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    David, I hope that you have been doing well! You created a pentagon graphic for me a while back. I would like to create 5 new images from that. Simply, I want to have an image that highlights one side for each of the five sides. Effectively, I would like to have the other four sides turned black and white so the color of the highlighted side stands

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    Need a logo Bitti left

    Business name is Bastion Systems, Inc. Need a logo for letterhead. A bastion is a Fortification. a projecting portion of a rampart or fortification that forms an irregular pentagon attached at the base to the main work. A fortified place

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    I would like to hire services to carry out complete design services for my house. Scope of Work: 1. Production of...privide support during execution. Payment terms based on the above 5 scope of work to be consider as milestone. Other information: plot size: 699.9 sq yard plot shape: pentagon non typical floors: basement + ground+ first floor.

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    Java GUI Project Bitti left

    ... In addition, create a few more classes that also implement the DrawingObject interface: at least two (2) more additional classes for basic shapes (e.g. triangle, pentagon, octagon, etc...) at least two (2) additional classes that create composite shapes : shapes that are aggregations/compositions of your basic shape classes (e.g. a Sun object

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    Hi David V., You helped me with some images in the past. Could you help me improve an icon we are using in the pentagon image you worked on for me? It shouldn't be a big deal, but you were great to work with before.

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    My husband has a 26 year Military Career....spent time doing medi-vac in Vietnam as well as time with the Pentagon...he has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson and Dementia and I would like to keep him occupied and thought going back and remembering some stories would make great reading. I remember one of his stories about picking up a vet in Vietnam

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    ...For years, Americans lived in blissful assurance that if the government said it, it must be true. Then came a watershed called Watergate. Following hard on the heels of the Pentagon Papers’ revelations that the government lied us into a war it knew to be unwinnable, this tale of dirty tricks, lies and coverups in the Nixon White House shredded the nation’s

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. I want to make an IOS APP, the idea is a funny calcolater Once any mathmatical equation is done the app should show funny pictures along with the result. I need the source code as well so i can upload it from my own account to the app store.

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    ...go after terrorist and fact they would ask assad to use port in syria after war b/c strategic position. nemtsov murder,flynn,don trump jr,early intel putin hack white house pentagon even poisonong russian politicians,kim jongs brother, and more was my intel. originated 70s and 80s for me. lavrov saying obama recruiting russian crossdressers on cnn was

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    ...go after terrorist and fact they would ask assad to use port in syria after war b/c strategic position. nemtsov murder,flynn,don trump jr,early intel putin hack white house pentagon even poisonong russian politicians,kim jongs brother, and more was my intel. originated 70s and 80s for me. lavrov saying obama recruiting russian crossdressers on cnn was

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    ...modelize it [login to view URL] to create it [login to view URL] with in TOP shape a pentagon i would like to know angle of each edge : [login to view URL] if i provide you diameter and thickness off tiles I would like the

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    We're looking for an urgent form to be developed with Wordpress Gravity Forms which will include field entry off approx 50 fields plus mathmatical calculations and display along with online signature, payment gateway and dumping of all field data into a mysql database on our server. Delivery within a few days.

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    For animated gif image with pentagon shapped geometric patterns

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    ...WALLS The business/website is for construction & architecture professionals ( think architecture, construction, blueprints, plans, design) I would like a fresh / cool design Pentagon like shape next to words '5 WALLS' I like the font to be square and I like the letters spread apart a little (dark navy color, can use gradation) for the SHAPE (which will

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    52 teklifler data mining *it should be about 10 to 15 pages *the idea should be innovative and applicable and not copied from any where *the idea prefered to be practical work not mathmatical nor proofs *it can be combined with managment.. cloud ...web mining but not medical * the references should

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    Dear All, I have document written by hand (Most of it is mathmatical calculations). I need someone to convert it to microsoft document .doc (including the mathmatical calulations). It is around 5- 8 pages. Please note that: 1- I need it to be done today. 2- My budget is 10$ for whole project , so if you this is not suitable for you

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    Trophy icon Alter some Images Bitti left

    I have an image with text based on a pentagon. I need to take out the arrows that protrude from the pentagon. Then, I need to have a shaded color extend from each of the sides where the number, icon, and text would be.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Bitti left

    ...TENANT COMPANY in writing in on one image. Thanks. The Smiling Tenants Team Original Brief Hello, our company is new start company called Pentagon Property. We chose the name as a Pentagon shape is produced when you look at the front of a house. We would like our company name within the logo design, complimented by a house (a pentagonal

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    Problem Develop a menu driven program to input the sides and calculate the perimeter and area of a triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, and polygon. The application should close on selecting the Exit option. Q1. Define a C++ abstract class named shape. The class will have attributes for the sides of the shape. The class will also need the

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    Problem Develop a menu driven program to input the sides and calculate the perimeter and area of a triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, and polygon. The application should close on selecting the Exit option. Q1. Define a C++ abstract class named shape. The class will have attributes for the sides of the shape. The class will also need the

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    Design a Logo Bitti left

    ...icon: 1) white on red, and 2) red and black on white. To start with, I would like the first one (1: white on red, attached) to be animated. The company icon/avatar is of a pentagon with the top two edges detached to make it look like the roof of a house. The company slogan is "Love flatting". I am hoping that you might be able provide a few concepts

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    I operate a start up Cyber Security Consulting firm with career Cyber Security Experts from the CIA, NASA, NSA, Pentagon, former advisers to President's Bush and Obama; Senior Fellows and instructors from the SANS Institute; who are published author's, key note speakers for 2017 RSA and InfoSec; in the UK Hall of Fame for Cyber Security; have credentials

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    I do not want a card counting system what I am looking for is someone to show me if my theory rings true. The dealer beats the player 53% of the time meaning more around 1.3 times out of 2 the dealer wins. IF the dealer wins 2 times in a row or in the average during an interval of play of 2 or more the player has a house advantage and should bet up just playing basic strategy.

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    Architectural design/layout and renderings for a new oceanfront home. I have attached some links below of homes that I really like as...tandem of required laundry room bar [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    Trophy icon Design a card game Bitti left

    ...symbol in green* - 10 cards (1 to 10) of kings with square symbol in bleu* - 10 cards (1 to 10) of kings with cross symbol in yellow* - 10 cards (1 to 10) of kings with pentagon symbol in black or white* - 5x trump cards - 5x reverse cards *All kings must have a different look in which they look stronger every point. So the king with number

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    mathmatical Bitti left

    I need someone with experience in optimization programming. Specifically, minimizing a quadratic function (in this case a sum of squares) subject to constraints that include linear equations and inequalities. Should be quite simple for those adept in mathematics. More details for those interested.

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    Hi Dear All, I am looking for assistant on the IoT project to propose a new mathmatical model over heterogeneous networks PhD level is most welcome with respect

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    CAD of 13 inch rod . 1/2 inch diameter Male end / female end to allow rods thread tog...female end to allow rods thread togther . 1 inch of male threads which will twist into a female end of a separate rod . Leaving a total of 12 inches of rod . Will have 8 pentagon holes In middle of the rod spaced every inch apart starting at the third inch down .

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    Trophy icon prestige logo Bitti left

    Hi I'm looking to design a The name is: R Sahar Diamonds (The R should be curly type of font and bigger than the rest). Color for the logo should be rose gold. My idea for the logo is a pentagon raw diamond with a diamond inside (attaching sample of idea but need to be way more elegant) and it should be a geometric logo. Thanks

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    ...that I now only have a copy of in low resolution that I thought would be a good starting point as I would like something similar to that. I've also attached a picture of a pentagon with pentagons inside of it that I would like to be used as the logo on the cover (either as a centerpiece or at least on the cover). feel free to edit this picture top make

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    Trophy icon Design A Pentagon Shaped Logo Bitti left

    Design a pentagon shaped logo for a community. The logo should look like a coin but shaped like a pentagon. The color of the logo can be golden or any other ideal color.

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    ...startup. personally i like logos of tommy hilfiger and GANT. i want something in a geomatrical shape like a circle, square, rhombus, kite, convex hexagon , heptagon, octagon, Pentagon, nonagon, decagon. something that demands respect and represents breaking the normal stereotypes. minimalist designs in the shape of DECAGON, NONAGON, OCTAGON, HEPTAGON are

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    25 teklifler reason why I give the offer to you.) Classification should be possible below items. a. color [login to view URL](Circle/Oval/semicircle/triangle/quadrilateral/diamond/rectangle/pentagon/hexagon/octagon) c. split line d. character(OCR) which carved on pill(It is not easy for me, I tried use Google vision but it is not recognized character on pill) 5. OCR

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    ...picture editing tool to an existing website. 1)Customers can login to access the tool 2)Users can upload their pic then crop the pic for different shapes like round, triangles, pentagon etc. 3)Users can use edit tool(rotate, add text, edit color etc.) to edit the cropped pic 4) Instead of editing the pic by themselves, users can also choose templates to

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    This is an easy project for any skilled designer. I need our logo optimized for our website. The inner pentagon needs sharpened and the background and size must look good on our website. Also the colors may need changed to match our site. See screenshots, place 22 in your reply, and tell me how we will work together, as I will need business cards and

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    proofreading Bitti left

    Proofread capitalization of short sentences I have a bunch of short sentences in English, each has two versions for the capitalization, for example: 9/11 Pentagon pictures 9/11 pentagon pictures The task is to determine which capitalization works better (or that there is no essential difference), and mark so on a spreadsheet. The scope of

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    ...create it, I decided on a Form Contol, if you need to convert it (it will be used on many different forms) that is fine, I have tried to complete this, but can figure out the mathmatical logic, the aucual number that is saved to the database follows below: I think all measurements need to use a universal number then divide by a number for Imperial and/if

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    I need a video animation for the fitness youtube channel im about to start. i have a fitness company called pentagon fitness. i will be posting different workout and educational videos as well as vlog using my 100 days of consistency challenge. I need something that commands attention. thank you.

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    I need few 3d shapes, One pentagon, one hexagon , one heptagon and one octagon. Each shape will have boundary with some thickness and hollow in middle. Each edge will be separate. For example the model pentagon will consists of 5 edges. I should be able to move any edge If I want.

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    ...logo without any symmetry. I have attached a picture of the logo that we currently use. It is contains the letters "at" inside a pentagon. I feel the letters are too thick and letter angles are not in sync with the pentagon angles. What I need I need a freelancer to touch up and improve my logo. which needs to match my company's name font which

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    I have a number of formulas which I will need help understanding and placing into an excel spreadsheet to automate the process. If you have advanced mathematical skills it shouldn't be too difficult or time consuming. If you have these skills contact me and I will give more details.

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    Update Logos Bitti left

    ...and replace with "GO HOU KAN". 3rd Logo: Go Hou Kan Kenpo Jutsu - Color Project - The logo with the wreath and fist in the pentagon. Please make the fist smaller and place the Sword and Stick under the fist, inside the pentagon, then center for spacing. 4th Logo: Bain Kenpo Ohana - We have thought of a tree showing it's roots and limbs. Since we are

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    ...having synopsis which has be extended and elaborated i require around 150-200 pages. As it is thesis it will contain introduction,problem defination, literature servey, mathmatical functions, graphs tables you have to add mater according to synopsis we can slightly alter topic as per conveyance one plagiarism check is required we need to take hypothesis

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    We need four pieces drawn in a CAD format for 3D printing. The first two are simila...piping in the block. The other two are similar: a cup with "female" threading at the top inside and a cut out at the bottom that will accept a cartridge (one cut out is a pentagon and the other a square). We would like these drawings delivered as soon as possible.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Bitti left

    ...the design needs to exude strength and have a clean, techonology-bend to it. Think Porsche. We tend to prefer sans serif fonts (along with many tech companies). The pentagon and shield images that have been uploaded are in line with our thinking about protection/defense. We are open to either: all caps, all lower case, or first letter capitalization

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Bitti left

    Nutrition Clinic. Logo reads "Andressa Volpe" I have a inspiration that i would like to be folllowed: A pentagon over a hexagon, that simulates a fit, healthy human silhouette (male or female. if you can fit both, you're a genius). Logo must look like a MD/Scientist/Phd professional would have. Free regarding colors (except Red+Black), Would suggest

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    ...This assignment should be written by you in good, grammatically correct English and consist of between 800 and 900 words. Use suitable diagrams as and when necessary e.g. The Pentagon. The deadline for this task is 4pm Sunday 2nd October UTC+2 - around 24 hours from now. Please include sources in the event of quotes or statistics taken from anywhere

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    I am planning on a project that requires a application which turn images to text . The images may also contain mathmatical problems. I am open to any technology ie eighter .NET or Java. I can give you more details about the project after we discribe.

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