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    I want to create a website like Coursera, that has another option for online classes like LMS systems too. I mean beside the offline video recorded classes, students can participate in online classes too. I also need to know if I want to done the job as soon as possible, how many developers should I hiring and how long it will take at least to work done?

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    UX/UI designer - Redesign or modify existing pages using Bootstrap4 (responsive) Make use of existing code and develop Android App using Nativescript(Ansuglar typescript code) Any pending dev work - location services any unknown issues Framework Details: .Net Core v2.2 Angular 6 Entity Framework SQL Azure VSTS Azure Devops NativeScript( Mobile Development)

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    I need to finish my nativescript app [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to load content in grid view from server (I return json) and have pull refresh and infinite load [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] profile view with photo carousel, button to block and initiate chat 3. Conversations should be stored in sqlite 4. Need to enab...

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    I Have a dating app where need to be donde user grid, pull to refresh, profile view with photo carousel and photo upload. geo located Begin With 123 if you aren't a bot.

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    This application will mainly be used by retailer, supplier and agents. This application will be owned by agent, and he will keep monitoring of all the sell/purchases between supplier and retailers, through which the agent will keep track of his commission. Supplier will update the new supplies of garments through the application, which will be visible to all the retailers. Retailer will get notifi...

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    * Must submit details/proposal * NativeScript developer needed to create iOS and Android NativeScript mobile app. Following are basic requirements of features, detailed document will be provided. All features must work on iOS and Android - Notifications - camera : take picture, use gallery, upload picture - Rest API - Account based login - Stripe Payment integration (without Firebase/thi...

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    We are going to build a native mobile app for our project And we were thinking to use nativescript because we could re-use a lot of our veux from the web dash. Is this something you have experience with? If you are immediately available and well versed with most / all of the above technologies please Apply. This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved with the development of some really excitin...

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    I want to use a Third Party library with NativeScript for Android App devleopment. Only bid if you are a NativeScript Developer.

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    Needed a NativeScript developer to fix the login procedure on the provided dummy app. You can find the details of this project on the attached file: README.pdf. Please, read it carefully before applying to this Project. When you contact me, please, let me know if you already read the attached file: README.pdf. Thanks.

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    get project from: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] load dynamically load new font from url and show it in 'Label' control. the fonts should be ttf (truetype) i have like 3000 fonts so: NOTICE: this condition MUST happens: 1. it is huge size, so i don't want them Embedded in the project! 2. also i don't want to install all the fonts in the devi...

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    Migrad projeto Angular 6.0 Web para NativeScript

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    Seeking JavaScript expert to assist in two phase project that is listed below: The first phase is to complete web app development of JavaScript, Typescript, Angular 7, and Node web application by 06-16-2019. The Next phase would include converting the code into NativeScript for Android and iOS. The conversion would be expected to take between 1-2 months and will not start until the web applic...

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    Desarrollo de una prueba de concepto o PoC APP móvil híbrida, en Nativescript, que consultará a un backend Django, para sector financiero.

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    Mobile App with Nativescript already integrated (no css or styling gonna be done; just code) You will have to build a kind of a little social network via Firebase Authentication, RealtimeChat, and users data storing, all the windows and interfaces have been done . All you have to do is to implement the services and functions to get the job.

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    I am attempting to link firebase to my Vue.js and nativescript app. Something is wrong in the installation and I need that fixed. Need an opinion on if I should use the realtime database or the other version they have and need to build that as well.

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    I need a mobile app built with Vue and Nativescript. It will be a mobile app consisting of 'friends', creating events, inviting users through text/email

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    Hey Folks, first of all, I am not simply looking for someone random to code it down, but someone to count on for the future as I hope the App to become a crazy success ;) I already have a full prototype ready to enable a smooth and easy development process. I would like to use Flutter, but it can also be implemented in ReactNative or NativeScript if you convince me of that. For the back end I wo...

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    I need to build a mobile app (diet and fitness) with NativeScript js Framework.

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    Necesito una función de NativeScript Angular (Android y iOS) mediante la cual el usuario pueda seleccionar una foto de perfil, la app le preguntará al usuario si desea abrir la cámara o subir una foto existente. La foto seleccionada (o capturada) se mostrará en la pantalla y está se guardará en base64 para enviarla al servidor backend. Se pueden utilizar...

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    I need THE CLIENT-SIDE! of a food delivery system equal to Ubereats or Meituan/???? (I like meituan design most, but can be any) built on Vue-Nativescript (preferred) or React Native. It should be divided in 2 separate apps: - Customer app: Here customers can see the list of restaurants near them, filter/search through them, their dishes, signup, login, make an order, pay for it using different p...

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    Jodel/Yik Yak is a anonymous app that let user post anonymous and their posts can be seen by people near by. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] +Requirement for app -Login using Snapchat/Facebook/Twitter. -Post a post than can been seen by near by people -Up/Down vote a post -Share a post via social...

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    Looking for Nativescript and Vue.js Expert You must have experience developing mobile apps using Nativescript and Vue.js. We are looking for someone who can provide some guidance or tutoring to our developer. There may be some insignificant coding required as well. You must be able to communicate in English. * To pass the first phase of the interview, make sure to tell us the project descript...

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    I'm having a mobile app built on Nativescript-vue which needs to be integrated on Paytm Payment gateway. I've been trying to use [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] this very plugin but unable to do so. Need help in integrating this module. If you want to know more about my issue you can check [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yap...

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    Hi, Need a developer who can develop the following using NativeScript + Angular a) Android App b) iOS App c) Hybrid app using Angular App will have mainly 2 interfaces User Interface - View Only Admin Interface - CRUD Details Info User Interface - Logo - SplashScreen - SplashScreen loading time - Search + Auto Complete - Menu / Tabs - Swipeable Card / Simple Cards - Parallax scrolling - Get us...

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    Hi, i attach pdf for app requeriments, very easy, will need to run on Android and iOS and made with NativeScript and only with Javascript

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    Skillset for possible candidates - Wordpress site for main landing page as well as an API resource provider. - Other resource API programming with Angular (Nativescript) - Unit Testing (Jasmine, Karma), Integrate Testing and Protractor - CircleCI for CI and CD - Trello for project management

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    I have an existing app that is built using [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] if you do not use [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] please don't apply for this job. The app is complete however I need to update a few things: 1. I need to add a Splash screen to both iOS and Android. 2. I need to add icons to both iOS and Andr...

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    I need 2 mobile app developers to join our develop team. You must be mastered React-Native or NativeScript. We have got a numbers of android java application and you need to convert it to React-native or NativeScript so this will be long term position. I need the expert level not beginner. Please share your experience in this domain, so that I can get you are real expert level, not beginner. No...

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    1. add function for login and register, using odata service to get and post from database 2. In RestaurantProfile, add function to load the list of restaurant in database a. when click on the name of the restaurant, show the restaurant information 1. add function to assign tag, and remove tag from restaurant( tag is not part of database. I only need to demonstration the ability to assign ...

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    I need full time Nativescript mobile app developer. must have experience in react native. We started the project with ReactNative but need to change with Nativescript. We have design and backend API. Skills: Typescript ReactNative/ReactJS

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    I need someone good in NativeScript to help create a CRUD functionality with NativeScript. Database to be used is : Mongodb Backend Api with NodeJS, Express NativeScript Framework

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    This is a contract for INTERACTIVE EXPERT HANDS with someone who is knowledgeable and can communicate INTERACTIVELY with project lead to immediately resolve some IOS version specific minor bugs and thereafter assist in deployment in the stores. We have all the store materials/data ready to go. We are looking to make some VUE js / NativeScript / IOS specific tweaks.

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    We have an existing project in Native script, vuejs which needs a little bit of tweaking and some code review. This is a contract for INTERACTIVE EXPERT HANDS with someone who is knowledgeable and can communicate INTERACTIVLY [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users] We are looking to make some VUE js / Nat...

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    We're looking for a freelancer for a mission to build a mobile application about food delivery system. Preferably with NativeScript/NodeJS. (Removed by Admin)

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    Hi all, We need someone to build an Angular + NativeScript app for our Surveys company The app will serve us for internal use, our employees will use the app with android tablets and phones. The app will include the following pages: 1) Login page 2) Register page 3) Surveys (all) page 4) Survey (single) page 5) Add item page 6) Item (all details) page 7) Add survey page Some key features: The ap...

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    We have an existing project in Native script, vuejs which needs a little bit of tweaking and some code review. This is a a couple of afternoons for someone who is knowledgeable. We're looking to develop secondary resources and also provide quality code review to an existing project. This start is ASAP

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    Γεια σου Ορέστη. Έχετε καθόλου εμπειρία με angularjs 6+, nodejs κτλ; Ενδιαφέρομαι για την υλ&o...

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    I need someone to convert a responsive angular7 web app to native script app and publish it to both google play and the app store (ios/android). You MUST BE already familiar with angular2+ /nativescript and understand how to structure an app properly (organised by domain, not feature). A lot of the code can be reused. The backend is already written. You will be working a full-time backend engineer...

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    In addition to our current apps, we also want to release a Learndash app for Android and iOS. The technology is not specified by us. Reacts, Ionic or Nativescript, anything is possible. We have an Ionic Apppresser Business license ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ), which you can use, but you do not have to. We do the store listing and the publishing process. ...

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    I have a nativescript-vue application that loads a URL into a webview component. The webview component loads this source: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] If you visit this url in a normal browser you can: a) use full screen b) use chromecast (You need chromecast to test) But when loaded into the android app you can't use fullscreen or chromecast. I nee...

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    I'm looking for a skilled mobile developer to build cross-platform apps with tech such as nativescript and react native as well as others like framework7. The work will be coming from clients which I am unable to handle. Please use the word honey in the message so i know you've read the description. Thanks!

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    I need a code snippet for a firebase notification. Ive got already a backend server with [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] data renews all the time. When there is new data for a certain user I want to be able to call a 'firebase url', something like: Firebase then takes care of notifying the user. The user...

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    I have a nativescript-vue application that needs a few minor adjustments. The application talks to an API that I have built. 1. I need to integrate videoplayer plugin - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 2. I need to integrate chromecast plugin - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 3. I need to integrate a preloader onto each page 4. ...

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    I need a nativescript developer to help me build a Video On Demand app for ios and android. I have a complete API which has the following endpoints: Authentication Channels Playlists Episodes The following pages will need to be developed: Login (POST to API) Signup Page (POST to API) Subscription Page (Static) Charge Page (POST Request returns a url which should display in an iFrame) A Chann...

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    Create a nativescript barcode reading app for Datamatrix, QR Code and Code128. Application workflow described here and in mockups attached and available at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Framework must be nativescript with vue.js. Please propose your final budget or clarify if you have any questions, no renegotiations. Workflow: 1) Device Home Screen Applic...

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    I'm looking for somebody who can help me with a background notification for a nativescript application. Situation is this: Ive got an app written in Nativescript (angular/JS). Ive got data coming from an sql server. I can access this data via http/fetch/api (written in asp classic). What I need: I need to get a notification in the app when there is new data available. This notification do...

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to setup: Nativescript + Angular 6 on a provided aws linux instance (I will have the aws instance setup, with angular 6 preinstalled, serving the tour of heros app) setup nativescript cloud builds with Apple certificate. compile the included angular 6 code (tour of heros I believe) into an ios (using nativescript cloud build) and android app using tns compiler...

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    Hello, I am going to develop mobile survey app with NativeScript. Prefer to develop back-end APIs with PHP/MySQL. I will provide mockup and detailed document to selected candidates. Please apply if you have previous nativescript experience. Thank you.

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    To build a Multi-Purpose and Multi-Platform Mobile application for IOS and Andriod by Nativescript with Angular programming methodology Note: Programming + designing Must read and show understanding all the aspects and requirements below Backend (API+Control panel) The is just one 'Admin' rule to (Add/ Update/ Delete / Approve) the data Mobile App (Nativescript with Angular) The ap...

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    We are a company in the concrete manufacturing industry that is set to build their digital platform for delivering innovative customer service for better customer engagement. We develop the platform in an on-going manner, and have many interesting technologies involved in the development projects planned for this year. This includes IoT, Data Streaming, Business Intelligence, Mobile, Container...

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