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    We need 2 different waterslides pieces for our Unity 2D project. Even though designes are going to be 2D, they need to look like 3D designes. 1 piece should be angled like the pipe picture, 1 piece should be veritcal/horizontal like the pipe picture 2 adet örnek şekillerdeki boruların, kaydıraklı versiyonlarını istiyoruz. Tasarımlar 2 boyutlu olmasına rağmen görünüm olarak 3 boyutlu gibi derinlik vermeli. Parçalardan biri örnekteki açılı boru parçası şeklinde, diğeri ise örnekteki düz boru parçası şeklinde olmalıdır.

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    Electric pipe production / Elektrik boru üretimi yapacak firma için logo tasarrımı

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    Open my excel spreadsheet and picture. Example - 1. Mark “ B2 ” DIA as 25 but “PAP” is 32 x 25 ELB (THAT IS WRONG TYPING ) When I type incorrectly in the pap area, the "ELB" must appear in red. (like this “ 32 x 25 ELB “) Pipe DIA and ELB must have the same first letter; if the letter is not the same, it needs to be changed to red. (see my picture) Example - 2. Mark "B8" has a diameter of 25 but "PAP" has a size of 25 x 25 x 32 (WRONG TYPING ) When I type incorrectly in the pap area, "BULL TEE" should appear in red.. (like this “ 25 x 25 x 32 “) Pipe DIA and Bull Tee's Last Letter must be equal; if not, it must be red. (see my picture Can you do all rows in excel v...

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    We need a windows based tool that can be compiled as .exe and .dll with features similar to those of iptables on linux: 1- It will have tables, chains, rules and windows machine as a client. 2- It will have four tables...Postrouting, Output, Input, Forward) 6- Raw table will have Prerouting and output chains only. 7- Targets will be either : Accept,drop,return and rject. 8- Tool will be managed remotely on port 445 using smb pipes only using and python script for interacting with it. 9- Tool will be managed by providing correct authentication key to the pipe, username and password to use for authentication and python script for interacting with it. 10- Tool listening pipe name and authentication key is manually provided. 11- Adding new rules to chains and managing them remo...

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    Hi, we are looking for freelancer Pipe fitters to work on our rectification works. Should be able to professionally work on GI Pipe from25mm-50mm (Threaded Fittings) and 65mm-100mm Pipe (Grooved Fittings). Hourly or Daily Basis... Material to be provided.

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    The app provides advanced capabilities for simulating fluid flow and heat transfer behavior in pipelines, optimizing pipeline designs, and analyzing simulation results. The app can simulate fluid flow through pipelines, taking into account factors such as pipe geometry, flow rate, pressure, and temperature. It can also simulate heat transfer between the fluid and the pipeline, taking into account factors such as pipe material, wall thickness, and insulation. Additionally, the app can optimize pipeline designs, taking into account factors such as flow rate, pressure drop, temperature, and cost. In addition to these simulation capabilities, the app also provides data visualization and analysis tools that allow users to gain insights into fluid flow and heat transfer behavior...

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    to develop a producer/consumer application. Both the C programming language and any distribution of the Linux operating system are to be used. Your solution must be structured as a set of services. The core service is the inter-process communication which it is referred here as the producer/consumer service.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - 21/03/2023 17:28 EDT 9 gün left

    I'm looking for an experienced logo designer to create a modern Illustrative/Iconic Logo for my business. I don't have a slogan or any specific ideas in mind at the moment, so I'm open to anything that is creative and unique....that the right designer can create a logo that completes my brand's identity. If you think you are up to the challenge, please submit your portfolio with your proposal. Thank you! Our company is looking for a new logo to represent us. Company name: TYBE Company, LLC. The primary colors are dark green and brown. See attached current logos. This is a construction company that does concrete and pipe work. We’d like the new logo to be iconic and create a modern/clean and professional first impression. Logo must be delivered in vec...

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    Shirt image 1 gün left

    I want an illustrated image of a plumber with a pipe wrench and a leveling tool (bubble level). A full body image. I have attached a couple samples.

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    ...move into 2D CAD documentation. Experience in the swimming pool industry is not necessary. Must be experienced with AutoCAD and familiar with tools such as linear dimensions, multileaders, external references, blocks, multiline text (mtext), and working within both the model and paper space. Initially, markups within your scope of work will primarily include hydraulic labels for each pipe, dimensions to pipe stub-out locations through floor slabs, dimensions to link seals through walls, and general labels for all equipment required for each design. I will provide all of the necessary calculations for the hydraulic design and will rely on your CAD documentation skillset to include them in the drawings. We will collaborate when your projects are ready for review. You wi...

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    My Project is required expertise in flutter Custom Painter and Flutter Animation. I would be keen on checking your knowledge before awarding the project. So here is the requirement I want to develop a component using custom painter as like attached image here with this post. So If say we have 250 Ltr's of water and that we have to put in it . each pipe has capacity of 100 Ltr's and if I have 5 number of pipes its should fill 2 pipes and 3rd pipe will be half filled and rest will be empty. I can be able to create variable number of pipes with capacity of 100 Ltrs. So any amount of water will get distributed in it. So if water is excess then it will stop pouring in it. and will show alert e.g 25 ltrs extra water left. Will award this project to candidate who can demo...

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    ...highest I'm willing to go is $30 unless reason for increased price is explained in detail What I am hiring you to do: Task : Download the DarkGDK game engine and modify the game engine to support bending sprites according to the mouse cursor position as currently DarkGDK doesn't support this. Example scenario: Suppose I have a straight metal pipe sprite that is facing up and based on the mouse cursor position I want to bend the top half of the pipe. Example: New DarkGDK function void dbBendSprite( int SpriteID, int vertex, float angle); This small example video provides a clearer example of what I am looking for: Game Engine Used: DarkGDK This is a small task but requires a small game engine modification To download DarkGDK use this link:

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    Basically I want an electric superturbocharger that can work with a closed loop supercritical Co2 system, so that it can exploit a heat difference between a heat source (say a fireplace or car engine) and a heat sink like a radiator or flowing wate...flowing water to generate electricity, or use electricity to generate heat or pressure (which are pretty closely related in a supercritical fluid/gas). Size somewhere in the .5 to 5 Kilowatt range, prioritizing low maintenance and durability. Lighter and more compact is better, but it can be a decent size if it has to be. I'm planning on likely charging the system with pressure relief valves on the pipe system, and putting a piece of dry ice and sealing it, letting the sublimation charge the system until the pressure is relieved ...

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    ANSYS Expert 1 gün left

    that there are 4 different positions of pipe in ANSYS Workbench for Variables load.

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    To develop a synchronous inter-process communication through the use of both fork(), pipe(), and exec() system calls. For this exercise only ordinary pipes are to be used.

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    ...including mounting system for the panels from the same manufacturer. I need an engineer stamp of approval for the solar equipment to be rated for the mounting equipment for Mohave County Zoning to sign on it in Arizona. Furthermore, I need diagrams/schematics for all electrical systems and water/plumbing. I'll provide the total depth of the pipe (from surface to below - well pump depth, well pump motor specifications etc., including specifications on the pipe, including the two 2500 water gallon tanks which will be under 100 ft away up the hill from the well, including specifications/prints on a basic storage facility which will house solar equipment, washer machine and have some space for general storage. Further, there will be a location for future house development...

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    Metal Barn Bitti left

    My husband is a welder and has built several barns and storage buildings in Texas. We are moving to a rural area in Hondo, New Mexico. In order to build a 40 by 60 foot barn with a center height of 17 feet, we need plans and a structural engineering stamp. We do not want a prefab kit. We have the main pipe for the project which is 5 1/2 inch schedule 80. We need plans drawn using our materials and a NM Structural Engineered stamp in order to get a permit. This will not have electricity or plumbing and will never be a barndominium. We need storage for ranch equipment and hay.

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    ...clusters with 660 nozzles each on one side, and 25 more on the other side, along a 100 meters long main pipe. See attached file. We want 3 bars of pressure at the nozzles. The pump feed 132,000 l/h and only 1 cluster is open each time. We need to know the required pipe diameters and the necessary pump pressure. The valve at the bottom is closed and the one on the top is open. Clusters are spaced at 3456mm. Pipes are UPVC in metric sizes. The media is well filtered seawater. The nozzles are of venturi type, mixing air with the water. Diameter is 1.55mm Nozzle length to the orifice is about 30mm from the horizontal pipe’s center. We also want to know if we open all 50 clusters on this main pipe, will all nozzles still delver water? And how will it be distribute...

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    We need to recreate a spatially accurate process plant 3D CAD model based on a photogrammetry model; - Primary focus is on Piping Design, with no need for accurate reproduction of pipe supports or pipe class. - Major structural components also to be modelled as indicative only, skids, pipe racks, platforms, ladders, handrails etc. Outdoor locations only. No need to model internal of buildings. - Electrical and instrumentation indicative only with the focus on spatial accuracy. i.e visual likeness over Manufacturer/model number. Spatial data can be provided as segmented photogrammetry or surface point cloud extracted from the source photogrammetry model.

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    I need someone to import an XYZ point cloud file of a pipeline into RECAP and give it a surface. This is the host pipe. Then find centerline. Then create a smaller cross section version of the shape and pull a length (say 8 ft) of it through the host pipe.

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    I need someone to import an XYZ point cloud file of a pipeline into RECAP and give it a surface. This is the host pipe. Then find centerline. Then create a smaller cross section version of the shape and pull a length (say 8 ft) of it through the host pipe. I am trying to do something like this, called virtual mandrel. Where you pull a pipe through another pipe and look for interferences:

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    I have established a plastic pipe 15.8 mm in order to transfer water four times a day from a tank to an agricultural field. The system is gravity fed but there are some points of the pipe that negative pressure is developed. I cannot change the route of the pipe. I cannot change the diameter too.I cannot also use a pump. I would like help: - in order to determine the problematic sections (exact location) of the pipe and - install there air release valves or other equipment (if applicable) in order the water to flow successfully. I am attaching the route of the pipe.

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    9 teklifler me. This script gets the XX number of keywords that generated the least impressions over the last week/yesterday This script pulls data from the "KEYWORDS_PERFORMANCE_REPORT" in Google Ads /Microsoft Advertising and selects the campaign name, ad group name, keyword text, and impressions for the last X days where impressions are greater than 0. It then formats the data into a table using pipe (|) separators and logs the output to the console with a message stating, "Keywords with impressions during the last X days". expect output Keywords with lower impressions during the last X days "| Campaign | Ad Group | Keyword | Impressions |n"; "|------------------|-----------------|----------------|---------------------|n"; this have t...

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    PIPE DESIGN Bitti left


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    We need a Microsoft Viseo Designer for a small project of designing a pipe/pump system

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    I have a pipe-system and need help with fluid dynamic calculations/simulations. Im on a tight budget and prefer to pay per hour.

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    I have to provide a structural general arrangement drawing with some details for construction. I will supply the model files and some examples of what we have done and how it should be done. All that w...some examples of what we have done and how it should be done. All that will be needed is to import the model provided onto the drawing sheet, create new viewports, dimension the supports spaced, detail each support as per the structural pdf's attached and create section views including dimensions, steel members & bolts. The Mechanical drawing contains all the model info that will be used. Only pipe supports and the awning over the pumps on the right hand side are to be detailed but an overview of the model and spacing of supports will be required. Model files are comple...

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    i will need plumbing diagram which consist of toilet room, shower and toilet room in the same sequence.( separate). each toilets will need a vanity for hand wash and hand dryer provision would like to pvc pipe(1/2 or 3/4 based on your recommendation)your diagram should include the sizes of the fittimg

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    The flute body will be 18" schedule 40 PVC pipe with six 5/16" dia holes. There will be a flat spot where the fetish is mounted that has two square holes 3/16x3/8". I'll provide the location of the holes and details of the flat spot. Need a drawing of the fetish which will be a square block with a small groove on the bottom. Also the drawing will need a round plug.

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    I would like to install a fire sprinkler system in a residential house. I need a civil engineer to draw a map to install pipeline from the city water system to the house, I need excavation team to install the pipe, and a fire sprinkler installation team to work on it.

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    I have attached the sketch that i require in scale 100%. I have also attached the as laid drawing from the water company we work for stating where they wish the pipe installed. On the sketch I have located the pipe in blue and the measurements of its location.

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    I have attached the drawing that I required to scale in as laid form. its a main road and in blue is the installed pipe which all measurements need to be recorded on drawing. I have attached the water company as laid drawing of where the proposed work was to commence and we need to show them exactly on an as laid that we have installed it and the location of the pipe by use of measurements.

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    Looking for someone to do regular estimating work. Mechanical estimation of pipe & duct insulation. water supply pipes/ heating /cooling pipes.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo 8 gün left

    Looking for a logo for my plumbing company ByWater Plumbing Solutions Not interested in typical pipe wrench & plunger stuff that’s normally done. I’m new construction not service plumbing.

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    I need develop a suite script to extract and SFTP data in pipe delimited format text file from Netsuite to third party application.

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    Pipe geometry where I need help with scripting in ansys or help with python code in order to generate 1000 resonance curves.

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    Need a Tri pod assembly to hold a tool Center of a pipe, needs to read and maintain Center under load while traveling. Wireless monitoring would be nice to have but not critical , can fabricate any required structural components here require control module , programing to maintain Center working with 12v linear actuators. Will supply recommended actuators to your recommended spec. Wireless monitoring on this system would be nice to confirm Center is being maintained . This is a hardware and software project Require 2 Modules 12v input power 4 actuator connections per modules 4 sensor inputs Eaton sensors that work in application are EATON CORPORATION CUTLER HAMMER E58-30DP150-GLP HARSH DUTY

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    3-inch pipe sewer connection with 30-degree rotating joints

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    are a laser machines manufactures from main products are fiber laser cutting machine/fiber laser welding machine/chamfering machine machines are used to cut pipes and cut holes and engrave pattern,especially for stainels...machine/fiber laser welding machine/chamfering machine machines are used to cut pipes and cut holes and engrave pattern,especially for stainelss steel/carbon steel/aluminum/galvandized copper/iron pipes cutting. need to find agent/wholeseller/distributor of machines,CNC machines agents in Turkey need to find potential customers in floowing areas,stainless steel houseware factory,pipe factory,metal furniture factory,bike factory,aotomobile factory,sports equipment,medical equipment,,e-cigaratte factory,kitchen facility,hotel facilty

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    ANSYS Expert Bitti left

    I need to simulate liquid flowing onto an electrode surface, shown in the attached image. The liquid (water) is flowing through a pipe of internal diameter 0.5mm, and is reaching the electrode at a 90 degree angle. I need to find the pressure required for uniform flow across the electrodes surface.

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    Hi Ikhwan, I am looking for a food truck size interior design service by using autocad. There is no illustration needed but more like a floor plan or structural plan for our truck container box. Info & Requirement 1. We are running pet grooming truck, which we will drive our truck to visit customer's house then help their pet to shower inside our grooming truck. 2. We will need Autoca...grooming truck. 2. We will need Autocad service to draw the interior layout which including all the equipment arrangement and so on. 3. Major tool or equipment as follow (all the size will be give) - Bath tub - grooming table - dryer - water pump - heater - number of electrical socket - cctv - modem - water tank - vacuum machine - salon chair - staircase - electric wiring - water hose & drainag...

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    Hello and thank you! I am looking for someone who can draw out a few parts for me so that I can have a local machine shop cut them out on their CNC plasma table. I have included a hand sketch of the three items that I need drawn. The first one is a piece of metal that will hold a 1.5" pipe and a 1.25" pipe that will then be welded. It is out of 1/2" steel and there needs to be 1/2" worth of material surrounding all of the cutouts for the pipe. The second piece is a 1/2" this piece of steel that will be cut 10" by 7.5" long with a slit form the flat edge that is 3" to allow for the metal to be bent into shape easier. On the opposite end I would like some spikes added just to help with grip. The third Item that I would like drawn i...

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    Company Logo Bitti left

    Create a company logo for the company 'Fluid Ingenuity Pty Ltd' Generally just use the name 'Fluid Ingenuity'. The company specializes in hydraulic services design (plumbing design). This includes 2D and 3D design in AutoCAD and REVIT, and some CFD (computational fluid dynamics). Specifically, we design: Sanitary waste drainage, water services, LP/Natural Gas storage/ pipe systems, fire safety systems (hydrants/hose reels/fire sprinklers), water treatment systems, effluent treatment and disposal systems, pumps (water and waste), stormwater drainage, pools and waterparks. The logo should predominantly be rectangular in shape to suit AutoCAD titlesheets, but not essential. Ideally the logo would have a '3D' element to it rather than be static 2D text. T...

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    Web Scraping Bitti left

    Looking to have someone scrape a website and pipe data into an API.

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    I have frame made up of Mild steel square pipe model in Solidworks software, which needs to be simulated in Staadpro software. A report needs to be submitted to me indicating the weal regions in the frame, on which i can do some changes and make the model more rigid, sturdy and fail safe.

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    my job is very easy if you have experience. time is max 3 hours [ normal developer complating it in 30 in as in linked video], price is 30$. for simple 3 page. project is get stream and pipe to site in react and react-native . i want plain WebRTC stream in react and react-native as atached image & functionality as this video githup source is under the video. you need edit and add my react and react native & run %100 as what you saw in video then dont ask me any interesting question. Please please answer only below and DON`T WRITE ANY MORE. [ i dont want to read your plapla history ] 1- DID YOU MADE WEBRTC STREAM BEFORE? 2- HOW MANY YEARS YOU HAVE EXPERIANCE ON REACT? 3- HOW MANY YEARS YOU HAVE EXPERIANCE

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    Guys, who knows how to withdraw USDT? My uncle made a gift with $2000 wallet. But how to enter it? He also gave me Tronlink extension wallet and words: sock account enhance sample attract access pipe toe jazz between autumn please And how to get TRX for trasportation fee?

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    [ DONT BID AUTO ] .i want plain WebRTC stream in react and react-native as atached image. i want same functionality as this video my job is very easy, get stream and pipe to site in react and react-native githup source is under the video. source is already writen. you need edit and add my react and react native & run %100 as what you saw in video then dont ask me any interesting question. price is 30$. for simple 3 page. Please please answer only below and dont write any more. 1- did you made webrtc stream before? 2- how many years you have experiance on react? 3- how many years you have experiance on react-native? 4- did you watch linked video? Regards

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