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    Siberian Cms sistemi ile hazırladığım uygulamada değişiklikler yapmak istiyorum. VPS sunucumda Siberian Cms kurulu uygulamamın kabasını oluşturdum css düzenlemeleri ile yapmak istediğim şeyleri yaptım ama yapamadığım konular da destek istiyorum. 1-Uygulamada oluşturduğum kodları android studio ya attıktan sonra AAPT2 hatası ile karşılaşıyorum APK export alamıyorum. 2-Uygulamada kullandığım b...

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    inşaat dekorasyon proje mühendislik tadilat dekorasyon fan coil mekanik havalandırma inşaat mimarlık mekanik taahhüt seo for [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . I have an company websites and I want to get my links on first pages of search engines.

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    KApak fotosu Fan sayfa Rap Fotosuy

    €214 - €641
    €214 - €641
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    GüzeL Rap Kapak Fotosu Fan Sayfa İçin

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    HELLO WHO DO ? MY FACEBOOK PAGE VERİFİED ? [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    €26 - €214
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    Facebook Sayfa Kasma,Facebook Sayfa Beğendirme,Oto Sayfa Beğendirme,Admin Panelli ve Kullanıcılarına Duvarına ve Kullanıcıların Arkadaşlarının Duvarına İstediğim Zaman İstediğim Link resim reklam vs.... Atabileyim..Ayrıca Sayfanın Günlük 1000-5000 Beğeni Almasını İstiyorum...Bu Yazılım Bana Özel Olmalı..Bunun İçin Sizden Teklif Bekliyorum...Ayrıca Bu Yazılımı Ticarete Dö...

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    Hi Fan M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi Fan M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Enclosure needed to assemble and disassemble with easily. Enclosure content the Fan and battery with PCB. We have number of snapshot and video for reference for CAD. Thanks

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    I need someone that's quite expert in this project if you know you're an amateur kindly stay away from this

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    €26 - €214
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    Diseño página web 5 gün left

    Estimados Sres, somos una empresa que brinda asesoría empresarial a empresas exportadoras y necesitamos mejorar nuestra página Web para que sea más atractiva y llamativa. Asimismo mejorar nuestra Fan page. A continuación el link de la empresa. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    If you're interested please sign up on this website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] we are actually developing an ecommerce platform that focuses on fine art :) Like Etsy and Amazon.. only difference is our focus will only be establishing stores for artists and the social capabilities of facebook In these times of recession we have a goal to help and assists...

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    I need a basic function setting of the stm32f407 discovery board based on the EWARM program. 1. USB dfu mode setting and simple testing 2. 8 channels for servo motor(PWM) setting and simple testing 3. 3 channels for fan(PWM) setting and simple testing 4. 8 channels of interrupt setting and simple testing 5. 1 USART(Rx,tx) setting and simple testing 6. i2c for eeprome setting and fuctions and simpl...

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    Trophy icon Master Bedroom Interior Design 4 gün left

    Hi there! Renovating a new home and the master bedroom has potential. I have so many ideas I'm not sure how to put them all together. I have a rustic barn door in mind for the passway between the bedroom and bath (see picture), an accent wall in mind behind the bed, a ceiling fan already picked out (see picture) and a sentimental mirror to hang (see picture, dimensions 40.5" wide and ...

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    Hi all, THE IDEA: So my partner is a very big gamer and is a big halo fan. I'd like to get a custom portrait to hang in his games room of Master Chief (the main character) but i would like his face shield off and it to be my partners face instead. I'M AFTER: I'm after a really dope semi/realistic type look for this piece. The inspo pic i attached is good but i definitely want a mo...

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    Hi there, Im looking to help my girlfriend out who wants to continue with her business but wants her own site. Need the website to have -customer Pays subscription to follow (every fan who wants to see content of the individual (creator) have to pay first) - Let users (creators) choose their own monthly amount that fans have to pay. - Payout options for the (creator). - Admin fees settings. (F...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Bitti left

    I have an idea for a logo and want to see examples of what it would look like. The idea is that the site name [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] is written in a curved style around an oriental style fan with a faint asian flower design OR naked female silhouette as the background image on the fan. (No explicit images) I am flexible on colour but would like it to b...

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    BLE Device Presence Detector with arduino uno Microcontroller and raspberry Pi My project is to controlling home appliances with arduino and raspberry Pi. In this project I'm using arduino and raspberry pi separately. Aim & objectives of the project: In this project, I’m trying to control various electronic home/office appliances based on presence or absence of users/clients. The u...

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    tv show fan 3 gün left

    Hi, i need a freelancer who has a big passion for tv series of his country and reminds a lot of details of episodes watched

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    I need CFD and FEA Analysis of Ceiling

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    My company name is Marketing AX I am looking for a UNIQUE brand logo. looking for a very creative look, my color palette is attached below.... Please use the dark blue, grey and green that are provided in my color palette. Low quality work will not be accepted Please do not use the same fonts and symbols as every other entry... I WILL REJECT Contest entries that are low qaulity or not cre...

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    So i am a fan of Goldfinger, i just want my face on the original movie picture of Goldfinger with the 2 pictures in hte file.

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    Busco especialista para realizar el siguiente proyecto: -Creación de un logo - Creación de fan page -Publicaciones para la visibilidad del fan page -Soporte -Realizar una campaña en base a información de mercado para segmentación que cuento para el producto.

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    Hallo, I need a Chess Game, but right now I don't have much money. So please bid if you are willing to pay monthly. I will pay the appropriate price but it will take time. My budget for this chess game is 750 $. please bid if you are willing to partner for a long term with me. Features game is: 1. Battle (invite Friend, Invite Online and Battle with Robot) 2. Contest or Tournament 3. Guide L...

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    I would like to see the use of perror and getopt in this project. Process Fans(p. 88) in textbook by Robbins/Robbins. The exercise expands on the fan structure of Program 3.2 in the book through the development of a simple batch processing facility, called runsim. The program being developed in this exercise is a precursor to building a license [URL'yi görüntülemek iç...

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    tv series fan Bitti left

    I search for a freelancer who is very familiar with tv series of his country

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    Hello I'm a fan of affiliate marketing but don't know where to start. Can you help me? Thank you.

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    C programming project: Process Fans from text by Robbins/Robbins. This expands the fan structure through the development of a simple batch processing facility, called runsim. The program being developed in this exercise is a precursor to building a license manager. Program 3.2 creates a fan of n processes by calling fork(2) in a loop. fan is a vehicle to experiment with wait and sharing of devices...

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    Task One You are an IoT Developer at SureSuccess Inc and about to start a project where you have been tasked with setting up an IoT branch office with a remote link to the company's head office. The project is divided into 2 parts: Create a smart branch office with the criteria and devices given. Control these smart devices from the head office which is in the same city The branch office inc...

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    Do you love creating e-commerce websites on Shopify? Do you like working with small businesses? I’m looking for an experienced Shopify expert to help create a new website and move existing an woocommerce Wordpress site over to the new platform. I own a small bakery and an online baking mix company. I want to move the online baking mix store to Shopify, it’s currently on Wordpress an...

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    I need a app which download onlyfans video and images without subs...

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    Hello, I see you are experienced with akamai. My team is looking to buy access to an akamai solution. Payments will be made monthly

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    I want a circuit that can control fan speed and for which fan at low speed should not make a buzzing sound. It should be same as current triac based fan regulators.

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    Unix System calls and library Functions I would like to see the use of perror and getopt in this submission. Do Exercise 3.9: Process Fans (p. 88) in text by Robbins and Robbins. The exercise expands on the fan structure of Program 3.2 in the book through the development of a simple batch processing facility, called runsim. The program being developed in this exercise is a precursor to building a ...

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    We want to update our old website to today's web experience. You can see the front page at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We are a sports fans organization and want to create a lot of interactive capability with forums, polling, petitions, bloogers, etc.

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    In the present scenario, due to the unavailability of power grid in rural areas as well as depleting fossil fuel sources, it causes us to implement newer technologies which rely on renewable energy resources like solar energy, wind energy, etc. As we know solar energy is abundant in the supply and is available during day time in all countries. In this project we are designing and developing a stan...

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    build a pair of websites that work together - a fansite for uploading fan content for a niche fantasy game and a wargaming club website for booking and info about events 1. I need a website with booking features for a wargaming and retro video gaming handhelds fangroup - and local meetup club. First games: 40k, blood bowl, mtg, rage ccg. When minimum 6 people join an event the event takes their ...

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    Trophy icon Design me a company logo Bitti left

    We are a retail sales company 1) PC/Laptop and accessories in market B2B 2) PC/Laptop and accessories sales from our call center for customers What we are looking for: - A new company logo, which fits both business units - It should be clean, modern and professional - Company name is : Sazgar System What attracts our board of directors attention ? - Chairman of our company is a big f...

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    Decide upon a Target Candle of interest Using Fib Speed Resistance Fan (or similar) establish angled rays from: 1. Target Candle (TC) L to next future Fractal H breaking above that Target Candle H 2. TC L to previous Fractal H above that TC H 3. TC H to next future Fractal L breaking below that TC L 4. TC H to previous Fractal L below that TC L Total of 4 angled ray sets painted from 2 clicks, 1...

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    I want to learn c# language and website designing (I know basic of c#) can you teach me please ? by the way big fan sir

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    hello,friend Our product is consumer electronics products : TWS earbuds, wireless charger, forehead thermometer,handheld mini fan,body posture corrector etc... . Both the TWS earbuds and wireless charger is a sunrise industry. It is developing rapidly. We need like-minded people to join our sales team...

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    I need a website where i can upload models and their related content 1. Admin a. Model Section (list of models + add a model) i. Model Name ii. Model Profile Pic (uploaded to CDN) iii. Model Description iv. Meta Description v. Meta tags vi. Stats (age, height, hair, eyes, boobs, country, etc) vii. Schedule (date and time ) viii. Status (active/inactive) ix. Model Social Media Links (Instagram/ ...

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    Trying to make several logos for an artist fan club Tee shirt

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    Am building a social media site dedicated to sports lovers. This site will have professional athletes on it as well. Have 3 core roles already defined: Athlete, fan and subscribers. Will leverage phpfox for back end. From front end and mobile app will have log in with 2 flows. If Athlete log into mobile app and dashboard and fans or subscribers can log into the phpfox back end.

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    My fridge isn’t cooling enough, it’s staying cool and the seals are all good, there’s no dust left in the back vents so I’m guessing it needs more refrigerant gas. The fan and compressed sounds are running. I need quotes on fixing this please to know if it’s worth fixing it or to just replace it

    €19 - €155
    €19 - €155
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    Re do bedroom Bitti left

    Hi I would like to redo my entire bedroom. I have shutters and somewhat built in cupboards. I have a fan and a diagonal roof. The room is quite big but just bland. Desperately need help

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    Trophy icon Football Poster Needed ASAP! Bitti left

    I need a poster created for a bar that is having a big Football kick-off party on Sunday!! The information and images are below. The poster should have.. 1. Two helmets facing each other, both black in color. 2. One helmet should have the "Buccaneers" logo on it and the other should have the "Bonehook" logo. The words at the top of the poster should say "HOME OF THE TA...

    €17 (Avg Bid)
    13 girdi

    In prezent suntem conectati cu eMAG Marketplace si dorim sa realizam conectarea si cu Cel Marketplace, in viitorul apropiat si cu Amazon. Versiunea de opencart este, customizat. In acelasi timp avem nevoie si de urmatorul lucru : creare un modul/optiune ca atunci cand dorim sa generam AWB-ul din platforma opencart, sa ne apara un popup din care vom putea selecta curierul cu care vom exped...

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    Hi, Saif. This is iDarkDex from Internet. I'm running my small Foundation called 'iDarkDex Foundation & Network LTD' and i want to discuss your 'Says'. as i find that you have been trying to get reviews by working free if possible with Articles and story writing. So, i have a small query which is about Youtube. (Do you have your any Channel on YouTube or at any platfor...

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    Create product Bitti left

    I have a concept of a new ceiling fan and am in need of bringing the concept into reality

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