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    Plant seedling Classifier 6 gün left

    LINK : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Contains test and train datasets which needs to be processed, cleaned, clustered and labelled. Ideally what I want is (and you may suggest a better alternative) 1) Data visualisation, EDA,feature engineering 2) Need to develop atleast 3 models with good AUC scores. 3) Need to prepare a technical paper on the project in no...

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    I want some a dinosaur design that can be printed on sweatshirts. I want the dinosaur design to be a cool, contemporary, modern take on a dinosaur image - I am open to an almost silhouette or abstract design. The dinosaur must be a Diplodocus - pls LOOK IT UP! I want the image to be all one colour - preferably a dark colour. I would the following wording added to the image - "All on pla...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python.

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    I need the simulation of Injection foam of polyurethane with 3 stations and 42 moulds moving with AGV cars

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    Quantitative Risk Analysis 6 gün left

    This is a software that will utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics Equations to conduct Quantitative Risk Analysis including Gas Dispersion, Vapour Cloud Explosions, Generate Risk Contours. Below are the details of the requirements: 1. Develop a software with GUI Based CFD Code 2. Support geometry import of files DGN, DWG, STL etc 3. Conduct Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) of a Process Plant e....

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    1. Script 1: Generate layers: Generate standardized layers before the user connects the vertices, with pre-defined fields and styles (points, lines and polygons). 2. Script 2: Import points: read from the raw table of GPS points collected in the field, with transformation of the data into a vector layer (shapefile) of georeferenced points. Note: it is necessary to determine the type of point: (m =...

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    As an energy engineer, you are assigned with the duty of performing a life cycle assessment (LCA) study on different types of power plants to investigate their comparative environmental performances. Specifically, you are requested to do the following tasks: 1. Determine the life cycle emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx),...

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    Water Ray is a company that provides consultancy but also produces water and wastewater treatment plants. The core business are the compact and mobile plants (mainly containerised). I'm now looking for a draftsman, already familiar with wastewater treatment systems to quickly develop the final layout of my plant.

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    We are breeders of exotic reptiles/frogs and sell tropical plants. We go by the name of THE JUNGLE VAULT. We are looking for a minimalistic sophisticated design that is simple and pleasing to the eye. We would like to have the design be some sort of vault door opening with foliage and animals coming out, would be cool if the specific animals were hognose snakes, dart frogs, or even a gecko foot. S...

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    I am looking for a talented electrical engineer who has experience in the signing-off electrical system design. The plant has a refrigeration system, HVAC, and several PID controllers, steam boiler, heater, RO/IO /AI boards, 3-Phase power distribution panelboard, 24V control panel boards., and similar. An Intermediate level EE designed the system based on an existing system but needs consulting b...

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    Work Scope: Design and Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot capable of carrying a payload of 10kg, to be used in a manufacturing plant, with a basic Fleet Management UI. Design + Fabrication + Testing, All electronic parts can be procured by us. Solid Industrial Experience needed. Refer the basic spec attachment. Battery Spec will be discussed further

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    Looking for an awesome homepage for our new business. We are a digital agency that serves nonprofits. Our main service is a free nonprofit WP theme that will be available to any nonprofit. We also will offer premium services. Our logo we will use is at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (top left) for the colors and hand drawn style. We are called Good Karma Agenc...

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    Highly Professional Consult in the: Rock Drilling and Blasting field for Civil Engineering & Mining Projects as, Bench Blasting, Trench Blasting, Contour Blasting, Cautious Blasting, Under Ground Blasting, Under Water Blasting and Special form of Blasting of any type. Quarry Management and Stone Crushing plant and technology Professional coarse in the handle and use of Explosive Products for ...

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    About the Company, you may found our company corporate report here. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın],ARCO We would like to create a company brochure for general use for recruitment & campus recruitment. We would prefer our plant layout in brochure with simplicity and design that create clean & simple feeling yet it bring out the "lifetime value crea...

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    Maintenance and overhauling job for hydropower Project

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    I have three photos, 1st I need glasses removed, 2nd I need glasses removed and hair fluffed up a bit, 3rd I need a plant removed blocking a face.

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    I am looking for a quirky, engaging writer to create a 1000+ word blog [guide style] on "Making a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Work in 2020". Must include images, SEO optimization, and backlinks to high-ranking pages and websites. Must be error-free, and fact-checked.

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    im working on a project for Cement Plant but the aspen Plus databank does not c4af so i need some help in design. the person should have knowledge on oxy-fuel combustion I will be grateful if you suggest a better software for cement plant simulation

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    modeling and design system 5 gün left

    I am looking for help in my design process and modeling. I am studying the amount of water variance with time in the irrigation systems. The system:- compares irrigation water for the plant with other systems where soil will mix with the particle that can store water and release it when a plant needs water, so this model will help reduce irrigation water for the plant. this particle has the same s...

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    This is our app [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We need A registration page with information about the app then scroll down to register once registered it keeps you signed in and opens to main page ( members should be able to sign in on other devices and reteve there information, there must also be a admin log in to check counts ect - - main page is a large...

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    Entertainment investor interested in creating kids animation videos for multiple popular social media platforms.

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    economics_guidance 4 gün left

    required to work through the following exercises as a means of understanding and interpreting basic econometric procedures used in a contingent valuation problem. For the exercise we will use data from a study of willingness to pay for the construction of a waste water treatment plant to clean up the beaches in Montevideo, Uruguay. Below is a summary description of the response data. Bid ($) Num...

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    You need to investigate the feasibility of supplying part of the process heat, which is currently supplied by a natural gas boiler, with a cogeneration plant to reduce the total energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

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    You need to investigate the feasibility of supplying part of the process heat, which is currently supplied by a natural gas boiler, with a cogeneration plant to reduce the total energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

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    essential oils 3 gün left

    hello im sneha and my project name is about essential oils. essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile chemical compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove. An essential oil is "essential" in the sense that it contains t...

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    We want to stablish a Multy task (Food Grains Grading, Milling, Sortex, Plant) We Required technical experts for consulting

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    We are looking for a Landscape Architect to design a solution (including 3D Renders and plant types) for a proposed construction of an industrial development in Victoria, Australia and provide a full report similar to the attached "Example Report". I have attached plans and also some 3D Renders of the development along with photos of the area. I have also included the CAD files if these...

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    Hi, my name is Simone. I am originally from Italy but have moved to The Netherlands about 4 years ago. I want to start my business and started developing my own website. What I need now is to fully integrate the woocommerce part to the rest of the website plus other design fixes. This is how the website currently is: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Features need...

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    I am a retired professor of horticulture with a lifelong interest in natural history especially of barrier islands along the Gulf coast of southwest Florida. I have written a self published book titled Island in the Sun, Reflections on the Natural History of Cayo Costa State Park, which focused on the geomorphology and phytogeography (plant ecology) of this barrier island. I wish to revise and exp...

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    Overview: My company is taking bulk seeds and packaging them for sale with our vertical farms. We need each seed packet to have the correct label (Front sticker and back sticker) with information and pictures. 10 Separate Packages - Each package has 2 labels (Front / Back). We have content for each label already created and example label pictures which we are not married too, if you have a bette...

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    i would like to product some tea and other bio product whith african plant.

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    Under abnormal conditions, the power of photovoltaic cells will be low. These abnormal conditions include short circuit, open circuit, shielding, ageing of photovoltaic modules and other conditions. analyse how different faults can cause power changes, and find ways to distinguish different situations. Detect faults using different algorithm due to partial shading. My working on Mostly DC side of...

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    Microcontroller 2 gün left

    i am engineer in the manufacturing of Oxygen Plant Company. Which is use in Hospital. I want to control thr system through microcontroller. So, I want coding for Microcontroller and show the working on the screen, PCB, software for remote access. Budget= Negotiable

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    Create fun nursery videos for kids. I need a sample 3 min video. I will provide the characters, and script.

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    We are designers and constructors of industrial water treatment plants. We use AutoDesk Inventor for our plant design & layouts, and then also to design platforms and framing for our systems. For fabrication of platforms and frames from Australian Standard steel sections we use a beam line cutting service. The beam line company required the file format is .NC1 however AutoDesk Inventor does ...

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    I am building a hybrid microgrid system that has PV and Micro hydropower plant that has battery storage. I need help in terms of the control of the charging and discharging(Battery management system)

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    ERP Documentation and Wireframe For Modules: Financial Accounting Sales & Marketing Production Project Management Human Resource Purchasing Plant Maintenance Warehouse Quality Management Research & Development

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    Developer ERP 1 gün left

    ERP Web base & Mobile APP Modules: Financial Accounting Sales & Marketing Production Project Management Human Resource Purchasing Plant Maintenance Warehouse Quality Management Research & Development

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    Trophy icon Logo for hyroponic farm Bitti left

    Business Name : Loh Jinawi Tag line : Hydroponic Farm Loh Jinawi means very lush. The logo consists of water and plant or vegetable elements. original design

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    We are looking for a series of posters to outline our core values and display around our plant and offices. We have 5 core values I would like 3 iterations of each. We would also like a business card like what I cooked up but only more professional to hand out to new hires and existing employees for quick reference. 1. Be Honest and Do the Right Thing 2. Take Ownership and Be Reliable 3. Be Posit...

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    I have 36 photos that I need to be photoshopped, so I can use them as a masking layer in a series of videos. In each image, I want to remove the wires and any other distraction thats behind the monitor. Please do not remove the plant. Optionally, you can reduce the shadows underneath the monitor. Photos that need to be shopped: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ...

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    CMA Data & Project Report 22 saat left

    I m applying for Plant & Machinery Loan for 10 Lakhs Bank needs project report & CMA data for 5 years Apply only if you have previous Experience

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    website creator ! 20 saat left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. I want to make a website on " Online Nursery Store " ( online plant store ) I actually need it for college so I need it with documents and all requirements which satisfy college needs.

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    It outsource project initiated by the governement. The objective it to develop and construct a powerplant in eastern part of the country with the aim of producing electricity of around 1950 MW. Looking for the freelance who can take up this project and execute properly. Should have prior experience in bulding this types of structures. Note: It is Government authorised project

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    Trophy icon Brand creation and graphic design 18 saat left

    Hello, we currently have a logo which includes a Tiger of part of it. We are trying to further our brand of the Tiger into further streams of revenue. For example we want to create our Tiger into a character and give him/her a personality. I also want to create a baby Tiger so there will be 2 together with life lessons on growing up, going to nursery/school etc. 1. I have attached an image of our...

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    About us and what we need : PlantAsia is the name of the Business 1. We sell wide variety of plants and accessories like pots , tools etc that foster plant growth 2. We embark on the journey together so we want that to be reflective in the logo 3. Logo could be something like a hand that supports plant growth etc can be creative here 4. Tag line needs to catchy , unique and not very long 5. Doe...

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    Hi there, We are looking for a really high end Landscape Design including 3D Renders and plant types for a proposed construction of a house in Victoria, Australia. I have attached plans and also some 3D Renders of the house. The Garden and Landscaping has not been designed by a professional at this point in time so we are looking for creative genious to make this into a work of art. The style G...

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    Need a logo designed for a coffee shop in Florida called Masterpiece Coffee. Shop has botanical gardens inside and logo should have leaves, trees or some kind of plant included (not marijuana). Greens and browns would be best for color. If you can add some kind of musical element into the logo in addition to the plants that would give you an edge.

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