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    We need a small script where user can type a address. 1. User should type his address in a address fields 2. Openstreetmap map should loading in a 900x500px box 3. In that box there should be a fixed map icon 4. User should can move tha map via drag n drop to place his building center of map icon 5. By click on save it should create a picture in 450x250px 6. address and picture url should ...

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    Create a script that creates a list with a maximum of 50 current proxies and summarizes them in one file. The proxies are anonymous or elite level, have a reaction time under 2 seconds and not from Germany. If new file create the old file should be saved in a backup subfolder. The script should be started by cronjob once a day. We create the cronjob

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    Writing a short preliminary section to my blog that requires additional references, research and emphasis on carbon sequestration and how this creates revenue. Simply needs to be edited and more research refinement so the blog flows better (1 - 1.5 page).

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    This project is an Excel file, in which Geo-Coordinates can be entered (the center of a circle), a command button, which then creates a text file (tab delimited) in which each row defines a waypoint on a circular course (in Geo-Coordinates). The number of waypoints on the circumference of the circle should be defined by the user in the Excel sheet,

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    7 teklifler, I provide PDF downloads that have a watermark using the following plugins: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] The above PDF Stamper plugin is based on the FPDF library: [login to view URL] Unfortunately, while adding watermarks, PDF Stamper strips

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    I have an application which will be deployed on the internet, currently, the implementation is such way that both web application(angular2) and web service(WebAPI) both have to be exposed on the internet. I want to avoid exposing web service(WebAPI) on the internet. I want a proxy to be created in the web application so that angular2 code does not have a direct call to web api service.

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    I need an addition to an existing php script, that reads data from a database, creates a pdf by fpdf, saves it to server and sends it as attachment to an email recipient.

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    Trophy icon Creates a label for drums Ended

    I need a label that can be used on a 1 kg bottle and a 10 kg can. The dimensions are: 9cm wide and 12cm long, and 17cm wide and 18cm long. This label it's for an fertilizer ecologic, used in Agriculture. I will attach a drawing as I would like to show. As dori pe eticheta , din cate se observa in exemplu dat de mine ca este impartita in 6 categorii: Legume, Fructe, grane ,fructe de padure, p...

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    I'm a small publisher with an existing WordPress site. Sometimes I get orders from another site I own as emails. Looking for a SECURE plug-in that will automatically create or update a user in my WordPress website when I forward an order email to a specific email address. Requirements: -- Very secure -- Extract the new user's email address, first name, last name, and codes of produc...

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    Choose Social Media topic. Min. 6 pgs, typed, double-spaced, 4 credible sources and MLA format with works cited

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    I need you to locate a free site to store images that creates a URL. I have 2056 images 194.1MB PNH and JPG format I will require this site to be able to export an excel spreadsheet with the image name and the URL link. I require this, as those photos will be uploaded onto our inventory management system. I work for a small supplier

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    <Button x:Name="button2" Click="btClick" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Margin="0,0,60,20" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Width="231" Height="36"> <[login to view URL]> <TextBlock Margin="10,0,0,0" Text="Start/Stop" Automa...

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    Greetings, I'm looking for someone who is well versed with PHP coding. I'd prefer someone who can either speak English or Hindi well preferably from Delhi NCR. But of course we'll use the Freelancer platform only. I'll need to explain the changes as many points can't be documented. Project is related to candidate registration and selection

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    Hi. I have an assignment I'm trying to finish. It's a C# desktop app that monitors my social activity like HootSuite. I am having trouble getting past a few calls which are coming up PAGE NOT FOUND. I need an expert to help push this project thru. *Please put "HTTP" at the top of your response to be considered.

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    I'm looking for a developer to create software for Real Estate Agents that 1) copies their current listings from other Real Estate Sites, 2) login or creates a profile for Agents on our Property App, 3) uploads their current listings into our Property App. This is to save Agents the hassle of manually creating listings on our App. For example, the

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    ...hexadecimal representation is for human benefit, and is not to be used in the packet. Specifications Write a java UDP client program with the name WOLClient which creates a magic packet and sends it to a sleeping computer with MAC address MAC_ID. MAC_ID should be provided as an argument to the program in the format AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF...

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    Hi Qaiser M. Private project for Quasar with h... Take an original PDF form and create an online PHP form. Once submitted it sends a PDF to the user and to the owner. This is exactly like the other project you recently completed. See:

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    We have a Ninja form that once submitted is supposed to create a new user and also create a post from the fields submitted. The form was working but is broken. We do not know why. We need it fixed We also need to have this form accessible in the Woocommerce My-Admin for user accounts and allow users to update it (their post contents) from their admin. In summary, a user fills out and sub...

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    • Wordpress 4.8.1 • Ninja Forms 3.1.9 • Divi Theme 3.0.71 We have a form with about 30 fields. We want people to use the form to create a Wordpress user account and to create and populate content in a unique post. User would come to our site and find the form. They would fill out basic information initially and then save that form. Upon saving it, an account will be create...

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    I need a 3d professional, who creates a little animation of an existing (organic) bender file. Its not a car or a house, but a photo realistic looking insect.

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    I have an Excel spreadsheet composed of circa. 15 parameters. A VBA macro (170 lines) allows me to generate a JSON file that I upload to a server (for a mobile app) I'd like to ditch the excel part and replace it with a very simple web interface that would do the same. I can provide you with a clear example of the work needed. Zak

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    ...I am using a software called "JTL Wawi" to create my invoices. JTL Wawi is able to handele my online-shops (Shopware Community Edition and JTL Shop Community Edition) and creates Invoices out of the orders in the Online-Shops. My problem is that I also use some other systems that are not connected to JTL Wawi. My goal is to be able to import all

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    Create a form which must duplicate a real form. When someone enters their information and then press SUBMIT, it then sends that information via email as a PDF to the owner and to the person filling out the form. There are a good number of fields which need to be created but only some which will be mandatory.

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    Need Long term 3d freelancer That creates 3dsx max models at low rates with ongoing work. From 5-25usd depending on item.

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    ...code so it creates an excel files to be downloaded + a list of Python packages that are required (e.g. flask-excel) @[login to view URL]('/export_excel') def export_excel(): session_data = extract_matrix(session) # session_data is the m*n matrix that need to be writtwen into the excel file. # Here, include the code that creates the excel

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    Listed Skills as required are NOT REQUIRED they are just categories that might help freelancers find this Project. A map tool that creates multiple KML files of routes between custom set coordinate points on a map (provided as a KML). Any mapping platform can be used to achieve this: LeafletJS, Google Maps API, Mapbox, Bing Maps, HERE and more. The

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    I need to build an APP that creates a custom 3D model based on a set of numbers and Letters This set of numbers follow a pattern that will be shared later. Imagine this as a "music software" that translates "written music" into "midi/audio" But in this case, the "written data" will create a 3d model representation. The model may be the dragged and

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    Design a website and deliver the PSDs in the end. I will have another team member take your PSDs and put them into a Wordpress site. Homepage Professional Services & Projects Team Members & Advisors Invest Contact You can follow model of our other site, [login to view URL] Budget $25-125USD Bid now. We are looking to hire today.

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    I have an XSD (attached). I know how to enable developer mode and add contents to an excel file to create the XML based on the XSD, but only if there is a single list. I need an excel file with this XSD in it that will allow me to add data that is not a single list only, ex. an "Employee" record that has multiple "WorkAssignment" entries (as maxOccurs=unbounded). I believe ...

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    Someone who creates a code, or application that sends bulk sms using short code as sender

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    I'm looking for a proffesional developer to help my build a dedicated software for a small workshop. the software should be cloud based as a web app and creates drawing BOM weights and other data. more details will be shared private.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Powershell. Powershell script must be able to support previous versions. Also the Powershell scripts should produce the results in HTML format.

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    We have custom module for generating XML output with some product and order data. XML file is generated and sent through cron scheduler to our E-mail every day at 6.00am. For same reason it generates empty XML file. We have the same module installed on other domain, there it works like a charm... It should be DB related problem... Please find attached files.... If you are willing to...

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    This project is currently being developed and we require some general assistance on both the Raspberry Pi configuration and the Python script. We will a number of dedicated Raspberry Pi's with a push button(s) connected to a local GPIO pin on the Pi. When one of the buttons are pressed we will write a file (with a specific name) to a Windows share. We currently have some of the code w...

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    ...Task: Custom Share Link Fix: When a user creates a product, a random string URL is generated. Currently, that URL is not working. Fix: 
Fix link share so when a customer clicks on the custom URL string they are directed to the product page instead of the main website. (see PDF) I will provide a PDF will all the necessary details or this tasks

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    ...backend fixes before launch You will need to have a git account and experience with GIT. 
Please include your GitHub name before submitting for this job. Technology - PHP & Laravel, AWS EC2 (Ubuntu) Required Skills: Strip API & Mail Chimp Tasks: Welcome email (User type 1) - Send a welcome email when a user signs up add user to specified

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    through the use of two supetrande with the setting 10.3 and 21.2 creating the intersections of same colors which give way in d1 to open a poaizione and close it just changes the color see attached image. combine this strategy with the ichimoku on time h4 and d1 with setting 7 28 119 to create trade profitable.

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    We need someone to quickly test a bash script via Team Viewer for us. The script creates a dynamic WSSE header and then performs a POST request. This should not take more than 10-15 minutes for someone with experience.

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    Requirements: Written in the core PHP bootstrap - responsive or using Laravel Framework ( I'm not sure what to choose. I shall consider, your advice ) and fully documented in English It must work on all platforms: PC, Android tablet or phone iOS tablet or phone. It must include admin Dashboard. Mandatory multilingual version with the option of adding

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    ...Digitaloceans API I will need it to ask for a number of servers to deploy then execute. I will need it to have a setting to be able to put user and password on the proxy it creates. As well as set port number that I desire. Once done I will need it print all the servers it did by printing their IP:PORT or IP:PORT:USER:PASS for me to use. Also,

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    Hi! 1. We'd like to build a WordPress plugin that can create tables with custom rows and columns that allow us to display our data just like TablePress ([login to view URL]). Please have a look at the attached excel file to see the data and formulas we want to display. 2. Part of our data requires the plugin to pull Yahoo Finance stock prices. For example, if we wanted to show Apple...

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    Must be experienced in 3-D imaging and JavaScript. Want to see sample of you doing similar work. I have a online home and office design rendering platform, see bellow: [login to view URL] I want to combine the functions of this site: [login to view URL] to mine. I also need the following: 1. The platform is currently running slow on loading pages, i need you to adjust it to increase loadin...

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    Hi have created a code in PHP which 1. reads and excel file using PHPExcel library, breaks it into chunks, then do some computations on some columns and finally insert the data in mysql database row-by-row. The program works fine for small files with .xls as extension. I need it to work on large file with .xlsx extension. You are supposed to update

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    Anders of onzeker PHP I need a WooCommerce plugin with a simple product wizard. I sell data on houses, addresses which are served as reports in pdf-format. Customers need to be able to select parts of the report. When they click add they will see the fee this part of the data costs. After they have selected the parts they want to buy an order must

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    Hi Freelancers, we need a little Script for our clients. The script should create so-called super URLs from normal Amazon URLs. It should work with all Amazon marketplaces. We do not need any Design or style in the Script. Thank you for your offers,

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    ...Digitaloceans API I will need it to ask for a number of servers to deploy then execute. I will need it to have a setting to be able to put user and password on the proxy it creates. As well as set port number that I desire. Once done I will need it print all the servers it did by printing their IP:PORT or IP:PORT:USER:PASS for me to use. Also,

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

    Gizlilik Anlaşması

    We are looking for a someone to create software that will be integrated into our ecommerce website and mobile apps that will produce a custom illustration from an uploaded photo. This component of our website will need to use a customer uploaded photo, then recognize the area of the photo containing the face and hair. The software needs to then silhouette the face and hair from the background. Aft...

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    I work on HR department of a small airline. There are 10 coordinators and each one take care of 50 pilots. The Pilots request their days off to their Coordinators. I need a wordpress plugin that control the whole process, where the coordinator insert the days requested by the pilot, and we from the HR approve or deny the request. EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED ON THE ATTACHED IMAGES I need...

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