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    We want someone to create an android app that will do a screen capture with audio and stream to RTMP server and UDP client. FFPMEG, libvlc or similar libraries can be used. Basically the app will stream audio and video from the android device to remote server in real-time. The stream will be in CBR Video: H264 and Audio: AAC and MP3 (allow option to select). Bitrate, Formats and remote URL will be set in the app option. The app will run in the background and start streaming as soon as the device starts. Deliverables : 1. APK file that will install on Mobile Phone. 2. Source code of the app in Java for Android Studio latest version 3. Compiling of the source code in our system through TeamViewer. 4. Basic Documentation and remarks in code will be expected. Testing: The stre...

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    Hi I need someone expert that install an IP radio server (Audio encoder server) with a high-quality audio compression codec on Linux machine. This server must be open source and free of charge. Then, this server should accept a streaming voice as Input so it can broadcast it to Audio Clients. So, Clients (Android/IOS/WIN/LINUX) should be able to use an audio streaming client software to connect to this Audio server. This server should host +10 different audio streaming. At the end of the work, I must receive a document file that explains Step by Step Instructions to do all the previous tasks (Install the server, codec, …, run it, secure it, add more audio streaming, connect client to it, … ).

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    Youtube Live Streaming 22 saat left

    I'm wanting to live stream a makeup seminar. I'm not sure if I need to use a webcam or get an encoder

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    I built an LSTM Encoder-Decoder model for multi-step forecasting, it is many to many, one feature only. it includes the timestamp and its value. I used a sequential model with input, hidden, and output layers. I tried adding more hidden layers but it did not produce a good accuracy, If I increase the number of neurons, then the model gets nan in the training step, therefore, I'm using the model on lower neurons. I feed 240 timesteps in, and forecast 240 timesteps out (5 days) by single-shot predictions. I need a professional in this field who can find out what is the problem in my implementation, so I can improve the forecasting accuracy in the long run. The tasks of this job: - Find out the logical error of the model, and fix it. - Documentation/comments on each modific...

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    ... You will simply need to spend a couple of minutes for each video downloading royalty-free videos on websites I will provide, then import the videos into Premiere, then create about a 10-minute slideshow and loop it for the remainder of the video/song. (I can even show you a trick/hotkey I use to make the task even faster and easier.) You will then export the completed video via Adobe Media Encoder allowing you to work on the next video as it exports. My goal for each video is to have them be 3-8 hours long. After that, you will just upload the exported videos to my Youtube channel or to cloud storage. You will not have to type anything or provide a thumbnail. I will be doing all of that. Just a simple upload on your part. Contact: If you are interested in this job feel f...

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    We need somebody to set up OpenCL and OpenGL on our Linux computer. It is an ARM-based machine with a MALI 450 GPU. Linux 20 is already installed and running. We will provide you SSH access to the computer plus a video stream of the machines output, so you can work remotely and see the output. What the deliverables should be: - We will supply a number of OpenGL demo's. These should run on the HDMI output, when started from SSH. - Clappr video player should be installed and should be able to play videos on the HDMI output, using the GPU, when started from SSH terminal. - lolminer (or similar) should be installed and should work with GPU support. - Documentation should be included to set up all of the above on other identical devices.

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    Hi I want to change open source project code about input data with additional encoder I can give you some codes which i want to use. 1. input data conversion codes 2. Encoder codes

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    Hi I want to change open source project code () My requests are belows: 1. I just want to use only VITS Model 2. I wanna add more additional data such as 2.1 stft with filterbank data from wav file (I have code) 2.2 energy data from wav file (I have code) 3. additional data have to be trained with Dilated Encoder (I have code also) 4. I can give you diagram to do 5. I can give you only one day I want to make a discussion

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    Embedded engineer required for feedback control of Ac servo motor. We are looking for a professional embedded engineer with an expertise in feedback signal to Ac servo Ac servo drive to control a 400-watt Ac motor. We have developed an Ac drive for a 400-watt Ac Permanent magnet motor, now for the feedback control, we are using an absolute BiSS-C encoder, the specifications of the encoder will be provided. The task includes syncing the encoder with the drive to perform position, torque, and speed mode. The professional must have core knowledge of the feedback control of the servo drive and must have experience in syncing the encoder of the BiSS-C interface with the drive to control the motor. This will include developing codes/algorithms' for drive t...

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    I need a video with logo and moving for a videowall banner. - Lengt: 15 second - size : 730px * 132px - format: MP4, MOV (H264) - Codec: MAINconcept MPEG Video - Frame rare: 25fps no transparent background!

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    This is python 2 code whicj I need converting to python three or Thoony. import picamera import time import as GPIO () (18, ) name = "" i = 1 with () as camera: camera.resolu...GPIO as GPIO () (18, ) name = "" i = 1 with () as camera: = (1600,900) = (25) while (i == 1): name = raw_input("Enter your file neme " ) camera.start_preview() GPIO.wait_for_edge(18, ) camera.start_recording('/media/pi/KINGSTON2/' + name + '.h264') (14) camera.stop_recording() camera.stop_preview() () Any ideas. I'm willing to pay,

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    We need a project done in Morse code encoder and decoder in VHDL. Our project contains 2 parts a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter part receives the text(ASCII) from the PC(user) via UART receiver and transmits the text to morse code encoder(converts text to morse code). The morse code pattern then is sent to an led. Dot(.) corresponds to LED on and dash(-) LED off. The receiver part has a photo diode which reads the blinking of the led(morse code) and data is transmits to Morse decoder where it is converted back to ASCII. The converted ASCII is then transmitted to end user PC for display. We have already designed the top level top level block diagram. we now need the source codes(entity and architecture) for the blocks and test benches for all blocks for simulation.....

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    Hi. I need a cryptography programmer who can code for me a highly sophisticated elliptic curve cryptography key generator (preferably using OpenSSL) which I can hash with SHA-256. If ECC is too complex, RSA may also be substituted as a replacement as I believe both of these methods use a public and private key. I already have the working SHA-256 hash code but I need someone to help me with the ECC or RSA code. The idea would be that we would hash the data and then sign the hash. This will prove that whoever generated this hash has the private key. Then you get the data that you want to verify, calculate the hash on it and then check that. If the calculated hash matches the one in the signature then the signature is valid. At this point we will have have high confidence that the data has ...

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    18 teklifler (RFID, optical identification) Industrial Communication (Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet etc) Industrial Controls (Industrial Communication, switching devices, monitoring and controls devices) Industry software Process control systems Process instrumentation Process analytics Power supplies DRIVE TECHNOLOGY AC Motors AC Converters Motors for Motion Control DC Converters Encoder systems Generators Components LOW-VOLTAGE CONTROLS AND DISTRIBUTIONS Circuit Breakers Contactors Fuse links and terminals Indicators, buttons Overvoltage protections Relays ENERGY Low-Voltage - Power distribution Medium Voltage - Power distribution Energy Automation Products SAFETY SYSTEMS Safety Technology for Factory Automation Safety Technology for Process Au...

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    Need programming done in codesys3.5 Scripted Text Need hydraulic motor 1 to be controlled by 2 speed variables. a Wheel sensor tells us ground speed which has to be matched by hose speed overlaid with a control feature for min/ ma...ground speed which has to be matched by hose speed overlaid with a control feature for min/ max system pressure A absolute rotation sensor on a rotating drum tells us speed distance and direction . We use this sensor to set up a ratio to operate another hydraulic motor that drives an operation in a by directional manner that is monitored with another absolute encoder. This operation will also be speed up or slowed down based on another encoder that senses the proximity of the material. if to close it speeds up and if to far away slows down based...

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    you will make the predictions in 4x4 blocks, across the full width and height of the input image. Each 4x4 block prediction will return an 8x8 block, which will double the size of the image produced after assembling all the blocks. Learning will learn to upscale 4x4 to 8x8 blocks.

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    I am looking for someone who can write a sketch for an Arduino Uno that will take input from a incremental optical rotary encoder and using a L298N motor controller control a DC Linear Actuator. When the encoder is turned clockwise, the linear actuator will extend, when the encoder stops, the actuator stops, when the encoder turns counter clockwise, the linear actuator will retract. The speed of the encoder turning controls the speed of the linear actuator extending or retracting. In addition to writing the sketch I will need a copy of a schematic of how to make the electrical connections for all of the components. Thank you.

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    We need somebody to set up OpenCL and OpenGL on our Linux computer. It is an ARM-based machine with a MALI 450 GPU. Linux 20 is already installed and running. We will provide you SSH access to the computer plus a video stream of the machines output, so you can work remotely and see the output. We have a number of OpenGL demos that should run and also minerd (or some other mining software requiring a GPU should work).

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    Build a java class to setup a VNC session with a remote server and record the video stream (similar to vnc2flv python package). But with the following additional restrictions: - use Java11 and OpenCV only. - must be portable on Ubuntu as well as Windows - save the video as .mp4 file with H264 compression. - No maximum length of the video. Restrictions on the other jars or libraries to be used. If you wish to use any other jar / dependencies, you need prior approval from me. I do not wish to use ffmpeg for this.

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    Bonjour, Je doit encoder des variables en base 64 pour les envoyer via un formulaire, le tuto de la banque indique d'utiliser Json pour ces variables... Cela doit ressembler à ca. {"status":"authenticated", "protocol":"3DSecure", "version":"2.1.0", "details":{ "liabilityShift":"Y", "ARes":"C", "CRes":"Y", "merchantPreference":"no_preference", "transactionID":"555bd9d9-1cf1-4ba8-b37c-1a96bc8b603a" } } Après encodage en base 64 : eyAgCiAgICJzdGF0dXMiOiJhdXRoZW50aWNhdGVkIiwKICAgInByb3RvY29sIjoiM0RTZWN1cmUiLAogICAid mVyc2lvbiI6IjIuMS4wIiwKICAgImRldGFpbHMiOnsgIAogICAgICAibGlhYmlsaXR5U2hpZnQiOiJZIiwK...

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    Encoder and Decoder for 8b10b code. The encoded data has to be packed into 8-bit uint8_t. Thus a mapping (bit-mapping) has to be implemented. Also vice versa. Function to provide source size out of the encoded and mapped data size. Written in C, platform independantly. Attached a PDF visualise the functioning.

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    Build a java class to setup a VNC session with a remote server and record the video stream (similar to vnc2flv python package). But with the following additional restrictions: - use Java11 and OpenCV only. - must be portable on Ubuntu as well as Windows - save the video as .mp4 file with H264 compression. - No maximum length of the video. Restrictions on the other jars or libraries to be used. If you wish to use any other jar / dependencies, you need prior approval from me. I do not wish to use ffmpeg for this.

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    We need our logo made into a digital field board. Below are the parameters required by the company Digital Pitch Perimeter 11,424 (w) x 96 (h) Color Mode: RGB Resolution 72 dpi Static Files: JPEG, PNG Animated Files MP$ with H264 codec Frame Rate: 30 fps Audio: AAC Audio Pixel Aspect Ration: Square Pixels

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    Develop Windows Remote Desktop Application to access nVidia-based Compute from AWS to home/user machine. The goal is to develop an application that uses Nvidia encoders and h265/h264 formats to give users an optimized 1080p experience at 120 frames per second.

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    we have SPM machine of 3 axis (X,Y,Z) , When I move the machine, I want to record positions of each axis from encoder feedback. Later I want to play,then stepper motor moves in taught path. Paths may be Ellipse,circle, curves, straight line etc.

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    ...agreements. 5.) Visionary - able to effectively research and plan their work and schedule, able to work efficiently while producing high-quality work, actively attempts to foresee and prevent problems, and understands some of the best growth happens by working collaboratively with others. Required Experience: - At least 3 years of professional editing experience using Adobe Premiere Pro & Media Encoder. *Experience using After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Illustrator, Photoshop, Windows, WhatsApp, and G-Suite is a big plus. Required Skills: - Can ingest, organize, metalog, & transcode footage - Can implement basic color correction, audio effects, graphics, stock music, & stock footage. - Can work collaboratively within a remote and in-person team environment - Can...

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    I have an SRT mini server software/license and two encoders on a local network that I would like to connect to it - I do not have the settings right and would like for someone to help walk me through it over a screen share. This will eventually be for use on a remote network at a venue but would like to test locally for now.

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    I am designing two PCBs (a RF emitter and a RF receiver) and I would like to find someone to give me a hand with it. A summary of specs is presented below: - The emitter (Tx pcb) it is like a keyfob. It should incorporate an encoder (HT12D or similar) along with an RF emitter IC and a PCB printed antenna. This board will be powered with a coin cell (3V). There will be only 2 inputs coming into the encoder. - The receiver (Rx pcb) should incorporate a decoder (HT12E or similar) along with a RF receiver IC and a PCB printed antenna. This board will be powered with a single LiPo Battery (3.7V). There will be 4 outputs. This board should also incorporate a LiPo charging management circuit (TP4056 + DW01 + FS8205) and a DC-DC boost IC (MT3608 or similar) since one of the outpu...

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    La idea es mostrar los datos de los sensores en un webserver local del esp32 ya hay un avance como referencia

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    Date Encoder Bitti left

    Input Sales and Expense in Excel. Super basic, just don't have time to do it.

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    62 teklifler can help me: It is call the prognostic challenge 2012, please find attached the documentation about it. My main task is to predict the RUL of the bearings using Deep learning technicques. My teacher asked me to do the following: autoencoders to differentiate between anomaly and normal condition taking a time window of size W. autoencoders using a pre-trained network as an encoder to differentiate between anomaly and normal condition by taking a time window of size W. I have already done part of it but I am blocked. I already made a datagenerator and have fed it to an autoencoder but the results seems really bad. I will also attached the .ipynb file so you can have a look at it. I would need not only the answer but also an explanation of how you have done it in case you

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    I want to make it so I can input a Youtube URL into my site and it will download the songs/playlist straight into my server and make a text file with the song(s) URL that has been put onto m...and name of the song(s) under the url like this: My Boy More Examples: My Future NDA It needs to be formatted like this to work on my project. Note: It has to be direct links to .mp4 files encoded with h264 Second Note: I prefer this to be on my site but I don't mind it as a program as long as it works like I stated above. Struggling to explain it clearly, if you need more information about it just message me.

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    AV Inputs: USB Camera, SDI, HDMI, Audio Line IN AV Outputs: HDMI Full HD, Audio Out Storage: MMC, SATA, USB Memory, Support defining NAS storage for send recorded backups, Access the recorded fi...Storage for backup files, Telnet/SSH to administration access for technical support Interfaces: IR Remote Control, Serial RS232, TCP/IP Ethernet, Physical Keys for Start/Stop recording and access menu (4 arrow keys and enter keys) Video Codec: H264, H265, VP9 (Formats: mp4, mov, avi, mkv) Video Bitrate: 6,8,10,12,16 Mbps (up to 1920x1080@30/60fps) Power: 5VDC Must using inside CPU's video Encoder and Decoder(for H264/H265) Building OS (Linux/Android) for customized embedded device with customized loading page like Banana Pi M2 Ultra which supports video Encoder/De...

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    I need a H.264 realtime HD video encoder implemented on FPGA. There are many opensource implementations of H.264 video codec, but there are very few implementations that are running on FPGA. If you can help me, please let me know. I want to accept two approaches. 1) Plain VHDL/Verilog implementation 2) Hardware/Software co-design implementation Whatever approach you choose, the SoC should be able to process realtime video stream.

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    ...problem myself, eventually, though I'd rather have someone do the task for me or help me. I assume basic skills in OpenCL/OpenGL/C++ are helpful, if not even required. I want to be able to communicate with you easily, so I test whether you have read this description or just copy-pasted your default resume like an senseless opener: In case you have read till here, start your bid with "IR EAD IT" followed by 2 plus 8 in the first line. Also, start with a small bid and we can have a chat/audio talk and agree on a larger budget and realistic milestones after that. In case you want a sample, there is a file attached called ``. You have to install gnuradio 3.9, opencl, build utilities, git, gr-fosphor ... and then you can open `` and run it. This is your starti...

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    Need a live event captioner, providing own CART software, work _on site_ with Engineering team. CART must interface to EEG Falcon cloud based caption encoder. High accuracy is a must and familiarity with Technical terms related to Video production desirable. 3 Ten Hour Days in Mid June, Total active time 7-8 Hours

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    Looking for Product Listing Ecommerce Encoder Background: Local Fashion Brand like ex. shein, with website ecommerce and we are filling up the online catalog apprx. 500 new product listing. The supplies are local and international sourced and media such as photos, video, product details are collected from supplier. Powered by Opencart Open Source Ecommerce Platform. --- Product listing details list not limited to the ff: Product name / title Product description (writing is a must) Quantity Variations Price Special Discount Prices Offers Promotions Images Size Chart SEO title Meta titles Related Products Links Others If you have similar experience or familiar with ecommerce product listing please let us know Language: tagalog / English

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    Needs a motivated and professional enterprise software sale People to join our team. His/her job role will be Bring the project of software developments from 50 lacs to 10 crores . Will be pay high incentive on project completion. we have association with IT software companies in Gujarat such as Encoder Enifinity, Borek, Vencon etc

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    London-based church is looking for an on-site Video Streamer / Producer to manage its church live streams and television broadcasts. Great source of consistent income and opportunity for further video product...Managing live streams involving: ** Camera control and switching ** On-screen graphics and live text ** Audio mixing ** Maintaining stream integrity and resolving technical issues - Managing the front-of-house audio mix - Actively contributing to workflow improvements - Equipment must be setup and ready for broadcast at start of each service Equipment available: - Software-based switcher and encoder (Ecamm / OBS Studio) - Hardware switcher (BlackMagic ATEM) - Audio mixer (Behringer X32) - Presentation software (ProPresenter) Church is open to investing in more equipment as...

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    Control program in TIA Portal (version 16) with wiring scheme and version for HDMI for PLC - Siemens S7-1200 and 4 stepper motors – stepper motors drivers from IGUS company. Program should have comment on all variables. 1)Igus dryve D1 x 2 - Igus Nema 23 motors with brake and encoder - positioning platforms A and B, ball screw drive, 2 limit switches, Program variant with motion controller library Smple programs for this controller 2) Igus drylin D7-(X) - Igus Nema 17 motor, ability to rotate shaft back and forth at a preset speed while moving the carriage, Program variant with motion controller library 3) Igus drylin D-8-(X) - Igus Nema 23XL motor - linear travel of the carriage, possibility of manual and automatic travel

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    To accelerate our dev for a specific app, we are looking for the following clean code. Code: Visual Studio 2019 C++ with OpenCV Hardware CPU Intel Xeon 3.4 GHz 4 threads 16Gb Inputs : 16 RTSP Streams Video Color 640x480 4 frame/sec H264 from common security IP camera Parameters : Size of the contour area in movement (same input for the 16 picture) +Threshold Output Production: Return bullseye (x,y) of the contour area in movement for each picture (16 x bullseye) Output Debug: Video with Draw Contour of the area in movement for one of the 16 inputs (the one selected by the user)

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    Hello Oleksandr, I need someone to program something for my Arduino! Do you have free capacity?

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    RS FEC ENCODER DECODER (504,480) with 11 bit symbol/element verilog RTL/testbench/documentation Need RTL code with encoder input 48 symbols at a time, decoder 56 symbols at a time. code should be synthesis ready and fully tested/documented.

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    I am trying to predict the Lift to drag ratio of the airfoil using the encoder part of the variational autoencoder, as previously it was predicted using CNN. I made some changes in the code to make it a variational autoencoder but a warning appears which states that "UserWarning: Using a target size (([50, 1])) that is different to the input size (([50, 720])). This will likely lead to incorrect results due to broadcasting. Please ensure they have the same size." Anyone who can help me in removing this warning and running the complete code of VAE? Link to Data:

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    The project is to design a PCB which will be used in conjunction with an ESP32 (NodeMCU-32S) controller. The board needs to be design to fit ...(NodeMCU-32S) controller. The board needs to be design to fit into a define din rail enclosure. Screw terminals are required for the following: Power supply input - needs to transform from 5v - 28v to 5v to power ESP32 Chip 5V output to power peripherals 3.3V output to power peripherals 2 digital inputs for basic switches - must be debounced - regulated for 3.3V logic 2 digital inputs for optical encoder - regulated for 3.3V logic 3 analogue inputs Connection for external Wi-Fi antenna Board must be design using JLCPCB components (excluding NodeMCU-32S) to ensure complete manufacturing and supply by JLCPCB. Gerber files and BOM files to be...

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    ...Efectivo, ) Chat Gratiuto Chat Privado ( Pagado ) Sistema de Puntos / Creditos Chat en Tiempo Real Galerias de Fotos, Videos ( Pagado ) Sistema de Mencache Sistema de Registro de Usuario y Modelos WebCam Interfaz HTML5 Multiples Divisas ( USD; COP, EURO, ) Propinas para las WebCAM Valoracion, Puntuacion , Revision de Opiniones Mensajes Privados. Interfaz CHAT Calidad de Video HD, FLASH MEDIA LIVE Encoder Multi-Cam, Puedes utilizar hasta 3 CAM'S al mismo tiempo Cam 2 Cam , Chat en Vivo Mejorado Escrito en Flex , SDK de Flex Alta Calidad HTTP, MP3 Sincronizacion. Interfax Chat Personalizada ( Archivo XML edit ) Panel de Administracion Chat de Supervision ( Skycam,), El administrador puede vigilar a las Modelos Webcam, para ver como interactuan con los clientes ( usuarios ...

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    Hello, I m looking for videoservices like retouching (for a finished cut video). We produced two finished cut- nearly similiar - videos (Splitscreen, length each 01:07 minutes, H264). The scenes take place in front of a white wall. On the wall there are unfortunately two little dark spots. Our customer wants the spots to be retouched. Can you do the retouch-work? The Job would be: Retouching the spots in two ready-cutted Splitscreenvideos. each 01:07 min length. Kind regards

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    i need a fork of BUTT icecast /shoutcast encoder for windows and mac os with a custom logo and custom server more info and source code on :

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    Given a dataset which has thousands of images . U have to have preprossed all this dataset images and after preprossecing features extraction using pretrained architecture to extract features and use auto encoder for dimensions reduction and classification final step

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