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    ... Answers are stored as 1 for YES and 0 for NO. When form is completed, results are displayed using CSS for review. There is an input box to enter email address, if required, to email results as .csv file to email address. There is a button to print the results, this prints to printer on wifi network. There is a button to save results. All answers are

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    ...buttons to have css hover effects User logs in or registers and it will take them to their dashboard page and it will have an order system that updates as the user presses the buttons. It goes to the next choice it has a back button to go back and a proceed button to go forward. Here is the info for the buttons <Heading>Place a Print Order *First

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    ...with correct margins, texture, letter spacing etc etc. -No code/template is illegally or unethical from another theme/design etc -Responsive design -Dont use inline css(for SEO purposes) -Make custom 404 page(we will provide text) -Norwegian language in wordpress admin -SEO friendly urls -SEO clean code -Must insert H1, H2 and

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    ...(similar to GreaseMonkey) to edit the HTML on the fly to make the page appear just like the PDF brochure, but in HTML. I've done the easy bits already (hiding various divs and CSS styles that I don't want to see). The remaining things are: 1) Moving the description text and subheading below the main photo (where the thumbnails currently sit) 2) Moving

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    ...administer the database, add/remove field, generate multiple customized template to be used by users, colour, administer the limit for data input. 2. web responsive; HTML5, CSS. 3. Review of the application will through test environment provided by user. 4. Have interactive dashboard (Chart etc) for vizualization to display total numbers of

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    ...inspection society in Israel. This is their website. It will be a tablet app built in JavaScript and HTML5. If you can build a proper CSS file that would be the best. We have put an example CSS file in the folder with the before print screens. The 3 first screens we want to start with can be found in this dropbox folder [login to view URL]

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    ...flexgrid as an example of how the table should kind of look like) Need it to appear as a print preview with options which affect the position of the objects so they appear in contrast with a page for export and print. I am interested to hear if you can do either a CSS HTM or PDF as we will be emailing a copy to customers as well as printing them. Two

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    AMAZING CSS DEVELOPER NEEDED ============================================================= I need some CSS written that will print my angularjs web page in different paper and sizes. ***See [login to view URL] for the layout of the elements on the page*** User must be able to select to print on different sized paper and have different CSS applied

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    Brisco is building many niche online retail apparel websites. We are looking to work with a developer long term to help us integrate custom print features in our websites. Please visit one of our websites: [login to view URL] that sells static product and then look at another site, which specializes in customizing designs, [login to view URL]

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    ...this site has included in it. Need the ability to have different size projects like vistaprint does. Needs to have the look and feel that this vista-print does but should be configurable through CSS to change. The only featuer not needing to be implemented currently is the Proof & Help buttons. I have attached a screen shot to show the section of

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    ...and mobile apps but an understanding of designing for both digital and print will be required. The apllicant/s will need to have a working knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe XD. Knowledge of front-end languages like HTML and CSS are desirable but not required. A designer should be able to identify

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    Create a web application which... when the user enters the number , the program should print : Dollars fifty nine and seventy two [login to view URL] a page which looks like a Bank check leaf, the user enters the digit in a box on the right and the text should display. Your check leaf should be attractive. You will be using, html, CSS, images and javascript.

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    ...this is oscar specific for fax controls etc and it works. It is just that date that I am struggling with <html> <head> <title>Appointment time</title> <style type="text/css" media="print"> .DoNotPrint { display: none; } .noborder { border : 0px; background: transparent; scrollbar-3dlight-color: transparent; scrollbar-...

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    ...editor as well. In my experimentation of this, I could not get color to print or Font Awesome Icons to show up in the PDF versions. I'd like to make this easy to update as well just in case I get tired of the template. So I suppose FontAwesome code needs to be added to PDF generator CSS. I have selected this email template: [login to view URL]

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    1. make text level through css or inline formating 2. add properties list at the bottom of owner page. 3. on properties list make make owner hyperlink to edit owner. 4. Receipt pdf Open in Separate Tab by itself. 5. when receipt open ask user to print, Ok or Cancel. bonus lang fix german and chinese traditional.

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    I want a online web portal for a Car renting company in which following features should be present 1. Latest HTML5 and CSS# should be used and should be compatible with latest browsers. 2. We can add car remove car, add customer remove custore 3. Can manage the which car is on rent and which one is available 4. Can send list of available cars to

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    200 teklifler email.. I uploaded how i want the option selection / this is just an idea. The look and feel must be same as i have at this moment. Keeping CSS. Also the mobile version. The email must have print called Service:.... Please check the screenshots. Is a very easy job. Do it local and upload to your server to test please. I ll award the first

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    I need someone to fix few css issues in my php website urgently. The work is related to fix some alignment issue when I am trying to print a page. there are 3-4 align issue so I am expecting those can be done within next hour and I have a budget of 600INR for that fix. But if your work win my heart then I will hire for daily based work. Thanks

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    ...can upload content etc once the design is in place. Would like it delivered in 4 weeks max. ADDITIONALLY, we would like to produce an A4 half fold brochure and would like a print ready version (we would arrange printing ourselves) Same look. We would provide content Our website has a single page architecture. The page construction and modifications

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    ...experience designing for print and your interest and skill as an illustrator or hand-letterer is apparent in your work. You have a fresh aesthetic sensibility that effortlessly fits in with (and adds to) our unique brand. You understand the college student market and what appeals to them visually. You know HTML and CSS. Required: Show us examples

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    ...foundations. I would like the new code to be annotated nicely so new modules can be added to it in a similar style. I have used JSPDF for the PDF print function. This is inappropriate. JSPDF does not print Mathjax very well nicely at all. I would like a printing solution that prints math output nicely. I would also like to use my differentiated questions

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    ...easy customize and alter GUI from central repository) Like a CSS to a webpage - admin part of the application that is responsible for sync and purge. USECASE Of Application: - In idle mode Fullscreen an instruction or commercial video is shown - on pressing Print command, the print of the pre-defined w40sch is done Please look at the

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    REQUIREMENTS 1. As soon as an order is placed, a print out MUST be triggered ASAP to the chefs printer. 2. To be built in pre-existing website. (custom built, responsive, html, css, php, java) 3. Add to Cart feature. Easily add items from website's menu. 4. Admin section (Order Information, Tracks Orders, Delivery Information, Line Graphs)

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    58 teklifler, it will download the exact pdf I attach. Also user can print the PDF. The concept is, the admin only have to upload excel file only. Because this chart will be updated weekly. And to edit the chart in Illustrator every week is time consuming. And can you make it so I only have to use css class on only the table I want it look like the pdf I attach

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    ...Data-4b.pdf-file. The pages don't need to be styled in a special way, simply use some responsive css framework like Bootstrap or Foundation with buttons and input fields. If you check the attached [login to view URL] you get an idea. In the print view cases information needs to be rendered in PDF. If it says "RT" it means those views should

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    37 teklifler this, it will be for uploading files for print or backgrounds and images to use in print. [login to view URL] Knowledge & Skills Recommended: Mobile Device File Upload, Image Magik, [login to view URL], Mobile Application Development,, SQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Telerik Kendo Hybrid UI

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    ...server, above forms, file transfers, etc. should work over HTTPS. 7. Export to Excel - Export list or detailed form (point 2) by clicking on button 8. Print Page - using browser print feature, print the list or detailed form (point 2) 9. Import file - tab delimited or csv file, import data and show in the list form (point 2) 10. Bind dropdown- Data

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    looking for a designer to build HTML/CSS for a print business website.

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    ...with correct margins, texture, letter spacing etc etc. -No code/template is illegally or unethical from another theme/design etc -Responsive design -Dont use inline css(for SEO purposes) -Make custom 404 page(we will provide text) -Norwegian language in wordpress admin -SEO friendly urls -SEO clean code -Must insert H1, H2 and

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    ...both desktop and mobile. 2. HTML is not W3C validated. Also need W3C CSS Validation 3. Remove inline CSS as needed 4. Add mobile sitemap 5. Set preferred domain 6. Canonicalize IP address 7. Add Declared Language and Language Attribute to site 8. Set up print-friendly CSS. 9. Obfuscate Email Address 10. Fix ALL canonical rel issues that are

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    14 teklifler -- Inputting and formatting blog posts, including photos, SEO, feature images, etc. -- Manage incoming collaborative posts, sponsor requests - Creating artwork for print / business cards / banners / magazines - Recommending Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat strategies Experience and Skills -- 6 months VA or marketing experience -- Basic HTML

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    ...the data they want to share with other users (name, surname, phone nr., skype, email, address, linked in, facebook page, profession and pic). Insert data in db with form and print it very clean and simple. More or less a simple form where I can add or take away fields. *The data generates a QR CODE. If I remember well it's quite simple through other websites

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    webseite: [login to view URL] Task 1: Navigation Bug CSS The navigation on my tablet is collapsed, but the navigation should be full width. Look at my other website: [login to view URL] there it looks good. The navigation is the same HTML but it is not collapsed on my tablet. Or look at the original code: [login to view URL]

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    ...popup with event details. The top right has a close button, print and email buttons that overlap. Move the print and email buttons to the left site of the box. 4. On the same event popup there is a section for comments. Disable these comments. Disable in the component, don't just hide them with CSS. 5. On calendar page: [login to view URL]

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    ...example) would give the questions asked and the answer chosen as a list for that user. 2) Allow the admin to under settings select which bootstrap template with corresponding css should be used (both for the admin of that DA-flow, as well as what it will be looking like for for the end-user. In this way, and with an added ssl-certificate to the DigitalOcean-run

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    ...the end create a button "onSubmit" name it 'See your Results'. This button will print a list (table-wise) indicating question number and correct or not correct. The final score should be shown at the end in red color. (example: Your Score is: 15 out of 20) Code your CSS and test it in the browser to find out what it looks as the first step before

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    ...need it to be rebuilt from Scratch you can check on RPMware for the backend how it looks like mainly the job will include all the following : Only For Javascript , HTML , CSS Professionals • Customize all website colors including the background image. • Customize all fonts, font sizes, font-weights and font effects. • Customize the general layout

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    ...designer with below skills. - 2-5 years of professional experience in design for web, print and interactive. - Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. - Strong typographic skills. - Solid understanding of HTML and CSS, including cross-browser compatibility. - Comfortable working within a PHP environment

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    Trophy icon Design of a Menu Bitti left

    We need a webdesign for a menu, realized in HTML, CSS and Javascript/jQuery (if necessary). The menu structure is: 5 Main-Menu items without submenu: "Buchung" "Check-I/O" "Rechnung" "Kunden" "Preise" 5 Main-Menu-Items with submenus: "Einstellungen" - Submenu: "Schnellstart", "Allgemein", "E...

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    ...movement of the load is desired ) 4. Print button should be able to print a neat form with values entered and the truck with load position 5. use of bootstrap 4 for UI design is desirable but not compulsory. The winning entry will 1. be able to demonstrate a working prototype 2. hand over all the artefacts (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/images/icons) 3. Use

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    Hello, I want to offer custom map print...[login to view URL] and [login to view URL] Requirements: - working with mapbox - css style for maps - integration with woocommerce - search field for location - selector options for: sizing/product (configurable) style change of the map and landscape/portait orientation - export to workable print (vector) svg or pdf

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    ...printing it. It ends up being printed on 38 pages instead of stopping when there is no more content to print. So first, I need you to find out what's causing this and then come up with a solution. One idea I guess is to make a separate css file for print? You will not be able to get access to the source through FTP or Wordpress admin because of privacy/security

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    -W3C Valid HTML 5 + CSS 3 - Sass - Allows the users to resize fonts all over the page without breaking the layout. - A separate print CSS stylesheet is created to ensure the correct display of the specified elements in the print view of the page. - Commented CSS - Implements the coding that uses SEO-valued tags to underline the most important parts

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    ...are based on homepage layout. - W3C Valid HTML 5 + CSS 3 - Sass - Allows the users to resize fonts all over the page without breaking the layout. - A separate print CSS stylesheet is created to ensure the correct display of the specified elements in the print view of the page. - Commented CSS - Implements the coding that uses SEO-valued tags to

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    We need two design html css pages with pdf print button we have an image we want to convert to

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    Clinic Application No login requre for single...system on localhost. Modules 1. Add Patients 2. Edit Patients 3. Print Patients Details 4. Search patients with name, Patient ID or Date Technology for Application: IDE : Dream Weaver Language : PHP Database: MySql (Wamp Server) Design : HTML & CSS Validation: Java Script

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    I have a web app that I need someone to write print css for so that when someone presses print it will print with just the main content on the page and not the header, footer, or page navigation. It will also have to print the whole table for on page paginated table data.

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    I need some changes to an existing website CSS and correct the layouts and one Video play and add print page JavaScript Website: [login to view URL]

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