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    I have an ASP.NET website. It produces one long page of data ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]), the data is read from SQL using a series of stored procedures. I want a button or link labelled "click here to download this form in a printable copy" When clicked, the user would be prompted to save a file to the client PC, this file should be PDF ...

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    We would like a flash version of [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We will take suggestions on storing the harmonics files (mysql vs. static files). App. functionality: The user specifies location and data range (through drop-downs or location search). Radio buttons specify modes (graph vs. clock). There should be a "display"/"refresh&quo...

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    I want quite fast personalized books for kids software. the program must allow: -variables throughout the book - kid name, town, teacher , friends etc. -books have 18 pages printable in 2 steps: -page 3-23; 4-24; 7-27;8-28; 11-31; 12-32; 15-35; 16-36; 19;20 -Program must work on any printer. I have a sample programed in delphi. I want fast and very professional work. ## Deliv...

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    I need personalized books software. I have a sample. It is programmed in Delphi. Program must print personalized books. The books have 18 pages printable 3-23;4-24;5-28 etc. The book must be printed in two steps: face-verso Ii must allow variables throughout the book: -name,town,friends,teacher, etc. For more details please cotact me. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and ...

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    I have written an application with VB 6.0 and MSAccess 2002. One of the modules is for Graphical Trend Analysis. I intend to use MSChart to do this. Therefore I need an expert in MS Chart to write code to provide this graphical information. Total: 8-10 Charts. Charts must be printable. These charts must look very professional. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully...

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    **Create an ASP script to make PDF files dynamically.** The ASP script needs to create PDF files based on database-generated HTML and CSS. For example, an existing customer invoice on a web-based invoicing system I've designed currently shows the printable invoice on-screen. What I need to do is take it a step further and provide a link that lets the user click on to have the web server send ...

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    PHP/Perl Script started from CRONTAB under Linux. We need the following Export Module running in PHP or Perl under Linux. We will setup the Crontab, we need you to create a table in mysql and PHP/Perl Script. Flow of Script in basic English: Select * from mysql database/table with the following fields and multiple records: emailaddress;SQLquery;FileType;Layout Take first recor...

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    I need an OSCommerce website with some customizations preformed. The customizations I need are newsletter, printable invoice for customers, the ability to assign customers multiple discount based on product catagories. I would also need integration of the site to paypal payment services. Installation would be necessary also. Thanks.

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    i require oscommerce shopping cart installed onto my server. I also require the following modules added - Australian shipping zones and country module auto thumbnailer module add customer details module add printable catalog module Add Items, Cost & Weight details to status bar module It will be your job to install these modules and remove any bugs if there are errors. A...

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    We need to have built back-end functionality for our local Chamber of Commerce. Our architecture for this project is Linux based utilizing the popular open-source tools PHP, MySQL, OSCommerce, PHPlib and Smarty. ## Deliverables We need to develop the following sections for this project: 1) Business Directory ??" allows visitors to the site to search through the Chamber member database ...

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    We would like a flash version of [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We will take suggestions on storing the harmonics files (mysql vs. static files). App. functionality: The user specifies location and data range (through drop-downs or location search). Radio buttons specify modes (graph vs. clock). There should be a "display"/"refresh&qu...

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    The project details are as follows: • Need a web site that allows for multiple, different logins (each area secure) for contractors to come and post their invoicing information for the main company they are contracting for (i.e. me). They will be tracking their hours by job number, available from the website. • There are several static fields specific to each contractor (i.e. hourly ...

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    Logo Bitti left

    I need a logo designed for a site. **The site name will be provided upon request**. Please **include proposed designs with your bid.** ** I will require vector and bitmap versions.** Images should be of **at least 3 sizes**: Web sized small logo Web sized large logo (around 800x600) Print ready logo (printable at poster size at high resolution) MUST be production quality. ## ...

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    The website will consists of 4 main parts i.)Online Recharge ii.)Airtime Reseller package iii.)Online Quiz Game iv.)Mobile Internet Information Update Project descriptionThis is just a concise description of the project more details will follow when the job is given out i.)Online Recharge, voucher mobile airtime will be stored on the website in the form of pin codes with secure authentication when...

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    I am looking for a small windows program that will run in XP and will run on it's own (i.e. no need to install any commerical DB, etc). This program will track donations given to a non profit company and would have a few fields for input and storage in a file/db and another page for stats. Ie: 1. ITEM CATEGORY PULLDOWN (MUST BE EDITABLE/ADDABLE) 2. QUANTITY 3. DATE FIELD [URL...

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    I have a spreadsheet that I want to be converted into a webpage. This program will do basic math functions. I also need it to be able to have the currency symbol ($) beside the numbers, as in a regular spreadsheet. This program must have the look and feel of a spreadsheet and run from a webpage without any special plugins, and be in a printable format. I will own the exlcusive rights to the pro...

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    1. Introduction Looking for a creative and technical content writing, graphic design and document layout project? We need a trusted and skilful resource to write new material and re-write existing material for a Paper Airplane book. This book is to help people across a broad range of skills and familiarity with paper airplanes. The book audience ranges from those with little previous experience an...

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    ColdFusion Pricing Application with supporting Access Database. Use the attached spreadsheet as design guide for this project. * **ABC Calculator **This should result into 2 printable 8.5 by 11 report - ABC Calculator Report - from cells B2:G39. - Pricing Proposal - from cells B2:G22 The user will be able to pick a school from dropdown list (see cellY65 and support mdb ...

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    RSVP system Bitti left

    Want to create a calendar script with Invitation and RSVP capabilities. Script will be integrated into a Mambo CMS site. Here are the required features: 1) Users all will be able to add events and send invitations 2) User Names are in existing MySQL table (no need to include user system) 3) Email Invitations will include all site members, in MySQL table already 4) Simple calendar navigation in...

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    €18 - €90
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    We are currently using Mamboserver (< [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]>) to provide content to our users. We want to also provide a "resume builder" as a secured module to these users. Please view Deliverables for more detailed information. ## Deliverables The key field that should connect Mambo's user information to the resume builder ...

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    OK, I have a shopping cart that works under PHP nuke as a module. The shopping cart is licensed under the GPL, so were allowed to customize it. The people who created it used it to seel guitars and regular items. I want it modified for my uses. As it is currently setup, when ou add a new product, there are options that can be filled out for the drop down boxes. The thing is that these options are ...

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    Need a programmer who can work on this NOW. I have a php form which will be filled out by a user. When user has done this, I want to have a link which when they click, all the info that has been filled out in the form is collected and displayed in a simple "text' format that they can then click on a "print" button to print. You must be available immediately, and for the next ...

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    I want expert opinion for designing an Open Source, web-based data entry and analysis system for public health professionals who are not programmers. Users will create a questionnaire or input form in HTML (e.g., with Word). The software will scan the HTML, detect input fields (underlines and other structures similar to paper forms), store the information, and allow the user to add skip patterns, ...

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    We have an on-line client database (SQL2000) and need to produce letters and printable documents. Such documents would include RealEstate Property Particulars(with photos), Standard letters and reports(with charts) also on-line. The system should enable us to easily create zero margin templates (this can be done manually if necessary). Merge data for the letters etc will come from a SQL2...

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    I would like to set up a form on my site where people can choose from several types of invitations and then input the details of the upcoming wedding, names and addresses of the invitees, and then be able to print the invitation and envelopes on their own printer. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work d...

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    1) Program that queries an LDAP server (Specifically Microsoft Active Directory) and generates a matrix listing users and groups with coordinated membership. 2) This report must be printable and exportable to an MS Excel readable format (preferrably an *.xls file, but CSV is acceptable) 3) A sample of the delivered report is available for clarity. [Click for image ][1]4) App should run wit...

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    **System for managing and planing customer contacts.** **Goal of system:** 1. Support managers in theirs common tasks and give them instant information about progress in negotiations and product introductioduction in their clients firm. 2. Provide relevant parts of informationu to various user groups with various acces level and give ability to edit database records instantly undependently fr...

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    The site would be a complete eCommerce site that users could learn and purchase about thin Tatami mats. For more information about tatami mats and Japanese tea rooms, please visit: [Japanses Mountain Retreat][1], or [Chopa][2] It would consist of the following important elements: * Simple, Elegant, and Consistent layout throughout the customer's experience, and capture the essence of the...

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    We are looking for a web-based order entry system that will be used by our customers. After order entry, the order needs to be imported into the "Create Sales Orders" module of Quickbooks Premier. The customer will select from a pre-determined list of items. The user experience is per the steps given below: 1. Login ??" Username: Email address ??" Password: Assigned by administ...

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    Program which generates a random password which meets the following criteria: Passwords must contain at least: * Eight to fourteen characters * Two numbers or symbols in the first eight characters * Five different characters (letters, numbers, symbols) Passwords must **not** contain: * The "at" sign, the "number" sign (`#`), the "ampersand" (`&`), o...

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    This is a project that has been started by another programmer, but I made the mistake of gving him some money in advance as a good will gesture, and now he has basically taken the money and run without finishing the project. Here's the original complete project description: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Meal Planner Ve...

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    **** This Is Not A Learning Project ** Please read Carefully! This Job was originally posted a very long time ago, However, the Coder we did hire did Not Deliver what they said they could do after they were awarded the job and we had to cancel the job and get our money back! We are very reasonable and will do everything possible to help understand our needs. ** Please do Not Apply for the j...

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    A hotel client of ours needs to have a browser-based checkbook accounting application created. Each department is given a virtual checking account. The monthly available balance of which is based on overall hotel performance (if the hotel sees 100% occupancy month-to-date, the departments have access to 100% of their budgeted balance). The users must have the ability to generate purchase...

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    **Shopping cart** Build a shopping cart for a network storage systems company. All purchases, customer information and order history should be maintained in the MySQL database architecture. The shopping cart should have the following features: 1. Product list (with buy button) generated from database products table. 2. The ability to continue shopping 3. Collect customer contact information ...

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    I need someone to do some research for me on the behavior of two properties in Microsoft Outlook using something like outlookspy (< [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]>). The objects about which the information must be gathered for, are Appointments and Tasks. The versions of Outlook must be 2000 and 2003. Additional information or confirmation of the behavior ...

    €27 - €90
    €27 - €90
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    Hi all, I need a logo for a hockey booster club. Attached in the .ZIP for this project is a rough drawing of what it should look like. **Please read below for instructions:** The logo needs to be in a circle. The logo may contain the following colors, Black, White, Red, Blue Around the outside of the circle we want it to say Topeka Hockey Booster Club. The actual 4 letters are in the **wrong ord...

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    I would like a Patient Appointment Reminder application to have the following features - * ***Auto Dial unique messages.******Professionally recorded custom messages*** ***Automatic switching between Daytime and Nighttime recordings*** ***16 bit digital sound quality*** ***Pulse and Touch-tone compatible*** ***Makes continued attempts to contact those who aren't available - Automat...

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    My event management group is organizing a dance party [trance] on the coming saturday. We would like to have a small flash invitation website [one single swf file , so that we can attach it to emails as well.] Specs : >> A catchy music loop. >> Cool pictures + animations on each page [must look classy] >> Around 7 pages [Party intro + venue + dj-music + tickets info + rsvp ...

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    Hello, I have a specific project that I require. This is a personal project that I am doing for a friend as a gift. I have a picture of him very low grade online (msn pic) and I need it to be manipulated so he looks better, he is wearing a hat (that has to be cut out as well) maybe in a suit, etc. The picture maybe used or from scratch but realistic. The picture that I have is only 51.4 KB (s...

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    Hi, we need a panel made in flash which takes values to be displayed from an external file. It should work so: the flash is integrated into a web page, which will have some parameters: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] the flash will start and then load from an external URL (I know it can be made easily) a lot of parameters/value to be displayed. ...

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    I would like someone to write a very basic (very basic) bathroom layout designer. ## Deliverables I would like someone to write a very basic (very basic) bathroom layout designer. It will need to do the following 1. Build the room based on dimensions entered eg 1000mm long by 1500mm wide. 2. You will need to be able to add an extra wall by just giving the dimmensions and...

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    Hi, An integration between get paid to click and vote picture script needed to develop a get paid to vote images. The site member will see pictures posted by other members and will have to rate them ( this function is present in the vote picture script already), after the site member finishes voting will have to click on a sponser banner that will open in a new page for 30 seconds before di...

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    We need a simple html invoice form that does calculates. Single page in html, so we can customize the look of the invoice, logo, etc. We just need you to produce the form script. Has to either run with FrontPage extensions, php or other common linux server app. In other words we don't want to have to load special server-side software to make it work. The form needs to calculate item totals...

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    My client manufactures a textile dye. The process is unique because it is colour-fast in cold water. Requirements are : 5 or 6 page web site Create a page banner Printable order form Some way to add products and prices to the order form without using a database function. Email Enquiry form Simple hit counter ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form ...

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    I need some articles relating to medical conditions and medications for those conditions that are related to Gulf War Syndrome. These articles must be your own writing and not copied and pasted. They will,eventually be compiled into a letter format, and if I am pleased with the results of the winning bidder, they will be invited to write the final letter. The articles can be however many words nee...

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    We are changing some aspects of our business which will require some updates to our site. We are looking to add an interactive area of our site where customers can book a party - and will be prompted to answer a series of questions - all of which will be collected for use in populating electronic invitations (to be sent to guests). Some of the items we'll need added: Pop up calenda...

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    LOOKING FOR A GOOD WEB SITE JOKE SCRIPT MUST HAVE : 1. MEMBER REGISTER 2. JOKES SUBMIT + RATE 3. PICTURES SUBMIT + RATE 4. JOKEMAIL Subscribe/unsubscribe to site daily/weekly/monthly joke newsletter 5. Send joke to his friends 6. Send postcards to his friends 7. Put on their site Content channel with "Joke of the day" and "Picture of the day" 8. Print preferred joke (in printa...

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    Here is how it works - 1. Creating a User: The first time the application is started, the user needs to create a username, password and enter their email address. This information is stored on their computer. Every time they start the application they need to log in to ensure the data stays private. 2. User's Black Book: The application lets the user enter in a new record for each person th...

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    I need to automate my (currently manually edited) listings. This is becomming an insurmountable task, and is taking up too much room on my server. The following is a (QUICK) explanation of what I need. Extract data from current web pages (I own), and insert data into a MySql database. Create dynamic pages to display data by City, Region, or county. Submission page for new ent...

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    template based database form input system, Standalone C# An application with Form editing capabilities (Template system) which records data using the forms into an MSDE database. This application is to be written in C# and use the MSDE database. Up to 25 client computers will be able to connect and modify data via the forms. Layout of forms will be modifable by user. The form layouts will be able...

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