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    I need assistance in migrating a website and it's connected databases. I've completed some of the work (uploaded all site files & have one database moved) however I don't have the site working and I still need to transfer an MS server database & configure it from Azure to Mochohost. I would prefer to have someone use team viewer to complete the transfer

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    Profile based recruitment tool 80% completed. We need someone who can review the current code and get up to speed. Code - Angular JS front end. This is predominantly what we need assistance with. Some experience in Rails would be awesome but not necessary . Role - Assist the dev manager in completing the front end while they complete back end.

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    Hello - my 10 year old daughter and I will be putting together a 10 part video series for marine biology education. They will be 4-8 minutes in length and we will post on YouTube. We need assistance with scripting, video editing, and planning.

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    We need assistance writing a response to government RFP's. This is a very specific experience, we are only interested in people with proven experience writing proposals in response to federal government RFP's.

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    I would like to have assistance in marketing a running race I am hosting. Half Marathon, 10K and 5K.

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    My website's speed has slowly decreased over time. I need assistance in speeding up the page load time. I use several apps on the website so that may be some of the problem, but maybe some files can be rearranged.

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    I have a Ubuntu 10.04 image running as a VM in Ubunt...However, the VM does not detect the USB device. With the virtualization (i.e. the 10.04 is booted directly), the 10.04 instance properly detects the USB device. So, I need assistance with the VM configuration in Ubuntu 16.04 so that the USB device is properly detected by the Ubuntu 10.04 image.

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    We need to fix some issues listed below in a Wordpress website which is developed and configured into two languages of English and Dari (Persian). Please review the attached PDF file for more information and let me know about your prices :). Since most of the feedbacks and issues which are listed in this document are almost developed and needed

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    I have statistical results from a study that I performed and I need assistance writing a summary of the analysis in technical terms

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    I am looking for a Virtual Assistance team that handle Customer services inquiries and emails, returns, refunds, Facebook page inquiries, Instagram inbox messages, website support email, etc.

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    The core content for the website is completed. I need assistance in updating and redesigning the layout for an enhanced user experience.

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    We are manually creating an Excel based production scheduling spreadsheet. We would like much of this work as possible. Ideally, the person would have experience with production scheduling concepts or software. We have a long term solution for Jan 2018 but need immediate assistance to reduce the hours required to create this weekly schedule.

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    My daughter has created an Android app for the school project. The app is almost ready, but She is stuck at some point (error) after completing the app, Needs online assistance Skype/team viewer to correct the error & publish it on Play store.

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    Fashion Design Bitti left

    ...sketchers drawn up - so when we go to the factory, we have a clear idea of how we would like our first collection to look. We are currently working with a graphic designer on our logo, with the aim of this being finalised mid-August. We know what style we are after and have a few ideas in our head but would love to work with a designer, like yourself, and

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    Fashion Design Bitti left

    ...sketchers drawn up - so when we go to the factory, we have a clear idea of how we would like our first collection to look. We are currently working with a graphic designer on our logo, with the aim of this being finalised mid-August. We know what style we are after and have a few ideas in our head but would love to work with a designer, like yourself, and

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    Need assistance in managing references

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    Require assistance to check and improve sentence structure, check for APA formatting and check if my stats are correct

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    ...use those as reference so long as the content is not a duplicate of what they have. ie: we need to use our own words. Looking for someone to write a script prepared for voice over and supporting text via power point for a Canadian TDG course. Looking for 4,000 - 5,000 words in the script and it must be original text. ie: No copy and paste from another

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    This is a quick project, just required assistance to translate the following lines from English to written Japanese (~48 words): Indonesia’s most diverse utopian GARDEN city concept IN 'CIBITUNG'. 'Cibitung'’s New 100ha Green CBD (Central Business District) Icon. 1sT MULTI-LAYER CENTRAL PARK IN 'MM2100' Central Business District. 28-In-...

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    31 teklifler to accurately read situations and address customer needs in a reliable and timely fashion. Often, customer service associates need to sit for long periods at a time, and they must be able to speak on the phone for long periods of time. Other duties required of customer service associates might include to word processing, data entry and other light

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    ...000 words and am looking for a proofreader to fix glaring errors and try to answer whether or not chapters work. It is a collection of humorous essays I hope to self-publish, but I need feedback before moving forward. I have attached the introduction to give a sense of my approach. Having worked as a newspaper reporter for a lot of my life, I wrote

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    41 teklifler products which will be sold in Hong Kong and mainland China supermarkets. We request assistance to come up with an English name for the brand that translates well into a Mandarin Chinese name with the following qualities to what the brand will be known for: clean, fresh, premium, high end quality. We require at least 5 possible brand names in

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    I need assistance with Wordpress & WooCommerce. I have it all set up and even have the Printful fulfillment site attached correctly to my WooCommerce. My issue is for some reason I cannot view my shop page by clicking on the link or typing the link in directly. Everything else seems to be working. The attached image is the error I keep getting.

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    I need assistance to create a Wiki page for my father who is a Classical Artist from India.I updated the article but there are lot of errors to be fixed .Please let me know if your team can help.

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    Android App Bitti left

    I need a ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Android app. I want customers to be able to ask for help and find nearest mobile workshop or tow truck and see on map. I want service providers to be able to register. I want online chat between customer ans service provider to be able. same like UBER Taxi app. I would like it designed and built.

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    ...have an existing company ([login to view URL]) and would like to create a direct mail campaign targeted at private schools in the US. I am not a marketer/advertiser and need assistance creating all elements of a package I can mail to appropriate personnel at each school introducing my service, generating interest, and hopefully getting them to use the

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    I need simple finishing touches applied to the beta wordpress site for my documentary film, [login to view URL]: — Line break between “THE FORT” and “177 Years” — For my homepage post previews, I’d like thumbnail AND text in the previews — right now they are limited to one or the other. — One post in particular — a ...

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    ...a windows application for Managing a Vaccinations for children to handle dose of Vaccinations and kind using C#.Net with a MS SQL Server 2012 DB. • Currently developing a web application for Managing learning online for "T-Thinkers" using C#.Net with a MS SQL Server 2008 DB and ASP. Net. • Developed a windows application for Managing a F...

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    I have an idea for an accessory for the RV industry. I need assistance creating a drawing and specs for manufacturing. What I'm creating is a highly durable plastic and metal piece that fits over the tongue of an travel trailer that will hold the power cord that connects to the tow vehicle and the two chains that connect to the tow vehicle. I would

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    ...and associated files previously developed, but are having problems with a line of code, and would really appreciate some understanding of where we're going wrong and some assistance in sorting it. Here's the code: function sendEmail(row) { var docTemplate = "1dtjuvjAatZyLyejjU4J113p_eC38eD8yrr4vCjTxNxY"; var docName = "RegionalDevelopmentCentr

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    Immediate Start The virtual Assistance will fill the role of Personal Assistance. Skill Required:- Photoshop Word press MS Office Word and Excel Written and Communication Skills - Writing Email to Clients and Suppliers - Making sales phone calls - Booking meetings Super Organized Experienced We are stone fabricators in

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    ...publisher with a few integrated media campaigns that we need assistance implementing. We are currently hiring but have some gaps to fill in the interim. An example of some components you would need to manage would be: - Working with our studio team to get accurate quotes to create videos for clients and the work with the producer to get the content

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    Hi all. I have bought RN4870 BLE module and trying to setup it. I need only assistance for getting the module up. No design is included. Someone already worked with the module will be preferred. Thanks.

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    I need you to write some articles. I am a beginner and want some assistance to write something

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    Draw a Logo Bitti left

    Need assistance to draw a logo - I have the concept

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    experience in writing resumes is mandatory, The resume is completed however need assistance in filling up few gaps and proof read what i have already written. ENG US. Need the project done within the next 6 hours.

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    I need to speak with you first. I need proof reading, proper insertion of chapters, decision on what would be important and that, which is not. General assistance and frank opinion if it is salable.

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    I need to speak with you first. I need proof reading, proper insertion of chapters, decision on what would be important and that, which is not. General assistance and frank opinion if it is salable.

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    I am patiently looking for someone to start work on a clients shopify website which will be ready in 4-6 weeks. It is a drop shopping business which requires mass traffic to generate a high sales conversion. The shop will be delivering world wide and the client has informed me they are looking for a long term partnership. If this project works well

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    Need assistance with scheduling, e-mail management, word and excel

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    Project assistance on Photo Organization and Photo Book Creation for select clients.

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    I need to design a general business logo (I have already drawn it up but need it drawn electronically). I also need some assistance in transforming some of my ideas into electronic artwork ready for tshirt applique.

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    I need some assistance replacing colors in a snagiti image via teamviewer. It is an image of a spreadsheet online and I want to remove the grid lines.

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    I need assistance selling my ebook on time management. Make sure you have reported on the work you're doing as well. Keep in mind the more sales made means more money in your pocket and me hiring you again and again. I don't mind paying for good service as long as you make it worth while. Once hired you'll have 2 weeks to show me what results you can

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    Design a Logo Bitti left

    Hi Guys We are looking for assistance with designing a Monogram logo for our New Golf Apparel Line we are developing. So let me share some of the information based on the brand so we can come to an understanding on cost ! that would be suitable, Minimalism is what I prefer, Bold Strong " Strength with Fluidity" are elements I'm looking at.! "G SWI...

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    Hello I have a requirement for a php (or c) program to make an api json call to a radius server and download json formatted data. The file will then need to be formatted to an agreed CSV format and relayed to a ftp server or e mailed for to a customer. The program should include a schedule so that the API call can be made at regular times

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Javascript. I need assistance for coding javascript for a Qualtrics survey. I have certain design choices for the survey which requires coding (for example having the textbox placed in the middle of the screen rather than le...

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    Hi, I need someone to help brand and market our new product this will include new logo, website, technical brochure writing, introductory email writing and sales assistance for our new construction product. Need to launch asap.

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    Need expert assistance on fb ads marketing campaign.

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    need assistance in rewriting my resume to look professional. less than a 300 words. It would be live project. Expertise in resume writing is essential.

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