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    ...started porting over (from Perl/textfiles db) to PHP/MySQL. I don't have the time to program anymore. The creator of these scripts can upgrade me for $250. I have put a lot of time into custom scripts and don't want to lose what I have. I have a series of Tasks that need to be completed immediately: 1- Port from PERL/flat files to PHP/MySQL. (includes

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    Needed Email Header Expert Export that has dealt with AOL and email headers using MIME without an external module besides using sendmail wrote in Perl . Here is the script. I will not choose you unlesss you can send 2 messages using the combination of text/html in one message to AOL and Outlook and they come out fine. AOL seems to be the speed bump

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    Hello all.... Im looking for someone to install perldesk on my server.

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    ...have valid license, after verification, script either send approve or lock to user software. Almost same as point 2. 3) Script also send different personalized confirmation email up on verification okay or not, new order registration etc... 4) A web interface with all common functions, add, edit, delete, extensive search, export, backup, mail functions

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    3 teklifler a file from our server, he should be asked for name and email address first before he can start the download. When download is complete, a "thank's John Doe, for downloading ..." email will be sent to him. It should also send out 0 - 10 different time delayed follow up emails. Each email sent shall have a "remove me" link that the receiver ...

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    Hi, I attached the regular expression I use in on...Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Perl ## Deadline information This is a simple task so it should be completed in no more than 2 days from bid acceptance.

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    Convert data into a browser-viewable graph in perl. Script will read the data in from a log file and will draw a graph based on 2 series of numbers, a red line for series 1 and a blue line for series 2. Somewhat similar to what Yahoo does when you go here... [login to view URL] See attached file

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    ...the above web sites including the graphics, scripts and installation on the server. I have attached the FAQ so you can see what programs my host supports. Such as: PHP4, Java, Perl, Frontpage, Real audio/video, MacroMedia, WAP, Python and more. The programmer will have to tell me what will work best. I'm looking to create a web site for users to create

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    1 teklifler will need to be both conceptual as well as retaining your development background. We have production staff so you won't be a project manager; you'll be working on a rich email campaign one day, contributing to technical strategy for a project that has a lifespan of years the next and providing your knowledge and experience to those working with you

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    Need experienced perl developer to produce documentation on how to encrypt perl modules using source filters, specifically fillet::netcrypt. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Working example of encrypted module Complete copyrights to all work purchased

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    Program: Web Based Sports Pool for [login to view URL] Description By bobe@[login to view URL] Web connected Server ,OS/FreeBSD (or Linux if you must) , Code written in PHP or Perl. Database MySQL. No Java allowed as many interested in sports use old WebTV based boxes to access the web. I find Java and Java Script still mess many of these up. A bummer fact of

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    ...server-based "sequential autoresponder" that allows the user to AUTOMATICALLY email opt-in subscribers according to a predetermined sequence of mailing. Once a customer is added to a list of subscribers, he will receive a specific email in n days, another email in n+7 days, a third email in n+14 days, etc, to be determined by the user. Script will allow for

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    I need a program in Perl ( on win 32 ) which basically parses a comma seperated file and produces an output file in a different format, this program requires very good hands on experience in using perl regular expression and pattern matching features. when bidding tell me what is your expertise in these perl areas on an scale of 1 to 10 and will u be

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    We need a script(s) in PERL to do the following: 1. Allow a user to log in with a user name and password. 2. After a successful log in, the user will be REDIRECTED to a specific subdirectory on the web site. 3. Allow the site administrator to maintain the user name/password list (see fuller explanation below). Here's the functionality in more detail:

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    Check out these url to see ruffly what I want: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Features needed: 1) Totally anonymous, using nicknames. 2) Admin panel for easy maintenance of all settings. 3) Full search, edit, modify of users profiles from admin. 4) Snoop login to testrun any members without anyone can see from admin panel. 5) Guest, Registered or paid member profiles. ...

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    I am currently using a PERL script that does IP-Delivery for sites. Basically, a line of code is placed at the top of the page to call the program through SSI. The program runs, checks the IP address of the requesting computer against a database of IPs. If the IP matches an IP in the database a page designed for that specific IP is delivered. If the

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    1. Select and apply current and emerging standards in the development of server based Web solutions. 2. Integrate Web server and Database functionality. 3. Deploy Web technologies for state and security management. 4. Describe and implement enhancements of server function to extend Web site service. WEB Based Message Board Outline You are required to produce a CGI/WEB based application that implem...

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    I'm looking for someone to help with a script for allowing users to view binary newsgroups via a help with a script for allowing users to view binary newsgroups via a web interface - similar to [login to view URL] The design is not important, but you will need to be a good perl scripter (ie beyond the basic cgi stuff) Contact me for futher details

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    I need a perl script which will 1 ) retrive mail messages from any mail server pop3/imap 2 ) extract all the headres info ( to , bcc, cc etc ) 3 ) and save all the headers info into variables 4 ) also decode the attacments and then save the attached file in a newly created directory 5 ) your perl script must work on IIS server 6 ) all the varibale must

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    Simple project. I need a perl script that display 1 to 10 images in sequence from a SSI call within an html page. simulating an animated gif. I have installed Matt Wright's script (~10 perl lines) "nph-anim" and it works perfectly in Netscape. However it doesn't work with IE. So I need another script that works with any browser. Here is the page that

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