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    I'm looking for a developer who can create an API using JavaScript, with the primary goal of integrating data with other services. OAuth or API keys are not required for my project. Key Requirements: - Proficient in JavaScript for API development - Experience in developing APIs for data integration with other services - Understanding of API authentication methods (despite not required in this case, it's preferred)

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    ...Communication**: Implement WebSockets or similar technology to ensure real-time interaction between the cloud service and the nrjhub hardware. 2. **Secure Tunneling**: Use tools like ngrok, localtunnel, or develop a custom solution using frp (Fast Reverse Proxy) to create secure tunnels from the nrjhub hardware to the cloud server. 3. **Authentication System**: Develop an authentication mechanism using OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect with a robust identity provider like Keycloak or ORY Hydra. 4. **User Interface**: Design and develop a responsive web application and optionally a mobile app using technologies such as React, Angular, React Native, or Flutter. 5. **Database Integration**: Utilize PostgreSQL or MariaDB for user management and session handling. 6. **SSL/TLS Encryption**...

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    As an owner of a web development project, I'm seeking an experienced Python developer with expertise in using Streamlit and LLM. Key responsibilities would include: 1. User Interface Design: - Creating initial layout adhering to modern aesthetics - Ensuring the design is versatile across different platforms for responsive use 2. OAuth Login - with google and facebook 3. API Ingegration 4. Database Integration: - Convenient and thorough integration of the database with our Python application 5. Functionality Development: - Comprehensive development of necessary functionalities The main purpose of our Python application is web development. So, if you're adept in front and back-end Python development particularly in building scalable web applications, it&...

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    101 teklifler crucial functional requirements such as: • User Login • OAuth integration Key Features and Functionality: • Users should be able to link their accounts to Google Assistant via OAuth. This will require secure login functionality in the application. • I am seeking an OAuth integration that will make use of email and password authentication. This method should be the sole option for users authenticating their accounts. Ideal Bids: I'm interested in seeing past work directly related to this project scope. It's important that your experience is supported by demonstrable previous projects. The complexity of what I need should be reflected in your application. To put it briefly, we need a Flask application that integrates OAut...

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    ...customer registration and authentication using AWS Cognito, including email verification and password management. Integrate OAuth for social login options (e.g., Google, Facebook) to streamline the registration process. Business Registration and Discount Management: Allow businesses to register, authenticate using AWS Cognito & Clover to manage their profiles, including details like name, location, and contact information. Enable businesses to create, update, and manage discounts, syncing this data with their Clover accounts. Clover API Integration: Integrate with Clover's API to ensure seamless communication between the app and Clover's system for discount management. Handle OAuth authentication and data synchronization for discounts and transactions. Uni...

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    We are looking for an experienced freelancer to join our team and contribute to the fullstack development of a web-based SaaS application based on MERN Stack. This is a short term project involving working on and refining pre-existing code, and implementing new features using ...notifications, alerts and others - Test and improve the existing product features - Maintain good coding practices with documentation and testing. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in MERN Stack development including React Redux Toolkit, Material-UI, MongoDB, , and RESTful APIs. - Bonus: Experience with Python and Flask development. - Familiarity with integrating third-party APIs and OAuth 2.0. - Strong attention to detail, adept problem-solving skills, effective communication abilities and speedy execution.

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    ...Contact and Other Business related 301 Redirects on Transfer (when needed) AI Generated Content (We supply ChatGPT or Claude PRO) Create Google Search Console Verify & Upload sitemaps Create Google analytics account Create Google Tag Manager Account (connect analytics tag and trigger) Create Google Business Gmail Account Create Google Developer Account (we supply credit card) Create Google API with OAuth and proper credentials for: - Embedding Google Maps - Google Gmail API - Google Reviews and Rating plugin Install WP Mail SMTP (or comparable) Create ReCAPTCHA key Integration Install Recaptcha via Kadence / Astra Plugin Install GTM on website Install and Set up Rankmath Pro (General setup, No schema) Install Reviews and Rating - Google Reviews Our goal is to partner w...

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    Flash Loan Arbitrage 1 gün left

    This project involves developing a sleek, innovative DeFi app that highlights exceptional functionalities such as Flash Loans, arbitrage, smart contracts, and security features. All these will be presented in a profit-focused, modern, and user-friendly interface. Besides, the app should offer: - MetaMask Integration for a secure OAuth login. - Real-time DEX arbitration on leading platforms (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC)). - A dynamic Flash Loan display, showing the profit display and transaction history. - Security audits to guarantee user safety as they engage in complex DeFi trading activities. For this task, familiarity with DeFi, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency is paramount. A background in UI/UX design will also be beneficial du...

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    I'm looking for a proficient developer well-versed in Python and Kivy to create a mobile app that functions smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms. Key Features: - User Authentication: The app must have secure login capabilities to ensure user access control. Expertise in OAuth or similar technologies is welcomed. - In-app Purchases: Implementation of a safe and reliable in-app purchasing system is crucial. Prior experience in monetized apps will be a significant advantage. Design requirements: - The aesthetics of the app should reflect a professional and corporate design. While I am open to creative input, the overall look and feel of the app should align with these parameters. Strong Android and iOS platform knowledge, coupled with Python and Kivy expertise, will be i...

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    Quiero un plugin para que me envíe formularios creados en el plugin Fluent forms pro al CRM Teamleader utilizando la API v.2. El plugin debe de poder utilizarse en más de una web de wordpress y con varios formularios distintos.

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    ...Package structure :** ● Should be an complete module with all integrations like logging, aspects(if required), exceptions, error messages, sonarqube, emma, configurable external properties (for connecting to database or some other integrations like AWS account) Data Entities to be maintained:- User Role Application Channel User Group EndPoints Resource Service Login History Oauth Tokens OTP Record OTP Attempts IP Exceptions Txn Audit Request Log Response Log Exceptions Codes System Params Directories Key points to be noted:- ● We are going to use Spring Security as part of the Security Module Implementation. ● Spring Data JPA is the base ORM Facility that we gonna use within the application ● Let us have multi datasource connectivity, one for traditional DB...

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    ...Text-to-Speech, IBM's Watson Text to Speech como alternativas. 3. Tecnologías Sugeridas: - Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Recomendado React.js o Vue.js para SPA). - Backend: Node.js (recomendado para integración con JavaScript) o Python. - APIs: OpenAI para Whisper y ChatGPT, alternativas para síntesis de voz y reconocimiento de voz. 4. Tecnologías de autenticación y seguridad: - OAuth, JWT, y SSL/TLS para garantizar la seguridad y la privacidad de los datos. 5. Tecnologías de despliegue y mantenimiento: - Docker, Kubernetes, y AWS Elastic Beanstalk para garantizar la fiabilidad y la escalabilidad de la aplicación. 6. Tecnologías de pruebas: - Selenium, JUnit, y Postman para garantizar la calidad...

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    ...development, implementing security measures, create user access based admin portal/website. The ideal candidate should have a strong knowledge of backend technologies and frameworks, with experience in developing scalable and high-performance systems. Relevant skills include: - Database design (MySQL, MongoDB) - Server management (AWS, Azure) - API development (REST, GraphQL) - Security measures (OAuth, JWT) - Scalability and performance optimization - Reports & dashboard with AI search suggestions, AI-Enhanced Reporting - Java, Node-js, React JS, PHP. - Constructing complete backend processes from scratch. - Incorporating stringent security measures to ensure secure transactions and data privacy. - Seamlessly integrating services to ensure smooth operations. - System s...

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    ...patterns to create highly-available, resilient, performant, secure systems. ● Integrating apps on Azure Cloud (PaaS) using App Services, Functions, Service Bus, Cosmos DB, and SignalR/WebPubSub. ● Setting up backend-end cloud infrastructure using bicep templates, and PowerShell/Bash/Azure CLI. ● Setting up CI/CD pipelines (preferably with GitHub Actions). ● Understanding AuthN/AuthZ protocols (OIDC, OAuth, SSO). ● Ensuring quality with unit testing frameworks (Xunit, Moq, FluentAssertions). ● Collaborating with remote/distributed teams using version control (Git, GitHub), wikis/documentation. ● Navigating ambiguous requirements, transforming them into concrete/actionable tasks & features. ● [OPTIONAL] IOT systems, edge computing, AMQP/MQTT protocols. If your expertise align...

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    ...patterns to create highly-available, resilient, performant, secure systems. ● Integrating apps on Azure Cloud (PaaS) using App Services, Functions, Service Bus, Cosmos DB, and SignalR/WebPubSub. ● Setting up backend-end cloud infrastructure using bicep templates, and PowerShell/Bash/Azure CLI. ● Setting up CI/CD pipelines (preferably with GitHub Actions). ● Understanding AuthN/AuthZ protocols (OIDC, OAuth, SSO). ● Ensuring quality with unit testing frameworks (Xunit, Moq, FluentAssertions). ● Collaborating with remote/distributed teams using version control (Git, GitHub), wikis/documentation. ● Navigating ambiguous requirements, transforming them into concrete/actionable tasks & features. ● [OPTIONAL] IOT systems, edge computing, AMQP/MQTT protocols. In short, if you are we...

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    ...experience as a programmer or software developer, with a focus on API development and integration. Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, Python, or JavaScript. Strong understanding of RESTful API principles and other web service protocols. Familiarity with API documentation tools (e.g., Swagger, Postman) and version control systems (e.g., Git). Experience with API security standards such as OAuth, JWT, and SSL/TLS. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Effective communication skills, with the ability to collaborate across teams and explain technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders. Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. Prior experience with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure) and microservices a...

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    ...Purpose: - The main mission of this project is to create a dashboard-like solution working with sales data from Salesforce and Hubspot. the tool will display recommendations based on analysis (calculations to be provided) that will need to be both stored (AWS) and displayed on the dashboard. Key Features: - AWS Database housing data from API calls and in-house calculations - API will SSO / OAuth - Paywall using Stripe - Data refresh each time the tool is opened or refreshed Languages: - The preferred programming languages for this project are Node.JS, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, or C#. Skills and Experience: - Experience with Salesforce and Hubspot data is beneficial. - Experience with AWS database work. - Expertise in building data visualization tools. - Prior experience ...

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    ...schedules, monitor progress and control user conduct. - Tournament Formats: The site needs to support various tournament formats, including single elimination and round robin games, compared to major esports sites. Something close to the capabilities of the below website. User Side 1. Account Management • Sign-up/Login: Secure authentication (email/password or OAuth). • Profile Management: Edit profile details, view tournament participation history. 2. Tournament Interaction • Browse/Search Tournaments: View available tournaments with filters. • Tournament Registration: Sign up for tournaments, including team registration and payment processing. • Team Management: Create teams, invite/remove members. 3. Match Participation • Match Sched...

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    I have a php server that is a backend of an andoid/iphone app. The app registers itself to Firebase, and I would like to send push messages he devices via FCM REST API. It is working well if I get the oAuth Token myself and add hard-coded to the POST message. The goal of this project is to provide me with a PHP code that gets the oAuth Token programmatically, as in: I expect a working code something like this: // START $client = new Google_Client(); // WHATEVER ..... // Authenticate and get the access token if ($client->isAccessTokenExpired()) { $client->refreshTokenWithAssertion(); } $accessToken = $client->getAccessToken(); // Access token to use with FCM REST API $token = $accessToken['access_token']; echo "Access Token for

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    €9 - €28
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    I need a proficient Google Cloud engineer to assist in the verification of my Google Cloud project application with external Google accounts. Key Responsibilities: - Rigorous understanding and use of Compute Engine, Cloud Storage and BigQuery. - Verification of my Google Cloud project specifically on the OAuth Consent Screen. - Integration of the Google Cloud project with external Google accounts. - Signature of non-disclosure agreement. - Complete project within 16-30 hours. Ideal candidate must be Google Cloud certified, with extensive experience in application integration and account setup. Proven problem-solving skills would be beneficial.

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    ...selecting the most appropriate technologies based on project requirements. - Apply frameworks like , Django/Flask, Spring Boot, or Laravel to structure and streamline the development process. - Employ tools such as Postman for API testing, and Swagger/OpenAPI for documentation, ensuring a high-quality developer experience. - Integrate authentication and security protocols, including OAuth 2.0 and JWT, to protect the API and user data. - Manage databases (SQL or NoSQL) effectively, ensuring data integrity and performance. - Containerize the API service using Docker for easy deployment and scalability. - Oversee the API's deployment on cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform) or services like Heroku, ensuring high availability and responsiveness. - Implement ...

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    ...front-end, arquitectura back-end, lógica de datos y hosting en la nube. Requerimientos Técnicos: Inicio de Sesión: Subdominio en Campos para e-mail, contraseña. Funcionalidad de "Olvidé mi contraseña". Gestión de roles y permisos. Registro de Usuarios: Almacenamiento seguro de información. Encriptación de contraseñas. Recuperación de contraseña por correo. Seguridad: Uso de OAuth 2.0 y JWT para autorización. Flujo de autenticación y autorización detallado. Lista de Pacientes: Visualización de pacientes con filtros y paginación. Asignación de pacientes a farmacéuticos. Exportación de datos en CSV. Registro de Pa...

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    ...(DateTimeOffset) - End Date and Time (DateTimeOffset) Key Operations: 1. Create a Google Calendar event using the start and end date, name as the calendar event title, and all the other information in the content or notes section of the calendar event. 2. Create an alert for the event 24 hours prior to start date. Technologies: - Microsoft Azure Functions (Free Account) - C# Type of Authentication: OAuth 2.0 using client credentials (client ID, secret) We are looking for a demonstration function that is simple and should take no more than 10 hours to build. Please create your own free Google account and a free or locally hosted Azure Function to create this project and then indicate in the Readme how we need to switch over to test on our account. We will provide a GitHub ...

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    ...- Authentication Improvements: The chosen freelancer will need to notably enhance the security of our API. Expertise in implementing OAuth is necessary as we'd like to incorporate this system into our API. Additionally, we would like to simplify the user registration process to facilitate user access. - Performance Optimization: The API currently experiences bottlenecks in resource usage. I want these issues to be identified and resolved, creating an API which operates more efficiently. Ideal Skills & Experience: The ideal candidate for this project is highly proficient in Laravel and PHP, with a proven track record refactoring APIs. Depth knowledge in OAuth implementation and experience in effectively unclogging resource usage bottlenecks is highly desirable. ...

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    The objective of this task is to enable new users who sign up on our website to seamlessly integrate their Google Analytics account. This integration involves using OAuth authentication to connect to the user's Google Analytics account and storing the service key and property ID securely in our database, associated with a unique identifier for each user. Key Responsibilities: Implement OAuth authentication flow to allow users to connect their Google Analytics account securely. Retrieve and store the service key and property ID obtained from Google Analytics during the OAuth authentication process. Ensure the security and privacy of user data by securely storing the service key and property ID in the database. Associate the stored Google Analytics...

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    Having utilized a username and password authentication system, I'm aiming to revamp single sign-on (SSO) for both our web platform and mobile applicatio...applications. The Job: - Implement a cross-platform compatible SSO. - While current authentication stands with username and password, we're looking to improve the usability and security. - Third party integrations or APIs are not specified at this stage, and can be discussed further. Ideal Skills and Experiences: - Experience with SSO and user authentication across multiple platforms. - Knowledge about OAuth and other SSO strategies. - Flexibility in working with various APIs and integrations, should the need arise. - Lastly, a problem-solving mindset is appreciated to help optimise this feature for user friendliness ...

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    My Flask-based website is currently having trouble sending user data via Alexa OAuth. This primarily pertains to user preferences and settings, and is causing major disruptions in user experiences. I am now looking to hire a seasoned Flask and Alexa development professional to tackle the following tasks: - Investigate and address the root cause(s) preventing the sending of user data. - Implement solutions in our Flask application that will allow successful data transmission through Alexa OAuth. - Demonstrate live examples of both sending and receiving user data over Alexa OAuth on our Flask website. Ideal candidates must have a profound understanding of Alexa OAuth, its interface with Flask, and expertise in handling user data within these environments. Yo...

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    6 teklifler to monitor their progress closely. - **Personalized Recommendations**: The app should provide suggestions tailored to each individual's dieting needs and progress. User Authentication: Users should be able to register and log in using their Email and password, social media accounts or their Google sign-in details. This calls for a developer with knowledge and experience in App Security and OAuth authentication. Third-party Services Integration: - **Payment Gateway**: The app will need to handle in-app purchases. I need someone who is adept at integrating reliable and secure payment gateways. - **Nutrition Database**: The application must interface with a nutrition database. This entails that the developer should have experience with API integration. With the above...

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    I am in need of an experienced spring boot developer for my project. The ideal candidate should have: - Intermediate experience in spring boot - Should know how to implement forgot password functionality based on JWT and Spring oauth as well. Your experience will indeed be a significant key in successfully achieving the project's objectives. Don't forget to include it in your applications along with your ways of contributing to the project. Looking forward to productive collaboration. . Deadline is of 24 hours.

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    eeking an experienced developer to i...Responsibilities: Establish a reliable connection between WHMCS and Tempo. Map Tempo clients/accounts to corresponding clients in WHMCS. Retrieve and display time tracking data (like hours logged) from Tempo in the WHMCS client area. Ensure the integration is user-friendly, secure, and respects data privacy norms. Key Requirements: Proficiency in WHMCS and Jira/Tempo APIs. Strong understanding of OAuth for secure API connections. Experience in PHP, JavaScript, and possibly WHMCS module development. Ability to create a seamless and intuitive user interface within WHMCS for displaying Tempo data. The developer should prioritize ease of use for end-users, ensuring that clients can easily understand and access their time usage data from Tempo wit...

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    Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality to allow users on WHMCS to view and manage their Jira Service Desk tickets without the need for separate logins. Utilize Auth0 as the authentication intermediary to enable a seamless connection between WHMCS and Jira Service Desk. Key Requirements: Integrate Auth0 with both WHMCS and Jira Service Desk using OAuth 2.0. Ensure users logged into WHMCS can directly access their Jira Service Desk tickets through a unified interface or link, bypassing additional login prompts. Maintain security and data privacy standards throughout the process. Objective: To streamline user experience and improve efficiency by connecting WHMCS and Jira Service Desk through a secure SSO solution using Auth0.

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    Project Description: We're seeking a talented Full Stack Developer to create a secure backend system for our admin panel. The backend will be developed using FastAPI, a high-performance...role-based access control (RBAC). Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with our team. Deliverables: Develop a FastAPI backend with CRUD endpoints for managing admin panel data securely. Integrate MongoDB database with proper data validation and encryption to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. Implement user authentication using JWT (JSON Web Tokens) or OAuth 2.0 for secure access control. Employ HTTPS for secure communication and protect against common security threats. Provide comprehensive documentation on security measures implemented and offer sup...

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    I am seeking an experienced Python developer who is familiar with OAuth 2.0. Key responsibilities will include: Creating a Python script that: - Securely authenticates and Yahoo Mail users. - Waiting for a new mail to come like imap-idle does. - Enabling the reading of emails from both providers post-authentication. - Incorporating a specific email filtering function that sorts emails by date. You must create the app required on each of the platforms for the testing and guide me to create my apps into the platforms A strong understanding of secure authentication processes and email service APIs is necessary for this project. Familiarity and prior experience working with Microsoft Graph API and OAuth 2.0 authentication are highly recommended.

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    I'm seeking a developer skilled in SSIS, C# and SQL for this project. The task involves fetching JSON data from an API using oauth with a username and password. This data will then need to be written to a SQL table. The main specifications are: - API provides JSON data - Only specific fields are required from the JSON data for the SQL table write operation - These fields are constant and will not change in the future Confident understanding and experience with JSON, C#, API fetch, SSIS, and SQL are paramount. The ideal candidate will be adept at creating smooth integrations, dealing with API provided data and handling SQL scripts.

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    Price:10$ Seeking a proficient back-end developer versed in Node.js and MongoDB. As a crux of this project, the developer's responsibilities will encompass: - User authenticatio... The core framework for this project is Express.js. Prior familiarity working with this is favorable. Moreover, this project demands advanced-level security measures. Therefore, familiarity with measures such as two-factor authentication and OAuth is essential. Ideal applicants should demonstrate: - Profound knowledge and experience in Node.js, MongoDB and Express.js. - Proven track record of implementing user authentication and API integration. - Experience in implementing elevated security measures, specifically two-factor authentication and OAuth. Please provide relevant examples of yo...

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    ... │ ├── # Database connection and session management │ │ └── # SQLAlchemy models for Users and Notes │ │ │ ├── schemas/ # Pydantic schemas for data validation and serialization │ │ ├── # Schemas for Notes │ │ └── # Schemas for User operations │ │ │ ├── auth/ # Authentication mechanisms (JWT, OAuth, etc.) │ │ └── Authentication utility functions │ │ │ ├── routes/ # API routes for the application │ │ ├── # Routes for note-related operations │ │ └── # Routes for user-related operations │ │ │ └── # FastAPI app instance, CORS, middleware, route inclusion │ ├── frontend/ # Flet frontend

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    I require an experienced developer to create advanced plugins for Pipedrive CRM, to be published in Pipedrive Marketpplace. This project is focused on extending the functionality of Pipedrive CRM through plugin development. The objective is to achieve: - API access - Exporting data capability - Developing webhooks - Ensuring OAuth In regards to the technology, the plugins need to be developed in PHP or NodeJS. Ideal candidate should have a solid background in Pipedrive CRM plugins development. Your role will be to ensure that these plugins function seamlessly and provide extended functionality as required. Experience with Plugin testing is a must to ensure that all components work as intended. Looking forward for a competitive bid and a discussion on project timelines. Sele...

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    Delivery Project Front-End in Flutter or React Native (iOS and Android) where the customer finds shopping options, selects the payment method, completes the purchase, tracks, and receives the product. Flow with Figma will be provided, estimated at 50 screens. Back-End in NodeJs, SQL Server, or MongoDb. There will be connections with third-party Rest APIs. OAUTH 2.0 Authentication Merchant Portal: Java or React Native where merchants will have access to view orders, delivery control, product registration, store registration, opening hours, employees, vehicles, and other store customizations. In the same Portal, based on the access credential, the company will have the admin console to activate merchant accounts and other functionalities, such as account blocking and ge...

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer with experience in UPS API and particularly Rate API for a third-party service integration. This project primarily involves updating existing integration of UPS's Rate API to secure OAuth 2.0 for an existing cart system in a website application. The website-cart is currently using PHP Version 5.6.40 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Knowledge of UPS API integrations and OAuth 2.0 security model) - Familiarity with Pinnaclecart is preferred - Experience with PHP upgrading to the latest version - Proficiency in backend development - Familiarity with payment gateways - Proven experience in similar projects Your role will involve ensuring this API retrieves shipping rates accurately, and that it is correctly implemented to ensure smooth op...

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    ...Beauty**, a free mobile app that connects busy individuals with local beauty service providers. We're looking for a talented **Full-Stack Mobile Developer** to join our team and bring this vision to life. **Responsibilities:** * Design, develop, and maintain a user-friendly mobile app (iOS and Android) for customers and beauty service providers. * Implement secure login functionalities using OAuth integrations with existing beauty service booking platforms. * Develop features for customer requests, provider availability filtering, and in-app chat functionalities. * Integrate a secure payment processing system (e.g., Stripe) for seamless in-app transactions. * Handle backend development and server-side operations, including setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting. * Manage ...

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    I am in need of a proficient PHP developer who can assist me in implementing a Zoom server to server OAuth. Your task will cover three core areas: 1. **User Authentication:** Initiate and manage single user authentication, ensuring a seamless login experience. 2. **Access Token Generation:** Properly set up code functionality to generate access tokens. 3. **API Endpoint Authorization:** Implement appropriate measures to authorize access to the Zoom API endpoints. As the preferred programming language for this project is PHP, having extensive experience in PHP development, especially with OAuth implementations, is significantly essential. Familiarity with Zoom API can be a plus. Looking forward to receiving your proposals.

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    I am looking to someone who can help us with Power Automate flow to fetch data from REST endpoint Challenge - REST endpoint using Auoth 1.0 as a authentication. - We want you to come up with the solution and successfully extract the data - If solution requires us to buy third party tool or service, it must be communicated before you take the task. - We are NOT using Powerautomate desktop version. The solution must be non-desktop version.

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    ...currently facing a technical challenge with OAuth concerning my Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.Kestrel. I need a skillful programmer to investigate and resolve this issue. Specifically, I'm experiencing an "invalid token" error which entirely hinders the authentication process. Here's the deep-dive of my requirements: - Understanding and experience with - Proficient knowledge of OAuth, particularly authentication - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve "Invalid Token" error It's very crucial for me to have this issue rectified as swiftly as possible. I'm looking for someone who has expert knowledge in this field and a proven track record of resolving similar problems. Remember, the key skill here is experience with OAuth and A...

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    ...the OAuth authentication in my .NET application. Specifically, I'm receiving an "Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch" message when attempting to authenticate. Despite confirming that the correct redirect URI has been registered in the Google API Console for my application, the issue persists. The task I need to be completed involves: - Diagnosing the root cause of this error - Implementing necessary solutions to fix this issue - Ensuring the OAuth authentication process runs smoothly afterward Ideal Skills and Experience: - Solid experience in .NET programming - Deep understanding of OAuth authentication - Proven track record in debugging .NET applications - Proficiency in using Google API Console The final deliverable should be a robust .NET applic...

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    Fair Playfields is a web-based sports match management system designed to streamline the organization and coordination of sports events, like football. The platform aims to provide a user-friendly interface for players, organizers, and administrators to manage various aspects of sports matches efficiently. ...performance tracking system to record player statistics, match results, and personal ratings. Allow players to view their performance history and compare their stats with other players. Technology Stack: Backend: PHP (Laravel framework preferred) Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (with a modern frontend framework such as React or Vue.js) Database: MySQL Authentication: JSON Web Tokens (JWT) or OAuth for secure user authentication Version Control: Git for code management and col...

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    ...abonamentowych. Forum i Sekcja Wydarzeń: Dla członków klubu, tworzenie przestrzeni do wymiany opinii i organizacji wydarzeń. Opcje Płatności i Fakturacja: Integracja z systemem Stripe do obsługi płatności i generowania faktur. System Ocen i Recenzji: Możliwość oceniania i recenzji wynajmowanych samochodów oraz wynajmujących. Bezpieczeństwo: Autentykacja i Autoryzacja: Wykorzystanie OAuth 2.0 i JWT do zarządzania dostępem. Szyfrowanie Danych: Zastosowanie TLS dla bezpiecznego przesyłania danych i AES dla ochrony danych przechowywanych. Backup i Odzyskiwanie Danych: Regularne tworzenie kopii zapasowych danych i zapewnienie mechanizmów ich odzyskiwania. Dodatkowe Uwagi: Moduł Zarządzania Ogłoszeniami: Rozbudowa backen...

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    ...authentication to ensure a secure user experience. - Implementation of push notifications to keep users engaged. - Seamless payment integration for in-app purchases or subscriptions. - Capability to handle live streaming as well as hosting and playing on-demand videos. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Java or Kotlin - Experience with Android SDK - Familiarity with streaming media protocols - Understanding of OAuth or similar user authentication protocols - Previous work with payment gateway APIs - Knowledge of Google Firebase for notifications Experience in media streaming app development is highly desirable. Evidence of previous work that includes live and on-demand streaming will be sought after to evaluate your suitability for this project. Let's build an app that stands o...

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    I am seeki...seeking an experienced Python developer who is familiar with OAuth 2.0 and the Microsoft Graph API. Key responsibilities will include: Creating a Python script that: - Securely authenticates and Yahoo Mail users. - Waiting for a new mail to come like imap-idle does. - Enabling the reading of emails from both providers post-authentication. - Incorporating a specific email filtering function that sorts emails by date. You must create the app required on each of the platforms for the testing and guide me to create my apps into the platforms A strong understanding of secure authentication processes and email service APIs is necessary for this project. Familiarity and prior experience working with Microsoft Graph API and OAuth 2.0 authentication are highly recomm...

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    As the proprietor of a cPanel based server running on AlmaLinux v8.9.0, I am on the lookout for a IT specialist who can securely set up API access to our Docker container. on the lookout for a IT specialist who can securely set up API access to our Docker container. Given the limited information, the project necessitates skill and knowledge in the following areas: 1. Docker management and its intricacies: Having hands-on experience managing Docker containers. 2. API Authentication protocols: Ability to discern and choose the optimal authentication process (OAuth, API key, JWT) suited for our server, while keeping it secure. 3. Comprehension of Server and Operating System details: Familiarity with cPanel and AlmaLinux v8.9.0 is preferred as our server is based on these tec...

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    currently, I'm using the trikoder_oauth2 package for user authentication I want to update it to league_oauth2 as it's not supported in Symfony 6 i'm looking for someone expert in Symfony who can update this ASAP.

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