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    Need a React app built that interfaces with the Microsoft Graph to download some information. At a high level, the features required include: 1. Login to the app with a Microsoft account using Azure AD (MSAL) 2. Show a list of resources retrieved from the Microsoft Graph 3. When clicked, retrieve further information about the resource from the Microsoft Graph 4. Allow for the additional informati...

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    I need a Chrome extension built that interacts with the Microsoft Graph. The following functionality will be required: - Show a welcome screen highlighting extension functionality and prompting customer to login - Login using MSAL library (Microsoft 365 work or personal account) - View a list of items (items loaded from the Microsoft Graph) - Select an item, and view child items (items also loade...

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    Project Status: 1. Auth screen design & UI is ready. 2. Project has been setup. 3. Please refer to attachment for the UIs # Acceptance Criteria: 1. In Authentication Screen, when user clicks on login button, it should integrate to MSAL API and redirect user to Microsoft MSAL Authentication module. 2. If login is success, redirect user to main screen. - authentication detail, including to...

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    I need to integrate MSAL microsoft

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    Need a simple app that uses [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and provides a login button that authenticates to an Azure AD account with MFA. Upon successful login a form should be displayed that shows the user's AD first name, last name, and User Principal Name. If authentication fails, a message should be displayed indicating the failure reason. Require in...

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    Convert a Simple Java Maven Project We need to convert a simple java maven project (microsoft integration example) to a "Dynamic web project in Eclipse Luna" because this project will run on an existing system whose settings cannot be modified. If you are a java programmer and know maven this is a trivial project. You must convert this project: [URL'yi görüntüle...

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    We are developing a Mobile App using Ionic framework. The app needs to be deployed using Microsoft Intune to employees of an organization. The Azure AD integration is also done in the app. The Project configuration is based on IONIC 3 and Angular 5.2. We have successfully completed MSAL integration and App Wrapping. When we are distributing the app through Microsoft Intune, we are getting an error...

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    I need a database preferably xml as DB with a single page front end, SAML2 login and CSV export feature. an additional API page to manage/manipulate any field from another application. The page will have 8 fields to keep track of contractors. login will be SAML2 i.e msal modern The Normal user will be able to see all fields but only be able to update a certain fields First Name, (From DB) Last N...

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    Need a simple single page application that authenticates against Azure AD using the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] library. The only thing it needs to do, is display the email of the logged user. No typescript and no Redux.

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    This assignment should only take a few hours at best, the entirety will be with someone else, not alone. I have full administrative rights to our Azure account and need someone to remote view assist via Microsoft Team meeting with setting up an Angular10 project to authenticate with a .NET CORE API using Azure Active Directory. I already have the sample Angular10 project and the API project read...

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    Hi, we're looking for an Microsoft developer with profound expertise in Angular MSAL & ADAL in Azure, to help us out with some critical issues we're facing adding an app to Appsource. Expected knowledge : RXJS - NGRX or compairable state management pattern Expert Microsoft 365 developer Expert AZURE knowledge

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    Hello, We want a basic web portal built-in Python, with a (basic) user management & permissions system utilizing msal. And create also a few basic pages for future feature work. Specific requirements: Login page Admin page for managing permissions (Based on assigning specific 'features' to AD Groups / users) User login landing page 1 Simple page which calls Cloudflare API to get D...

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    This project is the Microsoft example, below, for authenticating external servers to the Azure Active Directory [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Requirements: 1) You will set up this example and use it to create a .war file (Web Dynamic Project), which will run on a test server that I will give you to work on. When the user is authenticated ok, we need to print...

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    I run a software program called BrightAuthor that controls BrightSign digital signage screens. There are options to include HTML5. I am looking for someone to help me program BrightAuthor to auto authenticate a user in Azure AD and redirect to a page, specifically designed for that user. I am a novice when it comes to BrightSign but I have done a login code using JS MSAL library. Not sure, how to ...

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    it is the project that i need run: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] It is what we will do: 1) i will create a machine with java 8 and maven and you install it for me. you can make it when you have time 2) when you finish you write instructions, so i can do it again in the server. when the server is online 3) to test your service i will try to connect with the ...

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    This web app is for uploading one or more images at a time to a server hosted on Microsoft Azure. Ideally, users would drag and drop images into the application window which would populate a list of items they've uploaded so far, then click a button to submit when are done. The web app will need to be able to be configured for authentication via Microsoft Azure AD/MSAL. React.js is preferred...

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    You have to create Web Application using Angular 7+ with Web Api Core. Authentication and Authorize users, based on AzureAD. Use MSAL for authentication mechanism. Properly structure folder and codes as best practices in IT industry so that by making minimal configuration it should work in our environment.

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    We have a very simple app that is using WebKit to load a web page. The web page is using Active Directory Federated services to handle SSO requests. The issue is that the page just loads as white (No showing the SAML login page). If we use the SAML bypass URL it loads without an issue. I would like to Add SSO to the app itself in addition to saving credentials against touch ID/Face ID. We have a...

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    Use a Fiddler trace to document each step of Facebook, Google, and Microsoft MSAL OAUTH authentication. Please include all HTTP headers, redirects etc for the following OAUTH profiles - client credential flow - authorization code flow - implicit grant - refresh token Please use only Javascript for the SPA application, [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] for any...

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    MSAL is not return to my app after authentication finish.. (App Closing) but in android 6.0 working fine..!! I need to fix it

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    Hello, I'm looking for an expert ionic developer who have heavily experienced in In-App-Browser. What I want to be done is to get token in response and close in-app-browser before it's redirected to the uri. And then display that token in another page so that I can use that token for further processing. Experience with MSAL for Azure AD B2C integration is a big plus. I'll reject a...

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    Hello, I'm looking for an expert ionic developer who have heavily experienced in In-App-Browser. What I want to be done is to get token in response and close in-app-browser before it's redirected to the uri. And then display that token in another page so that I can use that token for further processing. Experience with MSAL for Azure AD B2C integration is a big plus. I'll reject a...

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    Hello, I'm in need of an Ionic expert who have heavy experiences in MSAL experiences. What I want is to get token using Azure AD B2C by MSAL. The problem is that sample code is working well on web browser with the execution of "ionic serve" but not working on an iPhone simulator with the execution from Xcode project that's built with "ionic cordova build ios". Theref...

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    Hi, I'm looking for an Ionic Expert who have heavy experiences in Azure MSAL. I'm now having issues of running Ionic app on iPhone simulator. App's supposed to authenticate using Azure MSAL and redirect to home screen with the token. It works very well for "ionic serve" but not for "ionic cordova build ios". If I run this in iPhone simulator, it doesn't wor...

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    Building a cross platform mobile application which will authorised using Azure AD B2C (social identity provider) using MSAL native xamarin library. Need to anwswer below questions for now. The idea is that when someone signup using google account we need to create a local account and link the google account with it. the same applies to other social auth providers. Where does the logins stor...

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    Turkiyenin ilk ve tek yeni nesil sosyal payla??m a??. Yeni nesil diyoruz çünki, bu site üzerinde kendi yapt???n?z gizlilikler do?rultusunda mesaj?n?z?n, videolar?n?z?n, olu?turdu?unuz sayfalar?n, hayran kitlelerinizin, yada olu?turdu?unuz blog sayfalar?n?z?n, kendi i?iniz ile ilgili reklamlar?n?z? hiçbir maddi bedel ödemeden ayn? anda milyonlarca ki?iye duyurabilirsini...

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