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    PowerMTA İle 8 Million Email Marketing

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    ...python is mandatory) to achieve 100% real-time streaming of In-phase and Quadrature-phase (I-Q) data (complex data type) from GNU Radio Companion (GRC) to the AWS cloud. It is important that at the end of the data stream or if the stream is terminated in the GRC, the code should close the socket and display performance results such as end to end (E2E) latency, total packets transmitted, total packets received, packet loss rate, throughput (in bits/s), total amount of data transmitted (MB or GB), jitter, etc. The packet loss rate should not exceed 5% (i.e. PLR < 5%). The code should be scalable to transmit I-Q data using different sampling rates from the GRC e.g. 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 MS/s (i.e. Million Samples per second) and beyond. The task w...

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    ...domain is a mix of 5 letters, numbers, or special characters, e.g., Mynam My_na m5/na m5 na, (space is ok, no leading or ending spaces) /5_=P And letters can be in any language 我的名字是 – in the Chinese language Regular cost at 1 JIN, which equivalent to US6 for length of 6 or longer, Shorter domain more expensive, 5-digit domain, 100 JIN 4-digit domain, 10k JIN 3-digit domain, 1 million JIN 2-digit domain, 100 million JIN 1-digit domain, 10 billion JIN JIN contract address, 0xfe480dd42c682e268bebb2d36c914d2cfbca8be0 decentralized database we suggest using the free decentralized database, Test on ipdb, and then deploy after set

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    Answer the following questions using the data provided in the excel work sheet. Do everything on excel and return the spread sheet to me. With a 1-2 page paper describing your findings. Below is the question. College Basketball is big business, with coaches, salaries, revenues, and expenses in million of dollars. The data in the file Colleges-basketball contains the coaches salaries and revenues foor college basketball at sleected schools in a recent year. You can plan to develop a regression model to redict a coach’s salary based on revenue. 1. Assuming a linear relationship, use the east squares method to compute the regression coefficients b0 and b1. 2. Interpret the meaning of the Y intercept, b0, and the slope, b1, in this problem 3. Use the prediction l...

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    ...same way when I left the Military and I was disoriented and confused, as well as, depressed. MY MISSION - Is to liberate as many Military members as possible from the 9-5 world and instill in them the world of possibilities Online through my online course. MY STORY - I am a Marine Veteran and I have been a brick and mortar entrepreneur for the past 20 years. I have seen it all, I have built Million Dollar Businesses, Brick and Mortar Bakeries and on top of all my success, I have also FAILED. I declared Bankruptcy for the simple reason that I gave all of my trust away to an entity that took advantage of my transparency and honesty, which ultimately left me with nothing. however, I was resilient into getting back up, starting from nothing again, up to where I am today. Durin...

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    Google certified program for globally recognized Associate Android Developer Certificate 1M apps on the Playstore with 65B downloads and $7B of wealth earned by programmers Salary for android developers in US is between $62k - $159k (based on US job data) Training Features. 1. Instructor-led Sessions There will be 10 instructor led Interactive online classes of 3 hours each and you will also get access to 6 self-paced videos with 12 hours content. 2. Real-life Case Studies Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project where you be expected to create an App in Android. 3. Assignments Each class will be followed by practical assignments which can be completed before the next class. 4. Lifetime Access You get lifetime access to the Learning Management System (...

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    About Us: Scripts: Romance Chapters is one of the many games made by IGG-I GOT GAMES. We have over 10 years of experience in developing and publishing online games and apps. There are over 800 million registered players from all over the world on our platform. Scripts is a heavily story-driven romance interactive story game targeting mostly female readers from age 18 to 35. It involves subgenres like LGBTQ+, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, NA romance, YA romance, etc. The Player Character can customize their own appearance and push the plot forward by making different choices. With compelling plots and a high story-to-gameplay ratio, Scripts offers readers a way to immerse themselves in their own romantic journey. Come check out the game on Google Pla...

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    Synergy Policies is looking for a Short-Video Maker (individual or a group, based in Jabodetabek...research findings on the Social Dialogue of Gig Workers in Indonesian Digital Labor Platform. Responsibilities Direct, shoot and edit the 7-minute documentary video production based on consultation with Synergy Policies Provide English subtitles in the 7-minute video Propose budget options for a few styles of video Requirements Duration of Production: 2-3 Weeks Job Type: Contract Budget: IDR 15-21 Million. Synergy Policies look for proposals with value for the money. Please send your proposed options of budget plan (specifying the personnel and operational costs in IDR) and your portfolio before December 3rd, 2021. Make sure you write with email subject: Short-Video Maker ITUC - (...

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    Hi my name is Charles wild from and we are a new UK investment company and we have an idea for collaboration of top companies to create the First all in one bank account that will offer everything that a normal bank offers but much more all from one place. But without giving too much away would you consider working with us to create such an idea. Hedge funding of 10-20 million is needed and at this current time we are looking for companies to come on board. Many thanks isbc group Charles wild. This is not spam mail We have London Investment Management Ltd on board We have Fountainhead Investments Ltd on board We have UNITED KINGDOM ASSET COMPANY LIMITED on board We have State Bank of India on board We have advcash on board We would like to collaborate

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    ...follows. Intel would need to use 20,000 square-feet of its primary production facility. The space is currently unused and Cole knows of no plans to make use of it in the near future. To pay-off the building, Intel charges projects $5 per square foot used per year. Intel would need to use 5-year old equipment with a current market value of $1 million (it was purchased for $2 million) for the new part. It would also have to buy new equipment worth $3 million. All of Intel’s equipment is depreciated over a 5-year life. Although the new equipment will be fully depreciated, Cole anticipates Intel will be able to sell the new equipment for $200,000 at the end of the 7-year lifetime of this project. Intel will shift an experienced production manager from an ongo...

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    We need help compiling information on publicly traded companies in the Untied States. The data you compile will be used in research reports. Here are 2 examples of information we might ask for: "Find 10 companies that serve breakfast for their employees" "Find 10 companies that pay their CEO more that 5 million USD per year" Your task would be to identify such companies and cite relevant media articles about each identified company. This will an ongoing project with many varied topics. Note: this project is for a conservative Republican leaning client. Some of the research topics may involve political subjects such as social policies. Please be sure you are comfortable working on topics that may be politically sensitive.

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    JustWatch () is an international streaming guide for movies and series with more than 20 million users in 70 markets. Using insights generated through our platform, we execute data-driven trailer and video campaigns on channels such as YouTube, Instagram or TikTok for internationally renowned clients in the entertainment industry. We are looking for an experienced Google Ads & DV360 specialist who can support us with A/B testing and execution of campaign optimizations on YouTube Your Skills: - 3+ years of experience in online paid marketing (focus Google & YouTube). - Confident handling of Google Ads, DV360 and Campaign Manager - Strong knowledge of common KPIs (CPC, CTR, CPV) and their benchmarks - Experienced in managing, handling and optimizing international six...

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    ...Busan or telecommuting residents of other regions Business hours can be negotiated (3 to 8 hours per day) 2 million won 4 major insurance or hourly wage 10,000 to 20,000 won @@@@@1 person: Developer / Someone who can communicate with an IT outsourcing company / Even a beginner can only communicate and manage Communicate with NFT exchange development outsourcing companies through API Not directly developed. Simple management and communication with outsourcing companies : You can indirectly learn production management of promising NFT exchanges. (Reference: Korea NFT Exchange per development: 300~100 million) Business hours can be negotiated (3 to 8 hours per day) 2 million won 4 major insurance subscription or hourly wage @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Literall...

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    In a new content type, Each node will have around a 50 to a hundred characters of content in the title and in the body linked to 2 views as well as url automatically created. I already did Feeds import for 1 million and it take days so too slow. Maybe there is a database way? Let me know your thoughts.

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    I'm looking for a Firebase / Swift Developer who can add new features to my iOS app. This app is based on Firebase services including Auth, Firestore, Functions, Admob, etc and Swift UI Kit. The app is a social media app, so media management skills are also needed. The app is live and near one million users are using it. Therefore, a developer who can understand the underlying logic completely and prevent all possible bugs on their own and who has at least 3 years of experience is needed.

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    Ad Operations Manager 1 gün left

    FrontStory is a digital media publisher, specializing in software product developing and advertising for website owners. In FrontStory, we combine expert data collection and deep analysis that enables identifying, managing and engaging audiences, in addition to providing some of the best publishing products to monetize traffic. Our vision is to bring the most fascinating stories out there to online media platforms, and thanks to our data-driven algorithms and seven years of expertise, to create top trending viral content. Our mission is to provide you with the viral content you need in order to tap into our ever-growing market of over 45 million Americans, across our network of digital assets. We love what we do, and we do it best. We are looking for an Ad Operations ...

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    I format a new disk 10 GB for 26 million inodes with parted standard procedure and I got 26 million inodes but the free disk space available is 4 GB after formatting (so I loss disk space 6 GB). This disk is intended for storing 26 million files and is mounted to /mnt. I expect you have more disk free space than me. When you apply this project, please quote with the free disk space in GB after formatting it for 26 million inodes. Please message me if you have a solution better than me. Thanks.

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    ...immense capability in skills like [write down your skills relevant to the job]. I have gained many rewards and have been tagged as the pioneer of the new era by many big online companies like [write down the name of the big companies]. I am a keen learner and quite excited about learning new things. Also, I meet the deadline without any fear and can Make problem solving methods Analysis complex data Maintain confidentiality Make the planning and productions secured I have gained the highest rate with the 80% recommendations of my previous clients for the new employers. And have acquired versatile honor with optimum trust. History of qr code The QR code system was invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara from the Japanese company Denso initial design was influenced by the black and ...

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    I format a new disk 10 GB for 26 million inodes with parted standard procedure and I got 26 million inodes but the free disk space available is 4 GB after formatting (so I loss disk space 6 GB). This disk is intended for storing 26 million files and is mounted to /mnt. I expect you have more disk free space than me. When you apply this project, please quote with the free disk space in GB after formatting it for 26 million inodes. Please message me if you have a solution better than me. Thanks.

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    $25 million manufacturing company in Midwest -- serving automotive industry. Sales plateaued in past several years. How do I get out of this rut?

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    Counts Business Consulting () needs an Excel sheet of auto-recycling yards in the United States with earnings of $3 million/year and greater. MUST INCLUDE: yard owner's first and last name, their personal and business phone contact, email contact, website address, yard address, city, state, and annual earnings.

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    27 teklifler to acquire leases and begin exploration and product activities. A few weeks ago, I came across a trade lead on the Internet and I want to see if someone on has more information about this unique method for acquiring capital for mining and oil and gas business activities. I read online about the US Federal Grant Program whereas the US Department of Energy provides grants up to $20 million to oil and gas companies as a grant, not a loan. This grant is open to any American citizen. According to the information that I was able to obtain from the trade lead posting, Congress has set aside billions of dollars for business owners and the money must be used for business purposes only. Also, the grant money must be used to create and foster job growth in order to help and boost t...

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    I work for Deloitte. One of our apparel client is interested in web scraping services. The data is needed at the following level. Amount of data is expected to be 15 million rows for Flipkart & Amazon each (30 million total) a. Product description/ code b. Size of apparel c. Selling price d. Delivery charges e. MRP f. Seller name g. Delivery pin code

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    ...reduce overall energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and maintenance. According to an article published in the MUN Gazette - “Lighting the Way” - MUN has currently installed a mere 5000 T8 LEDS in a replacement project of the 58000 lights required on campus. Furthermore, the article claims this will guarantee annual savings exceeding 1.5 million with a reduction of 1,634 tonnes greenhouse gases annually. Consequently, MUN has managed to obtain 13 million in savings and a reduction of gas emissions equivalent to 1300 cars removed annually between 2009 and 2018 (Woolfrey-Fahey, 2018). However, recent studies show that T8 LEDs are not top tier for large institutions when it comes to cost and environmental consciousness (Woolfrey-Fahey, 2018) Therefore, Memo...

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    I have a google query and I need someone to scrape all 10 million result that will apear

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    In Globalwork we want to strengthen the relationship of trust between companies and their people and also provide valuable and reliable information to the areas of Human Resources, because we know that their activity will be essential to have information that allows to create bridges between work, development and value. We require a FULLSTACK DEVELOPER to develop the following func...implemented in Globalwork for the achievement of the objectives will be reviewed. Represent the values of Globalwork in the development of its activities. Stack: Ruby on Rails. PostgreSQL. GIT. Servicios de Cloud en AWS. Metodologías ágiles. Node.js. Vue.js. MongoDB. SQL. Working Conditions: Work Location: Remote. Contract: Indefinite Term. Experience: 2 to 5 years Salary: 4 t...

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    We are looking for native Balochi speakers for the following potential projects of one million words. 1- English to Eastern Balochi 2- English to Southern Balochi Please mention your rate and experience in your bid. Thanks

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    I want to hire some one to shoot hire some one to shoot a music video for a romantic genre audio song. The audio song is original and already finalized . The quality of the video should match with latest music videos released in youtube by individuals artists with rich cinematography and professionalism. I need some Director of Photography who is already established in youtube and shoot videos which have garnered atleast 1 Million views. My audio song is created professionally and is of good quality. So I need someone who can produce quality video for the song with minimal budget. You can contact me for any more information about the project . It would be very helpful if you contact me with any footage of your work in a romantic song and small introduction of your works . ...

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    It is required t...only one product. The buyer’s data is saved and one of the buyers is given a gift in exchange for purchasing from the application. The product can be requested only 10 times within 24 hours and there is a control that deletes all invoices with daily dates The main application has a random selection feature for one of the buyers It is better to control the number of distributions up to 10 invoices whose data is displayed to the seller. The application is on a web page and on all types of mobile phones, with a size not exceeding 55 MB to 90 MB. The interface is simple, and the back of the page is present. Security of high user accounts is required, and the ability to access the application is a number Visitors and subscribers at least 55 million...

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    ...2) I wanna build a software that are company will use but then we will be able to license it out to other boot camps as well as companies. I want to offer an online coding bootcamp as well which is why I need this person to be willing to teach classes and recoded a diy module as well. So basically if your expecting to get paid big bucks upfront this is not for you but if you wanna help build a million dollar company then it’s you I’m looking for. ...

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    Counts Business Consulting () needs an Excel sheet of auto-recycling yards in the United States with earnings of $3 million/year and greater. Must include and be sortable by: yard owner's first and last name, their phone contact, email contact, website address, yard address, city, state, and annual earnings.

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    I need a logo for an organization that will be called NSPIR (PRONOUNCED Inspire). This organization is for business leaders of organizations doing 5 million or more in sales annually. The logo should look good in either color or black and white. It will be used for a website as well as on correspondence. This is a contest. DO NOT SUBMIT WHITE ON BLACK DESIGNS.

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    ONLY FREELANCERS CAN BID. NO AGENCIES AND STRICTLY NO PROJECT MANAGERS. PLEASE BID W...2022: SGD 300,000 2. Running a crypto exchange in Malaysia: Projected Income for 2022: SGD 500,000 3. Developing two more crypto exchanges for different markets. Projected Income for 2022: SGD 1,000,000 4. Developing multiple NFT platforms for worldwide markets. Launching 2022. Projected Income for 2022: SGD 2,000,000 5. Managing a group of crypto traders with a portfolio of USD 10 million. Projected Income for 2022: SGD 1,000,000 6. Managing USDSC stable coin. Projected Income for 2022: SGD 5,000,000 7. Managing a team to build decentralized applications for 50,000 8. Managing an online tutoring portal. SGD 150,000 I need to make a video of 60 Secs. Make the script accordingly.

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    ...someone to produce short videos for our own business, which has only recently launched. We need someone who is reliable, creative, access to Australian voice over and works well with timelines. We have one promo video we need now and this will give us a good indication of your professionalism and artistic flair, if we feel it is of excellent standard, we are looking to offer your services to our 2 million business listings on our customer review site. So there could be a lot of work come from this project. If you think you fit the above mould, please reach out and we can have a chat, pricing is also critical, as we need to have a decent margin between you and our customer. Our first task is a promo video to sell a new free trial we are about to release, 271 word script (alr...

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    I need some to assist me to migrate project from oracle source to sql server using SSIS The project is one thick table with more than 30 million records , the purpose of the project is to build dashboard using Power BI , I knew it cannot work direct if it extracted to power bi. so if someone has expertise in data mart or data modeling , for sure I going to pay him enough for the project. the project only one table with more than 30 millions records and 30 columns. again I need someone who expert in this area to work with on the project and share knowledge with me .

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    Sindhi culture Bitti left

    ...language and has solid and strong roots in Prakrit and Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the Indian language that has Arabic, Persian, and Dravidian’s vocabulary. The Sindhi language had always kept close contacts with Arabic-speaking Muslims and so, this language has adopted many words from Arabic. This language is spoken in many other parts of Pakistan too. There are approximately 41 million speakers in Pakistan and 12 million speakers in India. This language is the 2nd most spoken language in the country and mostly spoken in Sindh. It is one of the recognized official languages in Pakistan as well as in India. Moreover, the government of Pakistan issues its citizens the National Card Identity in Sindhi or Urdu language. People of Sindh are colorful and that depicts by th...

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    ...and grocery • Restaurants General Contractors/Skilled Tradesman • Handy man • Plumber • Electrician • Welder Hospitality Services • Hotel • Airbnb Finance • ATM Utilities Real Estate, Rental, & Leasing • Rental company Dating Location based gaming, treasure hunting Social media Snow removal Used and exchange stores Manufacturing Independent media channels will be added gradually for up to 1 million channels. Then select page number, from page 10 to page 1, the minimum bid amount as the table below, Our system will verify the BTC wallet address, to make sure the bidder has the amount of BTC in his wallet if he wins the bid. We provide Buy Now button at city level, to let individual investor to lock his position right away. ...

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    Brent claims that its £40 million pavement asphalting programme has a lower carbon footprint that retaining slabs in situ. We need to know who/which company this ludicrous research is being done by and what the specifications for the report are. We also need to know where this huge budget has come from.(asphalt companies?) We have piles of material on this topic following on a huge wave of objections to asphalt pavements by 1000s of residents, including emails from Brent's Leader of the Council on how short of money he is ... of how he cares about our views and global climate emergency... WE have lots of scientific evidence against the use of asphalt for pavements.

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    I have dedicate server with 256 GB Ram, 24 core/48CPU Processor. it's very busy server. Mysql Database table receive million queries update from desktop application that to be update. so i want to configure server with suitable setting to handle heavy load on database.

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    I need an expert Python programmer who is able to write the script for getting LinkedIn profile picture image link from around 150 million LinkedIn profile URLs. We have around 150 million LinkedIn profile URLs, I want their LinkedIn profile picture image link by LinkedIn or Google Crawler or any other way. without using log In method. I will run the script myself. You just need to write the perfect script. Only apply if you are an expert in scrapping. More will discuss with perfect candidates by PM.

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    ...Best idea wins. Every night i will update and give feedback on the entries around 10pm est to midnight. Im making this contest for 150.00 . Ive gotten good logos on here for 30 - 60 dollars. I know 150 isnt a massive amount of money. But it should be enough for a experienced graphic artist to put together a decent logo design. Please again ? do not submit generic logos that have been used in a million different companies logos. Please. Only those who plan to atleast put effort into it need submit. There are good artist on here. AND I KNOW FOR A FACT. I WANT TO THANK YOU GUYS IN ADVANCE . * the logos ability to be overlayed is crucial. If we feel it wont overlay well in photos and videos.. even if its a great design. Will have to not take it. We do lots of social market...

    €133 (Avg Bid)
    647 girdi
    Firstappimade Bitti left

    I need an app that will allow the user to take a picture then have the picture go from far off and tiny to up close and large then blow up into a million billion pieces then be replaced by a new pixture the user imputs then repeats with the first small picture and continues rhis proxess a little faster eaxh time for 25 times

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    Karma Game Bitti left

    ...its founding, Karma Games has grown from a team of just 10 people to over 100 full-time employees, and released multiple games across the SLG and Match-3 genres. The company currently operates three games that are live and playable with one more coming online soon. MythWars & Puzzles and Rolling Knight have been promoted worldwide by Google Play. As of July 2021, cumulative revenue exceeded $70 million. Producing games with a wide variety of artistic styles, excellent operational ability, and ever-increasing quality have been the keys to growth at Karma Games. While operating existing projects, Karma Games continues to innovate. Our new game, The Matching Dead took just 98 days from project approval to going live, with new projects already in the pipeline. In the future, Karm...

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    ...utilizing blockchain finance technology to make the investment more attractive to investors offering better security that protects capital investment and high returns. H2O Securities Plc has registered 10 billion H2O coins on the Binance Smart Chain which are available to purchase globally with an expected ICO price of US$ 1.00. The anticipated ICO is 10 December 2021 and is expected to raise several million dollars from a range of both Decentralized (DEX) and Centralized (CEXs) Exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain. These exchanges represent the marketplace that connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. 100% Asset Backed, 100% Revenue Share, 100% Asset Ownership To realize the purchase of water producing assets such as desalination plants, wastewater plants, dams, surface wa...

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    ... This database will hold 135 million records. Currently I have 7 Jason file which holds this size of json file is around 700GB. Database - Create table structure based on shared database file Application - To access this data , filter this Data , download data in csv , google sheet and upload data from Jason Sample Jason file - Install on a local PC which is has 4 GB memory 1) You will create an database 2) You will create an web application to access that data 3) This application will have ability to access , change , update , delete that data 4) This application will have ability to filter data 5) This application will have ability to upload , download data in CSV , google sheet and json

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    I need a full list of banks and financial agencies that loan money (also known as flooring in the car industry) to car dealerships in the United States. We are specifically looking for organizations that can handle larger loans between $5 million and $50 million dollars.

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    This is a web scrapping project in which I will provide the Randomly selected User URL; Based on that URL , Name of User and Location should be scrapped. I have approx. 3.5 million URLs.

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    Here is the reference website- that we want to follow. If you have a similar readymade script or source code attach the link with your proposal. We are a b2b database company and we have over 100 million professional's databases. We want to make a web application from scratch. Design the front end page: Figma or Adobe XD (We always prefer Figma) Front End: React.js or Vue.js (We always prefer React.js) Back End: Angular.js, APIs: Node.js, RESTful APIs Database: NoSQL (We always prefer MongoDB) Google Extension: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and RESTful for the APIs design and integration. What needs to build? 1. User Dashboard (For feature, you can check their- user dashboard) 2. Admin Panel (for control everything) Deadline:

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    We are a b2b database company and we have over 100 million professional's databases. We want to make a SAAS Web Application from scratch. Here is the reference website- that we want to follow. Design the front end page: Figma or Adobe XD (We always prefer Figma) Front End: React.js or Vue.js (We always prefer React.js) Back End: Angular.js, APIs: Node.js, RESTful APIs Database: NoSQL (We always prefer MongoDB) Google Extension: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and RESTful for the APIs design and integration. What needs to build? 1. User Dashboard (For feature, you can check their- user dashboard) 2. Admin Panel (for control everything) Deadline: 60 days to 75 days Budget: Budget will depend on the features finalization. Our approx

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    I have six very large (365mb - 414mb) .CSV files. The files are details of all UK companies. In total there are 4 million records over the six files. I need a freelancer to extract the data for all companies that have one of four specific SIC code (business type) associated with them. I need these full company records putting on a .xls document for me. This is a very simple task but I do not have the time to do this due to the size of the files.

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