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    iş yerimizde bulunan personellerin kullanabilmesi için; Personel kişisel bilgileri Personel maaş geçmişi ve maaş bordrosu ( görüntüleme, yazdırma, kaydetme) Personel sorumluluk alanına ait bilgiler Personel izin bilgileri ( izin isteği, kalan izinler, kullanılan izinleri görüntüleme ve kaydetme) Personel ise başlama bilgileri Personel üyelik bilgil...

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    We are developing a social media monitoring app like hooutsite. When firms which are customers of us login to our site they can regulate their social media accounts (facebook, twitter and instagram). They can collect direct messages, likes, comments, mentions etc and olsu they must tweet, post direct message etc. The important point is that like hootsuite every customer can give permissions only o...

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    We need to migrate our existing website from Drupal to PHP(Frameworks Only) / Angular / React Node / Python or related frameworks. The website is about the Finance related website and Credit score and reports generations and download; apply for loan, credit cards; improve your credit score(Packages). Following features will be there: 1. The website need to with very good UI and optimized and re...

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    Auto refresh 6 gün left

    Schedule a daily restore of production databases from production backups to the dev environment Restore users dev permissions the script must pick the latest backups form the backup folder . SQL server 2014

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    We are looking for someone to help us setup Jira with existing off-the-shelf plugins and tools for better reporting and management. Key areas we need assistance with for Jira administration: - Support JIRA administration, including creation and management of custom, workflows, security schemes, dashboards, and reports configurations. - Install, setup, manage, and administer Jira add-ons, plugin...

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    About us - We are a pre-seed startup looking for an experienced developer to turn our product requirements and design into MVP-level Progressive Web App. What we have - Product Requirements, Prototype and Atomic-level Design System crafted for an intuitive UX and scalable, developer-friendly design. What we need - React frontend on top of microservice backend for a subscription-based, content-he...

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    React / GraphQL Developer 5 gün left

    Functionality - User Account Management (Login/Signup onboarding & Roles/Permissions), Auth0 or equivalent Usage Analytics (Active /Inactive subscribers, Most visited pages, User behavior), Google Analytics or equivalent Headless CMS, GraphCMS or equivalent Dynamic/Live Search Checkout/Subscription management Integrated Ads platform (nice to have)

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    We need to have a service for Android devices that could get location from time to time, data consumption per application and get history call (incoming and outgoing). It must be taken into account that VisualSoft wants to use this information to suggest a better plan (according to user needs) based on the company’s employment contract; therefore, there will be no problem if there are permi...

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    SOLVING connection jwt token BUG ON existing app - configuring FRONY END fine-grained permissions on groups, and adding user management capabilities to applications from already existing backend Need to know already and worked with Aws amplify, react, typescript , javascript

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    Happens when I want to update plugin Permissions are 775 Please help me Budget $2

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    App for tasks followup 4 gün left

    We want to develop an hybrid In-house app in Flutter or React Native, to give follow up to daily tasks performed by our teams in different locations. We also need to create an Admin Panel to register users, set up projects details and give user permissions. Additionally a database with all the tasks needs to be created to manage the tasks and have a record of them. Please review attached files. T...

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    I need: A new system that uses Golang as the server-side along with Graphql and NoSQL if it fits better. React or Vue Js for UI/UX a Basic Native App with View Data only for now for Mobile . A Full web or at the local machine, working version with: Insert, View, Update, Edit, Remove ( forever or Archive ). There Will be a dashboard with all data showing in components and a total of 12 pages ( ...

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    We are seeking a Perl script to automate the set up of an account on our server. Create on Subdomain on specific account 1) Create Subdomain 2) Create MySQL DB 3) Create MySQL User 4) Grant Permissions to user for DB 5) Copy all files and folders from common folder to new subdomain 6) Chmod files in CGI-BIN 7) Export data MYSQL Password / status of process Ideally we would be able to call a su...

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    Hardening Windows Server 3 gün left

    1. Description: I have a windows server 2012 R2 in which I need to apply a hardening process. The idea is to apply hardening tasks to a "sandbox server", then I will test the applications after the hardening process, and then apply the same hardening process to the production server. 2. About Windows Server: Windows Server 2012 R2, in a cloud environment, accessible via Remote Server. ...

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    Error Message : you do not have sufficient permissions to access this page When I am creating a new user role with permissions other than the administrator, It is showing same message. With administrator permissions, It is able to login and use. Objective: I have hired an SEO Manager for SEO, So I want to give him limited functionality.

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    I'd like to build a basic food delivery platform with the following features- For restaurants/merchants- -A unique page URL -Basic information such as name, phone number, address, description -Masthead banner -Menu with title, description, price, photo (1) for each item -DB storing all merchant transactions, which can be downloaded in CSV/Google Sheet -Automated Daily, weekly, monthly trans...

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    a wordpress based site for QR Creation and management – mockup project ============================================ site will manage and create QR codes according to given data, the QR image will be read by a mobile application that will be working with the site. QR are for real world products, each product is produced in a specific batch, and there is a set of extra Lab test and other data...

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    Can be due to missing php lib or folder permissions .

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    I need an online savings loan management system that allows lending businesses/club to manage their borrowers, loans, repayments, and savings with ease. The following Module should be included: BORROWERS MANAGEMENT The system should enable the capture of personal information, unique identifiers, next of kin details, business information and much more. I should be able to upload scanned photos o...

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    build app android with access permissions

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    building a website application for document management system and can create requests , it will contain a user permissions , folders access got the documentation as jpg u can ask for it if u want thank u

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    Drupal8 These Changes 1 gün left

    I need several changes to f a Drupal8 website: * managing multiple AWS Linux instances. * changing database settings. * Managing AWS permissions. * CSS changes

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    Hello, here's my requirement , create an app/webapp/website/module/function that can do this : first somehow check if a user's phone has one or all of these UPI apps:Google pay/phonepe/paytm/bhim UPI installed on his mobile, then extract the VPA/UPI ID of that user from each of those apps. This should happen on all the 4 apps mentioned above, but if it works atleast with one of them then...

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    MÌNH MUỐN TÌM 1 PYTHON DEVELOPER ĐỂ CÙNG MÌNH LÀM 1 SAAS WEB APP. Làm việc full time tại nhà mình ở Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội. Yêu cầu tối thiểu 3 năm kinh nghiệm làm việc với Python. Mình sẽ trả từ 35 đến 50 triệu tùy theo kinh nghiệm và kỹ năng. Ngoài ra mình cũng sẽ hỗ trợ ăn trưa (c&ug...

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    Looking for experienced PHP and and MySQL devs. Here's some help: Open Source Bitcoin Marketplace Software [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Something similar to how Silk Road and Empire Market are designed. I like the idea behind how the websites work and think it's a good solution for ...

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    Deployment process and architecture For the development team needs it’s should to create custom Git repos architecture under Linux (CentOS 7) which should cover and automate the whole internal workflow and no manual tasks should be performed to keep the process up and maintenance the repos. The main target is every developer to have all program code to run the application by himself on his o...

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    Need assistance configuring a server and network user accounts. We have roughly 10 networked computers accessing the file share. Must utilize windows search index. Additional Notes Below... Two Administrator Accounts - full permissions - no restrictions Five Network Users - Manageable permissions for reading/writing/saving files but no deleting files from server*** Nine Network Computers - Prim...

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    a wordpress based site for QR Creation and managment ============================================= site will manage and create QR codes according to given data, the QR image will be read by a mobile application that will be working with the site. QR are for real world products, each product is produced in a specific batch, and there is a set of extra Lab test and other data that we want the clien...

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    Need to create a user with limited permissions and just want to give him permission to cp files within a particular folder and its subdirectories without the use of sudo and that user should also be able to run a py script. Its not a job, its just a simple help which is gonna take 5-10 mins of yours if you have knowledge in this sector. So just help me with it and take $10, simple!

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    Hello, We have C# code hosted on a Google Cloud server. It is pulling data from Salesforce and pushing it to a Google Sheet. The code was working, and the connection is now broken. I need to figure out what the issue could be. The permissions with the Google Sheet are fine, and the login/API details for Salesforce haven't changed (but we can double check). Only apply if you can start right...

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    For an Android app, I need an scanner to capture a QR code and barcode (like books have). You need to consider managing permissions and deal with unable to access camera error

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    Hello Freelancers, I am a consultant helping a small business create a shuttle bus scheduler app. I need an experienced developer who can create a PWA (Ionic, Flutter, PhoneGap, etc) based off the mockups provided. An admin dashboard has already been created with Nodejs and MongoDB which allows the user to create schedules. Some APIs for fetching/updating schedules could be reusable. Not all pag...

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    I have android app Written code in kotlin and want to upgrade from API 28 to 29 & 30. and after upgrading fix app crashes and the some issues with i.e. Call Recording, Media Projection etc with permissions. for more details message me.

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    I'd like support in building a Wordpress website which will then need to be directed to a host IONOS. I have the content but need support with images. Please advise where you purchase the images and the cost per image. The website will be approx 15 pages including homepage, branding page, digital media page with subpages for social media, email marketing and website/seo, event management pag...

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    Hello, So, I have an e-commerce platform with the software 3dcart, which has different modules including the RestAPI. 3dcart has its own devportal where you can give permissions to the functions of the software. I want to connect my e-commerce platform to a 3rd delivery software called "iVoy", which also has an API and all their documentation online to do the integration with any softwa...

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    Looking for a Digital Marketing Assistant to assist 10 - 20 hours per week for a start-up marketing agency Tasks involves: - Set up / Optimisation of Facebook and Instagram Ads - Set up / Optimisation of LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored posts - Post blogs on Blogger and Wordpress Blogs - YouTube channel optimisation, optimising video descriptions and tags - Basic SEO - Managing projects such as website ...

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    Hi. I need help to customize our Discourse Forum. The Discourse is already installed, but we need more functionality, we are looking for a community that allows: * Create different types of users (profiles) - such as: users free and premium * Create different permissions according to the user profile * Interaction, like sharing, reacting, commenting * Tag people and create hashtags, so we can cre...

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    I need backend system for my unity slot machine game. I already have a design for it, I just need it to add backend for user management and agent system. backend system is to add points for player and player logs. Owner and Agent permissions. owner can add agents and players. Agent is two level. level 1 agent can add 30 agent and unlimited player. level 2 agent can add 20 agent and unlimited pla...

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone with experience with the Slack API to build a simple app. Here is a quick description of the task: 1. Create slack app and bot user: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 2. Add permissions required to read and modify user's statuses ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) 3. Add bot to #status ch...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to make a Webform that does the following: It will take users information which include, text, picture, and signature and save them on database to be retrieved and formatted into PDF at a later time. Home page - Instructions Step 1 - First and second name, Last Names Brief instruction for step 2 Step 2 - Introduce ID numbers Brief instructions on step 3 - Instructio...

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    Hi Oliver I need some basic help with FreeNAS. its all setup okay and the datapool setup etc. but im having permissions trouble creating and accessing drives over the network. Ultimately I need your to setup up 7 folders for me and make sure I can access them over smb and also that plex can read them, I reckon someone with your expertise will have this sorted within 20 minutes (happy to pay...

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    I will customize ospos (open source point of sale). ex : you have to configure the sms api block certain permissions

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    I have an open source app i want to you to add some features to my app setting like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] manager: in this option user can see all the permissions access by app and control them. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]: in this options user can lock the app with password. 3. Quality: in this option user can sal...

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    Need to send bulk Whats-app messages from 100+ SIM cards to imported Excel file or from previous sent list or saved groups ( Text, Image with caption and audio ) with ability to send scheduled messages with approve of delivery . Sure will need to create users with permissions and credits or points which can be purchased by integrated pay-pal and local payment way reports

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    I have an Instagram business account and I want to promote some of my posts and do sponsored ads that will show up on potential customer's feeds. For some reason, I am unable to do so because of my permissions and I've been trying to figure it out for weeks and I can't find what's wrong. I am looking for someone that will be able to set up my account so I can promote ads from...

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    I created a "post-receive" Github hook on my client repository that fires well for a project developed in Symfony. The hook does trigger though I have a problem with my bash running script ; 1. I don't know which user is running the hook (I don't have a "git" user on this Debian server) 2. I have permissions problems on Symfony which causes the cache (app / cache) no...

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    Setup problem Bitti left

    When I use a app to login to facebook it shows me this not set up: This app is still in development mode and you do not have access to it. You can switch to a draft test account or request permissions from an app administrator

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    i have one page website, where customer can book Cab via whatsapp and can share their current location via whatsapp, when i convert this website to android app, it give following error net:: ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME user denied the request for geolocation i am not developer,( just my hobby), but i guess app is missing permission for whatsapp and permission for geolocation, im not here to discuss...

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    mobile App Bitti left

    i have one page website, where customer can book Cab via whatsapp and can share their current location via whatsapp, when i convert this website to android app, it give following error net:: ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME user denied the request for geolocation i am not developer,( just my hobby), but i guess app is missing permission for whatsapp and permission for geolocation, im not here to discuss...

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    €11 - €22
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