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    2,000 openstack rdp iş bulundu, ücretlendirmeleri EUR

    Adding new fault tolerance to Openstack, an open source cloud computing platform Another open source software that provides this fault tolerance feature may be integrated into openstacke

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    ...our Hyper-V VMs to Azure. Ideal Freelancer: - Must have a proven track record in Hyper-V to Azure migrations - Previous experience is a must, so please include this in your application - Expert-level Azure experience is a prerequisite I have successfully migrated one server using the “Azure Migrate tool” and migrated a 2nd server, I deleted the second server on Azure since I forgot to enable RDP prior to pushing the server out. I then tried to repush the server out and failed. It wouldn’t let me. So I deleted the migration tool and reinstalled it. It looks like its connected correctly, but I still get the server. I am looking for someone who has expertise, in correcting this issue so I can migrate the server out. Keeps giving me “No Hyper-V host a...

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    Setup RDP on Windows VPS 5 gün left

    I require urgent assistance with setting up a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on a Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS). The features and capabilities required are currently unspecified, but potential candidates may be tasked with enabling varying functionalities as the project moves forward. Ideal Skills for the Job: - Proficiency in Windows OS - VPS set-up and management - Knowledge of RDP implementation Your ability to effectively communicate and provide suggestions for potential features or capabilities will be highly appreciated. I am looking to complete this project ASAP, hence freelancers who can work within a short time frame will be highly considered.

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    I am looking for an experienced professional who can assist me in purchasing and setting up RDP on a dedicated server. Here are my specific requirements for this project: - Set up RDP on a dedicated server with Windows - Must include remote access software in the set up - Anticipating more than 20 simultaneous connections for the RDP, the system needs to be optimized for this high volume - Prioritize strong security measures for the setup Ideal candidate should have experience with Remote Desktop Services, Windows server management, and understanding of proper security protocols. A strong understanding of networking and high connection environments will also be highly desirable for this project.

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    We are urgently looking for very good system admins with many years experience handling linux servers to solve a boot issue where installing Grub is corrupted. A very good Freelancer has been working on it already but even with his very high score and good skills he hasnt been abkle yet to get it done. So, please do not react if you are not very good in solving these kind of things as ...corrupted. A very good Freelancer has been working on it already but even with his very high score and good skills he hasnt been abkle yet to get it done. So, please do not react if you are not very good in solving these kind of things as you need to work with the freelancer who works on it now and he has done already the basic things. So we need someone who can help him. Server is linux/ubuntu and ope...

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    we are searching for a very good linux/ubuntu system admin to solve a boot problem on oppenstack server.

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    We are searching for an experiences openstack developer to solve a boot issue on an openstack server. Only react if you have good experience with openstack and that you can quickly solve it

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    I'm in need of a capable provider who can set up a Windows-based Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server for my business. Key server specifications include: • 1 vCPU • 1 GB DDR4 RAM • 1000 Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth • 25 GB Storage • 1 Dedicated IP • No Setup Fee The majority of tasks performed on this server will revolve around data processing, so prior experience or knowledge in managing such a server's needs would be advantageous. Furthermore, basic support from the provider is deemed sufficient to ensure smooth operations, hence a provider with a responsive and reliable support team is preferred. For this project, proficiency in Windows server setup, comprehensive understanding of RDP, and data processing related server man...

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    I'm looking to sell a high-end, top-performing RDP server. The server is configured with maximum security features, coupled with remote access capabilities. It is designed to support a single user. Operating on a Windows system, it's aimed at potential buyers in need of a secure, efficient, and remote work environment. Ideal bidders should have experience in managing Windows-based RDP servers.

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    I am in need of a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) with Windows 10 installed, capable of handling high-intensity software testing tasks. This project will require: Min. Intel Core i7-6700 or above Min. SSD SATA 250 GB or above Min. 4x RAM 16384 MB DDR4 or equivalent and above Min. NIC 1 Gbit Intel I219-LM Location: US , EU (English) 1 x Primary IPv4 1 Month Warranty.

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    Basically: I'm trying to set up a simple way to display a single application on Windows RDP to my customers. Let's say - I only want them to be able to see this program, and I believe it can be done with Apache Guacamole. So if we set this up, I can test, but I'm having trouble configuring it completely. That's where you come in. Set up Apache Guacamole on Windows Server 2022, in a way, that I can reproduce it for all my other customer servers.

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    ...that application to the terminal collection 3. Interface like shown the website will be opened on a terminal server, SSO should be configured and working this is one Job from a series of Jobs. only RUS UA and BY need to apply. please tell me when you can start and how long do you need you should be an expert on powershell and windows 2022. later jobs involving GPO and automated create GPOs, RDP and much more. in addition, later in the next steps: kubernetes, opnsense and round about 1 more scripts for automation...

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    Need DevOps, Openstack and Vmware experience. It's a part-time opportunity 2hrs per day payment will be accordingly 25-30k per month

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    **Project Overview:** We're in need of a solution akin to AWS Batch, tailored for executing Docker containers ...- Auto-scaling based on demand. - Dynamic IP addressing management. - Cost-effective structure adaptable to varying budgets. We invite recommendations for cloud solutions, prioritizing affordability. Experience with open-source platforms like OpenStack, Kubernetes, or OpenShift is essential. Your expertise in these areas will be instrumental in crafting a prudent solution. **Required Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Scalable Docker Execution Platforms. - Expertise in dynamic IP addressing. - Hands-on experience with OpenStack, Kubernetes, or OpenShift. - Familiarity with diverse cloud solutions. - Track record of developing cost-effe...

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    ...and passionate about learning AI technologies. * Can learn quickly. * Can speak English well enough to communicate appropriately in a joint Zoom session with our English speaking developers. * Be available to RDP into our data center resources from 3pm and 5pm Monday to Friday New Zealand time while performing Zoom meetings. * You must be prepared to share your screen so we can see what you are doing during the Zoom meetings. * Have access to a computer with Wifi, RDP, Zoom and a web browser. You do not require much memory or CPU in order to participate as you will be working via RDP. * Be keen to upgrade to 40 hours per week and earn a salary review if you can demonstrate that you are ready for our team! Note: * You do not require any formal certification or a deg...

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    VM-s and host RDP vpn network access only + backup solution.

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    ...that application to the terminal collection 3. Interface like shown the website will be opened on a terminal server, SSO should be configured and working this is one Job from a series of Jobs. only RUS UA and BY need to apply. please tell me when you can start and how long do you need you should be an expert on powershell and windows 2022. later jobs involving GPO and automated create GPOs, RDP and much more. in addition, later in the next steps: kubernetes, opnsense and round about 1 more scripts for automation...

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    ...On all Windows targets, you must have a shell of one of the following to receive full or partial marks: Full marks will be given if you obtain: SYSTEM user/Administrator user or User with Administrator privileges. Partial marks will be awarded for obtaining a low privilege user (see marks breakdown section). 3 You must provide the contents of the proof files IN A SHELL (web, bind, reverse, or RDP) with the “type" or "cat" command from their original location. Obtaining the contents of the proof files in any other way will result in loss of marks. b. Proofs: Linux On all Linux targets, you must have a root shell to receive full marks. Partial marks will be awarded for obtaining a low privilege user. You must provide the contents of the proof files IN A ...

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    ...server using RDP. This happened because of the group policy settings that I changed. Since I cant connect via RDP I cant revert changes. When I try to connect it gives error: "An Authentication Error has occurred. The local security authority cannot be contacted. This could be due to expired passwords. Please update your password if it has expired." I have 2 user accounts (admin & standard) and both have passwords. Please help me fix the issue so that I can use RDP to login again. Apply if you know exactly what needs to be done to fix the problem. Please do not experiment. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Must have solid experience in troubleshooting AWS EC2 instance connection errors. - Strong understanding of Windows Server Operating System. - K...

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    I have a persistent issue with the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on my iPad. Despite already attempting a factory reset, the RDP remains visible in my settings, thus suggesting a deeper issue. Here's what I need done: • Identifying why the factory reset didn't successfully remove the RDP. • Implementing an effective solution to remove the RDP from my iPad. The ideal freelancer for this job would possess significant experience and proficiency in troubleshooting iOS issues and managing remote desktop systems. Good understanding of RDP system is an absolute must, as is the ability to workaround factory reset limitations. I appreciate clear communication and a methodological approach to problem solving. Looking forward to resolving this...

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    I need help Bitti left

    I need help installing/configuring windows server 2016 rdp remote access

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    Bonjour, Nourrir ma Tribu travaille pour un groupement de commande d'établissements scolaires dans le sud comprenant 54 établissements : je m'occupe de leur marchés publics (achats de denrées alimentaires alimentaires) et de leur fournir un outil (c# winform sur machine virtuelle via rdp) leur permettant de passer leurs commandes, gérer leur stock, réaliser leurs menus, etc. une app mobile a été développée pour leur permettre de réaliser leurs inventaires de stock, verifier leur réceptions, valider leurs feuilles de sortie, prendre des photos des étiquettes, scanner les codes produits (ean13 et 128), ... je recherche quelqu'un avec vos compétences pour mener à bie...

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    As an AWS customer, I am currently facing troubles connecting to my EC2 instances through an unconventional protocol, not SSH or RDP. It has been hindering my business operations, requiring immediate fixation. Your task will be to: - Identify the roots of the connectivity problem - Implement a solution to reestablish connection - Ensure that the solution allows for stable and consistent connection using the specified protocol Ideal freelancer for this task should possess: - Robust knowledge of AWS and its EC2 service - Expertise in solving connectivity issues - Familiarity with variety of connection protocols, beyond the standard SSH and RDP - Proven track record of AWS problem-solving Your proposal should include suggested solution strategies and your prior experience de...

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    ...platform construction (we use infomaniak and openstack with swift api) - OpenStack Swift knowledge is required. Your main task will be to ensure the system is adequately scalable, distributed, and capable of efficiently storing and retrieving significant amounts of data. The story My team is a young startup with junior dev and is developping an ERP tool using node.js and vuejs We use a PaaS public cloud at Infomaniak and the app are deployed on OpenStack Our ERP can store files and we connected it to use google drive without issues We want also enable it on onpenstack But when we attach a volume to our openstack, the ERP app can create files, but not folders (we try to do like S3 storage on amazon). My team told me they use swift API from openstack...

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    I am experiencing perennial challenges with my RDP connection to my Ubuntu Server 22.04. The issues revolve around being unable to successfully connect to the server and frequent disconnections once I achieve that transient connection. Currently, my RDP client of choice is Microsoft Remote Desktop. Here are the main tasks for this project: - Diagnose the connection problem and effect a working solution - Ensure steady, reliable connection with the server - Improve the overall performance and speed of the connection Skills & Experience: - Proficiency with Ubuntu Server 22.04 - Proven experience in troubleshooting and optimizing RDP connections particularly with Microsoft Remote Desktop - Detailed understanding of network stability and server maintenance. My idea...

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    I'm seeking assistance in setting up a residential proxy system with RDP and a killswitch, specifically to ensure that multiple accounts on a specific app will not be linked together. I am open to any suggestions including emulators or plugging physical phones into the computer. Key Project Requirements: - Expertise in setting up residential proxy systems. - Proficient with RDP and killswitch integration. - Capable of configuring system to bypass social media restrictions. - Able to implement a semi-automated management feature. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Internet Security Measures. - Knowledge in Bypassing Geo-Restrictions. - Proficient in network management and automation. - Prior experience with social media platforms. The end goal is to streaml...

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    Help in this project. To connect in rdp from win to Ubuntu server and see the desktop of machine

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    ...undisclosed problem with my Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that I'm using through a Windows operating system. The exact issue remains undefined, requiring an expert in this field to effectively analyze and resolve it. Ideal skills and experience: - Robust knowledge and experience in Windows RDP. - Exceptional troubleshooting abilities. - Ability to identify and resolve undefined issues. While applying, freelancers should include the following: - An account of their past work related to RDP troubleshooting and resolution. - Detailed project proposal outlining their planned approach to identifying and resolving my issue. - Their general experience with working on similar issues. The goal is to restore the effective functionality of my RDP, with mi...

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    I am in need of someone well-versed with the TP-LINK ER605 Load Balancer to resolve a recurring disconnection issue I am experiencing. Your task will be to identify the root cause of ...assistance with setting up a Direct Desktop Remote Desktop Protocol session on Proxmox for my HP DL306 which is used as an application server. To excel in this project, you should possess the following skills and experience: • Expert knowledge of TP LINK ER605 Load Balancer • Extensive experience with managing and troubleshooting network connections • Proven expertise in setting up and managing RDP sessions, particularly Direct Desktop on Proxmox • Familiarity with HP DL306 as an application server. Feel free to bid if you have the necessary experience and skills to successful...

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    Currently, I'm experiencing severe issues concerning my Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection. Strangely, I'm unable to connect to it remotely, which is halting my workflow substantially. As such, I'm in need of a proficient technician with vast familiarity in Windows operating systems, as this is the system the target computer uses. The version of windows used has not been specified, suggesting that the applicant should be skilled in maintaining RDP connections across multiple Windows versions. Required Skills: - Proficient in Windows OS - Vast experience in troubleshooting RDP issues - Quick and efficient problem solver Looking forward to a quick resolution to this roadblock.

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    We need a Laravel expert in v5.2 and MongoDB to migrate...MongoDB testing, and make sure the two main databases are working correctly, and the Laravel auto-install function is working correctly (Auto-create database with preconfigured collections and documents). - Testing hole Laravel project (Make sure all pages, and API functions are working correctly after DB migration). Policies: - All the tasks should be done on the development environment using RDP (Remote desktop connection) - Create a Trello board and break down the main tasks into small tasks to monitor progress bit by bit. Ideal Skills: - Strong knowledge of Laravel v5.2 and MongoDB. - Prior experience in database migration from MYSQL to MongoDB is essential. - Ability to work independently and deliver within specified ...

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    I need a professional who can efficiently set up a secured RDP for my server which is in Proxmox. The specifics of this project are as follows: - Integration of two-factor authentication and a robust firewall for top-notch security. Although I haven't decided on the second layer type for the two-factor authentication, I'm open to suggestions and a possible discussion about their pros and cons. This is an urgent job, needing completion ASAP. I'm counting on your swift response. Ideal skills and experience include extensive knowledge in setting up RDP, Proxmox, network security and two-factor authentication process. A prompt communicator would be appreciated.

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    I am seeking a skilled professional to configure our existing Windows 11 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) setup to allow for seamless, simultaneous remote access by more than 10 users, each with full administrative rights. This upgrade is critical for our team's efficiency, as we rely heavily on remote access for our daily operations and collaborative endeavors. **Key Requirements:** - **RDP Configuration:** Implement a solution that enables simultaneous connections for over 10 users without performance degradation. - **Administrative Access:** Each user should be provided with full administrative rights, ensuring they have the ability to perform a wide range of tasks without restrictions. - **Security Measures:** Despite the broad access, it's crucial to implement s...

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    We utilize Orange Pi 3 LTS devices as cost-effective thin clients, connecting them to Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Servers. Presently, we seek a streamlined Linux variant to...Presently, we seek a streamlined Linux variant to serve as a thin client operating system. This system should initiate with a custom splash screen and subsequently establish a remote desktop connection to a predetermined IP address. Importantly, the IP address should be configurable solely by us through a designated configuration file, so that users will not have the ability to change it from the RDP client. The following OSs are compatible with the Orange Pi 3LTS: Debian and Ubuntu are the preferred choices.

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    22 teklifler **Requirements:** - Diagnose the root cause of the Remote Desktop connection failure. - Ensure a stable and reliable RDP connection between the two Windows machines. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Windows operating systems, specifically in troubleshooting RDP issues. - Knowledge of Firewall, Network, and Remote Desktop settings and configurations. - Ability to communicate effectively and provide step-by-step guidance for troubleshooting or configuration adjustments. - Experience in network troubleshooting and understanding of underlying protocols used by RDP. **Steps Already Taken:** - Checked and configured Firewall settings to allow RDP connections. - Verified and adjusted Network settings to ensure proper connectivity. - Confi...

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    Windows GPO Bitti left

    I would like a Windows Domain Policy that I can apply to a group of users that will disable the use of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. It will also only allow the user to access a list of 6 websites that I will provide, using Google Chrome only. It should also disable any internet file transfer and RDP file/clipboard transfers for the user. The domain controller is running Windows Server 2019 and the workstations will be running Windows Server 2019 as well.

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    ...Desktop Protocol (RDP) for me. My main objective for requiring this RDP service wasn’t specifically outlined, However, I emphasize on a swift completion timeline. Here’s what I’m looking for in a freelancer and the specifics of the job: **Requirements:** - In-depth knowledge of RDP systems, particularly Windows environments. - Experience in securely setting up and configuring RDP access. - Ability to work quickly without compromising on security or functionality. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Familiarity with various Windows OS versions suitable for RDP setup. - Proven track record of successful RDP setups for clients. - Strong understanding of internet security practices related to RDP. - Exceptional problem-solv...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can configure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on my Windows computer. This RDP setup is intended for personal use, allowing me to efficiently perform remote work and access my home computer from different locations. **Key Requirements:** - Experience with Windows OS: You should be well-versed in the nuances of Windows 10/11, ensuring a smooth setup process. - Expertise in RDP Configuration: Proficiency in setting up RDP in a manner that maximizes security and performance, specifically tailored for personal use. - Network Security Knowledge: Given the personal nature of the tasks, safeguarding my data and access points is crucial. Experience with VPNs or additional security layers is a plus. **Project Goals:** 1. **Seam...

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    ...professional with expertise in setting up Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access on Windows Server 2016 to 2022 and subsequent backup & recovery setup. The projected number of users accessing the server remotely will be less than 10. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Windows Server 2016 - 2022. - Expertise in setting up and managing RDP access. - Ability to set up backup and recovery solutions for Windows Server. - Familiarity with implementing two-factor authentication for RDP access. - Experience in setting up firewall restrictions for secure remote access. Job overview: - Set up RDP access for less than 10 users on Windows Server 2016 - 2022. - Implement backup and recovery processes. - Apply two-factor authentication for RDP access....

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    PER ITALIANI Salve, chiedo di configurare da remoto la applicazione Windows Server 2016 in modo da poter accedere 5 utenti in RDP e RDP WEB Server virtualizzato con Windows Server già installato Licenza Winsows Server 2016 disponibile + 50 USER CAL + 50 RDP CAL

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    I am seeking an expert in PowerShell scripting and Active Directory to help me develop a script that will perform the following tasks: 1. Detect the locally-logged in user on a Windows workstation 2. Retrieve this username from PowerShell 3. Use this username to log the user into a Windows Remote Desktop Services server. The credentials for the login should be fetched from Active Directory. This PowerShell script will serve as a tool for software development, allowing for simultaneous local and remote session handling. Additional features that the script should include: - Error reporting: It should clearly report any issues that might occur during the login process, or in retrieving the username or password. Ideal candidates for this project should have an in-depth understanding of Pow...

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    ...Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on my Windows computer. This setup is intended to allow multiple users to remotely access files and applications at the same time. This is crucial for my team's operations, enabling us to work efficiently from various locations. Requirements: - In-depth knowledge of Windows OS and RDP configuration - Experience in setting up RDP for multi-user access, ensuring stability and security - Ability to optimize the setup for high performance when accessing files and applications remotely - Familiarity with configuring user permissions and access control - Expertise in ensuring the security of the RDP setup, including the use of VPNs or other secure access methods if necessary The ideal freelancer should have a proven track record...

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    I have multiple projects spanning WordPress, CodeIgniter (CI), Laravel, and Flutter that require expert attention. The task at hand involves id...resolution - Any specific examples of past projects where you've successfully fixed similar issues This project requires a freelancer who is not only technically proficient but also detail-oriented and capable of thinking critically about complex problems. If you have a track record of tackling and resolving issues in WordPress, CI, Laravel, and Flutter, I'd love to hear from you. My tracker will be RDP based Working and Tracker will be there for you and me to View working and Hours Checking and Count active time spends, Only who can available on Day Time, ping me with this that "i am available on Day Time" to under...

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    We are seeking a skilled application developer to create a specialized application that interacts with Gmail accounts through Firefox, executing predefined actions. This application must be compatible with both VNC and RDP environments. Additionally, it should integrate seamlessly with our existing web application, which is built using PHP and MySQL. -Responsibilities: Develop an application that automates actions within Gmail accounts using the Firefox browser. Ensure compatibility with VNC and RDP environments to facilitate remote access. Integrate the application with our web application, allowing for seamless interaction between the two systems. Test and debug the application to ensure smooth functionality across different environments. Collaborate with the team to impl...

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    ...infrastructure from the ground up, harnessing the prowess of OpenStack's capabilities. Here's a brief on what I'm envisioning: Key Goals: - Implementation of a full-scale private cloud leveraging OpenStack. Critical Components: - Deployment of OpenStack's Compute (Nova) to manage virtualized workforces. - Integration of Object Storage (Swift) for resilient, long-term data retention. - Setup of Networking (Neutron) for a comprehensive, scalable network solution. Hardware Specifications: - Usage of dedicated servers; specifics to be determined based on proposed solutions. What I'm Looking For: - Expertise in OpenStack deployment and configuration. - Proficiency in managing and customizing Nova, Swift, and Neutron services. - Hands-on experience w...

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    ...experienced professional to set up a private cloud using OpenStack on a bare metal machine at my premises, with a static IP address. This job will require: - Installation, configuration and security management of OpenStack on Ubuntu: - Installation is a crucial first step for this project. Experience in implementing OpenStack on Ubuntu is preferred. - Configuration will follow the installation. I need someone who understands how to optimally configure OpenStack according to the standard. Your ability to present and discuss configuration options is ideal. - Security and access management is vital to protect my cloud from unauthorized access. You should be skilled in setting up robust security measures and access controls in OpenStack. - Configu...

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    ...and problem-solving application issues. Your task will majorly involve getting the application back on track by making it operationally functional and resolving the Gantt chart data display problem. The priority is to ensure the seamless running of the application without any data viewing issues on the chart. You have demonstrated experience with Telerik Kendo. Deliverable: Troubleshoot via RDP to deliver app that starts, connects to database, and then displays data from the database on the gantt chart. Comment out, disable, or remove existing security (AzureB2C) so it just starts in Visual Studio. No additional features needed, just get it running....

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    ...programmer to create an ultra-thin Linux iso file for the primary intentions of lower resource usage. The Linux system should first connect to the WiFi via the command line before it sets up a connection to a windows rdp. As the specific Linux distribution wasn't specified, you're free to use any distribution that you think would meet the project’s requirements most effectively, whether that's Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, or another one. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with Linux operating systems - Experience with WiFi connection using command line - Knowledge of windows RDP integration with Linux The primary goal is a lightweight, streamlined Linux distribution that can run with minimal resources, making sure that the operating system is as ...

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    Need Usa based Garage Door Repair Services niche based Google Business Profile Listing (GMB Listing) Without postcard, video verification and etc. need to setup on my PC and my local Ip using RDP. Budget: $50 The project will require knowledge of Google's guidelines for GMB Listing creation and strict attention to detail is a must. Your experience with local SEO and GMB listing creation is preferred. Please only bid if you're familiar with the rules regarding GMB Listing creation in the USA. In this case, the GMB Listing must be achieved without a postcard or video verification. Ideal expertise and skills: - Google My Business expertise - Local SEO knowledge - Attention to detail.

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