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    Trophy icon New picture for web frontpage Bitti left

    I am looking for a new picture/graphic for our frontpage, marked in red in attached screenshot. The picture should be representative for the services we are offering, which is recovery audit. More specific: - we are collecting and analysing big amounts of accounting data from our customer - we are able to identify errornous payments and overpayments

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    ...will be able to make purchases and order customized content. HOWEVER, different from current methods of distribution, Actors and Actresses of Adult Films will be able to market these films directly to the public. Our intention is to cut out the profits of the producer and the distributor, allowing the actors actresses to make more money (and for years

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    The scenario of the video (animated, if possible a minute or less) I would like to have is as follows: Video: Intro: Centered: Company Logo Centered text below logo: -Helping Accountants succeed- Scene 1: Camera filming in a restaurant (sound: background sound of a restaurant – people speaking- forks- plates- low ambiance music). Camera goes

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    ...First Accounting Scripts System to manage billing, transactions with inventory items, services items and transaction for clients with reports on inventory items, each client, services item and overall debit, credit reports. Uses Charts, graphs, and an intuitive flow-oriented interface to make it quick and easy to get an accurate picture of your finances

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    1) Custom written Point of Sale system for a retail store. 2) Must be able to process and have the following features: * Sales * Refunds * Laybyes (sale on account) * Inventory control * Departments and sub departments within inventory * Print receipts, statements * Fast - Slow moving items * Item picture * Suppliers within inventory *

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    ...Ledger enables you to keep track of your financial information, with accurate reporting and provides a clear picture of the financial position of your organization. Key Features Defining account number with a maximum of 20 characters Structuring account number as per your choice. Creating an unlimited number of accounts. Creating multiple compani...

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    I want the project to come in form of an App both on Android and IOS. We want to bring together three different group of users, which are; buyers, sellers and delivery personnel. Through the platform, buyers can buy from sellers and have their purchases delivered to them by a delivery [login to view URL] important features they would want the platfom to

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    It’s a financial accounting research question I need help with . I have the picture of the article.

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    ...franchise group for POS and accounting, the system I am looking for is purely to record prescription and examination findings The picture below is a software that I want to my UI based on Step 1: Create new patient Step 2: enter patient details and add to database Step 3: Patient details appear on the left hand side of the screen Step 4: add examination

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    A group of MSU students are looking for an artist to draw animated segments as a supplement to video in our short film, Standing Up. We would love to have a comic book esq. styled animation with no more than 5 frames a second for roughly, and also no more than, 1 minute and 40 seconds. Time is negotiable. Not looking for crazy backgrounds, crazy colors

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    we are a small company delivering business intelligence services. The result of our work is online/near-or realtime reports, custom made centralised budget systems, intutative online dashboards for analyticts (data visualisation). From this the users are able to get insights way over and above those they are used to getting from their historic financial

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    Hi. I am CEO of a new growing startup(The MadTech Intelligence Company) of Los Angels, and we need Bosnia Developers and Virtual Assistants now. About us: We are the first to simultaneously deliver big-picture trend reporting, marketer interest intelligence, tools for company discovery, user-generated reviews, and industry research - all 100%

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    We are a transport company with multi branches operating in Tamilnadu, India. We are looking freight management, vehicle management integrated with accounting and tracking of vehicles too in browser based. We are looking at a continuous development with BI involved. Data handling wouldnt be as huge as banks but cconsignment notes issued will be on

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    .../ medium sized companies. Sometimes we gain our customers directly, sometimes we work with/through other service providers (for example accounting houses) and help them to help their customers. The big picture is that we want to use our skills, education, experience and interests (we are an accountant and an SQL developer) to increase value in other

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    ...Client is in need of a simple yet dynamic Real Estate website with a well-suited interactive UI that will be ranked amongst the first Real Estate Firm in Lagos on Google Search. In addition to that, the website must possess the following functionalities -: 1. Possess login portal for clients to log in and check their statement of account (a) On this

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    Trophy icon Design 5 logos Bitti left

    ...Visual Accounting (Industrial accounting system) Visual Document (Document handling system) Visual Quality (Quality system, ISO) The reason for all the "Visual" is because they will be sold apart from the others. One of then will also have its own company. In the picture following the contest, you see a layout that will be the basis of some

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    My project that explain about why accounting ratio important in any business organization. Accounting Ratio Analysis Ratio Analysis is very important in financial statements. Any business organization need to know their business results evaluation that enhances to find their current financial picture. Ratio analysis results that can be compare with

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    programming Bitti left

    I want a better accounting system that keeps track of the tenants and their payments. I have an apartment building with 5 apartment units. It is run like a hostel, where there are many bunk beds in each apartment but the people are not travelers, they are locals who stay for a minimum of 2 weeks, some more than a year. There are 42 beds. Apt 1

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    mobile app Bitti left

    ...basic) that will cache the form data until a link is re-established and hold it until some confirmation from the server validates it got all the data. Not sure if some kind of HTML5 technique would be better because it allows the user to continue with something he/she is familiar with OR go with a mobile app that reads/writes to a db table. The 2

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    The website ideally would be very similar to that of VIPKID.com. The teachers need a signup portal where they learn about teaching for EnglishGang, sign up and book an online interview. This will also have a blog section. Referrals: Via cookies and referral codes, people should be able to track who they referred and each person’s status. Teachers

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    ...include the basic accounting guidance related to the 5 step approach to ASC 606, but in a creative way, not like most boring accounting sites. From the landing page, I want the page to slide from right to left, starting with step 1 with again the necessary verbiage, but hopefully using a .gif that will convey the message (picture is worth a thousand

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    I have a house in the city center of a small town in Colombia (South America). I will refurbish that house so it will serve as a conglomerate of offices that will provide different types of services to community. Services such as legal advice, accounting advice, printing and copy machines, office and school ware, medical services, etc will be offered

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    I have a house in the city center of a small town in Colombia (South America). I will refurbish that house so it will serve as a conglomerate of offices that will provide different types of services to community. Services such as legal advice, accounting advice, printing and copy machines, office and school ware, medical services, etc will be offered

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    Trophy icon Design a Powerpoint front page Bitti left

    ...a single picture/powerpoint template designed for R2R which means Record to Report. This is an accounting term so the picture needs to be related to accounting e.g. reporting/analysis etc and also its related to process. In the attached presentation slides 1 and 2 show two slides I have already but I am not really happy with either of them so deciding

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small accounting/bookkeeping business. I want the look of the website to be very modern and minimalistic. I will add photo stock and picture to the site in the future.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Bitti left

    I would like a logo for my new accounting/bookkeeping business. Please use the business name "Chesterton Accounting" and the slogan "You take the credit, I process the debit" for the logo. Please create something professional and creative. I would like to use the colors pink and orange for the logo and the writing to be in a nice feminine cursive style

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    The following is a scope of things to do on the homepage of [login to view URL] after the mobile browser version menu button is fixed Thank You! It’s basically the same as before the first 5 can be done separately as I know you said you may have to brush up on the accounting/banking or whatever you call it aspect of WP! So Please Give me your best

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Bitti left

    ...contemporary logo to be featured for a startup business that works with clients on bookkeeping/accounting. The name of the business is "Giersch Group" and should be featured within the logo design picture. Looking for a pictorial design. Looking for some kind of darker blue design elements. It should have clean lines and is not something that you se...

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    ...Luca Perera . Our company is incorporated in United states and main office is located in California. This is a startup. Primary Objective. Create an international data base of Cell phone suppliers . New or Used. iPhone 6/7 and six different Samsung Galaxies are included. Later on we will expand our product line. Dominion name and hosting company

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    Design a logo for business consulting company (accounting) Name of the business: Can Do Business Consulting Tag line: Anytime Anyplace Brief: The logo should say I can do business anytime any place I picture a clock symbol to symbolise the importance of time and anytime Business is based is South Africa but can do business for anyone in SA

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    ...changing whatever needed and what will show up when we will be already into production/b2b/b2c up and runnning) that needs to be changed, so this is the first and major part of the solution we need, but it will have to be upgraded, new functionalitties added, xmls/csv's, so we are looking for a solution provider, that we will continue to work with also

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    ...changing whatever needed and what will show up when we will be already into production/b2b/b2c up and runnning) that needs to be changed, so this is the first and major part of the solution we need, but it will have to be upgraded, new functionalitties added, xmls/csv's, so we are looking for a solution provider, that we will continue to work with also

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    Trophy icon Fun Self Portrait Bitti left

    ...digitized like artistic representation of myself and my work here. Some of the key things and ideas I'm looking for: -cartoon or caricature like image of myself (see my picture taken) -Lens' of the sunglasses to have something cool like our company logo in it -some of my job functions (finance, technology, accounting,people, operatio...

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    ...a much better budget to get it build and of course you get to do it) Company name: Digital accounting Tag line: let’s keep in touch online Company activity: accounting firm Style: simple, clean, sleek, you choose the color and theme Menu items: -About us (in this page add place holder for couple of people and something about them and contact

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    Summary of Deliverables: Adjusting, Mapping and visualization of the product sales and license data structure at Vectorworks Inc. This will use relationships within the sales ordering and accounting information systems, with historical detail of sales and adjusting items as scripted. We currently have a working model. Would like to

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    ...finance, culture, H&S). Currently we have multiple sources of data but want one true picture that will clearly focus the Exec team. We are an accounting and business advisory firm that are growing very quickly in New Zealand, Australia and are moving beyond these countries. In terms of completion ... would next week be too soon for an outline and

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    ...is a new software that can be used to manage the small and medium companies accounting system. Features: - Daily notebook. - Accounts statements - Accounts balancing. - Warehouses managment. - Variant types of bills (Cash bills, Postpaid bills, Quotations). - Advance accounting services (Receipts, Cheques, Salaries and loans). - L.P.O requests. - A powerful

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    PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING. We are in the process of developing a ground-up system to track project budgets, accounting and royalties for a music label. We import and manage sales data, track and mange project budgets, use macros and formulas to calculate payments and format and produce statements and reports. The project is approximately

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    The website was already built. I only need to make a few edits to the text, insert 2 pictures, and other minor changes. Details of the changes are: In Home Page, I need to: 1. Replace main picture with the the file attached. 2. Replace all the text with: We help connect global businesses with Southeast Asian factories 3. I don't like

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    ...(those forms for the seller not for customers) 1-we need to create forms that they would be filled out daily with the information of each client... such as Name: , Method of Payment, Order #.....etc so all of the information regarding any sale /order is entered manually. then they would need another form for the shipping department.. So for

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    US GAAP (no IFRS information) I am having a hard time understanding the different places for standards, different sets of standards etc. I want someone to explain to me (ideally first in a picture showing lines between SEC -> FASB -> Codification for example). Information I want to learn Private companies standards Public companies standards

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    1. General History of accounting software in Australia for small and medium size company (whole story, not about story of single software) 2. development and addoption 3. Market demand (total accounting software) for example MYOB have 30% of market shares 4. Leaders in Australias market and what gives them the competitive advantages and everything

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    ...job works in a systematized manner, we are currently using [login to view URL] for accounting purpose which we think is not helping us, we need to have proper stock management software which is enriched with new features like website access and android integration for complete picture of accounts and stock and also its preferable to have someone Indian to understand

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    I need a comprehensive excel workbook designed for one of my clients. The client does use Xero but he does not want to rely on it as there is a cash side to his business which he handles with another software. The idea is that the workbook should be able to provide basic management accounting reports so the client can track his business performance

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    Hi! I am the owner of an accounting company and I would like to create a logo for my SME entitled: " VibeAccount ". Our slogan is "Account on us". Why this idea for title and slogan? We like to provide professional services in a good, positive atmosphere. We want customers that are focused on results and they trust us and let us do our job. That's

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    ...Hotmail, Gmail desktop, Gmail Android, Gmail iOS, OS email iOS etc), and also be responsive as specified in the mobile design. The freelancer will need to have experience of using Dotmailer specifically, and be expected to login to our Dotmailer account to create the email template directly. Once the work is complete the Dotmailer template will be

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    I would like a design of packaging box, satchel and logo for new product. The product is collagen dietary supplement that has no flavour and no smell. The overall feel of the packaging should be fun, modern and interesting enough that people will feel like taking picture with. I would prefer a basic logo for the package, as in a logo that can be

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    Hi, we at [login to view URL] need a website, for our client, with all kinds of features and goods. I need a developer that can create this website for me and fulfil all the requirements on the Need Analysis report (see attachment). Probably we will use Magento or Opencart that I provide. Question is if we go with CMS or custom website build from ground up

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    ...to sections of a pre existing PDf form Admin - customer ticket system - finance documents with merged data from project fields to save time - up date supplier pricing table and installer contacts Operations - to vow critical order of materials and booking of installers within a linked gannt chart which collectively recognises a bill of materials to

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