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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows. I need a program to read the output from Arduino (connected by usb to the pc) then plot it and exports the data to txt file Two outputs to read the ADC and the interrupt as a pulse counter. My sensor will give high rate analog pulses I want to convert them to digital numbers by the arduino ADC (10...

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    i want a pcb design for smart home automation which is price and performance effective and has capabilities 1)10 digital outputs for relays(8 for normal loads and 2 for heavy loads) 2)6 analog inputs and outputs 3)6 digital inputs 4)wifi,ethernet,bluetooth enabeled 5)6 digital inputs quality is important any furuther upgrades will be appreciated and if not all possibles can be understandable fina...

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    Hello dear freelancers. I need firmware for STM32F103C8T6. The electrical circuit of the device is shown in the attached file. As you can see, the microcontroller is connected to the Raspberry via an SPI interface (note - the CS (SS) line is not used). Also, two UART-RS485 converters are connected to the microcontroller (in the figure, the connection lines are circled by ovals). Firmware Requirem...

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    We have a schematic for an analog circuit that we need to build into PCB and final product. But what we have built is working but induces a lot of noise of varying frequencies. We need to remove the noise from its sources (EMI/RFI, ground loop, power line etc...).

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    Hello, I am looking for Microcontroller expert , in particular Atmel. If you are expert, you can bid and discuss in details on chat. ONLY expert should bid on this JOB.

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    It is to develop a waveform viewer (WV) that can send data to a PC for display. The data collection is done on the FPGA board. A microprocessor gets data from the FPGA board and sends data to the PC through either a Bluetooth modem or a USB port. The system supports three analog channels, with a single-level triggering. Only 8 bits of precision will be used for each analog channel

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using Python.

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    We are from an IT consulting firm and an online tutoring company too and the below need is from one of our client Looking for someone who is expert in Computer Architecture and Microcontroller. One who knows about the ARM assembly language and knows how to write it in keil software, the functioning of various registers, stack pointers etc in it Please bid only if you have expertise in this

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    NDA is required! [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] pcb to use Andruino mega microcontroller schematics vs the board. 3. Deliver DOM with part numbers, Centriod, *.SchDoc, *.PcbDoc, PNG and Gerber Files

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    We are making a retrofit for a client and we need assistance to update the comunication protocol off the ongoing JAVA APP on a android tablet and the main arduino board by the bluetooth wireless conection. We already have someone to work in the arduino code (firmware) and he's going to work with the JAVA APP programer. More information about the job: - It will be necessary to understand ...

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    soldering up small microcontroller boards for a field trial. Needs to be located withing 40km of nong wua so or udon thani in thailand

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    We need a senior Hardware designer to design a Tracking solution. The scoop of work include full product design (Design, Schematic, Layout, BOM, Printed PCB and testing after the assembly) the Tracking solution includes:- - Microcontroller - SD Card - GPS - GSM/3g/4g - Battery - Gyro/Acc We have already seleced the componentes and the Embedded code is ready. We will provide the list of components....

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    Incorporate Heltec CubeCell board ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) , take capacitive wire reading on analog pin and display percentage full in tank on OLED screen ( LoRa receiver) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I have to develop a product with some basic functionality. It involves PCB design, Frmware development and microcontroller programming using basic components and not Arduino. You should have good understanding of a standard Atmel or TI microcontroller and auxilliary components (Clock etc), Accelerometer or inclinometer, basic relays etc to complete the project. Final output from your end will be a...

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    Solution provider for industrial applications. This project is a simple analog device to detect an electric cable continuity condition as normal and short circuit and open circuit as alarm conditions. Supply voltage must be assumed 120vac, circuit must apply a constant dc current of around 100mA to one end of the cable while a termination 12v zener diode will be connected to ground reference. Cab...

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    We search for an embedded software developer with full time availability, to develop until December 19 the firmware of a Door Lock with the following requirements: nRF52 microcontroller Bluetooth Low Energy - BLE State Machine GATT Service Design OTA C language expert

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    must be able to design and engineer a printed circuit control board , including the enclosure

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    Hi I am looking some one have the skills to develop IoT Dashboard with Wordpress website hosted in SiteGround Hosting. This Dashboard will interact with Microcontroller through WiFI(ESP8266 or ESP32) and GPRS using SIM800C (STM32). Dash Board will Have Admin Panel,User Login,Tables,Graph and Google Maps etc Skills: Wordpress,Python and MySQL

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    My project is about audio and pictures. The main purpose of this project is to allow people create videoclips for youtube by joining audiofile(mp3 or another standard for IOS audioformat) and set of pictures. Application should be able to set time for change picture from one to another. Also it should be able to save project and export to youtube video format (flv or another). As analog there is ...

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    i need design for my product to use in industrial. input counter analog and digital. i attached a picture.

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    I have a device based on Orange Pi. Need someone professional who has experience of working on Orange pi. Need to interface LCD, few analog sensors and multiple I/O Please mention what platform you will use? Your charges? and Time frame? Further details will be shared with selected freelancers

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    I need a circuit board designed that will have a PJR Prop Shield with a PJR Teensy 3.2 on top and several other components Parts on Shield --------------- PJRC Teensy 3.2 [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] PJRC Prop Shield [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 1.1cm / header male 2 Port RJ45 connector DigiKey 151-1101-ND @ $1.57 ...

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    looking for expert who can help me with implementing the vector control (FOC) of spmsm on c2000 texas instrument microcontroller if you know and work before so message [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] please dont text...

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    My name is Chandana Krishna working at Texas Instruments as an Analog Design Engineer. I wish to make a website similar to CodeChef but focussing on electronics. CodeChef prepares engineering students with programming questions and gives tough competitions preparing them well for placements and software development. There is no similar website as such focussing on electronics questions which can p...

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    There a two analog circuits (one is a CS-amplifier) and the other is composed by two transistors and two resistors. I need them to be designed in SPICE and answered the project questions. It is a very basic analog circuit project from my college. I am providing the guide to the project in the attachments. I also have the project template and I will be providing it after the hire process.

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    Need a local embedded software developer for microcontroller based indection motor project.

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    ESP 32 BLE Bitti left

    ESP32_Sensor: It has five analog inputs that will be transmitted to the other ESP32. Communication via BLE ESP32_Actuator: This one will receive the five values of the analog inputs and with these values it will open or close five servos depending on the received value. The servo must be opened according to the received value. (NOT just two positions: open and close)

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    I need someone to do a firmware module or example application for a microcontroller device (e.g. not Linux). Requirements: - Bring up a BACNET-over-IP stack in the ESP32 environment - Implementation must be in plain C. (A fully contained C++ module is fine, as long as you can provide examples for how to interact with the module from a C app) - Provide examples of how to configure the device to o...

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    Arduino/Raspberry based system to read various analog signals and create business logics that require controls of solenoids to maintain quality output of a liquid processing machine. Knowledge of handling A2D signals, building business logic codes, serial interface, reading keyboard inputs, network interface, web interface/UI and expert handling of building a machine based solution for industrial ...

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    Create analog of shipping module for Opencart with Journal 3 theme compatibility here is the link [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and his is not official module. here is the official web page of this shipping courier [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] you can see the map of delivery points and point type filter (box and st...

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    Design a Code for 32-bit Renesas RH850/Fx automotive family MCU. 1) Port configuration IN/Out, Digital/Analog, Alternative mode. 2) Project demonstrating PWM for LED and Motor control. 3) Project for LCD Display using SPI and UART protocol. 4) Project implementing CAN Protocol.

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    I have E-ink display and CC2650 dev kit. Need to display analog clock on the display.

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    Objective: Create a basic firmware design for a custom Microchip ATSAMD21G18A card; Use the Atmel Studio + ASF + FreeRTOS development platform so you can start the basic services of Microcontroller, Clock, digital I/O, analog ports, SPI, UART and I2C communication. Create configuration for custom board with ATSAMD21G18A, with I/O mapping and Sercom configuration. Firmwar Feature Summary: FreeRT...

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    Description General Scenario V00 The first phase of the project's development involves the construction and configuration of a basic system to enable the collection and visualization of environmental data and the manual remote control of actuators distributed in the company. Hardware Equipment For the initial testing phase, electronic components distributed in the production area will be u...

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    Design a simple F28379D PCB with 3 analog outputs and also provide a Code Composer program that can be loaded onto the F28379D

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    I would like to build a single line audio ADC on a teensy 3.5. that will convert to line audio signal to a VU reading. Line Audio =~ 1.7v AC In the uploaded images, the sin looking wave would be the original, and the other would be the result at full amplification. A simple electrical circuit should be ale to achieve this. Contraints - Teensy 3.5 using the arduino IDE - Adjustable peaks with 10...

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    Hi Arpon R., I am looking for a reference design for a baseband chip that generates analog IQ and sends that to a simple off-the-shelf IQ modulator in S-band or other frequencies.

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    Hi Lin B. are you familiar with ESP32 microcontroller? I seek help in enabling the high speed I2C mode, and also to have the DAC workign at very high speed?

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    Hi Pavlo S., are you familiar with ESP32 microcontroller? I seek help in enabling the high speed I2C mode, and also to have the DAC workign at very high speed?

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    I am looking for someone who can work on the schematics and PCB design for a custom mechanical keyboard. The device, more or less, is like a regular keyboard except for its unique layout and number of key switches involved. I'm using the Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE microcontroller with an MCP23017 - i2c 16 input/output port expander.

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    I,am making a fire alarm project, and need to code microcontroller .

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    a) Derive an expression as a function of W/L for the “on-resistance” of an NMOS switch with the gate tied to V_DD . (Note: Neglect the body effect.) Use a V_DD = 1.8 V and V_t = 500 mV. b) Using Cadence, sweep V_DS from -V_DD /2 to V_DD /2 and W/L with V_G = V_DD and V_S = V_DD/2. The body should be tied to V_SS and L = 500 nm. Show schematic and simulation results. c) Repeat (a) - (b)...

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    I have designed a circuit to keep the heating element at a constant temperature. The digital part of the circuit is being feed from a 5V LDO which is powered by two 18650 batteries in series and the heating element is directly connected to the output batteries. Also heating element wire(approximately 2ohm) is controlled with an N channel low side mosfet by the microcontroller. When controller togg...

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    Self powered wireless node rf energy harvesting, electronic, microcontroller ,zigbee

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    I need a piece of software written to work with a microcontroller.

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    Developing an 8 channel EMG system using an ADS1298, the hardware for the project has been designed, now the firmware needs to be developed. The design consists of 8 monopolar AFE channel connected to the ADS1298, the data is collected by a microcontroller (MCU) and send to the PC to be visualized (MATLAB GUI). I only need the firmware for the MCU to be developed, as I have tried multiple time but...

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    Requirement is to develop firmware for Atmega 328 microcontroller to communicate with wifi module esp8266 and some relays. Multiple wifi boards should connect with router and the relay should be controlled from remote location. NOTE: 1) looking for hyderabad based person 2) Hardware already available, requiment is only firmware

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