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    I need a seach box that contains a dropdown menu and two radio buttons -- if one radio button is selected I need certain options in the dropdown -- if the other is selected I need different options in the dropdown-- all options can be placed in same dropdown and radio can select through anchors -- if possible. Point all choices to a blank page -- I'll modify and add web addresses. redio butto...

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    I need custom software encoded in ***mac or windows 2000*** that can present my products in a graphical format, present prices along with a short description, allow the customer to input text that will be imprinted on this product (dog tags) then allow my customers to put those products in a shopping cart and provide them with a printable receipt containing price total, and order number. This shou...

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    This will be an automotive loan lead-generation program to be written in php. We will need 2 levels of back-end Admin. One (super-admin for site owner), and Two (for Auto Dealers), each with password protection. Auto Dealer admin area will allow account set up (contact information, credit card information, and allow entry of a list of zipcodes). Programming will need to verify that zipcodes en...

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    POP3 to ODBC Bitti left

    I am looking for a small application that is a mail client that will run on windows and check for new messages at a defined frequency. When it receives an e-mail it will connect to a database using ODBC perform the query and then send the result back as either plain text or CSV via e-mail. It needs to support outgoing mail authentication as required by some mail servers. The e-mail example format ...

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    We are looking for a freelancer to build the following two database driven sites. One is for a record store which may require integration with Paypal or similar and the other is for a record label. We will be providing the site artwork / design. Below are brief details of the requirements: Record Store Site Plan - Homepage - About Us - How to Order - Online Catalogue - Search Pages including fre...

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    €180 - €270
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    **Need asp programmer** I design small websites.. I have a client who needs to send gift certificates via email when there is no time to mail them. The procedure would be as follows: 1. Customer calls and requests email gift certificate 2. The vendor takes his credit card over the phone 3. Vendor goes online and fills out a gift certificate (which looks similar to the printed version) and ...

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    Our client requires a number of Word templates to be produced in either Office 98/XP as standardardised letter templates for use in-house. The templates will need to be idiot proof, allowing only certain areas to be editable and the printable results will need to conform with their in-house style (already formatted). Ideally help balloons would be included on the templates to help users know wha...

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    €180 - €270
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    full site design for fast food company and cart with the following features: The shopping cart will allow the user to register for an account either as an personal or company account. The user will be able to login and see previous orders including date and total When the user logs in they will see either a personal screen or a office screen depending on the type of account they have The on...

    €180 - €270
    €180 - €270
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    I am looking for programmers with extensive knowledge in pdf conversion solutions. I need a desktop application (printer driver) that allows the conversion of any printable document to a pdf file. There should be no formatting errors and should include clickable hyperlinks in the final pdf. I prefer to work with programmers that have already worked on similar projects and/or have a similar applica...

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    Pascal programming exercise, (to complete stage 2 of a course I'm doing)that requires the production of a related flowchart, pascal coding which will allow for the programme to output a small chart:- In summary the problem: Programme to produce each week, wages paid to employee's within a workshop, currently working to shift and pay patterns. 1. Heading with company name, title of report...

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    Need a new company Log and Flash/Animated Build of Same. Company Name: Event Data Solutions Company Colors: Primary Colors (Red, Yellow, Blue) Symbol is the Triangle. Logo design itself is still open for submission the key elements requested by our staff have been: "A Look that looks familiar, but can not quite be placed." "Needs to look contemporary and stable" (company will b...

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    Need a Yellow Pages (Web Site Directory) Kind of like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]), with the following functionality. 1. Database Driven 2. Need to add and maintain "Categories" and "Sub Categories" via User Friendly Interface. 3. Need to Add and Maintain "Site Listin...

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    program written in C and contains the following: 1. Read in a message and an encryption key from the keyboard; 2. Show the given message; 3. Encrypt the given message using the encryption key and show the encoded message on the screen; 4. Decrypt the encoded message using the same encryption key back to the original and show the decrypted message. This program takes two things from the keyboard. T...

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    needed in: php, linux, mysql This project will be used for people that would like to purchase my software. Accept Payments trough: -paypal [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] -=Registration=- -collect all user information -if everything goes ok, and we recieve payment then generate the activation code to unlock the software(this part is already done with php) -=Affil...

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    We need a few more fixes and some coding for reports done on our site. Fixes: 1.) USPS API doesn't work - probably something minor, but who knows. (This is a pre-scripted shipping module that does not currently work.) 2.) The search (advanced and simple) pages display all photos at 100x200 instead of from the database stored sizes. 3.) We need some way to give volume discounts - i.e. someone ...

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    Using Flash MX or similar Software, i would like to design a number of simulation for an e-learning website. Basically the simulation involve nodes (Servers and workstations) communicating in a LAN via a switch. The Simulation must show how for instance a frame (with an ID)are sent from one node, get to the switch, and the switch looks up its MAC table to determine with port it has to switch the f...

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    CheckSoft Bitti left

    We require a cheque sampledesign program done in VB. The program should do the following: 1 Allow for the inserting of an institution logo or (4) below. 2 Entry of institution name and address next to logo. 3 Entry of data entry such as cheque number, bank routing number and bank account number (using micr fonts type for cheques). 4 In lieu of (1) above, any backgroundtexture provided should...

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    Time Tracking System Brief Description: This system is being built to provide a entry/reporting system that will allow for reporting of processes that go over and under specified time frames for individual cases. Requirements Technician ??" Person doing the actual work Needs to login and manage accounts ??" can have multiple accounts under one firm (Levels of security?) Needs the ability...

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    Need a windows based software program that will allow lab workers to input results of various tests performed on each sample. That information will later be exported into a printable text report. Additional computers on the network contain results that will need to be attached as files to the main sample page and also be printed on the text report. Examples include digital photos from the microsco...

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    This project has been done by an experienced programmer in php/mysql, and is currently in use. The owners of this web application absolutely love it! They do, however need a few changes (as noted in the deliverables section). Allow me to explain what this web application does: This application allows lifeguards to log into the web site and schedule in days they can work, as well as what pools they...

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    work schedule Bitti left

    A schedule that I can put everybody’s name on and that will calculate labor % and dollars spent for the day, week, and month. Along with other things included below. Also I am not sure how this work but I have already posted this once and received a lot of replies but I did not go into detail so I am resubmitting it. but how do I get a hold of you? ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-fu...

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    AD PLACER: · It will need to keep track of who runs which ad (including date) for the course of the membership and have the ability to export it so that it is emailable and/or printable. This data would also be shown in an ACCOUNT INFORMATION screen so the ad placer can see it online. · Allow the ad placer to set their own price for their ad placement · Allow ad placer to set ...

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    I'm doing preliminary research on generating flash movies dynamically from templates. I'm using PHP on Linux in the backend. Ideally, I'd like to find coders / designers who can show us how to (as a paid job, not advice here) use PHP to update certain parts of flash movies (essentially text and images in them, nothing too complex) and create a standalone swf file. Anyone who has exp...

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    ecards Bitti left

    I am looking for ecards to purchase or license. Our topics are to the following: (if you have some of them, we are still intersted. Thanks) Wishes and Thoughts Congratulations | Get Well | Good Luck | Inspirational | Sympathy | Thank You | You're Welcome | Condolences Keep In Touch Just Hi! | Keep in Touch | Call Me | Meet Me | Email Me | Romance Flowers | Love You! | Miss You! | Break Up | S...

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    Hello RAC's: I am in need of an Access 97 database to quickly and easily store all of my source code for various programming languages. (Cut & Paste and Add Comments etc.) For example: VB, VBA, ADO, HTML, SQL, T-SQL, PL-SQL etc., etc. Here's an example of what I need, but it must be Access 97 so I can take/read the database at any company even if they are on Office XP or still on Off...

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    I am looking to develop a stock charting website with an auto email function and and a database screener. all the data is already provided but i need to have some scripting that will manipulate this data on line i have described how this could be developed below but am open to coder input as well. if you have additional question please send and i will answer ## Deliverables 1) Complete and full...

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    Emulate wordcruncher 100% no less no more in VB or .NET I need a you to emulate/clone it 100% not 99% (1) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to index and [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to view in .NET (2) It will produce printable concordance Download wordcruncher inDOS program (run it in dos) [URL'yi görüntül...

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    Email viewer Bitti left

    We need to display email messages in our program. They must display clean regardless of whether they're HTML, text, printable-quotable, or any other format. HTML messages must be displayed in HTML. If there are attachments, there should be links which the user can click on to download them. PHP is preferable but not a requirement. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working pr...

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    This program will receive input - Title, Author, Back Cover Description, ISBN, Publisher, Price, book thickness, corporate logo url, background image url, initial font and layout choices, and other relevant text, and graphics. The program will generate a default cover and will then allow the user to modify the text, layout, and graphics as they see fit. Finally it will output several files: a resi...

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    I need an invoicing program created with the following requirements. 1. Data for the program must be extracted from an excel spreadsheet(see the attachment) 2. When I open up the program I am prompted for an invoice number, percentage(35,50,75). 3. After I enter the information and press Continue I will be taken to an invoice creation screen. 4. At the top of the invoice portion should have my bus...

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    **Application will support two main functions** This application must have a friendly GUI. **1.) Check Emails:** * Allows user to add or modify a keyword list. * Parses a text-based file searching for any key words contained in the selected keywords list/s. * Outputs data to a directory (if directory does not exist then it creates one. Option for either predetermined or based on name of ...

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    WYSIWYG Label designer - This application would be an add on to our existing packaging machinery system run with PC-control. Label designer should allow for complete text control with hor/ver layout, size, color etc. I would like a form based design that allows the use of drag/drop graphics, bar code cap. and basic line or table generation. Printing should then be full scale to a printer with roll...

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    I am looking for someone to create and Outlook Calendar clone for me in VB6. It has to have all the things required like appointments, recurrence, month/weekly/daily calendar, invitations list etc. This clone should operate even if Outlook is not installed on the PC upon which the program is installed. If outlook is installed, it should permit outlook integration (2 way transfer of appointments an...

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    I need a wedding site like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] with countdown, guestbook, poll, photo gallery and simple chatroom etc use the templates for the site outline. We also want the ability to add the invitations, maps, rsvps, etc I will supply digital images for the happy couple :) The main thing is too look very flash [URL'yi görüntüle...

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    We have developed a large web-based enterprise solution and we need a Technical Writer to build a help system for the product. The help system must allow the user to learn our system without any additional customer support, meaning it must be comprehensive, and easy to understand. We prefer that you use RoboHELP to produce WebHelp. A PDF (printable) version would also be helpful. To bid for this j...

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    I have developed a Live Support Software in PHP/MySQL. I am looking for bids to advertise this software. Bidders please mention the amount as per copy or selling with copyright. Here is a brief description : The application gives the visitors ability to talk to a staff member. It pops a chat window on the operator/staff screen instantly. Other Features: Unlimited # of Staff and Departments Offline...

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    A website is required to provide information about an independent British filmmaker, the films produced, the films in production and future projects. A database of potential and/or existing cast & crew members needs to be created & maintained. Cast & crew will be able to enter/edit their own details from PC’s anywhere in the world and at anytime of the day. Simple details will be...

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    PHP script using MySQL to store and manage account information for affiliate companies advertising on a website. The finished product would be similar to the websites of Commision Junction [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and Tradedoubler - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Project requires a complete set of scripts to deal with cl...

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    I have a complicated front-end Form with Subforms in Access 2000. I need a printable report for the end user which they can print for each record (so the report needs to be filtered). The queries are done already, it's the formatting that's giving me huge problems (subreports, etc.), I can't get them to work properly. The field "Medicaid ID" is the link for everything. The...

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    Web-based application that will allow consumers to enter a website and choose the type of home they From existing plans that will be available on the site and then customize the features of the home. For example - choosing the number of bedrooms, choosing the exterior (wood, concrete, brick, etc...), interior of the home (such as room color, carpeted, hardwood, etc...). Once all the features have ...

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    I am a school psychologist and would like to create a program that will allow me to enter in information/data about a client and select appropriate instruments used and recommendations (from a larger database) to be included in output - a final report. I guess the job would entail creating a "form" to fill out and check off certain selections that would then produce a printable report. T...

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    The program will generate a default cover and will then allow the user to modify the text, layout, and graphics as they see fit. Finally it will output several files: a resizable ecover graphic, a thumbnail, and a printable cover graphic. The user will also have a choice as to the file format for each type of file: jpg, png, gif, tiff, or eps. It will also output the final text as name=value pai...

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    PHP script using MySQL to store and manage account information for affiliate companies advertising on a website. The finished product would be similar to the websites of Commision Junction [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and Tradedoubler - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Project requires a complete set of scripts to deal with cl...

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    VB or Flash programmer to prototype a multiuser bingo game based on pictures instead of numbers. Must be able to produce a working model extracting pictures from an odbc datasource/image file and able to produce printable bingo cards. Full details on submission. Likely to lead to ongoing work.

    €180 - €270
    €180 - €270
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    We require perl scripts that will operate on both Linux/Unix AND Windows/NT systems for a web based application. Due to varried code differences between Linux and Windows scripts, a seperate set of scripts for each OS type is preferred. Perl modules not included with a base distribution of Perl 5 may not be used. For each OS, two individual scripts are required and must accomplish the following: ...

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    Hi Guys, I need the script to send an email (function mail in PHP) with an attachment. This should be no problem for you guys. The email itself needs to contain a cheque layout (American bankcheque, see [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) and needs to be printable. Next to that I need to convert a MS-Word document to PDF, and I am looking for an automated script...

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    Live Support Bitti left

    Live Support: Give your users ability to talk to a staff member and get their queries answered in an instant Client Pull: Watch your site visitors browse through your site and pop a chat window on their screen instantly! Ability to track the visitor activity and see how much time he/she spends on various pages Completely customizable user interface with a powerfull template engine to allow extreme...

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    I already have a perl script that generates a certificate based on user details entered. Need to upgrade script to also generate an unique certificate number to be displayed on printable certificate webpage. Expect many hits and no duplicates numbers allowed so will require file locking of a text file counter. If counter locked (being updated), script should wait and retry until successful before ...

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    We need a graphic designer to help us create an identity for our trademarked brand which will cater to rebellious and liberated young adults. Identity will be sold on bumper stickers, t-shirts, tank tops, belts, pants, sweats, sox, decals, notebooks, keychains, purses and other miscellaneous trinkets. YOU MUST RESIDE WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. A signed non-disclosure agree...

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    Need to obtain an autoverificable receipt (digital seal) from an ASCII file and a private key using and MD5, RSA and a Base 64 Table character convertor. It has to been done in Clipper 5.2 or a dll (I prefer Clipper, so I can modify it, just in case) that I can a use in my application. The program has to be fully documentated. ## Deliverables It must has 3 functions that will do the following: ...

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