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    We require a program to run on a...people who have a PC but may not be connected to the internet. I need to be able to display an html form, and then either submit as normal ( over the internet ) or send via modem ( data file ). Their also needs to be an option to send bulk forms, rather than one at a time. If data file, ( tab delimited text file ).

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    we use access2000 on our PC's (windows XP) networked through (mshome). a fax interface needs to be made so we can print forms from access2000 to a fax program on the server...the date & time as well as the company it is going to be sent to. The log file can be a table within access, this enables us to run queries etc. The fax is a standard V90 Modem.

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    ...icon at task bar 4. process two sql statements (select some data from server's sql and insert data into local client's sql server 5. if error rollback 6. auto switch-off the modem 7. write the processing log of each step Thx Rgds ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    6 teklifler to call into the modem and have it answer and play specific wavfiles depending on conditions in the program. There will be other conditions, such as, the program not answering the the phone unless it detects 3 rings then a disconnect then a ring again within 30 seconds. When dialing out, not playing the wavfiles until the phone is answered. Also the

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    ...time have a counter in the loop count continously without being interupted, I should be able to integrate it. The next stage in the developing of my program is getting the modem to dial out and play wav files. Hopefully I will be able to call into the program and prompt it for information, but that is down the road aways. ## Deliverables Do not expect

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    ...for Windows 98 DCOM98 Yes 3.1.5. Networking Protocol NedAzisa Requirement Minimum Requirements Provided by Nedcor TCP/IP Installed No 3.1.6. Dial up NedAzisa Requirement Minimum Requirements Provided by Nedcor Dial-up Networking (Windows 95, 98) V1.3 Yes - Upgrade only Remote Access Service (Windows NT, 2000 Installed No 3.2. Hardware requirements The

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    ...variable changes , the change is presented on the screen in a "box". Will eventually want the program to play a "wav" files when specific conditions are met, and ideally dial out on the modem and play a "wav" file over the telephone. But for now all I want is a 4x4 grid of 16 boxes on the screan and the text "on" or "off" to come u...

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    Hi, I need a program written in Visual Basic 6.0. The program will be able to: Record all incoming and outgoing calls through a modem! Save the sound to a .wav file with the Time and Date of the Call as the filename. More details will be given upon contact. I can program in visual basic so i will be able to read the code but it must be fully 'annotated

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    ...connection -**atleast** 30,000 emails per hour(on standard cable connection) -Should send emails directly to a receipients email server -Should work on any type of connection(ie. dial up/cable/dsl etc.) VB preferred although VC acceptable...please mention your programming language. Sample use. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    ...application should perform dial-up connection to the RAS server running under Windows 2000. In order to do that, it has to automatically create dial-up entry without any user assistance. Our users will use only ISDN adapters for this connection and we have to always use BOTH ISDN B-channels. The problem is automatic creation of multilink Dial-up entries. We need

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    ...and size, memory size and free amount, hard drive(s) letters, name, size, free space, cd drive(s) identifaction and name and allocated letter, graphics card name, sound card, modem type and speed if applicable, installed printer, port identifaction and irq numbers for installe cards and devices, any hardware conflicts, anti virus software installed? if

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    ...typically isn't a problem... the bandwidth is adequate enough to handle the video stream AND the simultaneous delivery of still images. For customers connected via standard dial-up modems, however, this simultaneous load of data can overwhelm their thin pipeline... causing unacceptable video and audio dropouts. To resolve this, a Javascript or other

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    I just want a sample application to be used for learning purposes. This means that it MUST be commented and well documented. The app should basically ask for a phone number. Dial the number. Give the reciever some options(or sound from WAV file or text2speech) and take in input from the telephone. The input then should be saved into a db. Just a general

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    Using data supplied, the program will dial ( through a modem) selected prospects. Record the telemarketer's information and comments. The program will record the telemarketers decision for future contacts and Dial again at a "call back time" or fax, email or generate postal labels or print and address mailiing pieces. The postal labels will be printed

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    ...pre-determined phone numbers. This message would say the name of the employee who is late. (wave file) The program should have choices such as a list of phone #'s to call, call ring length, call sequences, ect.. The program should also be able to produce simple reports about drivers and check-in times. Each employee would have a database with phone #'s to call

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    Flash Design Bitti left

    ..."See-Print A Fact Sheet" (linked to a pdf file). The See A Sample Video would, when clicked, then transform the flash somehow to offer four choices: Windows Modem, Windows Hi-Speed, RealMedia Modem, RealMedia Hi-Speed (linked to .asx files and .ram files, respectively). The graphic elements could include the photographer (we'll send winning bidder the

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    ...over the Internet. Once this is done they will be disconnected by our software (C++) from their current ISP and reconnected through our C&W premium rate IP network via their modem. They will be charged x.x.p per minute. This method is currently known a drop dialing. Once the competition is complete or content finished with, they will be automatically

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    I would like a Personal Firewall program to distribute to users to protect their computer while using Dial-up, Cable, DSL, Sat, and LAN to access and surf the web. The more features the better. MUST be written in MS-VB 6.0 Require a good technical outline of what program does and how it protects the user, as well as any other material that will be useful

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    I want a sample program t...been clicked, it will send the file to the number listed as a fax. ## Deliverables The project must use WinFax 10.0 Pro Components for sending faxes. Also, it must use the modem to send the fax instead of doing through email. I just want the project file, not the executable file. Finally, it must actually send the faxes.

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    ...calls(Call Time/Date - Call done by Which Extension - Dailed Phone Number - Duration - Total Cost Of Call) C- Internally switched Calls (Remote Extension - Host Extension - Trnansger Date/Time - Call Duration At Host Extension - Call Cost if outgoing) D- Capabilty to work with any PBX Phone system. E- Configuration Screen For Defining Call Cost For each

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