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    ioncube 1 dosya kırılacaktır. Lütfeb uygun teklif verin ioncube 1 file will be broken. Please bid fairly

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    Site: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Should be fairly simple to setup: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] All the documentation you need.

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    Google banner 6 gün left

    I would need someone to design 2 sets of standard sized google banners following the design attached but with a different picture and text. Picture to be used for the artwork is not available yet, we will add it ourselves later. Please use a place-maker for now. Files should be provided in illustrator (.ai) format. Version 1: Main title: “Live Empowered” Sub-text (when size allows): ...

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    We have code that has quit working, I believe due to PHP script being outdated. Not sure if it is on our store, or in AWS. Our site uses Druple for the store. When a customer purchases a SoftClick license the store is suppose to automatically send a receipt to the customer, and add their subscription to our AWS database. The code that does this isn't working. Not sure if the code is in Drupl...

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    Looking for someone to clean our place in Southwest Austin, Tx at least weekly. It's a fairly small 2 br which we keep pretty clean- so not a difficult job. I can do a flat fee or hourly. My last house keeper just moved. Sometimes need help with other things too. I am an executive for a tech company and a single Dad with an 8 year old son living with me. We prefer to have someone that ...

    €25 - €66
    €25 - €66
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    Draw Me As Spider-Woman 6 gün left

    £15 job and will only hire after I see your lineart of the art, write ANNA at start if you're totally fine with this. Copy the design of this picture and add my face. I already have lots of cartoon art of me so reference pics will be sent. Should be fairly simple job as all you need is there, just copy and add face. I don't need buildings in background, transparent background is ...

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    I need someone to build some reliable macro keys for my trading software. They are fairly simple keyboard and mouse commands. Some pictures (to identify the area I need clicked) will also need be used as the screen is constantly changing. I will need 8 of these commands, all fairly simple. I tried to make them myself on Pulover's but it's a bit out of my depth. I will also need to edit...

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    Hi guys, I need someone to write a scraper plugin for woocommerce. I am an affiliate and I have a feed, but the images and data provided in the feed are very limited. I already have a feed importer for woocommerce (paid ver) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The new plugin will be made in PHP7.4 and will be written to Wordpress standards. I would like the plugin ...

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    A fairly compact 2 Story Contemporary French house The following are required for a French country house. 1- The drawings will have most everything I need to build (preferably everything required for a building permit in France) 2- Structure calculation file 3- Foundation calculation file 4- 3D Model (preferably Revit as BIM) -All beams, joist, rafters, trusses, posts, floor loads, roof loads, ...

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    Hello, I am looking for a designer to put together a landing page for [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] an online caricature website. The site is already established and I would like the page to feel like a natural part of the site so please use the existing colors/texts. This page would be specifically used as the landing page for ads about getting drawings for...

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    Its required to build a whole solution end to end from business analysis phase until the delivery of the project for a fairly complex project related to Doctors, Patients and Medical History of patients Only the applicants with previous experience in EHR or Medical Application will be accepted so please do not apply if you dont have a proven record for such solution

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    Contacts App 5 gün left

    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Nothing extraordinary, it should be fairly simple. It needs to have: Import and Export habilities List contacts in alphabetical order. make groups and have a page where only groups are shown. be able to send texts to multiple contacts, not as a group, but sending each text individually. (since this last request is more complex I am willing...

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    I'm having a grand opening for a women's clothing boutique located in the Kalamazoo area pretty much learned everything involved in opening this business as I went I'm fairly new but for this specific day I will need someone to assist and help me for an example bagging products at checkout facing up items restocking items as shelves empty

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    I am a chef looking for a tech-based cooking suite. I have an unfinished, very rough CAD (first time ever using it) attached. Essentially, I need you to design a 56" wide by 36"-46" tall by 27" deep cooking suite with a recess for a single-burner butane stove to fit, with a cover plate over the unit exposing only the burner as well as two cut-outs for the fuel ejector/locker a...

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    Market Research Project 4 gün left

    I am looking for someone to conduct market research. The project would entail Identifying 100 complimentary, but not competitive influencers across social media, podcasts, platforms, authors and email newsletters who provide services to business owners/Ceo's who have Technology companies with $1M-$20M in revenue on the US. This dream 100 will be updated in trello and will include the name...

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    I currently have a fairly simple Python script, but the for loops are causing the run times to last >7mins. I need the script to be optimized so I can run over multiple cores (i.e. multiprocessing or multi-threading). Any other fixes to my loop logic will also be great. Looking for a developer who I can have repeat business with. Happy to share code, once there is interest prese

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    We need an experienced tester to complete a UI/UX audit of a sports website. We need someone who can provide us with detailed results quickly, as the project is fairly urgent. Please include in your proposal: 1) Price (per hour and fixed price for 3-day testing); 2) Turnover time from the start of the project; 3) Portfolio.

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    This is a fairly simple job that requires PHP that should only take 1-2 hours. I need bullet points and spaces inserted in the outputted text on form submission. Will only give SFTP and Wordpress Admin details once project is approved and negotiated. $50

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    I have an app frontend built out in html/css/js originally targetting Cordova. I've decided to switch over to Ionic + React instead, and eventually will integrate AWS Amplify for the backend. I'm looking for someone to convert my existing HTML/CSS views into Ionic + React. I would prefer that all of it be done in Typescript, but this is not a deal-breaker if you use JSX. I can provide ...

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    Hi, I require assistance with my mostly completed project on excel. I have reached the limits of my capabilities and i am looking to compare two workbooks using IF statements. I should be able to guide you on the exact sequence of events the IF statement should undertake. It should be fairly simple for anyone fluent in using macros and VBA I am hoping to get this completed within the next 24 hou...

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    Facebook advert 3 gün left

    I am looking for someone to build a Facebook advert for my new Facebook page. The ad should be a short but concise advert introducing my Travel company. My webpage is As a new company mu budget is fairly small, thank you.

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    Animated GIFs of Logo 3 gün left

    ** Added example animations for a bit more guidance, however I’m looking for a bit a creativity... We have the attached logo that we'd like animated and delivered in the GIF format. We require 5 "interesting" animations: 1. Appearing - from nothing to full logo. e.g. scales up and spins from centre. Does not loop. 2. Loading - could just be it spinning then stopping then s...

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    Build a website 3 gün left

    Iv started on Shopify I have a paid account but I’m struggling to build it. I need someone to do it for me fairly basic website and I have a rough logo design I want tidied up and inputed

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    More details when you get the project but I need a backtest and a marker to chart. But the algo itself is fairly simple. Do not think is more then 30-50 lines of code if that many at all.

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    Hi Sreeraj, I have a python/scrapy script I'm looking to have improved. It's fairly simple, just some odd parameters due to the file structure being scraped/parse. If you're available, let me know. Thanks

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    I need a AHK scrip that will spam the "R" for around 2 seconds whenever an area on my screen turns from red to gray. (When the HP bar turns from red to gray) I guess it would be fairly easy but I lack the knowledge to do so. So I am asking for your help freelancers. Please message me for more information if interested.

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    I need this done as quickly as possible. So please advise timeframe in response. I have macro already built but it is too slow due to all the combinations needed. So need to use Microsoft Access or other means available to populate data and then put in spreadsheet format. Please see attached File. Sheet 1 is spreadsheet of Data. Sheet 2 is the result of macro. Column B is position, Column D ...

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    Hi Catalin - Thank you for entering my contest. You are the top contender and the contest closes in 2 hours. I'd like to hire you for video editing and to add the intro/outro to video interview. I'd like to make a few modifications to the intro and outro, add fade transitions and clip a few seconds off each end of the interview. Fairly simple. Let's start with one interview ...

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    My wife and I are getting married in the coming months and I'd like to commission an AR scene as a gift for her that tracks a real life object. I have a fairly simple scene in mind, it would be a 3D beating heart with our names written on it and the date we met or the date of our wedding. In the background I'd like fireworks to be on display and other nice details. My plan if this turns...

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    Hi I am fairly new to Google Ads, and I don't know how to optimize my ads to get the impression. Currently there hasn't been any impressions for three days (!). 1. I need to target specific users such as they have to be on desktop, and specific keywords. 2. The per click has to be $2 max. 3. This is a display ad, if the text ad works better I'd like to go for that. No impression a...

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    Over the past year we have been working on a realtime Angular application that allows users to input and organize information about Pokemon cards. This data is then stored in a Firestore database. On our public website, we want to use custom “shortcodes” to retrieve the data and populate it into templates. These “shortcodes” are basically search parameters that search thro...

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    CONCEPT My idea is to turn a simple yet fun card game into an iOS app. The card game is called Kings and Arseholes and is fairly basic to play once you understand the rules of course. The aim of K's & A's is to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible and take the highest rank you can for the next hand. Generally speaking, the more players, the better the game is. Although it is...

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    SVG Animation 1 gün left

    I am a developer working on a website update and I need a short SVG animation created. I would need it fairly quickly. The client is a realtor. For inspiration see [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] There is a slider with multiple animations beneath the main header image. I would something like the second slide but customized for us. Pretty short. Maybe ten seconds...

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    Trophy icon I need a professional logo design 1 gün left

    Business Name: Tuscan Sun About: This business offers rustic/natural unique gifts for a creative audience such as artisans, craft makers. Gifts can range from artisan bread supplies to creative kitchenware to outdoor gardening gifts. Guide: Please create a wordmark logo for "Tuscan Sun". Overall qualities, a combination of rustic and modern. I would like to have a sun creatively inco...

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    Please see attached File. Sheet 1 is spreadsheet of Data. Sheet 2 is the result of macro. Column B is position, Column D is Name, Column F is points, and Column H is salary. Here are the rules: 1) You can only choose 2 different PG positions, 2 different SG positions, 2 different SF positions, 2 different PF positions, and 1 C position. The Combined salary max from column H can add up to a...

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    Need custom code on a Shopify site that needs to have a link product categories link to another page. This is a fairly easy project for an experienced developer and should not take much time.

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    I'm looking for a fairly simple adjustment to the video I have gathered of our underground truck coming out of our new mine. 1. Use video supplied and make the following edits: - flow a yellow/gold semi transparent path down the ramp towards the truck (as shown) - make the words appear on the yellow path starting closest to view and working down the ramp until it reaches the front of truck c...

    €64 (Avg Bid)
    Acil Garantili
    76 girdi

    Hi Thinh - I really like your profile write-up, and your skills seem to align well with what we are after. We have an exciting project with a healthcare client of ours. Would you be interested, and available to start fairly soon? Thanks.

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    Hi Tay - I really like your profile write-up, and your skills seem to align well with what we are after. We have an exciting project with a healthcare client of ours. Would you be interested, and available to start fairly soon? Thanks.

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    Simple task, for a programmer of course. I am looking to enumerate directories that are serviced by an API. The API has that function, just the amount of directories is fairly large and doing it manually is extremely tedious. In the simplest form, a python script that just sends a post to the root directory, logs the results then sends a post to the newly discovered directories and so forth wo...

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    I am creating a pool of freelancers to help my team with consulting projects. We conduct research and analysis on various biomass feedstocks, including forest residues, wood waste, food waste, agricultural residue, manure and other feedstocks. You can find out more about the type of work we do here: (link removed) Depending on the freelancer's experience, initial tasks will be fairly simple...

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    If you are looking to join a young dynamic team with a culture driven to deliver an exceptional experience to every person you work for, we want to hear from you. We are an electrical maintenance company based in Cairns, Australia. We are a young and driven team who ultimately seeks to impress our customers by being friendly, super skilled professionals, not just electricians. So, what is the qu...

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    Hi, We are a music studio complex, based in East London with a network of Unifi products that have grown over the last few years, and are needing to get to grips with how to manage, upgrade and maintain it. Currently some of the APs are not working due to outdated firmware, however when consulting the chat support, I find myself out of my depth using code to update the devices! I am fairly comp...

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    Hi Md Mostafizur R., Mukta recommended you to do some powerpoint work for me, I need it doing by Wednesday, it is fairly straightforward. Would you be interested?

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    My personal website/blog ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) is a project where I hope to encourage people to become more healthy, fit, capable, and multi-skilled human beings. I need a logo/mascot for the site, which I envision to be a stylized, Neandertal-type human male, carrying a spear for hunting, and wearing a carpenter's toolbelt (perhaps with a hamme...

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    I work a boring job and spend an insane amount of time on the phone, generally on hold. In my free time i play phone games and started playing world of guns and bought the exp and credits to disassemble the M240 Bravo. A gun that i have a close personal connection to. So after i got a tiny little 3d printer for christmas (and i do mean tiny) i thought it would be cool to print a quarter or half sc...

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    Simple task, for a programmer of course. I am looking to enumerate directories that are serviced by an API. The API has that function, just the amount of directories is fairly large and doing it manually is extremely tedious. In the simplest form, a python script that just sends a post to the root directory, logs the results then sends a post to the newly discovered directories and so forth wo...

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    I need help reaching 2k people on [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (who are connected to me through a group) You would use a template that I create. It will have instructions on how to reach each person and what to send as a follow-up. If you send out the initial draft, I can take it from there. This project is fairly simple and can be done pretty quickly. You...

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    Hi Merry, I would like to offer you a small project to draw a simple diagram that illustrates a concept for a leadership training course. I would need fairly quick turn around of initial concept although the final is deadline is 10 days. If this works well then I mauy have more small projects. We can discuss any details over chat. Regards, Ian

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    When signing into wordpress and attempting to update I get this response: "There has been a critical error on your website." I would like this resolved along with all updates being done. I would think it is a fairly easy job for someone with WP background.

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