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    Yeni geliştirmekte olduğum projemde sırayıyla bazı tıkandığım yerler var buralara destek istemekteyim ufak dokunuşlar ve yol göstermeler lazım; 1- api den token sız veriye erişebiyorum (token nasıl eklenir nasıl çekilir nuxt js de bulamadım) 2- refresh token konusunu hiç bilmiyorum, uyarlama yapmam gerekiyor bunlar başlangıç konular bu ve bunun gibi geliştirdikçe karşıma çıkacak sorunlarda bana destek verebilecek birilerini arıyorum

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    Hali hazirda var olan sitemizin arayuzunu yeni API a uyumlu sekilde VueJS (nuxt) ile yeniden yazdirmak istiyoruz

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    Hello, We are looking for a dev to create the back end of our PPV platform (similar of Live-jasmin) Tech to use: Codeigniter4 VueJS/Nuxt SocketIo We will provide you the UI.

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    Marketplace for electronics and mobile devices Auction feature Photo verification Other features too You must have really good experience Must be built on ruby, nuxt, express, node, JS or any of those

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    I'm building a new product and need someone to develop it for me. Requirements are Vue.Js or or Nuxt 3 and Supabase experience

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    Nombre de la Empresa: Orinoco-Dev Perfil Requerido: (LARAVEL y NUXT). Ubicación: Remoto Horarios: Flexibilidad en el horario pero con dedicación al proyecto (no significa full time) Tipo de Contrato: Inicialmente a honorarios y posteriormente contrato. Ambiente Laboral: Es un proyecto entretenido y nuevo, un grupo entusiasmado y que se apoya mutuamente. Labores del Cargo: Continuar con desarrollo y nuevas funcionalidades de un proyecto. Remuneración Aproximada: La remuneración seria bajo mutuo acuerdo dependiendo de las tareas asignadas. mas [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] Enviar link de su reportorio, si no posee repositorio con trabajos en larabel y NUXT pero posees exp...

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    We need to have some small adjustments made to an existing project. This project is a website that was build using Storyblok (CMS), with React.js and is hosted on Netlify. We are looking for somebody who really knows these platforms. If we see you've got the skills to do so, this project that can bring you some extra maintenance work every now and again in the future. In this first small round we would like to have some minor adjustments made to a few forms (very simple adjustments) and we would like a signup form for Mailchimp (Newsletter sign up), instead of the current newsletter-client. We would like to receive an estimate of time you would need to make these adjustments (once again, they are very simple minor adjustments), as well as an hourly rate for possible future ...

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    I am looking for fast filters like nyka we need instant load, count. Backend is built on laravel and front end nuxt js. Queries and apis are done.

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    At Vue Storefront, we are setting a new standard in online shopping, making it more convenient, intuitive, and lightning-fast. We use the modern tech stack, we believe in composable commerce architecture, and are dedicated to flattening the learning curve to business-user. That is why enterprise customers can launch their store in weeks instead of months, gaining ...can make this better' attitude in problem-solving 'Growing as a human being' approach What can you expect? Senior and experienced team Budget and tools for your skills Growth Fully Remote work with flexible working hours Values-driven culture, friendly and supportive work environment Contract type tailored to your need Technology We've built Vue Storefront with cutting-edge technologies (Vue 3, Nuxt...

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    Hi workers, kami membutuhkan freelancer full stack developer (Indonesia Only) - Menguasai Vue (Nuxt), React (Next), Angular, Node.JS (NestJS) (Project akan bervariasi dari stacks berikut) - Menguasai full stack development - Tidak sedang overload project, prefer yang sedang tidak ada full time jobs List Pekerjaan - Full development aplikasi dari tahap desain sistem, desain database, pembuatan fitur, perbaikan bug, perbaikan User Interface (tergantung dari scope project yang di handle) - Melakukan rancangan untuk setiap task yang akan dikerjakan, dan mengimplementasikan sesuai kesepakatan bersama - Daily sync up progress & task planning menggunakan Zoom/Skype/Gmeet Sertakan juga CV, portfolio, cover letter anda

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    I have a completed Svelte project using Express Server middleware on a local computer interfacing with Mongodb/Atlas (cloud). Now, I want to deploy to Netlify. How do I deploy with the middleware express server?

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    14 teklifler - will work on the GitHub repo provided and work on a different branch. - split the code into components ( I don't need to go too deep in the components tree structure it is not the case. ) - use dummy data and implement minimal logic if needed (e.g: If you choose to add a comment into a modal form make the component keep the state. Don't implement REST API or create a dummy server in Nuxt) - if you need to use icons please use official tailwind icons () - the page should be responsive and work in white/dark mode. "Ideas" page description: - on this page should display the "Idea card" and filters and orders section (component) "Idea details" page description: - on this page, you should display the idea component, and o...

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    54 teklifler rebuild approximately 30 pages as a Nuxt 3 project. You will also need to add Javascript/Jquery interaction to some of the pages. Please only apply if you have strong TailwindCSS skills and the ability to efficiently use TailwindCSS. I will also be looking for a developer with Nuxt/Vue/graphQL experience for a serverless deployment (probably Netflify). So if you have both TailwindCSS and Nuxt/Vue skills, you might be a great fit, but this might be two separate freelancers. I am looking to use Nuxt 3, even though it is not at stable release quite yet, as I want to make sure to take advantage of the latest Nuxt exploring the best serverless database option, possibly leaning toward Fauna, but will be exploring the options with the Nuxt/Vue...

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    Hi, we have a content site that has a few on page SEO issues that we need help being solved. The project is a vue code base on the frontend (nuxt vue). The errors are attached here, we would like someone to start ASAP. We are looking for a full time SEO team member, if done well this could lead to more work.

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    Kadre is looking for a semi- senior Vue.Js developer with knowledge in Nuxt. Knowledge of Storybook library is desirable. The project is to make a UI update. The communication with the team will be in English. It’s a full-time position 8am-16 pm (GMT-3). Contract extension will be 2 months (from 28 of November up to 27 of January)

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    Need a Vue/Nuxt developer with experience in VueStorefront to work on a number of issues to build a VueStorefront front-end for a Magento 2 website. First off, I need someone to troubleshoot my localhost installation of VueStorefront and installation on a server. Later, will be various development tasks. Need to have a coder willing to explain/teach when I hit roadblocks, but also able to write custom code to extend core functionalities of VueStorefront.

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    I just need help with the deployment of a next js blog news app which I bought on ThemeForest. You can upload to vercel, firebase, netlify it is up to you, I do not which one is the best for personal blogs.

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    i want to migrate my html statis website from hostinger to netlify without loosing any files or data. and want to reconfigure the google anlaytics.

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    I have already bought a static template on the internet, and I just need you to deploy this as a multilang Jamstack static news blog website to firebase, netlify or vercel (I do not know which is not better for jamstack) I have already bought this template:

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    I will design only homepage in this cost, similar as I am waiting for your offer , kindly accept it and then ready to start work immediately. I will provide same using Homepage Ui with tailwind css, react ,next or nuxt.

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    We will build the project with tailwindcss + react + next or nuxt. The page needs to be SSR. (Seo compatible source code). Can we see an example of the work you have done in this regard? (We want to review your code quality.)

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    The day to day work includes: - Writing clean code, with well defined abstractions that reduce complexity. Preferably using the Vue composition API. - Creating new views, forms, graphs, tables and other frontend components. - Setting up CRUD calls and procedures to Firestore. - Data visualization with D3.js We offer tons of freedom, you work whenever you want, for up to 40 hours/week and more time if needed. Tasks are defined in biweekly sprints and described in detail by the team and the technical lead.

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    I have recently developed my personal portfolio website but having a hard time ranking it! it is hosted on netlify without a custom domain name.

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    Webrtc Nuxt Bitti left

    Hello: Need a expert touch for our webrtc system at our website. Its opening remote screen but not local. It was working fine some time ago. Can you help fix it?

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    My Website is built with: gohugo Running on Netlify, Github. I want someone who knows go language and have experience in improving the gohugo's templates. Currently: Lighthouse Shows - 70 performance - 75 Accessibility - 83 Best Practices - 82 SEO You need to make it - 90 performance - 95 Accessibility - 93 Best Practices - 92 SEO CSS for Algolio Search is also wrong on the mobile, text size is also need to improve.

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    Add a homepage with the contents with a menu to an existing template/tool. Pure front-end development using Vue.js and Nuxt. The server API endpoint runs as a docker container. Guidance will be provided if you are not familiar with docker for setting up the server. Pretty Straight forward, based on the first experience, more projects can be given later.

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    unfortunately i get always the following error when trying to set up a vue project ℹ Preparing project for development 16:25:39 ℹ Initial build may take a while 16:25:39 ℹ Discovered Components: .nuxt/components/ 16:25:39 ✔ Builder initialized 16:25:39 ✔ Nuxt files generated 16:25:39 ● Client █████████████████████████ compiling (0%) ◯ Server node:internal/crypto/hash:67 this[kHandle] = new _Hash(algorithm, xofLen); ^ Error: error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported at new Hash (node:internal/crypto/hash:67:19) at (node:crypto:133:10)

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    Pls find the below details of the case 1. We have the domain registered from Godaddy . 2. The website of this domain is on some other server & that is done by pointing A/CNAME records [Working Fine] 3. The Blog Website is on some other server & that is done by pointing A records [Working Fine] 4. An application is there which Rests on AMAZON AWS & NETLIFY Servers & that is done by pointing A/CNAME records [Working Fine] 5. The Current Email works on Google Workspace & we have pointed it by using MX Records [Working Fine] NOW BELOW IS THE ISSUE 1. We want to migrate Emails from Google Workspace --- Hostgator Emails 2. We have purchased Hostgator Yearly plan which consists an unlimited Emails 3. Then we have pointed on Hostgator server by using A Records &am...

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    Nuxt Page Edit Bitti left

    Hello: We need to fix some options at the page and make it editable. It has a list of contents (auto generated) but we want option to manually add contents as well

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    Node+ Nuxt $50 Bitti left

    Hello: We need to fix some options at the page and make it editable. It has a list of contents (auto generated) but we want option to manually add contents as well

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    Somos Tobalina Consulting, consultores expertos en mejora y automatización de procesos en España. Tenemos en desarrollo una aplicación web y necesitamos incorporar un programador frontend al equipo actual. Requerimientos: • Manejo completo de Vue2 Ciclo de vida Data binding, two data binding Router Vuex Provide inject Entendimiento de los Mixins Manejo de Slots • Nuxt Instalación de librerías Manejo del estado Configuración • Vuetify • Axios, e interceptors • I18n (traducciones) • Socket-io client y service • Echartjs (Gráficos) • PDFmake (Imprimir pdf) • Sortablejs (DnD) El backend está desarrollado en un 99% con el Lenguaje de programación PHP sobre...

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    Hello Guys! I need to build the simple SPA using Nuxt3, Vuetify in a week. I have completed design in Figma and will share it with the right candiate. There is only desktop UI in figma but we will ask you to make it mobile friendly. If you are an experienced frontend developer, I think it's no problem at all. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

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    ...about that are below. You may view the live website template here: The template name is streamit and you can read all about it here: There is no content on my website yet and the template is unedited at this time. You may use any of the following to create this: HTML, React, Laravel, Vue & Nuxt. The template that you are viewing above on my website is in HTML. This is on a dedicated server with NO cpanel access. This is an ubuntu server and we also have webmin installed. It runs Apache2, PHP 8 and MySQL for a database. The website will contain the following (and probably more). Free user registration. Validation email required to activate account. There will be an FAQ area and support

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    We are looking experienced Fullstack (Node js, React) freelancer to continue develop our food orderering system. You will be dedicated only working with this project. We are looking for following experiences: ( Its very importatant you been working with following technologies) Font-end: React js (Framework Gatsby) & Netlify Back-end: Node.js (Framework Loopback) Database: postgresql APP (Ios & android): React native Cloude: EC2-instans / RDS databas Api: (Chatfuel) Jira

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    I have mp4 videos in S3 buckets, but its not working in safari and in Iphones (even in chrome ) the reason is because Im doing simple GET API call instead of streaming the video. I need to implement streaming of video from S3 using to play in my React app (typescript) the player - "react-player" I won't share the p...because Im doing simple GET API call instead of streaming the video. I need to implement streaming of video from S3 using to play in my React app (typescript) the player - "react-player" I won't share the project, I will share some S3 url's of the videos the expected result is a react project with the streaming fetching working So I could test in my iPhone and my Safari on mac pls deploy it to netlify / vercel / awsAmplify or...

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    We're a digital product stu...and are now looking for an off-shore software development partnership to speed up the implementation of our product. We're looking for an experienced and senior software developer who can produce quality code based on specified product / design / tech requirements. These are the main technologies/frameworks we use: - Front-end: ReactJS, NextJS - Backend: FastifyJS, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, GCP, Netlify Our product studio will provide detailed design and product specifications as well as being involved in software architecture, code review and test / quality assurance. We are looking for a longer term partnership/collaboration to develop digital products together with us. Please get back to us about why you're the right software develope...

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    Creating a bespoke online booking system with React and Netlify

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    Connecting & Configuring, & coding AWS Amplify with my Nuxt 3 App. Nuxt3 Template is available at the front end. I need to connect AWS Amplify with my Nuxt 3 App and implement the following functionalities: 1. SetUp Three Environments inside AWS Amplify: Dev, Stage and Prod and connect a GitHub Repo branch to each one of them (Dev, Stage & Prod). 2. Write Authentication using Cognito Userpools. The users should be able to edit their own profiles & update their profile image in an AWS S3 Bucket Users should be able to ▪️SignUp/Register ▪️Login using Email or Username ▪️Login using Google & Facebook [Federated Login] ▪️Implement the update password & forgot password functionality ▪️After logging in, each user should get redirected to their ...

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    Tech stack required 1. Frontend (React) 2. Backend (Node Js) 3. Database (SQL, NoSQL) 4. Version control system (Git, Bitbucket) 5. Hosting (Github, Vercel, Heroku, Netlify) Functional requirements* 1. User login/signup. 2. Users can enroll courses from the list. 3. Users can track how much of the course is completed. 4. Inaccessible videos must not be played under any circumstances. 5. Basic video playback functionalities like managing speed/quality

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    I want to use AWS Amplify and AWS cloud as the backend and connect it with my Nuxt 3 frontend to be able to create and deploy a full stack app. I want to do the coding myself and i want a mentor to guide me through the microdetails of the process & help me solve errors and bug fixes as and when they arise. I am willing to work on a hourly basis on google meet and i am willing to pay on a per hour basis to a suitable mentor(s).

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    I want to use AWS Amplify and AWS cloud as the backend and connect it with my Nuxt 3 frontend to be able to create and deploy a full stack app. I want to do the coding myself and i want a mentor to guide me through the microdetails of the process & help me solve errors and bug fixes as and when they arise. I am willing to work on a hourly basis on google meet and i am willing to pay on a per hour basis to a suitable mentor(s)

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    We need help in converting the project from Vue 3 to Nuxt 3. We are facing an issue in setting up dark mode for next js while we are converting a repository that was designed in vue3 to work in nuxt3 dark mode is perfectly working in vue3 we need help setting up dark mode in nuxt3 all other features are completely working only the dark mode is not working. The issue seems to be with local storage and were might be some other issue that we together need to figure out. We need help in debugging the project and getting this one error solved. Kindly let us know if we can work together and solve this error.

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    Hello, i have website needs changes on frontend part, its build on Vuejs with Nuxt. Looking somebody for fast change

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    Hey, I'm looking to have a website created that gives users the ability to mint NFTs for the Solana Blockchain. I will make this super simple for you by sending Github repos needed to make this happen and a detailed list of structur...about frontend/aesthetic as I can handle that. I'm looking for somebody who is dedicated, trustworthy, and who doesn't waste time. I own multiple NFT servers and I am going to keep acquiring more, so I would like someone who I can count on. I have more jobs after this, but this needs done ASAP. Refer to Holaplex and for the minting process. I would prefer that the site be created using Nuxt/Next/React *Also need to know Python and familiar be with or Disnake* Discord: devout#1337 for further inquiries APIs Used: Metaplex Solana Di...

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    Finalisation de l'intégration d'une maquette de 10 pages.

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    Finalisation de l'intégration d'une maquette de 10 pages.

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    I've build a nextjs Web app with Sanity as headless cms. As I am finished now i tried to deploy it to vercel first but got some errors. Removed most of them. But failed to deploy it. After it i tried to deploy on netlify but also rejeted with a failed error. Can not figure out how to fix this. CI = false also does not work.

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    Please consider applying if you are an expert in the above technologies and would like to help us complete the creation of a p...with Elastic Search and SEO implementation (not SEO optimize) >Use Google Meet to communicate and share updates. >Updates on the status of the proposed plan every day or every other day. -providing timelines, task tracking, and other relevant information alongside updating to-do list ocasionaly. -Must be aware of communicating in English. -Providing live updates - hosting the files on Heroku/Netlify/Vercel. When the platform is ready to publish, deploy the platform to a better hosting (suggest online hosting like AWS/Digital Ocean) The front end is nearly complete, and a little amount of back-end work has also been completed. You'll be in ch...

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    We are looking for fullstack to help us with the project, that is based on Laravel with Vue and Nuxt. We are creating booking system. Only for freelancers from Poland or Ukraine!

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    I want to make a simple website. I need only Senior developer. Plz write "Gemini" in front of your proposal.

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