferred

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    I need to write little information, and get big docx file, based on already provided sentences by the user Ex: for meetings documents, the user adds the main titles, and the software make a new Docx file, make paragraphs (using sentences provided by the user), includes the titles in these paragraphs every thing in the software shall be easily edited by the user, because he might need to change font scheme or add paragraphs in the future or anything. I don't know if you will use Macros or what ever, but it must work with libreoffice on linux and on windows, and preferably on ms word windows Also to make things more automated, you may make the solution able to get information from a specific excel sheet/libreoffice Calc and add them to the Docx file automatically.

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    I have a Zapier zap which adds a new row to a Google Sheets document when a new order is created in Shopify. The order corresponds to a teaching course which has a limited capacity. I need some scripts to be created so that when a new row is added to the sheet, it will check if the course name and date column values already exist in the sheet- if they exist then the capacity of the new booking should be added to the value in the the existing row, otherwise it should be added as a new row. Additionally, when the course row capacity reaches a minimum number that I specify, I need an email to be sent through Gmail to a specified email address. There may be additional requirements as the project develops but this is what is required to start with. Please let me know if this is achiev...

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    Adobe Indesign 2 gün left

    Adobe Indesign | Create a photo collage with different sizes of photos (that will be added to the folder) (passport photos, medium-sized and large). Drag the photo and the photo automatically adds different sizes for a school photography business.

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    Generate Voiceover Leads 1 gün left

    I am looking to do more voiceover work for small businesses that want a unique north american voice for the adds they may be running. You will generate me leads for people who may want a voiceover artist for radio adds, TV ads, podcast ads, and more. In your bid, please tell me the first thing you would do to help come up with a verticle for shairing my voice to. The Pricing I charge for 30 second ads is $150 if this influances the area you would target for leads. In your bid, please state if you would like to contact these businesses for me with a 25% return on each closed deal. I have attached a voice sample so you know what kind of voice you would be marketing for.

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    Build me a website -- 2 17 saat left
    ONAYLI equal a set view. A dating site where they can use money for signal message or monthly also where they can use ads from game for views that will be per message sent. The next big part is the auction site where people can sell things fixed price would be cash cash and view to do things with. Including playing games or just views views will be called Mike's. We now can earn miles from watching adds serveys shopping like ibotta or going though affiliate links. Also where miles or cash can be donated to different causes. Plus tell me what kind of hosting you need so you can deploy it I will have you help pick a good name. Also needs to have a place where people can pay $1 to put there name down to petition or use points. I set the points.. something and a voting section wher...

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    We are looking forward to run a add using google adds for our business. So we need someone who can handle those as well create more intresting contents which will drive us to proper audience

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    ...refresh the added events will be randomly put somewhere else, somehow,..). In the events i should be able to set a fixed date. - Make it responsive 80% fitted to page, also when opening on mobile phone, maybe put little square's on them or some nice hover effect. - In the Event Balloon, make cells per Calendar example; Calendar 1 (Green) left / Calendar 2 (Red) center / Calendar 3 (Yellow) right Adds; - When clicking on one Event the script should ask to swap with another event, when you click on the 2nd Event the information should be sent and redirect through link to another page, like so; - Make it possible to define dates to blink RED when lower then x amount of events are

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    I need a website to be recreated in This is the website:

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    need content writen for my adds powerwashing roofing siding service/maintence and replacement gutter cleaning interior exterior painting need a logo for my company aswell

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    all work make dont copy another adds

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    Looking copywriter, content-writer for our online project . We are a construction company, providing services for a number of clients in the commercial construct...tasks:  * “Home page”  Slogan is about 10-20  words, and our mission is 20 words. * “About page” Article abound 100 words we want to tell the audience how we get to make this. Who we are. Who is this service for? * How it works - algorithms will be added just to make it sound correct for native speakers. * Why do we need this? Article 150 to 200 words using the thesis we provide. * Social media adds 10 options * Social media posts 10 options * Chatbot dialogues ( I will provide what are they, just correct them) it’s around 50 short sentences. It’s our first experience o...

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    ...input the priority, date, start time, end time and subject of the new appointments similar to the sample IDE shown in Fig. 1. The 5 inputs for each appointment record will be stored as a string (record) in the appointmentList. All the functions except built-in functions should be presented with proper Docstrings. The addRecord() Function You should design, implement and test a function which adds an appointment record to the Schedule. An appointment record will be added to the Schedule each time when the 5 inputs of the appointment record are all valid. If any input is invalid, display an error message and ask user for another input. The function handles the following tasks: • Collect all data (priority, date, start time, end time and subject) for the appointment re...

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    I am trying to do a promotion to where if a customer spends over $50 they get this grooming brush for free and if they spend over $150 they get our cat litter trapping Matt for free… I need a custom app that automatically adds these gifts to the cart if the order value is high enough. Also I would like something on my product pages that tells the customer about the promotion.

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    I have a small appliance repair business, I advertise on google adds but its not getting the results that I want. I need someone who knows what there doing.

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    ...Address, Location, Category, and Profile fields. I want the images and the logos to fit squarely well into the space provided as in File 2c. 3. PayPal, Flutterwave and Stripe gateways are already integrated on the site. I will like them to function properly. Also, I want the button issues to be fixed, and to be uniform, and to be similar to the Paypal button. See Files 3a and 3b. 4. When a User adds a listing, I want his draft listing to register or show at the backend after the payment is successfully made from any of the payment gateways. Also, when the admin checks the backend, the admin should be able to find the draft listing to either approve or decline. The User should be able to see his draft listing after returning from the payment gateways. For example, on the Fl...

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    Python app adds a few functions like app registry autorun, installer for 3 platforms, and fixes bugs.

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    Python app adds a few functions like app registry autorun, installer for 3 platforms, and fixes bugs.

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    PyQT5 app adds a few functions like app registry autorun, installer for 3 platforms, and fixes bugs.

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    I want you to refine my website, be responsive and add some animations.

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    I need to get a full functional E-Commerce Website, rigrous Social Marketing on all social platforms and Google Adds, SEM and later Mobile Application for my business. This needs to be followed through detailed handover, training for data management on an on-going basis with graceful code handover.

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    I need to get a full functional E-Commerce Website, rigrous Social Marketing on all social platforms and Google Adds, SEM and later Mobile Application for my business.

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    Hello! I need a Google Chrome extension for Mac and Windows. It adds just one button on the top bar. It has two basic functionalities: - If the user is not logged in, show a login with Apple ID (iCloud) - Once logged in, when the user taps the same button it adds an object to a private app's database using iCloud (the database and data structure are already working in production for iOS/iPad and Mac apps) and shows a success message (or error if it failed to do so). Please apply if: - You've worked with Apple ID Sign In (which is not the same as Sign In With Apple) - You've made a Google Chrome extension before

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    I need cumulative graph in power bi that looks like the attachment. Data source is spreadsheet attached. I also need formula that adds updated progress to the graph with different color, this update is posted monthly. Same to the attached image

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    Hi Diogo, I have another video project similar to the last one: 1. put photos into slideshow 2. put in video of proposal (from about 1 minute to 2:05 of the video file 3. add music (keep ambient if it adds to the video portion) 4. add music and edit as works for you (-10 dba) no titles needed do not bother exporting this time, I can do that from the AE timeline (Removed by admin) Thanks!

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    ...managed by another plugin that I use and that I describe below. 2) The second plugin called "WooCommerce Shipping Rates by City" I use to create shipping rates by city. It is this plugin that is creating the field "B" in the image that I just want to hide, but without deactivating the plugin as I need it. This plugin directly affects the "A" field as well. (City), but I don't understand why it adds the field below again (field "B"). What I want is to hide it with the CSS class "display:none;" but I can't do it and I can't find the class that this plugin is creating for this field (field "B") so I need help. It is very likely that to do this you will need to access the "WooCommerce Shipping Rates b...

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    I am looking for a portal where users can post the property adds to buy , sell and rent.

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    I would like to have real estate app on both IOS & Android . users sign up requires email and password or just by phone number and activate by verification code. users are allowed to upload only HQ pictures poor quality not acceptable. users can search both by searching or by using map users who list adds can add inspection time searching can be done by choosing Buy or Sell and Rent also choosing 1 room ,2,3 and 4+ .number of bathrooms. lastly users can choose property type like House, apartment/Unit, Villa, Land or Farms. This covers mostly everything .

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    An application in which the user can invest in properties for renovation. After raising funds, renovation is carried out, then the property is put up for sale or for rent. Key functionalities: Administrator adds listings of properties to invest in, along with location, description and plan for renovation. The user can invest (easy, quick payment), has a panel where he can see his investments, the state of the funds, the process of renovation (with photos) / sale of investments in which he invested and his earnings from these investments. Everyone has access to key company information, FAQ, contact details and chatbot. Application in English and Polish ( we can provide translation from ENG to PL). The app must work on Android and on iOS. Happy to discuss detai...

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    I need a change done to my odoo 15 e-commerce site Let me explain: Stage 1. A customer places an order and adds their name and address and possibly a delivery address. Stage 2 Customer is given the choice to select a paid delivery option which is postal or courier. Stage 3 Both these delivery methods have the option to delivery to the home or shipping address BUT ALSO the options to deliver to a local postal or courier depot for collection by the customer. Selecting delivery to a depot costs less than to the home address so some customers will ask for the shipment be sent to a delivery depot. When the customer selects a depot delivery they need to be able to fill in the address of their chosen delivery address. (some cites have many depots so the customer will probably select the...

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    Hello, I will provide you with a content for the adds that you will have to prepare for a Facebook post. Adds will basically include, estate planning law and migration law content. let me know if you can assist me.

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    Hey, I am looking for someone able to show my business on google map when clients searching for keywords.

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    ...cart using the old JCart PHP Cart (it's been a little updated over the years to be cleaner and more modern) and I already have a function, which automatically saves both the items of the Cart in an Array AND the items of the Cart in JSON built in - we even have those saving to a table in mysql. I want to make a Re-Order button that "gets" these items (from a record) from that table and then re-adds/inserts them into my cart. There's alreay AJAX for add_item and add - and there's a get_contents function that I'm pretty sure can be used to loop through the items and add them to the Cart - I'm just not sure how to do this exactly. I want this done asap because I know that someone good with Arrays and Ajax can do it in an hour easily - because I...

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    i have a kiosk, plz see attached File for screen dimensions, I have a burger restaurant that needs ppl to self order their food the app must start by the user entering his ...dimensions, I have a burger restaurant that needs ppl to self order their food the app must start by the user entering his name and phone number and then move to the next screen the second screen will have (categories where the user clicks on it and its may display items or display subcategories based on the category properties) once the user chooses an item he can optionally change QTY and optionally adds extras or write any remarks-- so 3 things (QTY , Extras , Remarks) the cart must be always visible to the user and he can change it or edit it (delete or change items) another screen for checkout and plac...

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    We are looking to develop software that will be displayed at an attraction. It will run on a large touch screen panel that visitors will allows them to enter a short message (the length of a Twitter message) e) would you like for them to be able to add photos to their post. So, they would need to upload them from their phone. I am not certain how this would work and would like suggestions. f) shows everything it will post, requires them to check "agree to terms and conditions" g) adds post to "pending status", admin then logs in to approve or reject the post. if approved it adds to the map pinpoints. h) admin can export all data to an excel sheet or csv. Would also like for this to be able to be used on a Wordpress website if possible so visitor...

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    I need to someone go in to my Facebook nd find out why I cannot do Boost adds.

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    import gtin numbers into existing products on Woo, I have 1400 existing products on Woo connected to Google shopping with Google Adds & listings, all is good except there are no GTIn numbers in the GTIN field, I have the GTIN numbers on a spreadsheet. by cannot see how to import them Quote @hire me@ on your proposal - needs doing today please

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    Build me a site - SEO and google adds

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    3 types of users: Me (Super Manager), Manager, Users Each Manager can...italian users and english messages to english users. Initially the manager will have to configure the flow of messages ... The manager will be able to create and schedule the sending of automatic WA messages Each message can contain: text, emoticons, links, images Each message can be planned. Messages can be sorted Each message has a distance from the previous message. Each time the Manager adds a user, he enters the automatic message sending flow. Every day a cron will check which messages should be sent and to which users and will execute. Message flow example: User entry: 10/05/2022 First message: the day after 11/05/2022 Second message: after 3 days 14/05/2022 Third message: after 7 days 21/05...

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    Hello, I need person who understand about facebook adds. I want to create post and found new clients to book for newborn sessions

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    I have an Ecommerce IOS app built on swift. On checkout when user adds shipping address, it does not save, however when user adds an address from my account section, it does save. I need a developer to check why it is working on one place but not working on another place and then fix it. Developer will need to create test build and then help deploying to apple store. Developer will need to push their code to github for code review.

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    ...My main ideas for the project would be to highlight the issues 1st responders face from everyday living, stress, paying bills, family life, dwaling with kid's, finances the work place stresses, work career advancement going for jobs missing out, obviously trauma impact, low morale, heavily overloaded with work lack of resources, too much overtime, no one else to fill the position everything adds up and takes its toll and eventually cracks from in police and 1st responders, people are afraid to speak out and talk about their feelings because they no longer understand, identify or what they are feeling anymore from years of numbing it out to cope with being a 1st responder. I think more needs to be done before the treatment stage, preventing people getting PTSD and menta...

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    I am a Property Investment Sales company I am looking for a social media marketer to manage and organize the adds/ pages Ie FB IG Linkedin etc Must have experience in marketing in Finance & Finance space

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    I am looking for someone to design an Alteryx Workflow which downloads and transforms a dataset on a monthly basis. Each month the attached file (asic (series-2a).xls) is updated on the ASIC website ( and transforms a dataset on a monthly basis. Each month the attached file (asic (series-2a).xls) is updated on the ASIC website (). I would like someone to design a Alteryx Workflow which: 1) Downloads the file from the website; 2) Identifies the last months worth of new entries; 3) Looks up the Liquidator details from the attached excel (Liquidators & ) and adds as new column with the "IP No" and "Firm Key" of the Liquidator. 4) Outputs the new entries with added column for IP No and Firm Key to an output excel file in a standardized...

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    Buen dia estamos buscando obtener la informacion de many chat (queremos saber cuanta gente quedo en cada uno de los pasos de nuestros flujos (dato que da manychat) y que se tire de forma automatica o semiautomatica a google sheet. Ademas nos gustaria tener los datos de la pulicidad de facebook

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    hello freelancers I am looking for your help to modify the shopify code or create an application. Currently, when I receive an order from a client, the sku of the products is as the client adds them to the cart, very different from the order of the sku of my warehouse. I need shopify to show me the orders and the products ordered by sku. (see example image) The SKUs of my products are made up of letters and numbers 1 or 2 letters at the beginning ABXXX (shelf), followed by its numberXX230 (position), if they have a variant a letter is added at the end A or B.

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    Looking for programmer who can create 3 new pages for a contest. In this digital contest participants can register on website, upload round 1 and 2 videos. These videos, with participant name, city, age and rank need to be displayed. People can come and vote( each like is vote and adds to the score). Each participant score is displayed on the leaderboard, with rank. Every week top 5 participants will win lucky drawa, by the sponsor partners Registartion and user profile is done, with upload option for videos. (Need to check the video is uploading correctly) Some work is done on video page, only designing need to be done properly. leaderboard page with ranks, has to be designed. Lucky draw page with lucky prizes need to be there, user can choose any gift which he likes, if it is avai...

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