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    Price prediction machine learning model, involving comparison between simple linear regression model and tensorflow deep neural network (DNN) performance.

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    I have measured fatty acids levels of 28 fatty acids (3 fractions: free, bound and total fatty acids) in approx. 700 participants at WAVE 1 (baseline). There is global cognition scores and MMSE cognition scores for Wave 1 to Wave 4 (longitudinal, approx. 2yrs between each wave) There is diagnosis of disease at Wave 4 for patients who were normal at Wave 1 but developed disease by wave 4 I would like to analysis 1. At wave 1 are there any fatty acids significantly altered between the disease groups 2. Is any of the fatty acids associated with lower global cognition or MMSE score at Wave 1? 4. Can any of the fatty acids predict decline in global cognition or MMSE score at Wave 1 5. Can any fatty acids at Wave 1 predict development of disease at Wave 4 6. Can any fatty acids at Wave 1 pre...

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    I have a total of 15 publications based on the factors affecting "Willingness to Pay" (WTP) for various health-care-related...factors using the information from these studies. Essentially, each factor must be described on an individual point basis, demonstrating how these factors affect WTP, to what extent they effect WTP, what the literature says, and develop the hypothesis. My dependent variable is "WTP for Pharmaceutical product" and the identified factors are the independent variables. Based on these variables, regression analysis will be done. Identified Factors (Independent Variables) 1. Gender 2. Age 3. Education 4. Income 5. Health status 6. Residential Location 7. Drug Availability 8. Brand of the product 9. Product preference 10. Price 11. Health Consc...

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    ...during winter 1:30 pm to 10:30 pm IST Responsibilities: Build and maintain test scripts using an automation test tool including TDD/BDD techniques Create test automation frameworks Select and develop appropriate test automation tools, applying the latest techniques in test automation Work with the peer SQA and development team(s) to create and maintain an automated suite for smoke, sanity, regression, functional, Acceptance tests Ensure proper traceability, version control and configuration management of all test objects developed Prepare test data and test estimates for test automation Report issues and risks to the Test Manager/Lead Provide support and knowledge to other members of the team Support and maintain DevOps pipelines for continuous integration, deployment, and tes...

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    Looking for a trainer to train me on data analysis skills on Python. I have basic knowledge of Python and data analysis. I need extensive training on more advanced techniques using matlplotlib, seaborn, hypothesis testing, time series analysis, ARIMA model & more. I am in EST time zone so training is convenient at EST night times. Looking for 5 - 6 hours of training every week. Only serious proposals and please submit a lesson plan or curriculum for the training.

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    the topic is how the ESG score affects the capital structure. Nasdaq 100 companies, data before covid at least 3 years. Dependent variable : Capital structure (debt ratio) Independent variable: ESG combined score ,E-score, S-score, G-score Control variables : size (total assets) time, industry, inflation, Tangible asset (total assets-current assets)/ TA credit rating (SCR, structural credit rating) Market to book ratio Profitability

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    Exam preparation 3 gün left

    Ai and machine learning exam preparation and review Clustering Search algorithm Optimization Regression

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    ...discipline have on salary?" is a well-defined research question. "What factors determine salary?" is not. Pick an analytical method for answering that research question. This could be linear regression or any of the machine learning techniques. Visualize the data being addressed in the research question above, and make sure that it is appropriate for your analysis. For example, if it is nonlinear data and you want to run a regression analysis, transform it so that it is linear. Analyze the data with the method you chose. NOTE: If you picked linear regression, you MUST run a multivariate, not a bivariate, regression. Interpret the results of your analysis. Consider what weaknesses your analytical methods displayed, as well as the moral and socie...

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    SAS Programmer 2 gün left

    SAS Programmer for Clinical client Any SAS programmers / working on SAS / SAS beginners … from here or from India ..some one want to work from home ( students want to make some money at their free time is preferable ) Experiance in medical stats like Chisquares Experiance in T - tests / man Whitney / logistic regression / linear regressions /imputation / interactions / sensitivity specifity analysis / forest plots etc / mixed models ( even if they don’t know all / some of those I can train them when stuck / need help with ) It’s very part time / on and off/ I just give some tasks and they can complete when ever they want and get back to me with results / sas out put.

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    I would like to build a custom indicator. I currently use two standard deviation channels and one linear regression channel all on at the same time - see the attachment below. The end product would be one indicator with custom alert functionality, custom color functionality, the pearson coefficient listed as a percentage, and labels of each of the lines - I will share what we want the labels to be. Also would like to consider a functionality that would modify candle colors based on how far from the mean price action is and multi time frame functionality. I would also like to create a study back testing the indicator at different time frames. Is this something that would be within your skillset? We will also likely meet with you more than once to finalize the project.

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    machine learning 1 gün left

    please see the attached file to have better description in this project, you will need to train a simple Logistic Regression model. You can use any machine learning library that supports distributed training, such as Tensorflow and PyTorch. You will start with writing the code for training the model on a single machine. Training should start from a random linear vector as your model. Then, calculate the loss of your model on the dataset using: , where and are training data features and label, respectively. The dataset for you to train your model is MNIST handwritten digits database. Train to minimize with an optimizer such as gradient descent. The next task is to modify the workloads so that they can be launched in a distributed way. You will experiment with both synchrono...

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    Project Tasks: Find a dataset that is satisfactory (it is more than 8 features i.e. columns, and it has at least 100 data points for each feature) Upload your data set to github and then to python (Colab or Jupyter) Explain your data using textboxes (make sure to explain everything that you ar...necessary. All Your code should be fully commented, and you should break it up with text boxes explaining the ideas. Change the data type if applicable. Impute the data Get the statistics and a basic analysis of what is going on Do some charts, correlations, etc. Answer your 2 questions with your data using Python to provide a solution that you explain with text boxes as well as commented code Do regression to test whether one of your variables can be explained via this model. Evaluate you...

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    ...multiple ML strategies given the time constraint Functionalities: Bot - Create Buy/Sell Orders given a set of rules (essential) - Error Handling - for stability and reliability (essential) - API connection to an exchange (essential) - Using TA to create a set of rules for orders (essential) - Replacing TA with more advanced Machine Learning (Desirable) - Strategies powered by Supervised Learning (Regression/Classification) - Strategies powered by Deep Neural Network (Tensorflow & Keras) Dashboard - Display Opens Orders (essential) - Track Performance (essential) - Show Ticker and choose ticker (Desirable) - Can pick the stock for historic analysis (Desirable) - Back tested strategies showcase (Desirable) - Display analysis for a chosen security/equity using various financial...

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    I am currently running a machine learning project, where logistic regression, décision tree and random forest models are to be implemented to see which model produces most accurate predictors of onset of alzheimer’s disease. The data for thé project is from ADNI, I prepare it myself to train the model and test it.

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    ...numbers. 2. Develop estimated regression equations, first using annual income as the independent variable and then using household size as the independent variable. Which variable is the better predictor of annual credit card charges? Discuss your findings. 3. Develop estimated regression equation with annual income and household size as the independent variables. Discuss your findings. 4. What is the predicted annual credit card charge for a two-person household with an annual income of $50,000? 5. Discuss the need for other independent variables that could be added to the model. What additional variables might be helpful? • You need to use EXCEL to draw graphs and tables and run regression (INSTALL DATA ANALYSIS) For parts 2 &3 after you run the regr...

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    Provide online support for ongoing QA specialist. The professional should be familiar with remote support and professional in Software Automation Testing, Extensive experience in BDD and other hybrid frameworks. Familiar and extensive experience and knowledge on API testing, Unit, integration and regression testing. Bug tracking and reporting. Familiar with Agile methodology. Front and back end testing . The ideal candidate should be comfortable working in screen sharing and guiding remotely on a project

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    I want a DNN models that predicts covid-19 mortality. using: 1- one deep learning method (DNN) and one machine learning method (Logistic Regression) 2- cross-validation 3- before building the model, clean and preprocess the data. The file attached contains a link to the dataset (obtained from Kaggle)

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    ...modular and use as much as possible standard libraries. Multiple modules are foreseen as illustrated in the attached architecture diagram. *** The modules BlueTooth, HTTP and Torrent are for the future. You would need to manage and work with : Modules Dependencies Intent General requirements 1. Be coded natively for Android only using Kotlin. 2. Execute on Android 7 and above 3. Include automated regression tests. 4. Include the following: source code, dependencies, build instruction, certificates. 5. Include relevant comment for another developer to understand the code. 6. Be pushed at most daily on a private GitHub or Codecommit repository provided by Orangead. 7. Log errors to sentry (using a provided key) should be sent to sentry. Sentry access details will be provided lat...

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    I need to calculate AR( Auto Regressive model), MA (Moving Average model) and ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average model) for forecasting the price of bitcoin in Python. The code is ready: and the price of Bitcoin can be taken as csv file from the following link: I need a Python code that can do this with the excel data taken from investing. After i get the data, i will run the code for different time spans and coins.

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    I need to the 3 time series modelling for Bitcoin price: AR( Auto Regressive model), MA (Moving Average model) and ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average model) The code is ready, only the excel data should be changed: BTC open and close prices can be taken from the following link: I need to run the code with the excel data taken from investing.com. I want to be able to run the code for different coins and different time spans. So it should be done according to the excel data taken from

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    Please do T-tests and regression on this data-set and while recording how you do it; Id love to learn to do it myself! H; Danes think the dark green is healthier than the light green H; Indians think the dark green is healthier than the light green to a smaller degree than Danes Regression for age, income and birth city population

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    Preparing datasets for training ● Find public data and/or restructure data suitable for the project ● Responsible for design and development of different types of computer vision models that fits the requirement. ● Understanding of different data structures and ability to convert from structure to another ● Understanding of different Deep Learning Libraries (eg. Tens...Create functions for training and inference ● Test the inference time on different types of servers/GPUS/CPUs/Edge devices ● Build ML modules, along with accuracy, must also deliver the production workload expectations - work with real world data, suitable inference time, compatibility with tech-stack, work on CPUs where applicable ● Understand different types of ML problems - classification, regression, outlier detec...

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    regression Bitti left

    i need help with regression analysis and spss data entering please

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    Are you able to fit into this format? • Are you able to include screen recordings of the testing with assistive technologies? • Per manual audits can you test using all types of assistive technologies? … for desktop, mobile, web apps, and m...(Mac and iOS) o TalkBack o Dragon Naturally Speaking • What automated testing have you done with what tools? For example… o Full automated scan audit using axe-core and axe devTools. Remediation • Do you and your team perform any web remediation services? What CMS platforms and web app languages? • Do you have experience working directly with developers on remediation and doing validation/regression testing? Can you share examples? Certifications/Other • Are the developers and auditors IAAP certif...

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    I'm looking for someone who have good understanding of GNN. I have a dataset, would like to get it running with GNN regression.

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    Required: Add angles to the middle linear regression centerline. Then, create alerts when the centerline hits a specific angle. Assuming the total angles is 180 Also, I want it on all timeframes and with the source to be selected from a list of indicators I already installed. and the span can be modified for example, it should start calculating the angle for every 50 candles or more for example. It is better to use the “Linear Regression Channel” open source indicator from TradingView itself and not any third party indicators.

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    This involves the analysis of a health issue in Australia, and its associated risk factors, groups at risk etc. Will require use of • Rapid epidemiological assessment -linear regression analysis (using correlation coefficient) -association analysis (chi squared test) -risk ratio analysis (RR analysis, odds ratio analysis, risk difference analysis) Should involve an epidemiological survey, as well as discuss methods used to reduce random , systematic error, selection bias etc, such as blind and double blind methods or pilot test etc. Study should use cross sectional, cohort, case control studies, ecological and experimental study. Should use placebo and blinding methods. I can provide content for each part of the report as well as examples of calculations for each sec...

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    Excle file has 4 data sets in tabs. Run regression and write down estimated models. Red are dependent variables and green are independent variables

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    I have 3 factors data and product specification data. Have to work quickly through it in a day and do a regression analysis to determine what factors affect the product specification. I need 5 tests performed (irrespective of the outcome).

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    logistic regression, GLM, R, ANOVA, DATA ANALYSIS, Statistical Analysis

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    The project is based on logistic regression, ANOVA, testing, curves, deep R data analysis knowledge is required

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    Need someone with good knowledge of R-Programming and who can perform Multiple linear regression and Time series forecasting using R-Programming. The requirement is very easy and it needs the person to perform the analysis using R-Programming as well as writing the recommendation and detailed steps using appropriate graphs, tables and subjective interpretation of findings.

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    Your job will consist of : - reviewing and making sure the tasklist I have is completed and exhaustive in such a way I will go to the market right after customization - creating a regression and functional testing list to be performed after customization - making any useful suggestion

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    A question involving Ridge and Lasso Regression

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    Index number, financial maths, correlation and regression, probability

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    Create and train machine learning algorithm to predict academic performance. Independent variables will be: Course Level, Course Name, Lab Score Assignment Score, Midterm Score, Final Score Lab, Project Score and Total Score. Grade will be considered as the dependent variable Ordinal Logistic Regression, Decision Tree should be used to create the prediction model. Bootstrap aggregation will be applied as required.

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    create some models using regression, ARIMA, LSTM contact for more details

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    ...returns associated with each data item. Plot individual return patterns for each asset. Plot price trends for all assets. Calculate sensitivities to the F-F factors, using simple OLS techniques on the realized data. (Hint: use the "lm()" function in R.) Feel free to separate the regression analyses of each stock on separate report pages. Teams able to consolidate sensitivities and present regression results in a tabular format on a single page for all assets receive 10 Bonus Points. Present and explain your regression results. Perform Monte Carlo simulation on the "F-F" factors (assume the factors generate "normally" distributed characteristics as determined by Step 3), and generate expected returns using the 3-Factor model for each ...

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    I want to give a project for someone to scrape some web data, analyse it, do some regression on it, and create a linear regression model from it (i will supply the exact equation) and visualise the result.

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    I require assistance running some regression models in R Studio (including collinearity and overskewing) and writing up analysis of the data. Will provide dataset and questions to be answered.

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    Looking for help to analyze survey results in APA format. Must be able to run ANOVA, chi-square test of independence, multiple regression correlation, and provide: Item Analysis • Item distributions • Skewed distributions • Missing data, non-response Topic score distributions (boxplots) • Skewed distributions Factorial ANOVA for demographics for each topic • In what sub-groups do topic mean scores differ? • Loyalty Index and Gender X Hospital X Specialty • Regression analysis of outcome measure on topics. • Loyalty Index = Leadership + Administrators + Compensation + Quality of Care • Path analysis and structural equation modeling • Outliers • Inter-topic correlations (including outcome measure) • Divergent constru...

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    The Pocc of Process for algorithmically generating regression test suites included: Base line creation Collecting code coverage information for each test case Creating a database of coverage information for each test case Regression tests selection Analyzing the source code changes for each build or check-in from the repository Selecting the test cases for each build or check-in Executing the selected tests to qualify the build This approach significantly reduced the regression testing efforts for the project without reducing software quality. The regression tests selected by the algorithm uncovered the same defects that would have been found using manual regression test cycle planning. The reduced regression testing provided quicker feedback on t...

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    I am trying to use ML methods in Python to balance data using SMOTE and then running Logistic Regression using Test/Train methods. I am also trying to run Statsmodel and getting error in the process.

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    Learning: Supervised - Linear Regression in Python Learning: Supervised - Logistic Regression ML: Decision Tree Regression with Python ML: K-Nearest Neighbors and Compare Machine Learning Models and Compare Machine Learning Models

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    I need help building a logistic regression model for a dataset using Python- Scikit package (Test/Train)

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