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    Hello everyone, First of all, the perpose of this project is academic only. I'm currently doing a research on how we can build a mobile app which can detect and stops camera penetration. I kindly need someone to create a simulation of the penetration using known penetration testing tools in kali linux. Then, after making the simulation, I need to create an android app consists one page / activity only which can detect this penetration using Android Studio + Java. These are the steps in order to do this job: 1. Installing Kali Linux on VirtualBox 2. Generate using a tool called msfvenom in kali linux. The perpose of this app is to simulate the peneration scenario. 3. Install this in an Android Emulator. 4. Use metasploint tool in kali linux...

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    My android app is not loading ever since changing to another server. I will need to build server config, install node and chatting server...

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    ...developers to build an online grocery store with a beautiful and seamless design. Here are a few questions, you may have: 1. Groceries are delivered from one point. So no need to build another app for the grocery partners. 2. We are working with a third party for delivery. No need for live tracking, just a progress report for clients to view on the app after placing the order. 3. Payment to grocery partners will be done outside the app. 4. We are based in Indonesia, so we need to integrate with Indonesian payment gateway partners like gopay, shopee pay, Dana and also an option for multiple bank transfers as well. 5. I will need an informational website as well, just a simple one with no products. Attached is a refe...

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    Hello, I need a developer to build an app that is for professionals like LinkedIn but you can also create groups on it.

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    We are going live with an NFC app for android and Ios we would need an e-commerce to sell the products and attract customer to download the app. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY MATERIAL, only the logo. We will have a domain later on, so the freelancer will need to build it on their domain and then transfer it to ours. References:

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    I have an app that we are trying to finish up. Frontend is already finished. And I need a developer that has experience building rental car apps with React Native backend. You should build the Backend API, Admin Dashboard for this app and Integrated API with frontend. Help integrate an app that for Rental Cars on both IOS and Android. And help integrate an app that is Airbnb like on both IOS and Android

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    Hi there, I'm looking for expressions of interest to build an android/ios app. I think something like flutter or react native would be best but I'm interested to hear your opinion. The app would need the following pages: - welcome page with a single button - 2nd page for adding location and a list of 'activities' - clicking on an activity opens a group message with everyone that it a part of that activity - profiles - messages page with your group/activity messages as well as one-on-one messages - page to create activities I can share mock ups and more details upon request. Let me know what technology you would use and what your quote is! add 'xxy' to show youve read. cheers

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    Simple flutter project. 6 gün left

    Need to edit the menu of an app. Add a back button if app goes to a different page. Pages are a Laravel web project. This will be for android and for iOS. I have previous build so this will be an edit to it.

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    Freelance 6 gün left

    I have a operating IOS Application (written in Swift). I am looking for a developer that can build and Android and Web version. I am happy to use any language, just need the final product to match in design and functionality. The app is a simple form builder that will need to capture the users signature and display/managed PDF's and Users.

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    Code in Xamarin or Ionic to deliver a mobile app launchable on Apple & Google stores: - Build front-end UI off existing wireframes design - Build back-end application off existing data dictionary, field names, table structure - Include app permissions: camera/photo gallery, notifications, phone, email, etc - Include swipe & scroll navigation Two user types: - Employers - Candidates - (+ admin access) Functionality: - Register profile (employer or candidate) including timezone, location, rate preference, skillsets, etc - Candidate: edit profile, complete detailed skills profile, browse jobs, apply, unapply, compare skills/rates to other candidates - Employer: edit profile, launch jobs, Natural language matching of skills to roles, contact candidates, a...

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    I need to build an app with the mix of TIKTOK/ETSY/WHATSAPP, the main idea is to create a powerfull MVP to validate my idea for investors. VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE ONLY APPLY PROFESSIONALS WITH EXPERIENCE IN SOCIAL MOBILE APPS

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    Website to Native App 5 gün left

    I would like to take my exisiting website members app and create into a native app. It's currently responsive and looks good on mobile, I just want to have an app version of it. There's a couple websites that offer this service, this isn't a custom build app. I need to be able to load into into the google store and apple store.

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    ...steps, this is for steps 1-3 1. data model 2. monitor layout visualization 3. recorder 4. Playback 5. heatmap First: you must have multiple monitors to take this project. We are looking for an app to do the following: -track and record the X,Y position of the mouse over time. It must work across any number of monitors the user has. The data can be stored in memory. Have a sample/seconds value that is not hardcoded so it can be experimented on without modifying code. -if the mouse is used to move or resize a window, record the 4 X/Y coordinates defining the window and name of the window (it may be an app or explorer file window), should also be recorded with the X/Y coordinates of the mouse. Be smart and record the window name of the start of the moving and stopping, no...

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    Hello, I am looking for Mobile app developer who can prepare a project on my imagination. I am thinking to build an app which can help customers find the product to whichever store they go. They just need to surf on the app and they can get the map to the product. For ex If I want to get Pizza of company name joe, I will simply search on the application "Joe pizza" and app should reflect as map from where to get that. Thank you

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    Crypto Arbitrage Web App 5 gün left

    I require the build of a Crypto Arbitrage responsive site/Web App that scans all exchanges for price differences in between exchanges for just a select number of coins, defined lift of currencies, then it buys from Exchange A (where it has lower price) and selling in Exchange B, C, D, E etc (where it identifies a higher price) and so it should be registered in as many crypto exchanges as can be added by admin to increase likelihood of a successful arbitrage transaction. Also needs to get pre-approved transactions so it can place BUY/SELL transactions in less than a minute in between exchanges Web App will identify highest possible trades and do one of two things, alert the user and ask if they wish to commence the trade, or if set on automation it will commence the tr...

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    I will give the project file (Includes whole game already developed) and you need to build the package for releasing it on app store. In-app purchase should be setup. I don't have an apple device so you need to enroll for a developer account with the details i give and you can setup following things there to release the app.

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    Delivery Driver App Our business already has a customer app, a website and a ReST API built with Django. Our app, which is available in the App Store and Play Store is built with Flutter. I need a talented Flutter developer to build a new Flutter app for delivery drivers. The new app will use the same backend but with new endpoints added by a Django developer. The main purpose of this new app is to let drivers know which trips have been assigned to them and let the drivers update the backend regarding the statuses of those trips. The pickup locations are stores that receive orders throughout the day. The drop off locations are customer homes. The main screens are Login screen Email and password login for the driver De...

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    Non-profit public welfare type, requires a client backend, and the one with similar source code is the best

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    social chat app 4 gün left

    Hello everyone I need a developer that has full years of experience in social chat app development that build me a social chat app if you can do this kindly contact me to discuss And make sure that you have the past project that you have done perfectly with the provider that you are the one that does it Thanks...

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    Storage location app 4 gün left

    need somebody to build an app for us to input and retrieve information for location and volumes of shipments in our warehouse.

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    Hi I have a ios webview application in reactnative . when we run the same in android its shown white screen after build. need to solve this issue .Also add some new functionality 1. Pull to refresh - on every page Current open page should load 2. Force Update when placed new app on store 3. Download Files in IOS (iphone) not working (working in android) 5. Check notification in android app (working in IOS)

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    Hi, my bank uses for credit card processing.. I need a freelancer who communicates has we work together. I need a freelancer who is available during my work hours, EST Timezone. If you cannot do the job as promised, please let me know. If you do not deliver on time as promised, I will end the project and repost it. I need someone who is familiar with to build an API for me. I do not need the frontend, just an API to send the data to, and the API spits out weather the payment was successful or not. The app will also be standalone, where the customer will go the the webpage, enter their info, and pay We need to use the provided instructions to create the IP.. The app need to run on Apache HTTPS

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    I want a copy of this app crested. I need all origination files and full control of the build. I require it only for me to use for my own business. ios or android only required so you can chose which is faster snd easier to do. i want this in case this app is not supported by the developer in the future.

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    I need to develop the backend of a Car pooling app made in flutter. I only build the app UI template in Flutter. I just need to develop the bkackend This is the flutter template:

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    I need to build a wireframe for my project. If you have experiences to build wireframe for mobile app, message me. Thank you.

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    i need developer who can build api and admin panel for my mobile app, he or she should knowledge of firebase,google api,payment gateway, notification code , etc...

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    Need someone to take this website and turn it into a chrome extension with all the same capabilities but want to build a way better app. Yes the link certificate is not secure but it does work.

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    UI/UX Designer 1 gün left

    We are building and News app for our News Website. We need an experienced app and website designer to go over the app and the website in detail and provide a report on and feedback of items to be improved. We want to know what item on the app and the website have 1) Glitches 2) Bad User Experience 3) Suggested User experience improvements. Please note that the website is already finished and working. It is made on Wordpress. We have started to build an app but it is not live on the App store yet and still in the development phase. We will want to know what designs you would make and how you would make the app look. We want to know what UX design would you give the app and how you would make it have a similar style to t...

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    ...Communicative: This is a (partly) collaborative project. At the end of the project, I need to have a decent understanding of how everything works. Communication and documentation will thus be important. - Terraform, SQL and Python programming. - Google Cloud Platform skills: it seems like google is the best option to host the databases on so you would need to have a firm understanding of the google stack (preferably with gcp data engineering certification) - (Optional: React front-end experience) What I am trying to build (NOTE that this is the entire vision, not all of this must be delivered in this project. This project is just to set up the foundation to enable me to build on): I have been trying to build the infrastructure to do academic research...

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    Mockup to react concept 1 gün left

    ...highlights=0. You only need to build what appears on the attached picture. There should be by now 3 categories, "symbol", "phrase" and "text": 1 - Symbol category we will take data from an api, the list should be searchable as there is many options, we will take from the api icon, symbol and name. the api link is here , and an example on how the api looks is here 2 - Phrase, this one will contain premade phrases or words, right now we will input this manually from a premade list. 3 - Text, this will be just a text box where we can put a custom word, we have to have a restriction of characters. the selection chosen will be reflected on the "SELECT ENGRAVING - " you will build this app in

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    I have a small commerc...commercial web application completed(80%) but need some fixes and enchancements to be done. The tech stack we have is: core for Backend Mssql server database Signalr for real-time Stripe for payment Azure blob for storage Nextjs for frontend React The ask here is: 1. update the bugs 2. make enhancement on payment gateway CI/CD the Azure or cloud cost 5. enhance the security 6. add new features and develop code 7. mobile app development is in progress, need to complete the leftover I am an architect with good understanding of business usecases and technical knowledge, but don't find time to complete this task I need someone with good listening skills on technical requirement and patent to redo, enchance, scrap and b...

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    Hi All, Need an Azure logic app build for syncing SharePoint online library to Azure blob

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    ...all the features are already managed by WP+WC+WCFM, we need only 2 features for the starting version: 1. a Wishlist with just a special feature 2. to make it work the Firebase Chat already integrated or build a new one. I'll send a features list with some explanation and some Adobe XD files as reference for the UI, but we're open to your opinion based on your experience. We would also like to understand if in terms whether of timing and cost, it may make sense to start from scratch, with a "pure" PWA, in ReactJS / AngularJS / VueJS / Ionic + other tools and technologies that you know best. We already know that these are 2 quite different approaches. We do not claim absolute perfection in the "Wordpress PWA" but the "...

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    Hi I have a ios webview application in reactnative . when we run the same in android its shown white screen after build. need to solve this issue . also add pull refresh and Force update when new app added.

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    I already have a Flutter app just need help to upload on firebase and want you too build ios release. I have ios certificate and everything required. I also have app i will give you just build and give me app. reason i have Windows and i was trying on virtual mac.

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    Hello, I require a flutter app (I just need the script too, then I'll continue it) that does these steps: 1) I open the application 2) the camera opens and framing the places in real time, based on where I am, it shows me the distance from them. As I get closer, the value of the distance from that point decreases 3) The points to show on the map are not on google Maps, but in a json that we will create custom that will contain: 1) Business name 2) Type of activity (restaurant or hotel) 3) Address 4) Latitude 5) Longitude This app must be able to build for both android and iOS. App will be made with Flutter 2.0 or 3.0 (the new version) + other best plugin for Augmented Reality See attached screenshot for the example Please contact me only if yo...

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    We are building and News app for our News Website. We need an experienced app and website designer to go over the app and the website in detail and provide a report on and feedback of items to be improved. We want to know what item on the app and the website have 1) Glitches 2) Bad User Experience 3) Suggested User experience improvements. Please note that the website is already finished and working. It is made on Wordpress. We have started to build an app but it is not live on the App store yet and still in the development phase. We will want to know what designs you would make and how you would make the app look. We want to know what UX design would you give the app and how you would make it have a similar style t...

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    Purchased code from codecanyon Need to change and configure firebase , msql db, changing splash screen, icon, adding Indian languages to app and website. Connect db to crm Connect mail server Connect firebase notification Remove unwanted payment gateway, sms gateway, languages, . Make Some UI Changes , like Changing menu Icons , adding some features Total 3 app User , vendor and delivery Android and iOS Project build in flutter, larvel framework. Documentation link below Read carefully before you buy

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    I have an Ecommerce IOS app built on swift. On checkout when user adds shipping address, it does not save, however when user adds an address from my account section, it does save. I need a developer to check why it is working on one place but not working on another place and then fix it. Developer will need to create test build and then help deploying to apple store. Developer will need to push their code to github for code review.

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    Need help with a c#, csharp small code task to authenticate sp api using aws and all the requirements amazon want, and then run the getorders command, running in beta option at present as app in build phase. Only people with experience of actually doing the first auth step and getorders object of amazon seller central apply

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    I have started building a website that helps businesses contact customers via automation. I'm looking for someone to complete the build and have it ready for production. I have build about 60%. I'm using React with Redux, Node JS and MongoDB. I have also bootstrapped the build using Material UI. We need someone that specialises in voicemail and has experience with technologies such a TWILIO as we'd like the REST API used in other products. We'd also like it hosted on AWS. Eventually we'd like a mobile app version depending on the outcome of this project.

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    AI android App development 1 saat left

    we are required to build an app and implement logic algorithms in the app, to perform the functions as per the logic we provide. The working of is based on the microscope autofocus using Bluetooth commands and stepper motors. using the certain image factors(Laplacian and sobel) we developed a logic to move the microscope bed using motors. which need to implement in the android app to perform it automatically like Artificial intelligence. the developer team we looking for is based on near delhi,India location will be preferred

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    14 teklifler native application that is including two main capabilities. Context This Android app is a native application with two main capabilities: 1. Displaying a programmed sequence of images and videos on a device, display/screen. 2. Counting the number of people looking at the camera or in front of it. The app interacts with the screen, the camera and Orangead’s cloud infrastructure. Usage Modes These capabilities are used independently or together, depending on the configuration of the application. For example, a configuration might only activate the player module of the app, while another configuration only activates the detector module, while a third configuration might activate both. The app is programmed in such a way that the detector and th...

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    We need someone to build a Design Portfolio app (responsive website) that works and looks good on desktop and mobile using Figma and the Buzzy Figma plugin: Pre-requisite: You must have strong Figma skills and be able to use the Buzzy plugin for Figma You need to be accredited with a Buzzy Skills - Getting Started - Level 6 Buzzy, as per the Buzzy accreditation - if you are not accredited, please install the Figma plugin and go to the above link. You should have a good eye for design, as this will be posted in the Figma Community as one of Buzzy's samples for designers, like you, to tweak and create their own custom portfolio site. So it needs to

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    want to build and run a project over JMonkey sdk, the project will be shared only need fixing build issue and run the app

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    I need help me to build an Android app in 3-4 steps. In the first step i want to get the current position of a user which will be stored temporarily in a cloud database. Each user will have a certain ID and should be able to login/signup. Please contact me for further discussion and add a bid to which fits to finish the first step. Thanks!

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    I am on windows. You will need to help be guide through the following: - Create new conda environment or something - Build pyqt application with pyinstaller - Make sure that it runs locally and on MAC - I have all the code and understand how it works, I just don't have experience with PyQT You need: - Clearly communicate on screen share If successful: Looking for a longer term partner to develop this pyqt app with

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    Hello experts I am looking for senior iOS/Swift expert to update some functionalities of existing iOS project. There are some tasks and they are all simple except one. You should be Swift expert with 5+ experience. If you complete this task, we can have long term contract for future projects. This is urgent project to release to app store. After launch to app store, we need to build from scratch so it will be long term project for expert. Thanks

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    website,android,ios and admin panel, need to booking flight, train,bus etc App Features Android & IOS • Two login: Customer and agent Customer • Register/Login • Want to book flight (domestic and international), hotels, bus and food • Want to see the app in English, Hindi and Malayalam • Profile • About us • Help line Agent • Register/Login • Add offers Admin • Manage customers • Manage agents • Manage booking • Manage Flight (domestic and international), Hotels, Bus and food • Manage banners • Manage help

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