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    Make me an interesting mobile game that can go viral, with proper google ads installed. Banner, Interstitial, Reward ads. Eg:- [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Or I want games like fighter plane game, any racing game.. any beat them up game.

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    Hello, We Need Expert Consultant for Laravel and CodeIgniter - just need guide for 1 hours. You going to explain the security for code and database and steeling code or database by developer if multiple developer working on one large project with different module with a unique concept then how to protect my code and database by developer who working on project even for not stilling whole idea of...

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    We are looking for an illustrator with experience with line art illustrations. The object is a human hand with a band (till wrist) see attached image as a reference. We need about 8-10 postures of the hand, like, walking on two fingers, snapping, picking, thumbs up, etc.

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    It' s children book I need animated/digital illustrations For complete details mail me krnikhil@icloud .com

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    I have a .zip file which I will provide with all the files in. PLEASE WATCH VIDEO- [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Requirements- 1)Screen Record whole process 2)Take step by step screenshots and write a small description of what you were doing in the screenshot taken and out in a word document 3) Turn background from Green to Blue 4) Remove logo from the bag b...

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    We have two fonts to add to our page fly integration on shopify for our store. We have the otf & ttf and need a freelancer to upload those two fonts effectively so that we can use them within the platform. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    We need a React.JS front-end developer with at least 2-3 years of experience in front-end development using React.js. Preferred candidate will have knowledge of PWA based on React.js. The knowledge of web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX etc. is must. The working hours would be 20-40 hours per week.. We need someone with long term commitment. The role requires fluent Engl...

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    We want to do a series of Dino books for Toddlers - Each book is on a type of Dino and has 8 illustrations.

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    Hello Developers, I am using the Bookly Plugin and would like to use Stripe for payments. I already got the Stripe Addon from Bookly but this is just providing a normal credit card payment. I would like to have the ability to have the following payment options integrated (all from Stripe): -Pay with credit card but with the "Save-and-Reuse" feature, so that the customers card can be c...

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    Illustrations 6 gün left

    Rilmac Scaffolding - Our company supplies access solutions within the construction industry. The project is to support a new induction video which the company is bringing in. The illustrations are to help communicate the company message, a bit like a brochure, but simple, to get the message over. The illustrations will be simple scenes to explain certain items like housekeeping, best practice...

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    Retyping pdf text in word In time without any mistake

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    I need 9 Illustrations of greek gods but in modern times. they wil be on the cover on supplement bottles. Looking for something modern but also showing of thay characters power. Example would be the two images kinda blended together styles.

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    I am a retired school teacher with 2 grandchildren to whom I love to tell bed-time stories; especially ones with a moral/spiritual/biblical background. I have written a book on creation/evolution for young people that requires a good book illustrator, who loves children as well. Most of the illustrations feature a few characters (mainly 2 children and an adult - which I'll provide sample ...

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    I need captivating, unique, thought provoking illustrations for my poetry book

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    I am Looking for Full stack .NET Developer.

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    Require illustrator who can bring to life a 9 page children’s story about the cultural travel experience of a little girl. Whimsical yet accurate illustrations required. Excellent grasp of streetscapes, landscapes and architecture. Independent project. Whimsical yet realistic illustrations required. Please enquire to receive full illustration brief.

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    I'm looking for a business card redesign. This isn't a logo redesign, but a way to better showcase the brand while displaying my contact info better. 2 sided business card. .ai file is attached, the .pdf shows the back of the card. Winner must surrender original artwork (.ai file) of the card layout so we can use as a template. We are hoping for quick turn around.

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    I live in south Louisiana, and I have a great story for our culture here in Louisiana. I have the storyline but I want assistance with the writing portion. I also need illustrations.

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    Hi, I want somebody to design 4 x email templates for our client email campaign. The email template should be in HTML and design as per our requirement. We will provide you some illustrations. You should be a good Adobe photoshop, illustrator and html skilled. Thanks

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    If you need help with Illustrating your story or translating files or even redacting something, I can help you! Infographics? Sure! I can do that too. Translations: 0,04$/word. Illustrations: 30$ - or more, depends on the project. Infographics: 30$/infographic (I can do this in 6 hours to guarantee excellence, but the price could increase if need extra investigation). Edition of text: 10$/hour. ...

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    I need a freelance designer for a HTML email campaign within salesforce. I will have a content writer and we'll have the content and visual guidelines ready for you but you will need to take that and create an HTML Email design. You will also have to create and design a Yammer post. I need this done within a couple of day after I give you give you the content.

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    I need you to write a report for something. About my client who needs more hours of supports

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    I published a children's Christmas story a few years ago and would like to add illustrations and a new cover design. The book is available to preview here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I need illustrations for a 24-page child's story book. Every page requires an illustration

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    I need to have an existing picture edited and I need it done within one to two hours the latest.

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    I have a 46 page power point presentation with text with computer audio auto slide. I want to make a very creative video out of it, so I't I popping with great illustrations, designs and real voice (type) narration.

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    Need a list of blogs in a specific country, blogs or websites that talk about food. I do not want newspapers or restaurant websites. I need blogs or websites that are related to food in a specific country.

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    I have 2-3 years old code in VPS/ CentOS which has been working well on the host and it is managed by couple of my developers who are busy. It has cronjob, APIs, MySQL, Twilio, Emailing and other standard server side components. Entire code is in PHP/Laravel. Now, I want to download that code from bitbucket and set up on my localhost (Windows 10 PC) and also do code walk through review (I used to...

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    Rename files in Google drive, to a specific format -Must be accurate. -Must be available to complete in next 12 hours. -Probably takes 1-2 hours. -Must be smart to be able to work out if a date is US or rest of world date format (MMDDYYYY vs. DDMMYYYY).

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    We are URGENTLY putting together a team to undertake a concise, but in-depth research study for a UK client. The study is a project with the objective of increasing the understanding of the ecology of forage fish (including sandeel, sprat and herring, etc) and any pressures upon them, particularly within certain parts of the Atlantic Ocean, off the UK coastline. The research will involve collat...

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    A logo for a black doll company. All about empowerment. Going for light colors. Kids friendly.

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    We're a professional service firm providing expertise to help universities succeed in international education markets. As such, we have a team of marketing staff in China, who provide expertise to institutions. They regularly send our university clients brief activity reports each month, followed by quarterly reports on recommendations and insights. We are looking for a freelancer to review a...

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    Hi, I am a teacher who has written a series of children's books (roughly 17 pages each). The books are about a boy who has autism. I am looking for an illustrator for my books. I would like my books to be drawn in a cartoon style (digitally). I want the illustrations to fit between the text in a similar style (though a bit simpler) as the image uploaded. I have also uploaded my visualizatio...

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    HI all, I have an event on the 05th Feb and need a local photographer for 2-3 hours. Please show me your portfolio. Its a wedding ceremony so you need to have prior experience. Please only apply if you have a portfolio to show work. Gee

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    I need a Program that when I run it, it will Edit the CSV files within the specific Folder, 1. the Folder will always be the same location. it will be folder that I put on my desktop 2. the program needs to be an EXE type preferably. 3. what will the program Edit on these folders? The program needs to remove COLUMS B, M, N, O, P , Q , R , S , T, X and resave the CVS Files with their original n...

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    Marketing Team 4 gün left

    I am building and growing a website that promotes, creates, and advertises artwork, illustrations, and comics. Our goal is to bring creatives together and let them connect to each other. We recently incorporated sales into the business I need a person or group of experts that can create, strategize, and implement a successful marketing plan. The social media platforms we utilize are instagram,...

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    I want to implement deep sleep on my ESP8266 to enhance battery performance. Certainly for 6 hours sleep then wakeup and read data then again sleep for 6 hours

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    Looking for a 450 x 350 .png banner that says: Large text: Too Many Ads? Smaller text: Turn off all ads Even small text w/ button: click here With some image that shows person clicking red stop sign with white letters that say 'ads' inside. Should be clean and eye-catching.

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    We are seeking consultation and troubleshooting assistance for a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) within Autodesk Nastran. The consultant will only be responsible for ensuring that the FEA model is usable and error free. The assembly being analyzed is made of less than 20 instances of 2 unique parts and 2 unique weldments, with each weldment containing no more than unique 4 parts. All parts and asse...

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    Seek an efficient React + CSS developer work on a new React + ASP.NET Core project. The project is simple at the moment, and not going to be complex in the end. I will need you several hours per week. Budget is 5 USD / hour. You will have to remotely work on my computer by TeamViewer.

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    This is a small project (ie 10-20 hours). The task is to design a rough mockup of a portal for patients (medical software used by doctors). We currently have some design guidelines and parts already in place (like schedule a appointment with the doctor) - and need to add functions to communicate with the doctor (chat, read existing notes, fill out webforms that the doctor can read). I would lik...

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    Quiero imprimir ilustraciones en camisetas y busco ilustraciones tiernas de pájaros o "borbs" (pájaros muy gordos, fluffy y redondos), among other cute animals. I want to print illustrations on T-shirts and I am looking for cute illustrations of birds or "borbs" (very fat, fluffy and round birds).

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    We are looking for great designs & illustrations to use for print on a 7x10" metal rolling tray (for joints, blunts, cigarettes, general smoking). We will end up purchasing any designs that we like, so multiple entries & designers will be awarded! Here's what some design themes looking for: * Culturally relevant themes (memes, trends, etc.) * Cyberpunk (style, not the game) the...

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    I need someone to remake [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] in WordPress for me in less than 24 hours. It's a very simple page - I have some slight modifications like adding some images but it will be 95% exactly the same. If you can help me let me know. How long will this take?

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    I have one .imr report document. I need to modify it. Because this is urgent task to be done in 4 hours, bid only expert. Prefer experience in Cognos.

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    Hi, We are creating a new online service and looking for people to assist. No experience required. Must be over 18 years. Must have a laptop or smart mobile with internet access. We need both male and 5 female. Participants must be available today from 6:30pm until 8:15pm Sydney time. Full instructions to follow, but in a nutshell it's simply logging in to our website and taking part in an on...

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    I am a design studio looking to change my brand name, The name of my business is niamhdesignstudio. I design collections of surface pattern designs / illustrations to sell and license to buyers for the likes of stationary, homewares, fashion etc. So part of the website is selling business to business. The other part I sell personalized baby wallarts and notebooks to local consumers. It is two di...

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    I'm creating a website and need the graphics to be consistent across the site. The site is around a service that helps people resolve issues - these are typically tech support issues but also issues around billing, account status, scheduling, and other areas. Brand colors are as follows. Primary: #136FEE Secondary: #FFE871 Tertiary: #4C4C4C For this request, I am looking for a flat illust...

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