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    ...accounts) to their platform. -Provide robust user management for employees, including roles such as customer service, sales representatives, administrators, project managers, developers, super admins, etc. 6. API System -Develop a powerful API that allows other applications to use the service. -Ensure the API is scalable and capable of handling very large projects. 7. AI Integration -Integrate with OpenAI and other AI platforms to provide an assistant chat feature. -Allow the AI assistant to read and answer questions about the content on the current page in real-time. -Enable the AI assistant to suggest better content for specific sections of the page. -Provide a simple "replace" feature that allows users to easily use the suggested content to update sections on the cra...

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    I'm seeking an expert in AI content generation to help me create a SAAS platform. This platform will use cutting-edge AI technologies like OpenAI, Mistral, Gemini, and Copilot. The goal is to efficiently provide a wide range of content types including text, image, sound, video, chat, voice, and code. The SAAS would looks like this : Key Requirements: - The AI content should be capable of generating text, image, sound, and video. - The AI models should have functionalities such as translation, summarization, sentiment analysis, and more. - It is crucial that these AI models are integrated to form a seamless and user-friendly SAAS platform. Ideal Skills for This Project: - Proficiency in AI

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    ...Integrate BigBuy API for product synchronization. Develop automation scripts using ChatGPT for content generation. Create and upload promotional videos to YouTube. Automate blog post creation with enriched product descriptions and videos. Optimize the site for SEO and ensure easy sharing across social media. Skills Needed: WordPress development (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) API integration (BigBuy, OpenAI, YouTube) SEO best practices Python/Node.js for automation scripting Video editing and creation Why Join Us? Be part of an innovative project at the intersection of AI and e-commerce. Work in a collaborative and dynamic environment. Flexible remote work options....

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    We need someone to generate training data (150 posts) to help us train an AI for our site We've already set up a custom gpt through openai that can take input as lists of 'subject, problem, idea', and output completed posts, but you're welcome to use a different AI if you want to. We've even generated a list of prompts to generate such good content, so this should be a very easy project. We just need you to have an AI generate the content and make sure all the details are correct. -that the AI didn't hallucinate anything. Formatting is very basic: Subject posts: a few lines of text and some tags. (subject posts are often placeholders for the more interesting content: problems and ideas) Problem posts: a few lines of text, tags, a few s...

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    Estou em busca de um desenvolvedor Python experiente para um projeto que envolve a integração do WhatsApp com o ChatGPT da OpenAI. O objetivo é criar um bot que permita comunicações fluidas e traduções em tempo real entre inglês e português, utilizando as APIs do Twilio e OpenAI. Responsabilidades: Integrar a API do WhatsApp via Twilio com a API do ChatGPT. Implementar funcionalidades de tradução e correção de texto em tempo real. Requisitos: Experiência prévia com as APIs do Twilio e OpenAI será considerada uma vantagem. Capacidade de escrever código limpo e bem documentado. Excelente habilidade de resolver problemas e de comunicação.

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    I need an OpenAI to Telegram ChatBot create. The ChatBot needs to be able to find, read and analyse real time data online when chatting

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    I need a custom custom GPT model in OpenAI called "GPT-Invoices". The objective of this project is to enable the GPT model to analyze invoices stored in a OneDrive folder and answer various queries related to these invoices. Once this functionality is implemented, I want to integrate it with Excel to call the GPT model directly from Excel cells and receive responses in the same cells. Project Requirements: GPT-Invoices Setup: The custom GPT "GPT-Invoices" should be able to analyze invoices stored in a OneDrive folder. The OneDrive folder will have subfolders for each month containing our company’s purchasing and selling invoices. The GPT should be capable of answering questions related to these invoices. For example: "Sum all subtotals of invoices i...

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    ...will pay a minimum of USD 50 with projects ranging up to USD 500 or more. If there is nothing to do I will still pay USD 50/month just to have the continus support. Key Requirements: - Diverse automations, functions, and data management routines within Zoho CRM. - Specific tasks will include workflow automation and custom reporting. - Integration of Zoho CRM with various AI tools, specifically OpenAI and Google Gemeni. Ideal candidate should have: - Extensive experience programming in Deluge. - Proficiency in building custom applications for Zoho CRM. - Prior experience integrating CRM systems with AI tools. - A good understanding of workflow automation and custom reporting. To be considered, tell me what you have done so far in this space and let me know what your hourly ra...

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    As a small scale LangChain deployment, we are seeking a proficient professional to enhance our existing integration with OpenAI and LangChain. Key Requirements: - Enhance Language Understanding: Our current system successfully utilizes LangChain by OpenAI. However, we need a more sophisticated language understanding, which includes: - Increasing vocabulary understanding - Enhancing the system's ability to comprehend context and nuances - Improve Text Generation: We would like to enhance the text generation capabilities of our LangChain deployment. This includes: - Enhancing the diversity of generated text - Improving the coherence and relevance of the generated text - Optimize Performance: Given our current small scale, there's room for improvement in t...

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    I'm seeking a skilled AI developer to prototype and document the technical requirements for an AI powered webapp. Key Project Details: - The primary AI functionality needed is in the area of text generation from user inputs and AI output. - Ability to build website prototype utilizing an AI API (most likely OpenAI) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI development. - Experience in creating webapps or web design - Understand the technical coding languages required for this project. Please reach out if you believe you're equipped for this task in addition to a strong portfolio of similar projects to demonstrate your capabilities.

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    I'm looking for someone to develop a chatbot platform that webmasters can use for support chats. Essentially, it should be a service similar to GPTs, allowing other users to integrate support chats into their websites. I'm looking for someone with experience in this field who ideally already has a solution that I can purchase and customize. I would like a product that goes online as quickly as possible in a basic version and is then further developed. Similar websites: - - - - If the programmer is truly experienced in this field, I am, of course, willing to pay more per hour, hence the price range of $15 to $50. Additionally, I do not respond to automatically generated offers. Please message me in the chat once the offer has been submitted, with reference projects. Best ...

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    I'm in need of a simple AI chatbot that can be integrated with our website and social media platforms. The chatbot is intended for information retrieval purposes and must support multiple languages. Key Requirements: - Development of a simple AI chatbot for website and social media - Integration of the chatbot with the necessary platforms - Chatbot should be designed specifically for information retrieval - Must support multiple languages Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in developing chatbots using Open AI - Experience in integrating chatbots with websites and social media - Strong understanding of natural language processing (NLP) - Multilingual chatbot development experience would be a plus - Good communication skills to understand and meet the requirements of the project

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    Yesterday, OpenAI released the new module "ChatGPT 4.0". I want to create a video on how to automate and visualize Excel files using this new version. The thumbnail should include my face, the Excel logo, the OpenAI logo, and the text "Automate Excel with ChatGPT 4.0".

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can assist me in creating a basic function within OpenAI's ChatGPT. This function will retrieve a number from a table, aiding me in my AI related tasks. Key Requirements:...within ChatGPT that can extract a specific number from a table. The table will be structured similarly to the example provided in this video: Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience working with OpenAI's ChatGPT or similar AI assistants. - Strong programming skills, particularly in Python, which is the language used to interact with the OpenAI API. - Knowledge of data manipulation and extraction from structured data sources, like tables. - Ability to understand and implement the requirements specified in the video example.

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    Hi! I’m looking for a developer to create an easy way for me to embed on my website custom chatbots I make in Claude, OpenAI GPT/Assistants etc., and limit each user’s access. **** Summary: ***** This is my end goal: I create various types of chatbots. Most are only based on prompts I write, a few will have to reference some PDFs with ~200 pages. I want to sell access to them. Example: A customer pays $10 and gets access to talk to a certain chatbot for 20 minutes. After those 20 minutes are up, the customer has to blocked from chatting any more and be prompted to pay for another session. I will be selling access to the first chat session through another marketplace. (It must be that one, this can't be discussed.). I will set it up myself so that after they p...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can convert my web application to a native ap...Android platforms. - Ensuring seamless connectivity with the web app's existing backend for content sharing. - Implementing a secure and reliable payment processing system within the app. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in both and Bravo Studios. - Prior experience in converting web applications to native mobile apps. - Strong understanding of payment processing integrations. - OpenAI API integrations - Social Media logins - A portfolio demonstrating successful projects in the field of content sharing apps would be a huge plus. If you believe you have the necessary skills and experience to take on this project, please provide examples of your previous work and your proposed approac...

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    Please DONT APPLY of you dont have the experience and skills! I'm looking for an NLP Developer who has experience with parsing PDF files, integrating OpenAI and other LLM providers APIs, and building RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) applications. The main objective of this project is to build a chatbot based on a repository of documents. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing PDF parsing capabilities to extract textual data for processing - Integrating OpenAI APIs to enhance the chatbot's responses - Building a RAG-based chatbot system for providing contextual answers The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in NLP and experience with developing language models - Strong skills in integrating APIs - Previous experience in building chatbots or conversational...

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    ...Processing: Send the text message received to an OpenAI Assistant so the assistant answer with a message, store all the relevant informations inside mongoDB, the specific assistant's response is not important for now (it can answer anything weird that doesn't matter, we will create specific system prompts later). Be aware of a specific scenario: When Telegram receive a message, the workflow shall start to generate the answer using an OpenAI's Assistant, but if a new message is received before the answer is sent back to Telegram, the initial response shall not be sent (so it must be aborted), the assistant shall generate a new message to take into context the 2nd or N messages received [for this part, you can't remove a message that you added to an OpenAI...

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    ...tasks will include: - Writing clean, optimized TypeScript code - Debugging and fixing any errors that may arise - Implementing complex algorithms to process data accurately and quickly In terms of functionality, the application should be able to: - Monitor Instagram messages and comments in real-time - Set up a webhook to receive Instagram data - Reply automatically to the messages received using OpenAI Assistant Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in TypeScript and SaaS architecture - Experience integrating with Instagram's API - Familiarity with chatgpt or similar AI tools - Background in setting up webhooks for data reception A strong understanding of user authentication, authorization, and dashboard interfaces would also be beneficial...

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    Project Deadline: 1 Hour Project Type: PHP Project Level: Standard PHP Type: 8.2 & Above Number of Bugs: 1 Project Overview: Our current PHP script submits a request to the OpenAI API & the Replicate API to retrieve their AI output. We have noticed that the “topic” value is not being successfully submitted with the request. All other form data is submitting fine We would like this fixed. 5* FEEDBACK WILL BE LEFT FOR YOU

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    ...responsive web-based chat app interface for my OpenAI assistant, "Edubot," which aims to assist teachers and pedagogues in Brazilian public schools. The design should be friendly, intuitive, and based on Telegram's layout and coloring. Key tasks for the freelancer: Create a consistently functional real-time messaging system Seamlessly integrate the UI with the Edubot OpenAI assistant Implement features for maintaining conversation continuity Provide options to copy chatbot responses and save/export answers to other formats Ensure a fully responsive design optimized for mobile devices Ideal freelancer requirements: Experience in developing responsive web-based applications Strong understanding of real-time messaging systems Familiarity with OpenAI t...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can create compelling, engaging videos using Sora OpenAI. The videos will primarily be explainer, product demonstration, and tutorial videos. They should be less than 1 minute in length and require an English voice-over. Key Requirements: - Proficient in using Sora OpenAI to create engaging and high-quality videos - Experience in creating explainer, product demonstration, and tutorial videos - Skilled in creating videos with less than 1-minute duration - Ability to provide professional English voice-over - Strong understanding of video editing and production techniques The ideal freelancer for this project will have prior experience with Sora OpenAI and a portfolio showcasing similar video creation work. They should also be able to d...

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    ...seamlessly integrated with the PDF viewer in the LMS. - Data synchronization between the LMS and the AI virtual assistant needs to be maintained. Interaction With Students: - Assistant should offer a chatbot interface for text-based conversations. - Should accept and respond to voice commands. - Provide clickable options for simplified user journey. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in OpenAI API or similar AI technology. - Proficiency in integrating AI interfaces within existing systems. - Understanding of LMS or other educational platforms. Notes: App was created with appery for mobil but you will be working with webapp which is html, css, js, php I will give you server access, api key, app files You will load app onto server and work with files Text to speech must r...

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    ...Effectively manage our spreading subscriber base directly from the app interface. 3. Analytical Tools: Track the reading behaviors to optimize our future content. Recognize patterns, preferred topics, peak reading times, and more. 4. Mailchimp Integration: The application must favor seamless integration with Mailchimp, aligning our email marketing efforts. 5. AI generate newsletters. Using an OpenAI API users will be able to generate their newsletters. Ideal candidates for this project would possess profound knowledge of the Bubble no-code platform and demonstrated experience in web app development. Familiarity with Email Marketing platforms, particularly Mailchimp, and analytical tools is highly appreciated. Prowess in creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces is also cru...

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    I need a competent AI developer to use OpenAI, Pinecone and Scrapper in order to construct an engaging and intuitive AI chatbot for my website. Requirements: >- The primary role of the AI chatbot will be in information retrieval. It's critical that it efficiently and accurately fetches and presents data to users. >- I want the interaction with chatbot to feel natural and conversational. The chatbot should not merely provide answers but engage users in a dialogue to better understand and meet their needs. >- Since we cater to a global audience, the chatbot needs to be multi-lingual, capable of understanding and responding in several languages. Ideal Skills: >- Proven experience in designing and developing AI chatbots. >- Proficiency in OpenAI, Pinecone...

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    As a startup in AI and AI/ML solutions, we are seeking a part time senior data scientist to help us to design a text 2 sql solution using existing open source solution, integrate with other data service. Having a deep understanding of ,LLms , NLP, Text2SQL and AI Agent (OpenAI) , stream-lit will be essential. 3 hours days in average for a part time jobs for months; - The successful applicant must be fluent in Python and have a solid understanding of latest GPTs, GenAI and langchain, GenAI etc The ability to develop and fine-tune algorithms as per project requirements is paramount. If you are able to make AI comprehend and utilize human language, efficiently and effectively, your expertise is needed here.

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    We are looking for someone who is specialized in building/fine-tunning Openai Whisper model for audio transcription. To be specific, we are interested in either building or fine tunning models for special dialects. Please provide a clear milestone that illustraate the work procedure. - The purpose of this project is to have full knowledge about building/fune-tunning Openai Whisper models. - The freelancer should be capable of answering and clarifying all the questions/concerns related to selected choice (model details such as number of layers and other model parameters). - The freelancer should be capable of justifying the reasons behind the selection between fine-tunnnig or building a model from scratch based on the required task (audio transcription). - Define all the r...

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    We are seeking an experienced developer to integrate OpenAI GPT into our existing database system (Zoho CRM) to enable natural language queries for investor searches. Users on our website will describe their company and transaction details, and the GPT will summarize and request additional information. Based on this, the GPT will score investors using a customizable algorithm and provide a CSV list of the top 100 matches. Users interested in further details must sign an NDA and fee agreement via an automated system, with their information and preferences automatically transferred to our CRM database. Key Project Details: User Interaction on Company Website: Users will describe their company and transaction details on our website using natural language queries. The GPT will genera...

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    ...location to the MOU folder. Details: - Your responsibility is to build a desktop application that processes and accurately categorizes data from complete PDF files. - You are required to utilize LangChain for language translations and OpenAI llms for text generation. - The app should be developed in Python. - After three days you'll submit final Python code, supporting documentation explaining its functionality and a report on its performance and run-time. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience with Python programming language. - An understanding of OpenAI language models. - Previous work with LangChain for language translations. - Experience in app development and document categorization. Remember, I will provide a process flow chart and additional e...

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    Trophy icon Azy Labs Logo Design 2 gün left, black or gray. But please feel free to use other colors if you think it would suit the requirements better. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator or other leading graphic design software - Demonstrative experience in creating compelling, company-defining logos - Ability to interpret and implement feedback accurately Preference: - Symmetric logo like Microsoft or OpenAI which looks simplistic but yet decent - Square, Triangle or Round are preferred but if you have some more design concept please feel free to post as my brain can only think till that so don't feel I am not welcoming new ideas. Key Deliverables: - An original, high-resolution logo design with source file and SVG & PNG with transparent background in Resolutions (16x16, 24x...

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    ...Deadline: 1 Day Project Budget: $50 Project Type: PHP (8.2 and above) Server Type: Linux Ubuntu Project Overview: We have an existing PHP script that calls the OpenAI API & outputs the response in decoded JSON format. We want to add Replicate API () to the script so we have the option of using the Replicate API instead of the OpenAI API. A user should be able to specify which API the script should use via a line in the code. So... - Currently: Script uses OpenAI API - New Version: Script uses both OpenAI API & Replicate API The output format from Replicate API must match the OpenAI API response, as the output is used in an existing Web App. New API Documentation: 5* FEEDBACK WILL

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    ...tasks involving automation and training and fine-tuning of models using tools like OpenAI's GPT-3, specifically Whisper. Key Responsibilities: Design and develop a specialized customer database for efficient data management. Implement machine learning algorithms for data analysis and insights generation. Create automation scripts for repetitive tasks. Train and fine-tune models using Whisper (OpenAI) with our own data recordings. Conceptualize and evaluate information for decision-making purposes. Requirements: Proficiency in Python programming language. Experience in database development and management. Strong understanding of machine learning concepts and frameworks. Familiarity with automation tools and techniques. Ability to work remotely and demonstrate skills via re...

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    Project Deadline: 1 Day Project Budget: $40 Project Type: PHP (8.2 and above) Server Type: Linux Ubuntu Project Overview: We have an existing PHP script that calls the OpenAI API & outputs the decoded JSON response. We want to add Replicate API () to use the meta-llama-3-70b model & add a flag to the code to allow us to choose whether we want the PHP script to use OpenAI or Llama 3 (70B). The output format from Replicate API must match the OpenAI API response Reference File: 5* FEEDBACK WILL BE LEFT FOR YOU

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    ? Company Description: We are a dynamic tech company focused on integrating AI-driven communication solutions across platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. We are rapidly growing, with 5 to 10 new clients joining us weekly. Each client requires custom-designed prompts for seamless interaction through the OpenAI Assistant API. ?Job Description: We are seeking multiple Prompt Engineers to join our team on a project basis. You will be responsible for designing and refining conversational prompts that power AI interactions tailored to the specific needs of each client. This role is crucial in ensuring that our AI communications are not only functional but also engaging and contextually appropriate. ?Responsibilities: - Design and implement conversational prompts based on s...

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    Hi there. I'm looking for a Fullstack chatbot engineer for building NSFW chatbot. The expected site is Langchain, OpenAI, Python flask, are essensial tech field. I already have MVP and it is working well now. I just need to improve this engine and UI. For STT, TTS, I used ElevenLabs. So, if you have experience of using elevenlabs, that would be great. Firstly, need testing time for 1 day. Candidates should improve the UI and chatbot engine more sexually for 1 day. It is also paid. If you complete this within 1 day, I will pay $100. If you can't complete this within 1 day, don't apply. Start the proposal with 'Chatbot'. Thanks.

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    ...on large language models (LLMs). This system should ensure precise AI results and foster organic growth among users. Outcomes: - For 1 week: Create an MVP and launch it in production. The MVP will offer core functionality where a user uploads a candidate's CV and job description, and in return, the user receives a score to decide whether to proceed with the candidate. For the MVP, utilize the OpenAI API, apply proper prompt engineering, and deploy on cloud platforms such as GCP, AWS, etc. - For the next 1 month: Prepare training data, train a custom machine learning model, and improve the quality of CV screening. Additionally, add extra features to the web app for a paid subscription, including account history and other basic functionalities for users—recruiters. - F...

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    We are a CRM/ERP software company We are trainning a OpenAI GPT model and trying to fine tune it but always the model doesnt become smarter but dumber... We are looking for a Fine-Tune trainning expert that have proven experience in trainning and validating models to guide and train us to be able to do it ourselves. We need to see proven exprience and past work and make sure that you can help us, the work will be to go over all of our JSNOL file and making calls to guide us how to finilize a model for our webstite live chat visitors. After a succesfull project, we will work again and again for more clients that use our software and want to have the AI assistant for them. We have our own development team so we will eb able to integrate the chat into our system, we are only lookin...

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    ...deadlines Please provide examples of similar projects you've worked on, especially those involving email automation. Your past experience and the solution you propose will be key to my decision-making. Project Description: Automated Email Management System Project Overview: We are seeking an experienced developer to create an automated email management system using , Google API, and OpenAI API. The system will facilitate efficient communication by automating email sending to a designated email list stored in a Google Sheet, as well as handling responses to incoming emails. Key Features: Google Sheets Integration: The system will integrate with Google Sheets to access and manage email lists seamlessly. This integration will enable dynamic updates to email recipients with...

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    Looking for a developer who has experience in the below tech skill-set Frontend Angular Typescript Backend PostgreSQL Third-party integration Stripe OpenAI Cloud AWS

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    I'm planning to shift from Pyttx3 to OpenAi tts-2 HD primarily because of its superior voice quality. I have attached the file

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    ...from users - Create comprehensive database of design templates for whiteboard/prototype for image as input from users - Document detailing strategy taken and performance of the various models and which model acts best and can be used as foundation model This position requires experience with Python and excellent knowledge of AI modeling. Experience in working with the LLAMA / Mistral / CoreNet / OpenAI is a must as users would be able to select local/remote models to tweak the parameters. If you are passionate about AI and possess the required skill set, I would love to hear from you. Estimated hours of work: 80-100 hr...

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    I'm in urgent need of a skilled developer to create a personal assistant app using Vue.js, Quasar, and OpenAI. The primary goal of this app is to act as a virtual assistant for me, helping me with some tasks. It's a small project that I am building with Vue.js, Quasar and OpenAI, so I need someone who can deliver quality work in a short time. Experience with Vue.js, Quasar, and integrating OpenAI into web applications is essential. If you think you're up to the task, please reach out.

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    ...Wordpress developer skilled in API integrations and automated content generation. This job will involve creating a custom Wordpress plugin that can: -Generate custom pages automatically. -Seamlessly integrate with OpenAI's APIs. The ideal freelancer for this job should: -Be a Wordpress pro, with proven experience in developing sophisticated plugins. -Have mastered API integrations, specifically with OpenAI. -Understand automated content generation principles and techniques. A highly-motivated, problem-solving and creative developer who can achieve these requirements would be fantastic. Your ability to follow briefs, maintain open lines of communication, and deliver top-notch results will go a long way in this project’s success. Looking forward to partnering with yo...

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    ...developer skilled in API integrations and automated content generation. This job will involve creating a custom Wordpress plugin that can: - Generate custom pages automatically. - Seamlessly integrate with OpenAI's APIs. The ideal freelancer for this job should: - Be a Wordpress pro, with proven experience in developing sophisticated plugins. - Have mastered API integrations, specifically with OpenAI. - Understand automated content generation principles and techniques. A highly-motivated, problem-solving and creative developer who can achieve these requirements would be fantastic. Your ability to follow briefs, maintain open lines of communication, and deliver top-notch results will go a long way in this project’s success. Looking forward to partnering with you o...

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    ...WordPress plugin for my website. This plugin will enable a member to have a brand style guide generated for them by providing answers to a few questions about their business. The user will fill out a form that asks for information about their business including: business name, products sold, market differentiator, and target audience. The users input will be added into a prompt then sent to an OpenAi model which will make recommendations for brand stu Ike guidelines for color scheme, fonts, brand voice, and slogans. The recommendations will be sent back in a response that will be parsed and used to populate color picker fields, font drop-down an and texts input Fields. Users should be able to save these results to access them at any time in the future. : The project should ...

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    ...WordPress plugin for my website. This plugin will enable a member to have a brand style guide generated for them by providing answers to a few questions about their business. The user will fill out a form that asks for information about their business including: business name, products sold, market differentiator, and target audience. The users input will be added into a prompt then sent to an OpenAi model which will make recommendations for brand stu Ike guidelines for color scheme, fonts, brand voice, and slogans. The recommendations will be sent back in a response that will be parsed and used to populate color picker fields, font drop-down an and texts input Fields. Users should be able to save these results to access them at any time in the future. : The project should ...

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    Job Description: We are seeking a freelance developer to create a plugin similar to "webpilot" for OpenAI, enabling a virtual assistant to gather data from specified websites via URL. The assistant should be able to interpret simple commands to extract information and return it in JSON format. Project Objective: The first milestone will be to develop a prototype capable of connecting to a website, extracting specific information, and structuring it in JSON in response to a voice or textual command. Responsibilities: Develop an assistant based on the OpenAI API that can extract data from provided URLs. Ensure that the assistant can interpret precise commands to extract and structure data. Provide a simple interface for initiating requests and receiving responses in...

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    I am looking for a Python developer to build a language translation script that will utilize OpenAI's Assistant API, Whisper capabillities, and Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality. I eventually want to incorporate this into a personal app, but this is step 1 for me as of now. Key Features: - Implement OpenAI's Assistant API - Utilize OpenAI's Whisper for language translation - Include Text-to-Speech (TSS) conversion capabilities Platform Compatibility: - Develop the script to be compatible with macOS and Windows User Interface: - The level of user interface for the app is currently undecided. The final decision should be made in collaboration with the developer. I can provide an additional document with specifics as well. I have created (almost) exactly what I want with O...

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    Course 1: Statistics, Probability and SQL Course 2: Machine Learning and Predictive models with Python Course 3: Apache Spark: ML on Big Data Course 4: Deep Learning and Neural Networks Course 5: Gen AI : GPT, ChatGPT, Transformers, and SAN Network Course 6: Developing with GPT using chatGPT with OpenAI API Course 7: LLM Intuition and Implementation Course 8: Artificial Neural Networks and CNN Course 9: Model Deployment : AWS, S3, and SageMaker Capstone Projects: Class time = 6 am IST from tuesday to saturday

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    ...looking for a proficient Full-Stack developer capable of executing a high-level development project. The primary stack includes NextJS 13, Firebase functions, and OpenAI API for GPT4 combined with Tailwind CSS for styling. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a responsive and dynamic web application using NextJS 13 - Manage backend services using Firebase Functions - Implement AI features using OpenAI API for GPT-4 - Apply Tailwind CSS for responsive and pleasing web styling Ideal Skills & Experience: - A track record of Full Stack Development projects - Proficiency in NextJS 13, Firebase functions - Solid experience with OpenAI API for GPT4 - Put the word Zebra at the start of this proposal so I know you read it - Experience in web design using Tailwind CSS ...

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