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    2 Tür balık olucak ekte resimleri var ve örnekteki gibi low polly şeklinde olucaktır . ve bu balıkların basit yüzme animasyonu olucak unity projem için yapıcak kişi aranır Looking for someone to create 2 fish models in low poly style as shown in the attached images. Also, need simple swimming animation for these fish for my Unity project.

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    Modellenecek araç modeli özelden verilecektir. Özellikle Low-polly modelleme istiyoruz. 10k polly yi geçmemeli. özellikle aracın iç - ön konsolunda biraz detay istiyoruz. Özellike .fbx çıktısı teslim edilmeli.

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    Illustrations for the following blog articles: 1. Announcing the General Availability of PostSharp 2024.1 2. Metalama 2024.1: Performance Improvements Analysis 3. Metalama 2024.1 Now Generally Available: Unified Visual Studio Extension, Overriding Constructors, and More 4. Polly

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    I am seeking a qualified sales executive to help grow my business in the Sales industry. The ideal candidate should: - Have relevant work experience in sales - Be adept at closing deals and building client relationships - Must have two wheeler - Only Male Candidates Needed Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    ...there and continuous walking crowd during night and day time 7) Preferrable on Main Road , not recommended in Cross or small lanes or one way lanes or high speed running road because people cannot park vehicle if vehicles are travelling fast 8) Alcohol or Meat Shop should not be nearby because families will not prefer to visit stores due to smell or rowdy people are standing near by. 9) 2 wheeler parking must 10) Rent 25-30k 11) help in finalising shop deposit 12) Whenever 10-15 shops are short listed - share google map location , shop photo and road video , owner number , rent and approx deposit amount of each shop DISCLAIMER - this help extended by company is chargeable (15k non refundable fee) paid directly to shop search guy after 5 days of shop search If service i...

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    I'm seeking a talented architect to create the design of a sports arena. The successful candidate should have the ability to use different design software such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, or Revit as exact software preference was not specified. Key responsibilities: - Create a comprehensive 2D/3D design of a sports ...indicate: - Your prior experience designing sports-based structures - Your familiarity with the aforementioned software Here is the detailed requirement: I want a map/blueprint of a sports arena which I want to build on a 4,000 sqft land where I want to have 2 badminton courts, 1 area for carrom, 1 area for snooker, 2 small washroom, 1 reception area, 1 small room for security guard and a small 2 wheeler parking space. The land has a dimension of 100 feet (length) x 4...

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    ...complying with standard data protection protocols. Skills Required: Mobile Development: Extensive experience in iOS and/or Android development, with proficiency in languages such as Swift, Kotlin, or using cross-platform frameworks like Flutter or React Native. Speech Processing: Proficiency in integrating speech-to-text and text-to-speech services, such as Google Cloud Speech-to-Text or Amazon Polly. Natural Language Processing: Knowledge of NLP to manage and analyze dialogue effectively. Backend Development: Ability to develop server-side technologies (Node.js or Python) and manage databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL) for storing and retrieving data efficiently. API Integration: Experienced in integrating multiple APIs, focusing on performance optimization and real-time data han...

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    112 teklifler assess the student’s expertise with the application of the concepts of Motivation, Personality, Perception & Learning in marketing. Brand Name- Bajaj Auto Bikes (Please consider this brand for the project) Project description: the student is to choose a brand from a product category (Restrict the brand to one category. E.g. if you are choosing Yamaha it should be restricted to either two-wheeler OR music OR water sports. No student shall be allowed to select the same brand from a category) and study in detail the brand’s marketing program. The primary thrust is on the explicit communication of the brand (advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations, word-of-mouth, and event sponsorship). The student is also expected to...

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    ...développer ma nouvelle entreprise de vente de vêtements en ligne basée en Martinique. Notre entreprise se concentrera sur des vêtements pour hommes et femmes, avec un stock limité de chaque modèle pour maintenir l'exclusivité et l'attrait pour nos clients. Objectifs du projet : Créer des lignes de vêtements pour hommes et femmes qui incarnent le style et l'esthétique des marques à succès telles que Oh Polly, EgoUK, Fashion Nova et (Psycho Bunny pour les hommes). Utiliser des matériaux de haute qualité qui garantissent un confort optimal tout en maintenant un look tendance et élégant. Détails du projet : Vêtements pour femmes : Je souhaite de...

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    6 teklifler loans. Our target audience comprises small businesses, so the design should appeal to this demographic. Key Points: - The primary aim of the flyer is to promote our company's services to small business owners. - The design must be professional, engaging and ideally suited for small businesses. - The flyer should highlight our services such as business loans, working capital loans, two-wheeler loans and the appointment of Direct Selling Agents (DSA). - The design should be informative and persuasive, encouraging potential clients to reach out to us. Ideal Skills: - Prior experience in designing marketing materials for financial services or B2B companies would be highly beneficial. - A keen understanding of the target market and the ability to create a design suited...

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    I'm looking fo...guarantied positive results, as success is key for our project. Our company o have retail store of Battery Operated three Wheeler. Therefore, knowledge and hands-on experience in this sector would be advantageous, particularly when pinpointing the most effective keywords to use. This project does not have a hard deadline and I am open to a flexible timeline. However, I would appreciate someone who can deliver guarantee results within a reasonable timeframe. We are into multiple business, will hire the person for other projects too. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in keyword research and optimization - Extensive SEO experience, ideally with GMB pages - Familiarity with EV or three wheeler industry - Proven track record of producing SEO results - Excellent...

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    As a Drag Performer who is a passionate fan of 80s cartoons, I'm looking to hire a talented graphic designer who can create a unique, eye-catching design featuring my drag persona (POLLY) as a “Jem” inspired character from the classic 'Jem' cartoon series. The design should reflect a 'Retro 80's style', featuring a cartoon of POLLY, with orange hair (see reference pics) with my name mentioned also. The palette being Pink, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Blue - capturing the aesthetic and charm of the era. The final product should replicate nostalgia, be bright, fun and make a bold, vibrant statement that my fans will want to purchase. Please see attached reference/inspiration pics. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong skills in gra...

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    I am seeking an adept developer who can create a script for adding text-to-speech (TTS) to my mp4 video. You'll integrate a ...developer who can create a script for adding text-to-speech (TTS) to my mp4 video. You'll integrate a csv file as a table, while retaining the video's timing. Key Features: - Amazon Polly should be used as the TTS system. Your experience with this is a must. - The information from the CSV file should be incorporated into the video as voiced speech in the background. Make sure you can do this seamlessly. - The TTS voice has to be neutral, not sounding distinctly male or female. This project requires proficiency in programming, video editing and a deep understanding of TTS systems, particularly Amazon Polly. Familiarity with MP4 and CS...

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    I require localized assistance with my two-wheeler spare parts business situated in Jammu. The ideal candidate would be skilled in managing online business operations, creating engaging, high-quality social media content, and a keen understanding of social media marketing strategies. Notably, the job will include: - Managing the business's online presence. - Regularly posting engaging content on my business's social media platforms, specifically Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp. - Creating captivating Facebook Reels to generate interest and engage with the target market. The target audience includes general consumers, motorcycle enthusiasts, local mechanics, and end customers based in Jammu. Proficiency in identifying and engaging these audiences is a must...

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    I am glad to submit the quote for your requirement as follows: The work includes: A a program (Python, OpenCV with appropriate deep learning framework) to count number of vehicles going in each direction every hour with a categorization of vehicles (4 wheeler and 4+ wheeler) The final result will be a table with vehicle count (all 2 categories counted separately) on an hourly basis. Time (as per the cctv footage) | 4 Wheeler | 4+ Wheeler 7:00 am - 8:00 am | 12 | 4 8:00 am - 9:00 am | 17 | 2

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    I'm seeking a developer proficient in creating an application, able to extract and analyze CCTV footage. The primary focus will be on extracting vehicle data, specifically determining a count of 4-wheeler and 4+ wheeler vehicles moving in both directions. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a python based application - Extract data from 7 days of CCTV footage - Provide hourly traffic counts, specifically for 4-wheelers and 4+ wheeler vehicles, in both directions Required Skills: - Proficient in Python, Object Identification, Tracking and Counting with OpenCV - Experience with image processing and data extraction - Understanding of traffic data analysis Overall, I'm seeking a professional with the necessary skill set to deliver this specialized application....

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    I'm seeking a capable developer to create a web-based system for accident and license plate detection with a comprehensive alert...notification systems would also be highly desirable. Requirements - I need a project on Accident and License plate detection with alert system. It should be able to detect accidents in real time and send alerts with the detected license plate details of vehicles involved in accidents. Accidents that have to be detected include car collisions, flipped cars, cars that have caught fire and two wheeler accidents. For accident detection use - YOLO, SSD, Faster R CNN and compare performance of various models. For License Plate use - Open ALPR/Easy OCR For Alert System use - DEEP SORT / FCM I need everything to be integrated. (Developing an integrated U...

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    I am seeking one page analysis of some two three Electric vehicle startup in India covering topics like Products offered, Business Model, Funding, Distribution Strategy, Future Plans, Founder background, manufacturing and technology capabilities

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    ...designing a blueprint for a truck parking lot. This projection is specifically tailored for long-term parking needs and should accommodate between 50 and 100 large 18-wheeler trucks. Key Tasks: - Creating a comprehensive design blueprint for a truck parking lot - Ensure parking spots and drive routes accommodate large 18-wheeler trucks - Optimize for maximum capacity without compromising on ease of access Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in designing parking lot blueprints - Understanding of regulations regarding long-term truck parking facilities - Familiarity with the specifications and dimensions of large 18-wheeler trucks - Able to create designs that are practical and functional, while maximizing the available space - Providing a clear, detailed, an...

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    ...Our current platform, developed in Python with Django, features a chatbot that responds to user queries based on a preloaded database of 10,000 questions and answers. Our system has the ability to provide audio responses when a user types more than 40% of the words from a question, creating an interactive and engaging user experience with the bot, who answers using text to speeach using amazon Polly. What we have in Version 1.0: A functioning platform built with Python/Django. A chatbot that responds to queries based on keyword matches, with audio responses. A preloaded database of 10.000 questions and answers. What we are looking for in Version 2.0: Integration of advanced NLP capabilities to enhance the chatbot's understanding and response generation, allowing for more...

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    I am on the lookout for a talented web who can help us transform an existing project into a web-based service. The project in question, originally designed to run on a Raspberry Pi, leverages OpenAI's ChatGPT for intelligent conversational responses, along with voice-to-text and text-to-speech technologies for a complete voice-interactive experience. This setup includes integration with Picovoice for speech-to-text, and Amazon Polly for realistic text-to-speech output, all orchestrated through a user-friendly interface. The code for this project is already available on GitHub, having been implemented with a focus on hardware interactions. Our goal now is to adapt and extend this code to function seamlessly on the web, removing the need for any physical hardw...

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    ...a sort of a philosophical point, can what we know of as "magnetic fields" just emerge as the mathematical consequences of time-delayed electric fields and large numbers of electrons? This would mean magnetic force is not really a separate thing from electric force. Some scientists such as Parrott, Schwarzschild, Tetrode, Fokker, Hoyle, and Narlikar, Wilhelm Weber, André-Marie Ampère, John Wheeler, and Richard Feynman have said similar things. I believe that Maxwell's equations and Einstein's relativity are a way to explain how large numbers of electrons interact, but that on an individual electron level they are doing something simpler like delayed electric fields. Individual electrons would not be able to solve Maxwell's or Einstein&...

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    I am seeking a talented interior designer who specializes in minimalist design with a track record of creating engaging product showcase areas. The project is for our showroom that will be exclusively displaying our line of 2-wheeler EV Scooters. Your main responsibility will be to design a layout that utilizes space effectively while maintaining an uncluttered, minimalist theme. The showroom's design should emphasize our products and make it easy for the customers to interact with them. Key skills and experience: - Expertise in interior design, particularly minimalist style - Experience in product showcase or display design - Preferably with knowledge in electronic vehicle industry - A solid understanding of space management - Strong attention to detail and an aesthetic...

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    Trophy icon Refreshed Logo: Blue, Minimalist Bitti left

    Please open images and copy but: Change "Johnston Wheeler" to "Johnston Law" Change initials from "JW" to "JL" Logo should otherwise be exactly the same as the files attached. Exact same blue must be used. I own the rights to the current logo. Will need: 1) blue with transparent background 2) white with transparent background 3) blue banner with white logo (for Linkedin banner)

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    I am in need of a professional RTO Agent, well-acquainted with the Haldwani RTO in Uttarakhand, to assist me in obtaining a Sale NOC for my four-wheeler, which is already registered in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. My requirement is for the agent to manage the entire process, from the initial paperwork to the final acquisition of the NOC, aimed at facilitating the sale of my vehicle in another state. My priorities are efficiency, reliability, and thorough knowledge of the local RTO procedures. Neither vehicle not vehicle owner will be present in Haldwani. Agent has to manage it. Only signed papers will be provided. Moreover, the process can not be done online, so one has to visit Haldwani RTO office and get the things done. So send proposal accordingly. **Ideal Skills and Experience:*...

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    I would like someone to make a tool/script to turn PDFs with text and images into mp4 videos with narration, background music and a fade in and fade out on each page. Budget is £80-115 Only apply if you have read this I will not be paying more than what is stated above. More details: Which platforms would you like the tool/script to be compatible with? Windows What is the primary language for the narration? English Do you have a preferred voice type for the narration? Female

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    ...of the PDF pages. Please note, I am specifically interested in generating a female voice for the narration. Experience with Amazon Polly or similar text-to-speech services is desired. - Musical Background: Incorporating a calming background music to the MP4 file. If you have a background in audio engineering or experience in adding soundtracks to multimedia files, this will be highly beneficial. - PDF Compatibility: The script should be able to work with PDF files that contain both text and images. Experience in working with various types of PDF files is a must for this task. I'm looking for someone who is highly skilled in Python, has knowledge of Amazon Polly, and experience in merging audio and visual elements. If you're someone who pays great attention to ...

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    I'm in need of a expert SEO specialist to optimize my Google My Business listing for my dealership of electric 3-wheelers. Your main tasks will involve: - Keyword research and optimization. This ensures that the l...electric 3-wheelers. Your main tasks will involve: - Keyword research and optimization. This ensures that the listing is easily discoverable by individual customers, who are our primary target audience. Ideal candidates should have considerable experience in SEO, specifically relating to Google My Business listings, and a sound understanding of how to target individual consumers in the electric 3-wheeler market. Exceptional skill in keyword research and optimization is a must. If your service is satisfactory, we would love to continue our collaboration for anothe...

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    ...appropriate and cheerful colors and graphics that are relatable to children. - Clean and simplistic esthetics! Dimensions: Flyer should fit on standard 8.5 x 11" paper to be cut into 4s (see attached) Front: - CSPD logo - Include: Preventative, Restorative, Sedation, Emergency - Address: 1760 Wheeler Peak Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89106 Back: - Address: 1760 Wheeler Peak Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89106 - Upper half: QR code - Lower half: Map • Only include highlighted streets (MLK Blvd., Vegas Dr., Wheeler Peak Dr.) • Include logos (CSPD logo, USPS logo, COX logo, UMC logo) Ideal candidate: • Experience in designing eye-catching and informative flyers for medical practices, preferably dental services. • Exceptional visual design skills and a k...

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    ...correction tool, such as Grammarly. Implement an automated translation feature for English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Audio Content Generation: Integrate with Amazon Polly to convert texts into audio. Ensure the creation of audio versions in both female and male voices in the three languages. Image and Infographic Production: Develop or integrate a tool for automatically creating images and infographics related to the content based on the highlighted bullets. (Midjourney, , Dall-e) Qualifications: Experience with NLP and text summarization algorithms. Skill in working with third-party APIs, such as Grammarly and Amazon Polly. Knowledge of automated translation tools. Ability to create or integrate software for generating images and infographics. Prior experience in sof...

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    ...successfully receive calls and deliver accurate responses to the caller's inquiries. Key Responsibilities/Skills: - Develop a web-based application that is not only functional but also simplistic and user-friendly. - Implement Amazon Polly and chatGPT into the application to ensure smooth and efficient voice interaction. - Integrate twilio for call reception and control. - Devise a caller identification system that collects names and location data. Ideal Candidates Should have: - Solid expertise in web development. - Experience in Amazon Polly, chatgpt, and twilio. - Data collection and management skills. - A knack for interface design and user experience. This project is a pursuit of simplicity and functionality. Thus, the candidate should e...

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    I'm seeking an experienced graphic experienced graphic designer to create a unique and visually striking logo for my import and export company. Ideal skills include proficiency in graphic design programs, experience in logo design, and an understanding of contemporary design trends. - Color Scheme: I am particularly interested in the primary color of the logo being red or Black - Imagery: The logo should incorporate an 18 Wheeler symbol which reflects the nature of my company's business. - Font Style: The text must have a bold, script and sans-serif font to highlight our company name and ensure its visibility. The end product should be professional, visually compelling, and reflective of our brand's industry and values. Your creativity is welcomed in dev...

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    I need a relatively experienced 3d animator that could make me some animations for this 3d model that I have of a Repticect (a quadruped monster) that just has one animation and I need more and I don't know how to animate animals so i need in relation to the animations: a ground idle animation, a walk animation, a run animation, two attack animations (sting-tail and mouth) , a jump animation, a idle fly animation and and flight movement animation, and if possible a flight barrel roll animation! I will pay between 40€ - 65€! Needs to be in blender because the source file is a .blend file! The model is already rigged and textured, I just need someone to anim keyframe it, please! Need it in 1-1/2 weeks!

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    Hi, Key requirements: 1) every 2 days we want one one-minute video. 2) script, face mocaps and body retargeting expressions will be given by me. 3) We will use faceit for automated face expression mapping and rokoko video for body movements. I've done this process it hardly takes 3-5 minutes and i can teach you how it can be done 4) Also you do not need to create anything from scratch and sometimes you may have to manually rig a character 5) Example scenes are attached down below, 8-10 scenes like these will make up a one-minute video. 6) This is a long-term project. payment will be done every 2 days or weekly

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    Hi, Key requirements: 1) every 2 days we want one one-minute video. 2) script, face mocaps and body retargeting expressions will be given by me. 3) We will use faceit for automated face expression mapping and rokoko video for body movements. I've done this process it hardly takes 3-5 minutes and i can teach you how it can be done 4) Also you do not need to create anything from scratch and sometimes you may have to manually rig a character 5) Example scenes are attached down below, 8-10 scenes like these will make up a one-minute video . 6) This is a long-term project. payment will be done every 2 days

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    Hi, we need [Blender] Custom funny Low Polly shorts required for youtube , Fixed budget $1 per 1 scene . Long term project Daily, I need 4-5 scenes example scenes attached We will use faceit for automated face expression mapping and rokoko video for body movements. I've done this process it hardly takes 3-5 minutes . Also you do not need to create anything from scratch and do not even have to manually rig a characfter

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    Hi, Actually you'll have to deliver 4-5 scenes daily without fail ,so I'll complie it as a YouTube short. This is a NDA and long-term project. A scene will be just 2-5 sconds long. Also you do not have to skulpt anything from scratch, you will be using assets from sketchfab under CC attribution liscences. We will heavily rely on face and body expressions , for that I have automated mocap solutions ready. I'll tell you how you can use it and generate the scenes fast. We need a blender expert who can deliver it

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    [Blender] Custom funny Low Polly shorts required for youtube , Fixed budget $1 per 1 scene . Each scene will be max 2-5 seconds logs . This is a NDA and long-term project. Also you will have to deliver the 1 minute content every 2 days. I'll also tell you the easy why by which you will be able to deliver the scenes fast.

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    [Blender] Custom funny Low Polly shorts required for YouTube, Fixed budget of $10/minute This is a NDA and long-term project. Also you will have to deliver the 1 minute content every 2 days. I'll also tell you the easy why by which you will be able to deliver the scenes fast.

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    [Blender] Custom funny Low Polly shorts required for YouTube, Fixed budget of $10/minute This is a NDA and long-term project. Also you will have to deliver the 1 minute content every 2 days. I'll also tell you the easy why by which you will be able to deliver the scenes fast.

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    I'm in the market for a creative designer who can create 13 unique and engaging icon designs. These icons, representing objects in motion, range from a kayak and 4 wheeler to a skateboard and moped. Here are some details to consider: - Icon Size: The preferred size for these icons is large (128x128 pixels). - Design Style: I'm interested in a flat design style for these icons. The objects should have outlined, with no shadows or unnecessary details. - Preferred colors: The color scheme that I'm looking for revolves around soft pastel shades. - File Format: The final file delivery should be in Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) format. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - A strong portfolio of past design work - Experience in creating flat icon...

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    ...import whisper import boto3 # Initialize Flask app app = Flask(__name__) # Initialize Firebase Admin SDK cred = ('path/to/') firebase_admin.initialize_app(cred, { 'storageBucket': 'your-firebase-storage-bucket' }) # Initialize Whisper model for speech-to-text whisper_model = whisper.load_model("base") # Initialize Amazon Polly client for text-to-speech polly_client = ('polly') @('/transcribe', methods=['POST']) def transcribe_audio(): # Receive audio file from request audio_file = ['audio'] # Save audio file to Firebase Storage bucket = () blob = () blob.upload_from_string((), content_type='audio/mpeg') # Transcribe audio

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    ...voice, speech, and language disorders Speech to Text Recognition in TextArea also , build a Text to Speech Build Speech to Text App in Javascript or PHP Arabic Language or Kurdish Language Idea : Convert Text to Speech Convert Speech to Text Example : Skills and experience needed for this project: - Strong proficiency in Java programming language - Prior experience in developing speech recognition systems - Familiarity with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms - Ability to optimize

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    Hi Adel E., you did a great RANCH logo for us... We have a new twist. Like to use the same bais design and the Look and feel and instead of say the Rolling Ranch on the outer arch of the would read : "The Rolly Polly"...note the center O would remain

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    I am looking for a skilled designer to create a vehicle branding design our three-wheeler. I do not have any specific branding elements or logos that need to be included, so I am open to suggestions. I am looking for a modern design style that will make my vehicle stand out. The ideal candidate should have experience in vehicle branding and a strong understanding of modern design aesthetics. Please find attached some photographs of the vehicle. Also find attached vehicle specifications and other photos for your reference. This is an urgent assignment so those who are willing to complete this in two to three days only should quote for this. Please check the complete scope of work in the document attached

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    I am seeking an innovative designer who can help me create a blueprint for a large, three-wheeler food cart. It should have a capacity to comfortably accommodate at least 5 people. This cart will be primarily used for serving snacks and beverages. Given the nature of products being served, the cart design should incorporate: - A refrigeration system: This is essential for keeping beverages chilled, ensuring they are served fresh at all times. - A waste disposal system: To maintain cleanliness and hygiene, an effective waste disposal mechanism needs to be in place. Ideal candidates for this project would have significant experience in design work related to food trucks or food carts. Awareness of industry safety and hygiene standards would be an added benefit. Mastery in catia or ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can provide me with a BOM (Bill of Materials) file for a motor controller for an electrical vehicle that is used in two-wheelers. Requirements: - The freelancer should have experience in designing motor controllers for electrical vehicles. - The controller should be suitable for use in two-wheelers. - The freelancer should be able to suggest the appropriate specifications and performance requirements for the controller. Skills and experience: - Experience in designing motor controllers for electrical vehicles. - Knowledge of the specific requirements and specifications for motor controllers used in two-wheelers. - Ability to suggest the appropriate specifications and performance requirements for the controller.

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    Trophy icon IT product logo design Bitti left

    Project Description: IT Product Logo Design I am looking for a talented graphic designer who can create a modern and minimalistic logo for my IT product, ZiFixo. The ideal candidate will have experience in logo design and be able to create a visually appealing and professional logo that represents the essence of my product. This is product who provides IT services to automobile industry like 2 & 4 wheeler services. Use only Yellow, Red and Purple colors Requirements: - Experience in logo design - Ability to create modern and minimalistic designs - Proficiency in using design software such as Adobe Illustrator - Strong understanding of color theory and the ability to create a visually appealing color palette Skills and Experience: - Graphic design - Logo design - Adobe Ill...

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    I am looking for a logo designer to create a logo for my new two-wheeler multi-branded showroom. The logo will be used for my business, which is a new enterprise in the retail industry. I am open to suggestions for colors and design elements for the logo. Skills and Experience: - Experience in logo design - Ability to create visually appealing and professional logos - Creative and able to provide unique design concepts - Familiarity with the retail industry and two-wheeler products is a plus

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    I am looking for someone to make some cartoon artwork for shirts. I'm after something cute and whimsical, that matches Then I want some sort of cartoon female rabbit with brown hair, and a race suit and high heel boots on. I’m wanting her to have obvious breasts and be very feminine. If she can be standing by a 4 wheeler that would be great. I also want all my social media information on the print as well. These will be put onto iron on paper and heat pressed onto t shirts. So the size I would need it to be is about the size of a stand letter paper. If this is something that you think you can do please let me know. I’m attaching pictures so you can see kind of what I’m wanting and what my 4 wheeler looks like and what I look like. Tha...

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