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    I want a map of my market with rental spaces Id for daily and month to month rent operations. On computer and android with Bluetooth receipt printer. Simple and complete. Something like booth tracker for campground manager

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    Python program Bitti left

    It has to recognize the image from text using tensorflow, numpy , matlab libraries

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    In the application you should be able to create drawings and blocks. The blocks must contain inputs and outputs. In drawings ,blocks must be able to be connected to each other via the input and outputs.

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    I need a developer that OWNS an apple id enrolled in APPLE ENTERPRISE PROGRAM I need to distribute 1 application via in house distribution on his own apple id! Whoever doesnt own an enterprise apple id do not BID!!

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    Each of these videos have to be at least 2 hours long. They have to have no background music except gameplay sound. Example: [login to view URL] Videos have to be original!!! You can also make 2-3 hour long vlogs but do NOT curse or include music. This is not a one time job. 10 videos - $50 20 videos - $100 30 videos - $150 Make sure you follow all the guidelines so it is eligible for mon...

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    Python Program Bitti left

    Create a Python program that will compute the orders for a Takeaway shop. The program will show a summary of the total order amount and the average amount per order. The user will have the option of continuing by adding additional orders. An order set must contain one item from Main Menu and optionally additional items. Each order contains a number

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    Creation of a simple web admin panel for app (android, Unity) The web admin panel should receive the following data from the app: - paypal email - wallet id - number of coins The app has a ready script to send this information, but I need a simple admin panel to receive it.

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    My name is Pete Ferrari and I created the SuperSelf Program for identifying, charting, tracking, meeting and exceeding Diet & Fitness Goals. Unlike everyone else in this very “noisy” industry, I have been doing this for 37 years. As well, I took a CIA Level Lie Detector test (all on video) where I ask the hard questions of myself that ALL Coaches

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    I have a ladder program using .ZM2 and want to read it in SFC or Logic. Please see files attached. I want the ladder program to display like the new program. Thanks

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    Have problem in python GUI program

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    Write (and test) a C/C++ program to extract a flow decomposition from a provided flow. Your program must compile and execute on at least one of OMEGA or Visual Studio. The input to your program will be: a. n and m, the number of vertices and edges. € n ≤ 50 and € m ≤1250. b. m lines, each giving an edge: tail, head, flow. Vertices are numbered 0 .

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    I just need you write a fortran soruce code. all details are in attachment

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    I have a android project but this has not some small functions. So I want to insert functions in this project. I need a Indian or pakistan expert who has android and php skill.

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    A small face recognition & identification python program that can run in .py file. Keep In mind that by budget is Max 80 CAD$. So keep please bid accordingly. Only serious people bid please. Don’t have enough time.

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    I would like to build a stratum proxy which is working well with all coins. Platform: Ubuntu 16.04 If anyone can do, please contact me for more information. I'm willing to pay 50 USD for this project.

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    It's a very old fighting game called Age of Chivalry on steam I want a program that detects max reach distance and auto hits. Contact me for more information

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    A working Java application that connects to an SQLite database and carries out the system requirements. The application must select, add, update, and remove data from a database. You must populate the database with sample data. Please refer to the attached file for detailed requirement. Timeline: 3 days.

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    I want someone to build me for the sales team a training program for an insurance line of products. The below is required: 1. Training module + engaging activities 2. Workbook 3. Assessment 4. Trainer Evaluation 5. Timetable for course duration and time utilization 6. E-learning content and graphics only The person should have created such modules

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    web socket API is used to pass data value from excel sheet placed at the server for client application to call. and need a simple client program for checking. Please check the flow and requirement from the attachment

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    Finance and Investments project and need some help with the datahandling.

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    I need an Android app where people will register and post content (both pictures and videos). Pictures and videos will be taken from the app. Uploaders will get 10,000 coins for every 10,000 views. Viewers will be charged 1 coin per view. Either picture or video.

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    erlang Program Bitti left

    2 basic Programs erlang............

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    ...(Player Cards) 2.3) Animaged HourGlass to show time to playing 2.4) Current Bet (Value) Animations ========= 1) Cards delivering to players (one card per time, clockwise) 2) Coins moving from player to pot 3) Winning animation Inputs ===== 1) Buttons do play actions (Fold, Bet, Raise, etc....) 2) Keyboard to define bet amount (not device keyboard)

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    I'm looking for someone to build from inspiration around an existing service, it's using various opensource/documented technologies and provides much of its code publicly online. Someone with the right knowledge should be able to achieve this with ease, due to all the public open source information. It's related around a web-mining which uses Javascript to mine altcoins, lots of...

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    Hi, I'm programing my PIC18F trought UART2 , the flashing it's ok, the problem it's pic still in...UART2 , the flashing it's ok, the problem it's pic still in bootloader mode and doesn't run the program even if i turn off/on , I attach the project , when the flashing it's done i call GotoAppUser() at main.c but I'm missing something to run the prog...

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    I am seeking someone with sales experience and preferably an understanding of emergency management to sell or lease my program to individual counties in California. We have created an emergency and disaster program to be used by long term care facilities otherwise known as residential care facilities for the elderly or assisted living facilities throughout

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    finance statistic project on Matalb program

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    Trading Stocks Bitti left

    trading of stocks, binary options, forex and cripto coins

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    I need a web scraper written for the following url: [login to view URL] All information needed is available on the main page. The number of rows will vary. The output should be a pipe (|) delimited file with the following column mappings: origin_city --> data located in the "ORIGIN CITY" column origin_state --> data located in the "ORI. ST." column ship_d...

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    need to create program that takes info from the user (the key typing) and will send it to me

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    Traffic light controller assembly program using TI microcontroller. Modify the given code.

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    2 teklifler not bid to this project if you are not in the United States! As an agency for international education, now we are negotiating the online high school credits and diploma program with our partner school, we have finalized the details with the school and will provide our agreement to them now. We'll send the project details to the freelancers we are

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    I need a web scraper written for the .xlsx file in the following directory: [login to view URL] The latest .xlsx file within that directory will need to be downloaded. The name of the file is subject to change daily and will need to be identified by the latest .xlsx extension. The output should be a pipe (|) delimited file with the following column mappings: origin_city --> data locate...

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    I need a web scraper written for the following url: [login to view URL] All information needed is available on the main page. The number of rows will vary. The rows will be separated by color. Row one white, row two green, row three white, row four green, etc. The output should be a pipe (|) delimited file with the following column mappings: origin_city --> data is located in the "...

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    Given a vulnerable program, Model the vulnerability (the length of the source of the data is greater than that of the destination data in the sprinf function) by starting with declaring with buf and error as strings. then leverage Z3 (Z3 theorem prover) to generate concrete inputs of buf to trigger this bug/vulnerability. Please mention your experience

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    Hello, you need a software engineer to create this application for me 1: you need to create an application that intercepts the code entered in a game or a DLL, this application must intercept this application 2: You must create an application such as the loader, which can then embed this captured code 3-tutorial necessary

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    build a program to open an account and do specifc tasks 1- open 3 instances and write the name and password of the account then log in when the account logged in successfully press some buttons then press some buttons in stable postions every 4 hours if the account logged out due to any reason log again and do this process again

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    You need to write three programs: Gen, Host and Client. The system parameter generation function Gen should generate the common parameters (p, g) for the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. The Diffie-Hellman modulus p must have at least 32 bits and g is a generator of the multiplicative group Z*p. More info message me.

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    Need to create a super simple web based application. Need the following features; 1. Users select from two forms. They can fill in the forms via dropdown options. 2. The form is translated into Chinese, and saved as a pdf. Need this web development done in cakephp (no code igniter or any other variant). Offers, must mention the words chinese form in the quotation.

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    My lap and timing scoring program has a bug. Can't get to finish the scoring. Here is the message I see: "illegal function call in line by module SCORE at address 1B8DF:0496" Then it says hit any key to return to system When I want to go into the "laps file it says "script error - select Cancel or Debug from menu."

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    I am looking at developing a Windows program in C++. I currently have an excel spreadsheet that I want to convert into an installable .exe program. I want it to have a minimal graphical interface. The program must be able of storing data such as pipe tables & fitting deductions. It must be able to generate a PDF report.

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    Help with a scoring laps program written in DOS.

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    C++ program with classes. Project needs to be done within 12 hours.

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    We want to automatize the process of reaching out to some people on a weekly basis- there contact information is online. We need soft that will crawl a few pages online, get emails we need and send pre-constructed text to their emails and return replies to our email.

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    I have a python program which is currently calling interactive broker API. It is required to update the program to call another brokerage API. The new API is a socket API, it is based on flatbuffers technology and it is mainly message format. I need a python developer with socket program experience who can read Chinese, as the new brokerage API

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    This program is required to have an installer for user to install at their local computer, and after installing and launching, user can input their IB workstation user name to connect to IB TWS. The program is required to run in window and Mac. Thus, there should be 2 version of application installer. Also, It is required to auto connect to server

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    it's simple project using three-tier and using Microsoft access as database

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    ...back end of a database program that will assist in tracking attendance and progress of students in an educational program. The program has 500+ students and is expanding quickly. Ideally, instructors should be able to access the database through a mobile app (although administration could be done via desktop). The database program should: Allow for taking

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    I have a C++ program built and working perfect .. it's a simulation program in networking .. I need to calculate something in the program ( this is the requirement) Please contact me to send you the code with requirements after running the code

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    I've update a openvpn to add small packets to a bigger packets to save bandwidth. And adding a packet header 0xff for the bigger packets and send them alone. Though for each small packets I'm using a 1 byte header. Now I want to use that single byte to add a sequence number to each packets. and reorder them at receiving side.

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