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    Örnekteki siteye ait psd htlm5 responsive + css3 + w3 kurallarına uygun psd dökümü yaptırılacaktır. Döküm kendime özel php scriptte kullanılacaktır. döküm 4 sayfadan uluşmakta olup 1 anasayfa 1 geçiş sayfası 1 oynama sayfası 1 kategoriden oluşmaktadır.

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    looking for integrate admob advertisement ads to my app android from my sever buy using JSON and start making money ? from it ? need to put your unit id (admob) in the sever.. firbase for ex >> why not implemented in normally inside the code source ? OK let's say something happen and admob shutdown and you can't no longer use the same admob so you need to change the unit id of...

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    Memory Management In Linux 4 gün left

    I need a C expert for the memory management library in Linux. Quick description: Processes will use the library to allocate memory space dynamically, instead of using the malloc function. The library will manage that memory segment. Memory space allocations will be made from that segment to the requesting processes. The library will implement initialization, allocation, and deallocation routines. ...

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    Double storey metal frame house. Need someone to cut a hole in ceiling gyprock, attach wooden beam between metal frames (to be able to attach ceiling fan). Attach ceiling fan and re-patch gyprock and paint. Ceiling fans already purchased with remotes.

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    LGO or (let the genie out) means above all; as soon as the wine is opened, the process can no longer be stopped. Good conversation, conviviality, inspiration, great experience, great time, connecting to people, place and time, etc. L.G.O. must be attractive and recognisable on the label. The abbreviation must become the brand mark. Under the L.G.O. logo there should be an explanation of e...

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    Hi, i rent an VPS with ubuntu server. I have added additional IPv4 adresses to them. Here are some outputs from the setup there: root@case:~# ifconfig lo: flags=73<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING> mtu 65536 inet [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] netmask [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] inet6 ::1 prefixlen 128 scopeid...

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    Bearing brackets are widely used in machinery to connect rotating parts, such as shafts, wheels, idler gears, etc., to stationary parts - an example of a ball bearing bracket is shown in Figure 1. A simplified two-dimensional (2D) schematic of a bearing bracket with dimensions is shown in Figure 2. The bracket is rigidly fixed to the base and a lo...

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    My brand is called November Water, we are 2 young men from Canada, we have been doing this for 2 years now and have had very much success using our edgy, unique and bold designs. I need someone who can create an illustration of a 1950s housewife poking a hole through a condom with a pin. It would be shoulder-up with a calendar somewhere in the illustration as well to show whoever is looking at t...

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    I need to modify the approved design for my solar array installation, to account for a 3' E-W height variance (roughly 7-10 deg slope?). Please review to create update accounting for this height variance. Also want to determine the shortest post hole depth needed for the updated structure. Must be able to stamp design in MD, if necessary (I don't think it's needed for a solar a...

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    Hi, i need a PCB design for a shield board, here some details: 1) the shield must be attached to this main board: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The shield will have a 1x18 and a 1x15 pin female headers where put the neonious one. 2) the shiled will be used to drive high power strip led by a PWM MOSFET, so i need: --- A) 4 separate "channels", where ...

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    Hi Andrey I am looking for someone to work in DipTrace converting or improve if needed simple circuit from through hole to SMD components and recommend component that are easy to source from AliExpress or similar. In future we have other projects we are working on

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    I am a golf course owner looking to have a Microsoft publisher template that I can alter designer would develop hole information,room to put player scores, pictures, room for advertising that I could alter I want to be able to print from my own personal computer

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    Remodel a one story house from 2000 sq ft to 4000 sqr ft making it a 2 story Loft type home. Using the same slab and outside walls is the ideal. The pool in the back needs remodeling but the same hole can be used.

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    I have webforms project, I need help to add items to a basket with some javascript or jquery or any other way to select the items without doing a postback of the hole webform page. 1- Select the item name from textbox with autocomplete itemname. 2- Set the quantity. 3- Set the purchase price. 4- button click -> Add the item with quantity and purchase price to basket .

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    I need someone to design following: (color wise we are totally free!) all products shall be 2 sided. 1 side will be in English and 1 in German language, same design On each design we need a place to place our brandname (will tell you tomorrow morning) and powered by Growmatic Consulting and our website URL 1.) simple Table display Content from Table Display - Text English Headline: Your gift...

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    how much would it cost me to have you make a 0.8mm pcb that will carry a on off switch, button battery holder 8 through hole spots for leds and chip and speaker to play a christmas carol for a greeting card the size of an a5 sheet of paper or smaller if possible? the battery would be a cr 2032 or similur. the attached image shows the style switch im looking for.

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    i need a chrome extension bangali hole valo hoi

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    Hello, I need a library written in Typescript angular 10 for creating a hole text ( see picture in attachment). A component that would take as input the text and the words to fill.

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    I need a some sources I can use in an academic context aboud the company "Fiverr" and it`s market position. Very important questions in this context are: 1. Who are the four main/biggest competitors of fiverr ("" for example!?) and how many costumers do each of these competitors have and how many has fiverr? 2. How much money (turnover/sales) do the these compet...

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    Take the working prototype currently running on several prebuilt shields and development boards and convert it to a single PCB easy for hole production.

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    I work as an electrician and would like to have an app that when I type in the dimensions of the room, the ceiling joist sizes and number of them that it automatically tells me what measurement the downlight holes should be cutout to fit as equally distant to each other as possible. It's quite hard to explain but when measuring to install downlights you need 50-70mm clearance around the hole ...

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    I have 2 basic HTML contact forms on my website. Spammers are getting through on the main contact form, but not the other. I installed Form Tools, and Captcha V2, but captcha is still being bypassed. Form Tools can be removed if necessary. I need help finding and plugging the hole, and stopping the spam.

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    We have a template-based webpage and we are not using the hole templates so it would be to clean it up and leave only the esencials. Also we have a security problem so there are using some form or something to use mail spam, we need to secure the web. We work with cpanel. Ty.

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    I need an STL file for a round vent which can be printed in clear resin. I have attached some examples but the hold size is 50mm, so the vent should fit snugly inside that with a lip to prevent it falling through. The pattern should be crosses (little squares, like a mesh) which are very small, 0.2 or 0.5 mm in size. Overall the height is 4mm for the hole plus 4mm for the lip. total 8mm high. (ma...

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    Golf game app Bitti left

    I would like to build a scotch game app. I have spreadsheet. Need someone to create a hole by hole and cumulative scoring app.

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    A tree fell on our raised ranch. A branch hit a load bearing pole that is inside a outside wall. The force of the impact created a hole in the siding and caused cracks on the drywall inside. I would like to get the load bearing pole inspected.

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    I need a set of 26 3D models for each of these cases. I have included images of each case from multiple angles here - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Please export models in the OBJ format. Please read these important notes before beginning your work: - Some of the cases have small manufacturing defects, please ignore these - Each case has a small ring on the ...

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    I want to add a feature to a page on my wordpress site. The feature / plugin will allow those accessing the page to use their webcam / phone camera to snap a picture of their face and insert it into a hole placed in another image. Users will then be able to download the image. No sharing needed. Take a look at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] for an idea of wh...

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    Our startup company is looking for PHP senior developer for long term Javascript skill is mandatory, we already developed initial project with may layout We need you to implement other designs, We will provide PSD If you know photoshop a bit, it's bonus

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    Little plastic plates to spray paint my tools and label them with my name and numbers. I am very new at this. This is my first print ever. I am a graphic designer, so I already created a the 2D print fine for the 3D print file i need (1 to 1 size) Needed: 1- Extrude the file i sent you. (Doesn't need to be thick plastic. These plastic plates will be used for spray painting for my tools). 2- ...

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    Looking for a person to help me make some changes to my wordpress/woocomerce site. These are the changes I need help with right now. If the right person comes along there will be more work in the near future. • I want to completely redesign my website menu with a fresh easy to use look. Maybe create a mega menu for the hole thing? • Build product categories and subcategories in ...

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    jwang7 Nov 02, 9:55 PM ReportSpam Hello, I have got your information. Then, i have some questions. First, do you have a nose piercing hole? Second, could you please provide me some video you produced before? How many pageviews do your video get? Could you please tell me? If not, it’s OK. Sia

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    Hello, I am looking for a CNC plan (2D) for 4 characters. (LOVE) An example is attached. Measurments are in metric. - Total character height without edge: 1500mm - Light distance apart: 200mm, hole size 16mm (Every hole 200mm apart, evenly distributed.) - Font style = League Gothic - The O must be squared off, the roundness of the O in the top and bottom to be converted to 8 angled cuts. - The a...

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    I need this STL file modified to be 4 Inches tall, with a 1/4 inch hexagon hole that is 2 inches deep in place of the existing round hole.

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    Hello - I had a door hanger flyer made and can’t get ahold of the original creator. I need it edited. Can you please help? The hole from the flyer cover the name of the company...

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    Hello - I had a door hanger flyer made and can’t get ahold of the original creator. I need it edited. Can you please help? The hole from the flyer cover the name of the company...

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    Goal: To extract every info needed to build a poker hand history so that it can import into holdem manager and hand2note database software. It must do that in real time so that the poker huds and stats can be displayed on the table as poker hands are played. Info needed example: Player name, stack size, position, hole cards of player playing (and those shown at showdown), all the action, bet/r...

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    small working Bitti left

    Small Documents-Management System to provide standard documents that can be any pc format like doc, pdf, xls, with a "nice name" (not document file name). System to support a "Client". Each client has its own documents, admin and users. if the site is called with ?client=school1 then this is in "clientmode" which means we not ask for client name, only login with us...

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    Small Documents-Management System to provide standard documents that can be any pc format like doc, pdf, xls, with a "nice name" (not document file name). System to support a "Client". Each client has its own documents, admin and users. if the site is called with ?client=school1 then this is in "clientmode" which means we not ask for client name, only login with u...

    €6 - €18
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    Small Documents-Management System to provide standard documents, that can be any pc format like doc, pdf, xls, with a "nice name" (not document file name). System to support a "Client". Each client has its own documents, admin and users. if the site is called with ?client=school1 then this is in "clientmode" which means we not ask for client name, only login with user...

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    The [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] uses g++ compiler (from mingw-w64) and runs 38+ Million iterations per second on my CPU. The [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] code in [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], compiled with Visual Studio 2019 and CUDA Toolkit 11.1 returns only about 1600 iterations pe...

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    you have to reedit my video first watch hole video then bid ok 5$ per video will be given 1 [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 2 [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 3 [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I'm looking for a Celine DIon & Rene Angelil fan. Someone that knows there story well enough to know who I'm talking about. Let me be clear I am in no way making fun. This is based on a true story. I pay a fixed price only. So please do not come at he with hourly rate. The story I have in mind is rather unique & is why I need someone that has a general idea of whom I'm talki...

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    Dear colleagues, I need an expert within image analysis that can explain the basics of image analysis. An overview of topics include: [PLEASE look through the topics before applying] Digital image and data structures, the pin hole camera, medical modalities, image file formats, point processing, filtering, morphology, BLOB analysis, classification, labelling and object analysis, pixel classific...

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    The project is to create 6 different still images. 6 different background images will be provided. A 3d model of the main object will be provided (we'll call it the cube). The designer will need to add another object the straw - cocktail straw, diameter matching the cube hole and 200mm length. Finish of the straw should have paper look (no gloss). Color of the straw should be picked by the de...

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    For our small engineering company we need a lightweight hybrid system (up to 10 users) somewhere between PLM and ERP. The system should be webbased and will be installed on our local network server. The system has a database backend (mysql, postgres sql....) The Data Structure is as the following: - Table0: items (about 15 columns) contains all items with several information like ID delevery t...

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    Criar 3 páginas WEB para a camada de apresentação do usuário utilizando HTLM5, CSS3, JavaScript. As páginas devem ser responsivas. Segue protótipo de telas.

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    The project a Logo for a golf clothing line called Birdie Juice Apparel. The trademarked slogan is "Beers For Birdies" so we are not a "old school" stuffy golf brand. We currently only sell 2 hats (one navy blue and one charcoal and I attached a picture of them) that say Beers For Birdies on it (on Etsy). We are looking to expand the offering on hats and therefore we need a lo...

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    I need a software interface or control panel web page based, to encode an input 1080p video from SDI video card or coming from network NDI video, to 5 out different resolutions (1080p+720p+576p+240p+140p) with the key frame aligned and stream each one over rtmp protocol. The key frame aligned is mandatory to maintain sync of each encoded video from each others. Each resolution stream need to be...

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    I have made a schematic and a through-hole PCB for a robot design. I'd like to have the through-hole components replaced by smt components as much as possible, and the traces re-routed. There a 108 components of which 92 have SMT equivalents. The schematic and current PCB are in EasyEda, so it would be a plus if we could could have the new PCB layout in EasyEda.

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