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    ...modules to be placed; Budgeting module; 4) online conversations It will also be Mailed to users and producers of the moment. will be the main language tükçe admin, manufacturers, designers and end-users will be pages There will be three types of membership for manufacturers will be free to users Advertising space will be paid the administrator will approve all memberships etc ..... I would like to receive bids on the project We need you to review and price Do you want to help us. - Regards. zafer --------------------------------------------------------- Merhaba, Biz uygulamak istediğiniz projemiz ile ilgili bir kaç dönemler için bir yazılım şirketi arıyoruz. Web sitesinde ek mantık paylaşın ve tüm fonksiyonları ile bir ...

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    ...problems of different sorts, they need to be replaced. This requires the process to execute the activity “Cancel Good Receipt”, which will eventually be followed again by “Record Good Receipt”. 2. If the goods are satisfactory, after some time, the good’s provider sends the invoice to the ordering company (event “Record Invoice Receipt”) The process ends by clearing the invoice, namely the company paying it. Questions Using process-mining techniques, answer the following questions. and Validation of a Process Model Prelude: The company wants to gain further insight into how the process is being executed. Suppose to be a process analyst: you want to provide a Petri net that represents the actual process executions. What to do: ...

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    We are searching for a writer who can conduct thorough research and create a "how-to" book spanning over 7000 words. The budget allocated for this project is $70 USD, paying the full amount upon completion without requiring any upfront fee. The deadline for this project is set at 14 days from the acceptance date. Once the project is concluded, you will relinquish all rights to the eBook and its content. Kindly share your previous work samples so that I can assess your writing style effectively.

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    I am looking for a skilled PHP developer to create a script for my MLM website. The main purpose of the website is to have users join by paying a fee of 25 Ghana cedis. Features needed: - User registration and login system - Referral system with 3 levels - Payment verification through a preferred payment gateway (other than PayPal or Stripe) Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in PHP programming - Experience in developing MLM websites or similar referral systems - Familiarity with integrating payment gateways The referral system is an essential component of the website, as users will earn 12 cedis for every successful registration made through their referral link, after the person verifies their payment. It is crucial that the referral system has 3 levels deep, providing ...

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    This is a full time job, paying monthly I am looking for a skilled social media manager to create and manage posts for my Instagram page. Platforms: - Instagram and tik tok @mushiyatshikuka @mushiyatshikukafoundation @zufire Content type: - Photos -videos -write captions -reels Posting frequency: - Daily Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and understanding of Instagram and its features - Creativity in creating visually appealing and engaging photo content - Ability to curate and schedule daily posts - Familiarity with relevant hashtags and trends - Experience in growing and engaging an Instagram audience - Basic photo editing skills - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to effectively coordinate with the client and understand their brand and targ...

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    ...must comply with platform policies regarding gambling and betting content. - Twitter Ads: Running sponsored tweets or ads targeting users discussing or interested in betting topics. - YouTube Ads: Utilizing video ads targeting users interested in betting-related content. 3. Affiliate Marketing: - Partnering with affiliate marketers or networks to promote betting platforms. This involves paying affiliates based on performance metrics such as clicks, sign-ups, or deposits. 4. Display Advertising: - Placing banner ads on relevant websites or within mobile apps frequented by audiences interested in betting or gambling activities. 5. Native Advertising: - Creating content that seamlessly integrates with the platform or website's style while promoting betting ser...

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    32 teklifler those pages. We will set this new site up on a new server and use cdn. Once all is tested we will switch to new site. Honestly most on this site and most such sites are scammers. I will not do business with one of these scammers. I also, will not pay a super high price as you people are not doctors/lawyers and those who pretend to be are laughable. I am the boss and not you given I am the one paying you. We will work together and I will be kind and nice but I do not take orders from you as many high minded webmasters think they are the boss. So, I'm looking for someone young and hungry but who knows what you are doing. If you spend the day downloading some software, you are not the one for me. If you want to build an adult website and get paid a decent amount then this is...

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    I am in need of a skilled backend developer with experience in C# and .NET Core to assist me with API development. Goal: For organizing a website that is used by a bank to provide information about its products and services to customers. It may also allow customers to perform transactions such as checking their account balances, transferring money, and paying bills. Our website should typically have a number of different sections, including: * A home page that provides an overview of the bank's products and services. * A section for customers to log in to their accounts. * A section for customers to view their account balances and transactions. * A section for customers to transfer money between accounts. * A section for customers to pay bills. * A section for custome...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me complete a web project that was left incomplete. Hit and run project team took my existing website and improved it but left it unfinished. I made mistakes of paying before project complete. The specific tasks that need to be completed include: - Fixing broken links - Updating outdated content - Optimizing website speed The website is built on the WordPress platform, so experience with WordPress is necessary. I have access to all necessary files and login information, so there should not be any issues in accessing the required resources. I am seeking a skilled and experienced freelancer who can efficiently complete these tasks and ensure the website is fully functional and optimized. Someone looking for finished product versus quick hit...

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    ...Administrator. Sub-Task: Define access privileges for each tier. Objective: Provide a structured system where Free members enjoy basic content, Premium members access additional content, and Administrators have control over the platform. 7. Access Control for Premium Members: Task: Restrict access to certain content and enable premium content upload for Premium members. Objective: Encourage premium memberships by offering exclusive content and upload privileges. 8. Platform Documentation: Task: Document all changes made during the optimization process. Objective: Create a reference document for future maintenance and troubleshooting. 9. User Communication: Task: Communicate changes to users, highlighting new features or improvements. Objective: Keep users informed and engaged ...

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    I am looking for a Website Manager who can handle various maintenance, SEO, and marketing tasks for my website. The ideal candidate should have experience in website maintenance and be proficient in SEO techniques and marketing strategies. I will be paying $150/month. Website Maintenance: - Regular website updates and bug fixes - Monitoring and resolving any issues or errors - Ensuring website security and backups SEO Tasks: - Conducting keyword research and optimization to improve search engine rankings - Implementing effective link building strategies to increase the website's authority and visibility Marketing Tasks: - Increasing brand awareness through various marketing channels - Driving more traffic to the website through targeted campaigns and strategies Skills and E...

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    USA based Marketer 4 gün left

    You must be based in N. America for consideration. Don't waste time in bidding if you are not USA based. I need a general marketer who can help me with getting 15 pages - web content write up (In Professional English), Digital Marketing in USA while driving needs for website design for a marketplace in USA. I am paying mainly for driving requirements.. We can hire writers and marketers from other countries too whom you can manage. I have technical team for development/ design / writing content in English but I miss USA presence and seniority who can think like USA based buyer and a seller.

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    This is a full time job, paying monthly I am looking for a skilled social media manager to create and manage posts for my Instagram page. Platforms: - Instagram and tik tok @mushiyatshikuka @mushiyatshikukafoundation @zufire Content type: - Photos -videos -write captions -reels Posting frequency: - Daily Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and understanding of Instagram and its features - Creativity in creating visually appealing and engaging photo content - Ability to curate and schedule daily posts - Familiarity with relevant hashtags and trends - Experience in growing and engaging an Instagram audience - Basic photo editing skills - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to effectively coordinate with the client and understand their brand and targ...

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    I need someone Who work with in AWS projects making infrastuctures and/or make them work. Contact me if you are interested, i pay by projects, paying you a percentaje of the project

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    Development of a Part 135 Operator Aviation Company Website with Integrated Booking and Freight Tracking Project Description: We are see...implementing interactive booking systems - Strong design skills to incorporate our specific design elements into a professional and appealing website layout - Familiarity with integrating APIs, necessary to implement barcode scanning () and SMS communication (Twilio) technologies Project Objective: Our aim is to provide a seamless online experience for our clients, from booking and paying for flights and services to tracking freight. We are looking for a developer who can bring this vision to life, offering our clients an intuitive and efficient online platform that reflects the professionalism and quality of our aviation company.

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    ...Locator: GPS Tracker" app features in a real-life situation, where a girl uses the SOS and Watch Over Me functions due to suspicious actions by a taxi driver. Details: Main actor: A young, beautiful European girl; Location: Taxi in an urban setting; Video format: 16:9; Camera used: Any modern camera. Full Description: Shot 1: The girl gets into a taxi, preoccupied with her phone, not paying attention to her surroundings. The camera shows her comfortably settling into the back seat. Shot 2: The camera captures the driver, who starts behaving oddly, deviating from the planned route. The shot shows the girl beginning to get nervous, noticing this change. Shot 3: A close-up of the girl's hands as she quickly takes out her phone and opens the "Fam...

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    Attention data enthusiasts! We're looking for individuals to assist in a data entry project focusing on attorneys in Glendale, CA. Your role includes populating a database with details such as legal specialties, education, and bar association memberships. Accurate data input is crucial to the success of this initiative.

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    ...received the commission doesn't get to keep it. Or if the person has not paid their membership they don't keep receiving commissions. Admins need to be able to activate, pause or cancel a membership. Admins need to be able to approve all sign ups. No members should be able to just add someone under them without admin approval. Admins need to be able to pull reports of all active and inactive memberships, all item purchases and payment types or coupon codes used, all commissions and which members received which commissions, and any necessary tax forms. Most of this system is complete with paid plugins from and others. There is further customization needed as well. We are looking to add one more person to this team as it needs to be completed in the next couple of ...

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    We have a PSD that we need coded into Wordpress/BBPress for the forum function. The PSD is a 80% correct, but we need the homepage to just be the forum portion thats broken out into all 50 states. Simple and easy hopefully. We would hopefully like it to have with BBPress or Wordpress forum portion to have memberships, etc. We would need to edit the posts that are on the back-end, but I can show you how we'd want that. Thanks!

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help monetize my YouTube channel, which currently has less than 1000 subscribers. The primary content on my channel is entertainment/comedy. Skills and Experience: - Experience in YouTube channel growth and monetization - Knowledge of YouTube's ad revenue system - Ability to promote merchandise or products on the channel - Familiarity with increasing paid memberships - Proven track record of increasing subscribers and watchtime Project Requirements: 1. Increase subscribers to 20,000 2. Increase watchtime on the channel 3. Implement strategies to maximize ad revenue 4. Explore opportunities to promote merchandise or products on the channel If you have previous experience in growing YouTube channels and achieving monetization goals, please subm...

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    ...perform the SEO work myself. What you will need to do is to create a NEW digital marketing website for my company with the rebranded logo. It needs to be done in Magento 2. I'll provide the theme. It needs to be VERY HIGH END and have multiple interactive features to attract new clients. I will perform SEO on the site after it's done and rank it on the first page of Google. **I WILL NOT BE PAYING ANYONE FOR THE WORK. Your "payment" will be receiving ALL of the website design work outsourced to YOUR COMPANY.** This is a opportunity to INCREASE your workload by partnering with my company. Timeframe- I need this new website done within the next 2 weeks, or sooner. We will work together in real time to finish it quickly. I will provide the logo, a...

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    I need email contacts of professionals with the following designations at schools Career Services Office Student Affairs or Student Services Department Heads of Healthcare Programs Student Organizations need them within 2 days in excel format paying $40 per 1,000 contacts emails must be valid

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    Trophy icon Betting logo ValueMinds 5 gün left

    Good evening, I'm looking for a designer for the logo of my business called ValueMinds. We deal with sports bets which are successful in the long term (therefore investments). I'm looking for a designer who can create an eye-catching logo USING THE GOLDEN SECTION. 1. DO NOT USE CANVA FOR YOUR LOGOS (I AM ALSO ABLE TO USE CANVA, I WOULDN'T HAVE ASKED YOU WHEN PAYING) 2. DO NOT CREATE THE LOGO WITH STRANGE FONT WITH THE NAME VALUEMINDS, (AT MOST ONLY M AND S CAN BE INSERTED IN THE NAME)

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    I am looking for help to manage my LinkedIn profile and enhance my professional reputation and visibility on a long term and consistent basis. For 2 years. Here are the specific requirements for the project: Goals: - Enhance professional reputation and visibility on LinkedIn - Become LinkedIn top Influencer of the in the topic of AI - Secure memberships and speaking sessions at reputable forums LinkedIn Activity: - Focus on several industries or fields. - My area of expertise is AI with specific focus on 'Generative AI' 'Data' and 'Safety' Updates and Posts: - Weekly (or more frequently) updates to be made to my profile or posts on my behalf - Posts should involve original writings - And current with market updates (within a week) Skills and Exper...

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    ...create and manage Google ads and Facebook ads campaigns to generate potential leads for my business. Target Audience: - My target audience consists of both B2B and B2C customers. Desired Outcome: - My main goal is to generate high-quality leads for my business. I want to attract potential customers who are interested in my products or services and have a higher likelihood of converting into paying customers. Budget: - My budget for this ad campaign is less than $500. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in managing Google ads and Facebook ads campaigns. - Expertise in audience targeting and segmentation to reach the desired target audience. - Ability to create compelling and persuasive ad copy that drives lead generation. - Proficient in tracking and analyzing...

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    Introduction: UK-based G-Labs is looking for a proactive Virtual Assistant/Social Account Manager. The role involves flexible hours, primarily during UK evenings, and is focused on enhancing our online community and customer base. Key Responsibilities: Email and Customer Management: Respond to emails, re-engage former customers, and send welcome packs to new members. Manage memberships in WordPress, WooCommerce, and Discord. Content Creation and SEO: Develop blog articles and social media content. Employ SEO knowledge and image generation skills. General Management: Perform additional tasks in low workload periods to support company growth. Skills Required: Fluent in English. Proficient in WordPress, WooCommerce, social media, and SEO. Payment and Hours: Less than 10 hours pe...

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    Project Title: Digital Marketing Team for Coaching Business I am looking for a digital marketing team to assist me in growing my potential clients. Level of Involvement: I would like to have complete control over the social media management process. I want to be actively involved in making decisions, creating content, and monitoring the results. Primary Goal: The main objective of the social media management is to generate new leads for my coaching business. I want to attract potential clients and convert them into paying customers through effective lead generation strategies. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in managing social media accounts, preferably in the coaching or personal development industry. - Expertise in creating and implementing succes...

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    Project Title: Face Swap for Personal Use - I am looking for a skilled graphic designer or photo editor to swap a face on a photo for personal use…getting a picture of all three kids paying attention is hard! :) - The purpose of this project is to replace a face on a photo with another face, with the end result looking realistic. - The client specifically wants a realistic face swap, not a comical one. - No additional editing such as color correction or background editing is required. - The ideal candidate should have experience in photo editing and face swapping techniques. - Attention to detail and the ability to seamlessly blend the swapped face with the rest of the photo is crucial. - The project requires proficiency in photo editing software and the ability to accuratel...

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    • The mobile application publishes the latest news of the school. • The mobile application presents the available classes of the school. • The mobile application displays the detailed cost for each class. • The mobile application offers the service of paying through credit card system. • The mobile application provides the information of all the teachers including their names, qualifications, resumes, etc. • The mobile application publishes the schedule of all exams. • The mobile application presents the schedule of buses for each area. • The mobile application shows all the events and activities of the school that will be held during the academic year. • The mobile application displays the holiday dates. • The mobile application sho...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create an online workshop website with a focus on E-commerce. I need help with the design as ...mind and I am open to suggestions. The website will have approximately 6-10 pages. Skills/Experience Needed: - Web design and development - E-commerce integration - Knowledge of online workshop platforms - Ability to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website This website / Plattform is a website for people who go online and want to do an online workshop It needs to include: - Paying system like credit card paypal etc - Plattform where you log on and create login detail - Plattform where my workshop is included (people will what the videos and answer some questions) I need the website in wordpress with illustrator Also for SEO ...

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    Sales Person 1 gün left

    Sales Person Industry: Education Type of Sales Role: Inside Sales Desired Experience Level: Entry Level Skills and Experience Required: - Strong communication and interpersonal skills - Ability to build and maintain customer...looking to take control of your finances, this course will provide you with actionable insights and practical strategies. This Course Includes: 3 bite-sized videos 5 downloadable PDF with additional information 3 downloadable practical templates Real-life money management simulation Access on mobile and desktop Full lifetime access The perfect candidate needs to bring 6 new paying customers. For each new paying customer that the candidate brings, he/she will receive 4 euros. If this assignment goes well, we can arrange future assignments with ...

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    I am looking for a skilled web designer to redesign my website, playcafe, and add three specific functionalities. The ideal candidate will have experience in the following: - Membership registration: I need to implement a system that allows users to register for memberships on my website. - Platform expertise: The current website is built on the react, node.js, express, and graphql stack, so proficiency in these technologies is essential. - Design creativity: While I don't have a specific design in mind, I am open to suggestions and would appreciate a designer who can provide creative input to make the website visually appealing and user-friendly. If you have a strong background in web design and development, and are confident in your ability to enhance the functionality and ...

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    ...during the approval process. Refused: The company rejected the loan. Unused Offer: The loan was approved but the customer did not use it. Your goal in this project is to use EDA to understand how customer attributes and loan attributes influence the likelihood of default. Business Objectives: The main aim of this project is to identify patterns that indicate if a customer will have difficulty paying their installments. This information can be used to make decisions such as denying the loan, reducing the amount of loan, or lending at a higher interest rate to risky applicants. The company wants to understand the key factors behind loan default so it can make better decisions about loan approval. Note: To better understand this project, you might want to research a bit about risk...

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    I am looking for a talented web designer to create an innovative and cutting-edge landing page for my new AI platform using Webflow. The primary goal of the landing page is to convert visitors into paying subscribers. Design Elements: - I am open to the designer's creativity and suggestions for the design elements and features on the landing page. I have the structure for what sections and content I would like. Timeline: - The project should be completed within 1 week. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Webflow and experience in creating landing pages - Lottie Animation, Videos and any other cutting-edge elements are a MUST - Knowledge of UI/UX design principles - Ability to create visually appealing and conversion-focused designs - Understanding of the AI indus...

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    I am looking for a freelancer flutter assistant who can help me automate the re-skinning process of my Flutter templates for an everyday demo submissions via testflights. The main goal of the project is to streamline the re-skinning process by implementing Fastlane and GitHub Actions so that screenshots and publishing is a very fast p...applications communication section do you know how to use biometric facial recognition or automating workflows with ai and chatgpt4? the more you know the more valuable i see in hiring you because i need someone better than me as a flutter developer i like to use WORDPRESS as my backend because it allowes us to use plugins mixed with apis to get native functionality such as quick booking, memberships and ecommerce functionality via plugins like ...

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    Italian to English Translator Needed for General, Legal, or Technical Translation Skills and Experience: - Fluency in both Itali...with various translation projects. The ideal candidate should be fluent in both Italian and English and have a strong understanding of Italian grammar and idiomatic expressions. They should also be proficient in translating various types of documents, including general, legal, and technical texts. It is important that the translator accurately conveys the meaning and tone of the original text, paying attention to details and ensuring excellent proofreading. Familiarity with specialized terminology in different fields is also required. The translator should be able to work efficiently and meet deadlines. Experience with translation software and tools ...

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    ...Experience: - Experience in optimizing ads for maximum revenue - Knowledge of Google Adsense policies and best practices - Ability to analyze and interpret data to identify opportunities for revenue growth Specific Requirements: - Increase ad revenue by implementing effective strategies and techniques - Optimize ads to maximize click-through rates and conversion rates - Identify and target high-paying keywords and niches - Conduct thorough analysis of current ad performance and make data-driven recommendations for improvement Ideal Candidate: - Has a proven track record of increasing ad revenue for Google Adsense users - Possesses excellent analytical skills and can interpret data to make informed decisions - Is familiar with the latest trends and best practices in online adver...

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    I am looking for someone to help me with a personal project that involves screen video recording, adding ...for video creation. If you have the skills and experience required, please submit your proposal. This is not a high paying project, so I am hiring beginners. The project involves video screen recording article on your computer. Make audio of the article using any audio website or software (they are free to use) and connecting the audio to the video. Then upload the video with tags and titles of the video. This is for beginners and I am hiring several people. and I have 100s of articles. Main condition is you have plenty of free time to work and interested in doing video editing. Let me know if you have any video editing software. Each video for each article I am payin...

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    ... The ideal candidate should have experience with After Effects 3D Copilot and Blender. Animation Style: VIEW IMAGES FOR THE STYLE I WANT IF YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE THIS TYPE OF ART I WILL NOT BE PURCHASING. IM LOOKING FOR TALENTED ANIMATORS I WILL NEED THESE PROFILE PICS OFTEN SO IF WE BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WE CAN WORK LONGTERM. MUST INCLUDE: -my @ (@mrdrankslots) -my link ( I WILL BE PAYING MULTIPLE PEOPLE TO DO THIS PROJECT AT THE SAME TIME THE BEST ONE WILL BE PAYED THE MOST. - The animation style should be a combination of cartoon and realistic, with references provided for guidance. Poses and Actions: - The client has a clear idea of the specific poses and actions they want for the character. Final Product Format: - The final product should be delivered in GIF format. Skills

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    ...with 5 sites per month. - Payment will be made per site created. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal. Requirements Familiar with Wordpress Runcloud Cloudflare Recomending domains and name Wordpress+Stripe Very creative needs to come up with 5 very different design showcase every month, each websites have to look different from another. Paying $20 per website built Hosting and Domain Name will be paid by the company. Demo Sites that candidates will create Brief summary of our team and job requirements Our team helps design and build part of digital marketing firms design thier front end and some back end your job would be to propose name and build a demo site for the team leader. If

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    I am looking for a photo editor who can provide basic retouching services, such as color correction and cropping. The ideal candidate should have experience in these areas and be able to deliver high-quality edited photos. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in photo editing software - Strong attent...Proficiency in photo editing software - Strong attention to detail - Knowledge of color correction techniques - Ability to crop photos effectively Number of Photos: - The number of photos that need editing is not specified. Turnaround Time: - The desired turnaround time for the edited photos is flexible, with no specific deadline. Overall, I need a photo editor who can effectively retouch photos, paying attention to color correction and cropping, with the ability to meet flexible ...

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    Only apply if you are an expert. I want to hire quickly. Need speed optimization for Wordpress blog. No fancy stuff, just get it done Pareto (I do not care about vanity scores!). Recently redid- all custom theme in ACF so should have a good base to work on. I'm paying for (and is setup): - WP Rocket - Asset Cleanup Pro (ACP) - Imagify I got to GTM of 87% and good on pingdom in like 20mins. I started messing about with ACP to be fancy and messed up something... Had someone fix but was bla- at 82% and pingdom is lame. I want you to (ideally think for yourself and propose): 1/ Do sitewide basic plugin setup 2/ Do general site checkup on and off (eg cloudflare, cloudways etc) and you tell me if you pick up on issues Then, we discuss more: 3/ ACP optimisation of what loads o...

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    Project Title: Grow My Affiliate Program Overview: We are looking for a skilled professional to help us grow our affiliate program. We currently have a single-tier structure and our main goal is to increase the number of affiliates in our program. is our website that offers powerful AI powered litigation drafting. Paying 25% on average ARR $2,500-$8,000 per user. We prefer to use direct contact as our method of affiliate recruitment, especially to those in the legal space who already sell to lawyers and want to expand their offerings while earning more. Responsibilities: - Develop and implement strategies to attract and recruit new affiliates - Utilize direct contact methods to reach potential affiliates - Collaborate with the marketing team to create compelling affiliate r...

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    ...obligated *Any tips and ideas are welcomed There is no deadline really since she isn't comming back, so if you have other projects, you can work on those as well, I won't be annoying you with followup pressure. On the other hand, due to my financial situation and scarce income, a longer period would be better because I will mostly have to do multiple small payments, but rest assured, I will end up paying every penny, you just have to bare with me and understandable. I'm not a scammer, just an empty shell who was almost a millionaire 5 years ago and now a broke empty shell. But I do keep my word, we just need to agree on the ammount before and that you don't go over budget and surprise me with a bill. Because even if I would want to pay you, I'm limited b...

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    Hello! We need a skilled WordPress developer who can code Figma designs into pixel-perfect websites using Elementor Pro. Paying extra attention to detail, especially for pixel perfection, is really important. This is a full-time remote job with 150 hours of work each month. If you're awesome at coding and making things pixel-perfect, we want you to join us! NOTE: Only individual developers. NO COMPANIES.

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    IMPORTANT: DEADLINE MAX 1-2 DAYS PAYING FIX $150 Hello, I hope this message finds you well. I currently have a Laravel website and am in the process of deploying it on my server. My Python bot is fully functional, and now I am looking to connect this bot to my website by creating an API. Here's what I need: API Integration: I need to establish an API that connects my Laravel website with a Python bot. This API should facilitate communication for delivering texts back and forth. Customer Panel Configuration: For each customer, I want to create a special panel on the website. Ideally, each customer's panel should be linked to a dedicated VPS. With a single click, the Python program should run automatically. The bot should deliver texts back to the website and add them ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced voice actor to create and perform a 3+ minute voiceover that sounds like Rami Malek in the s...minute voiceover that sounds like Rami Malek in the show Mr. Robot. I have the script already written, so there is no need to create a new one. The voiceover is intended to be used in a video. This freelancer will need to have a strong grasp of the vocal tone and inflection of the character in order to truly bring it to life. It is important that the performance sounds legitimate and authentic, paying thorough attention to detail. The successful candidate should have prior experience creating high quality voiceovers, and must be able to deliver the finished product in a timely fashion. Please provide a voice sample saying "Hello Friend, It's t...

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    ...concentrate. Through the practice of mindful meditation, individuals can train their minds to stay present and redirect attention to the task at hand. Research has shown that regular mindfulness practice leads to improved cognitive function, memory retention, and better decision-making skills. 3. Enhanced Physical Health: The mind-body connection is a fundamental aspect of mindfulness practice. By paying attention to our bodies and being fully present in the moment, we become more attuned to our physical sensations and needs. This heightened awareness can lead to better self-care practices, improved sleep quality, reduced blood pressure, and a strengthened immune system. 4. Increased Self-Awareness and Empathy: Mindfulness cultivates self-awareness by encouraging individuals to...

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    Phase One: Setting Up the App Types of Users: Business Users: These users pay to use the app. They can add details like their business name, hours of operation, and wh...of it as a "top spot" that businesses can buy for better visibility. New Features for Regular Users: Regular users can now 'check in' at different business locations through the app. It's like marking their visit. They can also write reviews about the businesses they visit. Doing this earns them more points. In essence, Phase Two introduces ways for businesses to get more attention on the app by paying, and it gives regular users more ways to interact with businesses and earn rewards. This phase aims to increase engagement on both sides - businesses get more visibility, and users have new w...

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    ...errors and saving time and resources. - Digital agreements and waivers: By streamlining their legal papers, gym operators may make it simpler for members to join up and begin participating in their fitness programs. - Intelligent Lead Management: Intelligent lead management enables gym owners and trainers to successfully track and manage leads, assisting them in turning prospective members into paying clients. - Reporting and Analytics: - Detailed Analytics: The software should provide detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing the client to track key metrics such as membership growth, attendance trends, and revenue. Accessibility: - Desktop and Mobile: The software should be accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, providing flexibility and convenience for ...

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