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    Hello there! I'm living in turkey. I want to make an e-commerce package is written in C # ,Asp.Net and DevExpress . The panel will be products and sub- products. methods of payment will be in Turkey . And will be all reports. Turkish: Merhaba ! Ben Türkiye'de yaşı [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] bir e-ticaret sitesi yaptırmak istiyorum. Bu paket...

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    o Site Tasar?m? - o Ön muhasebe i?lemleri - ( Kasa Hesap Takibi - Mü?teri(Cari) Hesab? Takibi - Fatura ??lemleri - Stok Giri? Ç?k?? Bilgileri - Banka Hesab? Takibi ) o Mobil Uygulama - o Veri Taban? tasar?m? - o Sayfa olu?turma ve yay?nlama(blog-haberler) - ( Video, slideshow, imaj ve yaz? ) o [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]'dan otomati...

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    Di?li Kutusu Bitti left

    Autocad ile di?li kutusu tasar?m?, verilen güç ve devir say?s?yla di?li kutusu tasar?m?

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    1- Ayd?nlatmas?n? yapaca??m?z eserin (Bina, Köprü, AVM, Tarihi Eser, Yol vs) foto?raf ya da render çal??mas? üzerine photoshop ile ayd?nlatma tasar?m? yap?l?r. Veya 3d modeli üzerinden DiaLux, 3ds Max gibi programlarla ayd?nlatma tasar?m? yap?l?r.rn2- Eserin AutoCAD ya da 3d modeli üzerinden ayd?nlatmada kullan?lacak ürünlerin ke?if listesi haz?rlan?r.r...

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    Yeni olu?turdu?umuz parekende sat?? markas? için bir logoya ihtiyac?m?z var. Markam?z, "M" harfi ile ba?l?yor. Biz de bu harfi kullanarak bir ?eyler yapmak istedik, Mimari tasar?m ürünleri içinde bar?nd?ran bir marka olacak, burdan yola ç?kabiliriz. Minimalist, keskin hatl? bir ?eyler ar?yoruz :)rnrnTe?ekkürler!

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    8 adet Abiye tasar?mlar?m var ama bunlar detayl? olarak profesyonel bir ?ekilde çizilmeli yard?mc? olabilecek insanlar teklif versinler.

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    3D modeler cum animator 6 gün left

    Looking for 3D modelers/animators to deliver models and textures for use in Unity 3D software. A. Mobile Unity Requirements: - minimize mesh count - minimize number of materials - keep triangles and vertices low (below 300k) - minimize texture resolution if possible (recommended: 2048x2048) - the model pivot should set at the center - compress all the texture into one UV map if possible B. Other...

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    I need help with the following formula: =(INDEX($C$3:$C$13,SMALL(IF(D$2=$A$3:$A$13,ROW($A$3:$A$13)-MIN(ROW($A$3:$A$13))-2,"aadf"),ROW()-2),1,1)) I need for it to return a unique field

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    Excel VBA Expert 5 gün left

    I want to create a line chart that has points. When a user clicks on a point a window comes up showing the detail rows that make up the point value. The chart will be a Pivot Table Chart. I would like to be able to use this chart and details in other Microsoft applications like Word or Powerpoint. Maybe something like Python would be better. I have also attached a video as to how it should work. ...

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    I have an Excel spreadsheet with about 17,500 names (plus additional columns). I'm need to be able to use this data like a very basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that allows me to quickly filter these names, as well as add additional entries, while also giving me the ability to edit the data in these cells (such as with notes from phone and email conversations). I believe I ...

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    I am working on a script - we have to create a little report and the manager wants a large pivot table derived from SQL data pull - individual tab of all purchase orders broken down by purchase order requestor - I need help writing the order and sort by - I will share my screen and you help me with the clause. Quick work, I will have other challenges pop up probably. This should be a quick fix...

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    I need pivot tables created for a not so complex(?) spreadsheet. Need 4 tables created that include headings for about 14 different column headings that go along with 4 sets of row data. The row ranges for the tables would be 5, 8, 20 and 29.

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    I need some admin support and need someone with expert level word and excel experience to format word and excel docs and create spreadsheets and pivot tables

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    I am building a spreadsheet that can be used to track expenses of airplanes. I have put all data into one sheet and would like an overview sheet where i can see what each plane costs per month. I would like the overview page updated on the attached file. I would like the data in Sheet "Raw Data" to be used to create an interactive overview page, This should be done using formulas, firs...

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    Basically, we wanted to scrape youtube for the ads it displays. We wanted the script to cater these requirements: - screen record ads on youtube - video file - name of video - timestamp - landing page - length - date seen - video type? (what kind of ad is this or is there a category it falls to) - is there a way to find out the unique...

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    A small startup working in STEM education (space and astronomy) needs assistance to start fundraising efforts online. Due to COVID restrictions, company is looking to pivot from in-person astronomy education to producing interactive online content and media.

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    NEED: We need to have our data sorted to visualise better the performance of some of our ads. We are looking for a very reliable person (see our requirements below). ON OUR WAY TO WORK WITH OUR FREELANCERS: We don't know yet how often we'll need this type of job done, but we usually work on the long term with people under contract. JOB DESCRIPTION: You'll find in the files attache...

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    If it goes well this will be an ongoing project. We are looking some one who has skill in creating Excel like pivot and analytics reports using PowerBI or DevExpress-Reporting The person [freelancer] should be comfortable in communicating with us, back and forth. For sample please check out the Excel File attached. If you are not comfortable with communication, please don't bid.

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    I need a dynamic dashboard built that will update daily, weekly, monthly for some key numbers in my business. Need someone who has a sense of business Must be able to build dashboards from pivot tables

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    Hi there I have a pivot table that tells me when the appointments for a particular customer (day and month) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I would like to echo the next. appointment for the customer and change the row color for that customer if it has a scheduled appointment.

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    I have a data table with certain rows. Would like help to create a function that can convert it to Pivot Table. Example of Source and Target Tables provided.

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    I'm trying to create some charts using data in a pivot table in Excel, as well as trying to create data from two different tables/sheets in the same chart(s). e.g., a line chart with revenue, combined with a line for number of users, over time. I could use some assistance. Skilled Excel people only please.

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    Tengo una serie de bases de datos que deseo unir a través de Power Pivot. Necesito ayuda con las fórmulas en DAX para replicar las fórmulas que usualmente utilizo en Excel. Además necesito revisar que el Modelo de Datos esté bien formulado.

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    Hello, we need to setup a proper airtable database with our sales. We need to be able to sort datas in several ways. 3 tables available : -Sales -Resellers -Products You will need to Import a 30 000 lines csv, and adjust columns to airtable You will create a custom dashboard where a user choose several entries like: Date Channel product size Category Etc The result will be a...

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    -Excel -VBA Skill set in Detail: - VBA Macros in Excel - Manual to Automatic updates in Excel - Excel Pivot Charts & Tables - Excel Auto Filter, Vlookup, Formula Assistance - Excel to Access - User Forms in Excel - Calenders in Excel - Sending E-mail from Excel

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    Hi there I have a table in mysql that I enter records for doctor appointments, I generate a pivot table as a report for that data but sometimes the data will be not in order(ex the report will have 5 columns with dates , and say appointments should be in sequential order , appointment 1 - 1st column appointment 2 -2nd column appointment 3- 3rd column etc) I need for the data once it is entered to ...

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    I need someone that can organize information on Excel sheet so that it can be uploaded into a software. Information will come from different Excel sheets, need someone with knowledge on how to use filters, pivot tables to more easily match records on different sheets. Tasks will also require data entry, adding some values depending on date of record. Please quote your rate per 4 days of work, bu...

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    I need someone who can make 5 dashboards similar to the one in the picture, this one is meant for sales but I need one for profit analysis, one for pricing, one for logistics, one for Human Resources and one for revenue expense. Due to privacy restrictions, I cannot provide data for the dashboards but I can send you the sample on Excel format for you to use the same structure. I need you to be c...

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    Hello! I am looking for the right person to host a "2-day intensive" at our office on Microsoft Excel. Several of us could use some hard skill development in formulas, shortcuts, data manipulation, charts & graphs, CVS conversions and uploads into Net-suite, pivot tables, lookup, etc. After the 2-day intensive, we may be interested in a once per month arrangement, as well ad hock tra...

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    I would like to get a logo done, The company name is Pivot Trading Ltd. It a company I use for generally anything, So basically the logo would just have the name.

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    I need someone who can help manage all the things I have to take care of. My to-do list is way too long and growing every day. I need someone that can manage basic customer service and answer questions as they come in. I need someone who can act as a gate keeper and ensure that only important things get through to me. I need someone who will keep a continuously updating task list for me. I...

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    - The application should run as a webapp. - The application will have a login / registration page. - 3 individual Forms to collect data ( user table, item table, inventory transaction table) - Store data in Mysql database - A front page with pivot table report & pivot chart

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    I am looking for a custom indicator development for a rolling 3Day Central pivot system and specifically the Pivot width as a plot

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    Actually que have checklist builder (made using surveryjs library), with API, and answerring the checklist in native android. It uploads, and appears result in result section. Y can see some KPI in (tables and charts) of all results. Restructure Achitecture to solve actual issues (theorically). Actually is made in php, framwork codeigniter, mysql, native android. *Issues* Dashboard Static dashb...

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    I need to sort some urgent data into pivot and make a small presentation. I need it Asap. I can't upload the file . Basically I just need to simplified too ten questions in last three months.

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    Hi there I have a database in mysql that I want to be displayed as a sort of pivot table (dynamic). I can do it in excel but I would like to render it in html. Using the columns day (dia) month (mes) dose (dosis) and name (nombre) lastname (apellido) firstlastname (apellido)

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    We need an EXPERT Angular developer who has a SOLID experience in using AG-GRID and also implementing the CUSTOM COMPONENTS using cell renderer in the grid. The grid has to be coded in REAL-TIME synced using Signal-R. You also need to develop the DASHBOARD using High-Charts and Pivot Tables. The tech stack used in this app is Angular 8, AG-Grid (Grid + Real-Time Data Sync), Signal R, HighCharts,...

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    I Need an indicator that show me on each currency pair how often in percentage (once per day) price touches daily pivot point, s1/r1, s2/r2, s3/r3 etc. I want to be able to check or uncheck which of these values to calculate in settings.

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    Note: This is a very specialized web based application. If you do not know WebGL and [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] software development very well, please do not waste your time and mine. This is the application that needs to be improved: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] It was inspired by this program: [URL'yi gö...

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    This should be fairly straightforward. On the Outputs and Smoothed Outputs tab in the attached file, I want to show "Admin costs" and "Maintenance costs" on combined, stacked columns next to the "Contributions" columns (not stacked). Currently I have combined "Admin costs" and "Maintenance costs" into a single summed column, but I want to know the ...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Bitti left

    We currently run a restaurant called Sugarbeets and to help pivot in the covid-19 era we're opening a coffee shop side of the business called "Cream & Sugarbeets". For a logo, we're thinking something along the lines of an outline of a coffee cup (from the top down) with a beet drawn in it like it is latte art. Logo will be printed on coffee sleeves as well, so a black an...

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    I need help with pivot tables. Data has already been entered and now I just need help putting it into a pivot.

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    Necesito crear una vista Pivot (Trasponer las filas a columas) para armar un informe de ventas, con los dias del mes. es en SQL Server, ya tengo la vista que necesito con la informacion, seria realizar la consulta Pivot para mostrar arriba fechas de todo un mes, y debajo ventas y cant por alamcen

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    Create Excel workbook with multiple worksheets, graphs, and pivot tables

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    Looking for a stock market analysis tool. I am looking at Any stock exchange data (live data (1 min.,5min,15 min.,30 min, 60 min. 120min,180 min.,240 min. Daily intervals and EoD data). 1 The graph should contain EMA 20, EMA 34, EMA 50, with and an option to include Fibonacci retracement, and pivot point lines along with MACD and RSI and Stochastics RSI. 2ns Graph should be the super trend and opt...

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    Needed: assistance with pivot tables with the same data file I download.

    €25 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    With the information i have, i will need to use Pivot tables, slicers, vlookup, graphs etc.

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I would like to combine several TradingView Pine Script indicators, so that when all conditions are meet an alert would go off for either/or short/long side. The alert should also have a JSON payload I will specify. I have 2 indicators and 2 validation criteria that need to be combined into two alerts, crossing up for shorting the stock, or crossing down for going long. - Indicator 1: Custom...

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