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    5,000 prototyping xaml iş bulundu, ücretlendirmeleri EUR

    Merhaba Mehran, XAML yapma konusunda bir projem var. Yapacak vaktim yok, üzerinde çalışabilir misin. Sadece bütçem 250$. Detayları sonra göndereceğim

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    I'm looking to create a 3D model that will serve as a prototype for an artistic concept. This task requires a medium level of detailing - not too intricate, but certainly beyond the basics. - Purpose: The purpose of the model is prototyping an artistic concept. Therefore, it should reflect a balance of creative design and practical functionality. - Detailing: Although it doesn't need to be overflowing with ornate details, it still should be more than a simple, basic mold. The model should showcase medium detailing to capture the essence of the artistic concept. - Skills Required: Experience in 3D modeling, ideally with previous work on artistic concepts. Proficiency in using 3D printing technologies would be beneficial. Does the concept of balance in design and practica...

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    ...Non-Functional Testing Functional Testing (IT & Business Consulting) Wireframes and Mockups​ Clickable Prototypes​ Rapid Software Prototyping​ Pilot Project Development​ (Web Development) Custom Web Development Enterprise Web Solutions Web Design and User Experience Web Maintenance and Support (Mobile App Development) Custom Mobile App Development Enterprise Mobile Applications Mobile Application UI/UX Design Mobile App Maintenance and Support (UX/UI Design Services) Custom UX/UI Design Responsive Web Design Mobile App Design User Research and Testing Design Systems and Guidelines Accessibility Improvements Visual Identity and Branding Interactive Prototyping (AI Integration) Custom AI Solutions Data Insights and Analytics Automated Customer Interactions Process A...

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    I'm pursuing an individual with a strong background in Embedded Systems to assist with the development of an Open pnp electronics project. The primary task will be focused on prototyping. Key Project Aspects: - Expertise in Embedded Systems is vital as the project core revolves around it. - The project will heavily involve the use of Semiconductor Devices. Working knowledge of these components is essential. Your role will involve applying your knowledge of embedded systems to create a functional prototype incorporating semiconductor devices. This is a challenge that requires not only specific skills but also creativity and innovative thinking.

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    ...the creation of a detailed and dimensioned CAD model that not only portrays the basic shape but also incorporates specific lengths, widths, heights, as well as angles and curves. The purpose behind this design effort is product development, aiming to take a concept and transform it into a tangible, ready-for-manufacture design. Key Requirements: - Development of a detailed CAD model ready for prototyping and manufacturing. - Incorporation of specified dimensions: exact length, width, height, and specific angles and curves to meet design intent. - Capability to provide recommendations on materials and manufacturing processes based on the design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in CAD software (e.g., AutoCAD, SolidWorks) with a strong portfolio in product design. - Expe...

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    I'm at the prototype stage of developing an industrial product and need a skilled freelancer to bring my ...the best light - Ability to work with me to refine designs based on feedback **Scope of Work:** - Develop CAD models from sketches or descriptions (detail such as nuts, bolts and screws included) - Advise on materials that balance cost, functionality, and aesthetics - Produce high-quality renders and posters for presentations and pitches - Optional: Experience in preparing design files for prototyping and manufacturing This job is perfect for someone who excels at turning concepts into tangible designs and can guide material selection to balance practicality with industrial design appeal. Your work will play a critical role in moving my project from prototype to ready ...

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    I already have a set of Figma mobile pro...of Figma mobile prototypes ready, but there are some shortcomings in the existing design that I want to address. Areas Needing Expertise: • Layout – The existing user interface isn't as appealing as I'd like it to be. I need your keen eye for design to transform my concept into a visually enticing interface. Ideal Experience: • Thorough familiarity with Figma and hands-on experience in prototyping. • Proven track record of improving the layout and overall attractiveness of mobile app interfaces. • Specialize in a modern and bold aesthetic to bring the design to life. Your objective would be to create a layout that is both functional and powerfully expressive in its aesthetics. I'm looking for...

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    I'm seeking a talented Figma Designer to work on my ed-tech website. Specifically, I envision the project tasks to include: - Crafting wireframes for the site's layout - Designing intuitive user interfaces - Prototyping interactive elements to optimize user experience It is important to consider that the target audience for the website primarily includes college students and professionals, therefore functionality and design aesthetics should resonate with these groups. Objectively, the main goal of the ed-tech website is to provide online courses, so the design should facilitate easy access and navigation of course materials. Ideal applicants will have impressive Figma proficiency, a strong understanding of modern web design, especially ed-tech platforms, and a portfo...

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    ...early stages of product development and require a Solidworks designer proficient in creating 3D models specifically for prototyping purposes. The role involves designing basic shapes and forms that will be printed using PLA material. Your task will focus primarily on creating functional prototypes that help in testing the design concept and ergonomics of the product. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in SolidWorks, especially in designing for 3D printing. - Experience in working with PLA material is essential. - Ability to produce designs with basic shapes and minimal complexity. - Keen attention to detail to ensure designs are functional and meet the project’s prototyping goals. - Ability to work closely with me to iterate designs based on prototype testing outcomes...

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    I'm in need of a 3D designer capable of creating a basic model for prototyping purposes. Skills required would be: - Ability to create a basic 3D model, no texture needed - Open to using any 3D modelling software (no specific format preferences) - Prior experience with prototyping would be an advantage. Please, make sure to include any previous relevant work in your proposal. Looking forward to a successful collaboration.

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    ...Details:** - The design should be detailed, incorporating various textures and materials to give a realistic representation of the final product. - It must include dynamic components such as rotating parts, sliding mechanisms, and articulating joints, demonstrating the product's functionality. **Ideal Freelancer Skills:** - Proficiency in CAD software with a strong portfolio in product design and prototyping. - Experience in designing products with moving parts, including knowledge of mechanical engineering principles. - Ability to suggest and apply textures and materials that best suit the product’s requirements. - Detail-oriented with a commitment to accuracy and functionality in the prototype. **Project Goals:** - To produce a CAD model that faithfully represents ...

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    I’m seeking a freelancer skilled in Fusion 360 who can swiftly create medium-sized 3D models suitable for prototyping, based on photos I'll provide. The goal is to create STL files for 3D printing within one hour. Speed and accuracy are essential. **Requirements:** - **Skill in Fusion 360**: You must be adept with Fusion 360, capable of converting photos into accurate 3D models quickly. - **Model Specifications**: The objects are of medium size. They require smooth surfaces as specified, without textures or hollow interiors. - **Purpose**: These models are for prototyping purposes, needing a balance between high detail and quick turn-around for 3D printing. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Proficiency in 3D Modelling:** Extensive experience with Fusion 36...

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    I'm on the hunt for an industrial designer who can bring my idea of a versatile outdoor stand to life, specifically tailored for mobile phones and tablets. This stand should cater to the dynamic needs of users, ensuring their gadgets are securely mounted an...suitable for outdoor use, including their durability, cost, and environmental impact. - Understanding of ergonomic and accessible design principles to ensure the stand is user-friendly. This project is for someone passionate about creating practical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing items for users. I am looking for someone to help take this project from idea / some basic sketches through to prototyping and development. Budget can be per stage, please let me know what is reasonable for you. Will require NDA and IP ag...

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    ...integrating seamlessly into their routines. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Product Design: Strong background in designing consumer products with safety and efficiency in mind. - Engineering: Proficiency in mechanical or electrical engineering to develop a functional prototype. - Market Analysis: Ability to conduct thorough market research to ensure the product meets consumer needs and preferences. - Prototyping & Testing: Experience in creating and testing prototypes to ensure the product's effectiveness and safety. - Regulatory Compliance: Knowledge of safety standards and regulations to ensure the product meets all legal requirements before it goes to market. Project Requirements: - Collaborate closely with me to understand the vision and functionality of the inventi...

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    I'm seeking a skilled product designer to create a prototype for a large capacity (more than 500 ml) plastic cup, complete with a secure lid for covering. Essential expertise includes: - Extensive experience with plastic product prototyping - Understanding of liquid capacities and container design - Knowledge in designing cup lids that ensure coverage and prevent spillage Candidates who can provide examples of similar past work will be preferred. Understanding of functionality and ease of use in product design is essential.

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    I am seeking an experienced PCB designer for a prototyping project. It involves designing a board with components on one side and will have an intermediate level of complexity, having several components and connections. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in PCB design - A portfolio of intermediate level PCB designs - Knowledge on component placements and potential heating issues - Ability to deliver high-quality work for prototyping Those with demonstrable experience in prototype development will have a distinct advantage. Also, deadline adherence is critical for this project. Please include examples of your previous work in your bid. Looking forward to potentially working together.

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    ...electric guitar with a unique appearance and aesthetic appeal. **Requirements:** - Develop a CAD model of an electric guitar for prototyping - Incorporate a custom body shape as specified - Ensure the design accommodates a specific color finish **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in CAD software suitable for complex product designs - Experience in designing musical instruments, with a portfolio showcasing electric guitars - Knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials for electric guitars - Creative insight into integrating aesthetics and functionality in instrument designs **Objectives:** - The end goal is to achieve a design that is ready for prototyping, taking into consideration the unique body shape and desired color finish. - Collaboration and ope...

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    ...Benefito. Due to time constraints and limited resources, we are seeking a highly skilled and creative Figma freelancer to elevate our project with their expertise. Scope of Work: : Develop comprehensive wireframes to outline the structure and layout of our application. 2.High-Fidelity Designs: Create detailed, polished designs that reflect our brand and enhance user experience. 3.Prototyping: Construct interactive prototypes to demonstrate app functionality and flow. Deliverables: wireframes for the entire app. 2.High-fidelity design files, ready for development. prototypes showcasing key features. Project Timeline: -The project should commence immediately upon hiring. -Completion is expected within 4 weeks from the start date. Budget: -Fixed fee:

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    I'm in the early stages of developing an innovative kitchen gadget and need a skilled 3D modeler to bring my concept to life. The purpose of this project is prototyping, which means I'm looking for a freelancer who can offer both creative design proposals and practical solutions for manufacturing. **Project Requirements:** - Create a detailed 3D model of a kitchen gadget from scratch. - The model should be detailed enough for prototyping purposes. - Focus on functionality, usability, and manufacturability. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in 3D CAD software (e.g., SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Fusion 360). - Experience in product design, especially in the kitchen gadget or consumer electronics sector. - Strong understanding of the manufacturing process, mater...

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    I urgently require a Vue.js developer with comprehensive UI/UX skills to boost my existing website's and add some new functionality with a small nice animation **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong proficiency in Vue.js - Experienced in UI/UX best practices - Proficient in wireframing and prototyping - Capable of designing user-friendly interfaces Type joy if you read all the above

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    ...that the user can focus on the road without having to look at the device. Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Experience in **User Experience (UX) Design:** To create an intuitive interface that is easy to use, even in high-stress situations. - Expertise in **3D Rendering:** To help visualize the final product in detail, including how it mounts on different two-wheelers. - Knowledge in **Hardware Prototyping:** To assist in turning the digital designs into a tangible prototype for testing and feedback. - Background in **App Development:** Particularly in developing applications that integrate maps, calls, and music functionalities smoothly. I am looking for a professional who is passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of delivery agents. Your contribution will n...

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    More details: Which operating system would you like the .NET Maui Designer to be compatible with? IOS, Android Which platforms would you like the .NET Maui Designer to be compatible with? iOS, Android What specific features would you like the .NET Maui Designer to have? Responsive design, Multi pages

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    ...experience with Auto desk Fusion 360 and Solidworks and keyshot I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to bring my industrial product idea to life through expert 3D modeling and prototyping. My vision involves creating a prototype using a variety of materials including plastics, metals, and composite materials, reflecting the diverse nature of modern industrial product design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software (e.g., AutoCAD, SolidWorks) - Experience with industrial product design, particularly in creating prototypes from plastics, metals, and composite materials - Knowledge of the latest prototyping techniques and materials - Ability to collaborate closely to refine designs based on feedback - Creative problem-solving skills for material...

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    I'm in need of a proficient Solidworks designer with a significant understanding of mechanical components. The core aspects of the project will encompass: - Product Design: Bringing a concept to life through comprehensive and detailed design. - 3D Modeling: Transforming the product design into 3D models, offering a realistic representation of conceptual ideas. - ...components. The end goal of these tasks is to develop designs that are ready for manufacturing. An ideal candidate should be able to: - Work extensively with Solidworks. - Have a strong background in mechanical design. - Be experienced in material selection and color schemes. - Understand ergonomics and apply it in designing a user-friendly device. We will treat experience in manufacturing and prototyping as a st...

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    I'm seeking an experienced and creative freelancer to transform my digital image file of a bowl into a basic but precise prototype drawing. This task is the first step toward manufacturing, but for now, the focus is on prototyping. This project requires a blend of technical savvy and aesthetic sense, ideal for someone who thrives on bringing concepts to life. **Core Requirements:** - Translate the provided digital image file into a basic outline drawing. - Ensure dimensions specified are accurately represented in the drawing. - The drawing should include only the outline and dimensions, without the need for material specifications or textures at this stage. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in CAD software or similar drawing tools. - Experience in prototype desi...

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    ...the model reflects the planned dimensions and specifications. 2. **Prototyping**: The model will be used for prototyping purposes. I need you to be knowledgeable about the prototyping process, with an understanding of how to translate 3D models into functional prototypes. Familiarity with materials that best suit aerodynamic products would be a plus. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Fusion 360, especially in 3D modeling and rendering features. - Experience in product design, particularly with aerodynamic parts. - A strong portfolio showcasing past projects related to electronics or consumer goods, with a focus on innovative design and practical functionality. - Knowledge of the best practices for prototyping aerodynamic designs, including m...

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    ...specifically quadcopters. - Strong knowledge of **electronic components and circuitry** that support long-range communication, high-resolution video streaming, and night vision. - Familiarity with **embedded systems** and designing for minimal power consumption while maximizing performance. - Ability to work with **design software** (e.g., Altium Designer, Eagle) and simulate PCB designs before prototyping. - A portfolio showcasing previous projects related to drones or similar technologies would be advantageous. ### Objectives: - Deliver a **functional design** within the agreed timeframe. - Prototype the design for **testing and validation**. - Address any feedback to **refine and finalize** the product. This project is not just about technical skills; it's about bringin...

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    ...the process of bringing a consumer product to life and currently stand at a crucial phase where my prototype demands refinement. My objective is to optimize the design for manufacturing purposes, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality. **Here's what I'm looking for:** Seeking a talented industrial designer for a freelance opportunity. Must have experience in product design, prototyping, and CAD software. The ideal candidate will possess a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality, with a track record of delivering innovative solutions. This project offers creative autonomy and the chance to collaborate on cutting-edge designs. If you're passionate about transforming ideas into tangible products, we want to hear from you! Apply now with your portfol...

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    I'm seeking a talented UI designer specialized in creating minimalist designs for a mobile application. This project aims to deliver a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing application interface that aligns with modern minimalism principles. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Proficient in Figma for designing and prototyping. - Strong portfolio showcasing minimalist UI designs, particularly for mobile platforms. - Understanding of UX principles to create intuitive interfaces. - Ability to translate brand guidelines into a cohesive app design. - Experience in working on mobile app projects, with a focus on usability and visual simplicity. **Project Scope:** - Design a complete UI for a mobile application following a minimalist aesthetic. - Create a cohesive design system, i...

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    We are looking for a skilled Optical engineer, who have prior knowledge and e...knowledge and experience in the optical design of optical encoders and Rig Design for testing the phenomenon. The primary responsibilities of this role include designing and prototyping testing rigs, and the selection of optical components ensuring accuracy and functionality and conducting performance tests. The candidate should have excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of various optical encoder calibration techniques. Core Requirement: The optical encoder can operate at the speed of 5000 RPM and have a resolution of 19 bits. Relevant skills: - Optical encoder technologies - Designing and prototyping - Performance testing - Problem-solving - Optical encoder calib...

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    I'm in need of a skilled PCB designer for my project's prototyping stage. - The key task is to design a PCB prototype. It’s integral for the successful execution of my electronic product development project. - I'll be providing details for certain specific components to be used in the PCB. Your understanding of these components and their appropriate implementation is crucial. - As per the size of the PCB, let's discuss further. It's a detail I would like to finalize together, in-line with the prototype's requirements. Ideal candidates will have significant experience in PCB design, especially in creating customized prototypes. Your expertise and suggestions for other unspecified components of the PCB will also be highly valued.

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    I'm looking for a talented freelancer to create a mobile app prototype that focuses on listing services. This app aims to connect users with a variety of services, creating a streamlined way for people to find what they need without the complexity of payment integrations within the app. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in prototyping tools (e.g., Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD) - Strong understanding of UI/UX design principles - Previous experience in developing service-listing platforms - Ability to work on tight deadlines - Excellent communication skills ### Project Requirements: - Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both service providers and users. - Enable service providers to list their offerings with detailed descriptions and contact information. ...

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    We are going to develop a website we will combine both features and services of that is, it is a web page, both characterist...characteristics will be there, so I need a designer to create a figma file or similar so that the developer can use it as a guide. We must also combine it in an ingenious way. . I need an expert Requirements: Proven experience as a UX Designer with a strong portfolio showcasing previous work. Solid understanding of user-centered design principles and methodologies. Proficiency in design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD. Excellent communication skills with the ability to present and explain design decisions to cross-functional teams. Ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced, agile environment.

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    ...enjoyable experience for its users. It's crucial that this redesign focuses solely on the app's user experience elements. **Key Requirements:** - Strong portfolio in UX design, specifically for mobile applications. - Proficiency in UX research, creating user personas, and journey maps. - Experience with user testing and incorporating feedback into design improvements. - Competence in design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma. - Excellent communication skills to understand my vision and provide regular updates. **Ideal Candidate:** The perfect match for this project would be an individual who: - Has a deep understanding of the latest UX trends and best practices for mobile apps. - Can analyze user feedback and app performance data to make informed...

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    39 teklifler The ideal candidate will bring a strong background in automotive systems, complemented by a proven track record of successful mechanical design. Key Responsibilities: - Design and refine mechanical systems tailored to automotive applications. - Identify and solve potential technical challenges in system designs. - Propel our project from the measurement stage towards detailed design and prototyping. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CAD software for mechanical design (e.g., SolidWorks, AutoCAD). - Strong foundation in automotive engineering principles. - Experience in conducting experiments, tests, and analyses to verify designs. - Problem-solving skills and the ability to innovate. If you have the experience in transforming conceptual ideas into tangible...

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    ...appeal, and functionality. **Key Requirements:** - **Product Design:** Experience in physical product design, specifically in the health and wellness sector. - **Market Understanding:** Insight into adult nutritional needs and preferences. - **Material Knowledge:** Expertise in selecting suitable, sustainable materials that comply with health and safety standards for consumable products. - **Prototyping:** Ability to prototype designs for testing and feedback. - **Design Software Proficiency:** Proficiency in design software (e.g., CAD) for realistic renderings and specifications. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - A portfolio showcasing previous product designs, particularly in the health, wellness, or nutraceutical industry. - Strong communication skills to collaborate with...

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    I'm seeking a proficient CAD designer to bring my on-the-go personal care product idea to life. The primary objective is to create a comprehensive CAD file for prototype development. The project entails four components: a micro case, interdental toothpickers, reusable wood fiber and cotton face rounds, and a plastic face round dispenser. Key Duties: CAD design and prototyping of the micro case, toothpickers, face rounds, and dispenser. Focus on the micro case's interior structure to ensure functional accuracy. Micro Case Specifications: Materials: Durable composite materials for longevity and easy cleaning. Closure Mechanism: Strong zipper for quick access and secure storage with a bright white coloration. Dimensions: 11.5cm tall, 7.5cm wide, 3.5cm deep. Interior Featur...

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    20 teklifler cater to their diverse lifestyles. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of women's fashion trends. - Experience in designing across various categories: casual, formal, and activewear. - Strong knowledge of fabrics suitable for working professionals and mature women. - Ability to conceptualize and design for a diverse age range. - Proficiency in sketching, pattern making, and prototyping. - Familiarity with sustainable fashion practices is a plus. **Must be able to see through the whole process from design to production. **Must be interested in being a part owner in this company. We have a nice sized customer base that has been very successful in the past and we are looking to bring something new to our brand. The core of this project is to fuse sophisticat...

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    ...SLA technology. - **Project Requirements:** - Develop a CAD model of wood beam trucks used in railroad freight cars from the 1860's during the US Civil War. - Ensure the model is highly detailed, including accurate textures and materials. - Compatibility with SLA 3D printing technology is a must for the final model. - The design should allow for realistic visualization and potential prototyping. - **Deliverables:** - Final CAD file(s) compatible with SLA 3D printing. - A set of renderings showing the detailed textures and materials of the model. - **Communication:** - Regular updates and progress reports are appreciated. - Open to feedback and willing to make revisions as required. This project is perfect for a freelancer who enjoys the challenges of crea...

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    ...functionality. - **User-Centric Design**: A track record of applying user-centered design methodologies to create engaging and intuitive user interfaces. - **Conversion Rate Optimization**: Experience in designing with an eye towards improving conversion rates, demonstrating you can translate user needs into conversions. - **Rapid Prototyping**: The ability to quickly convert ideas into visuals, enabling fast iteration. - **Tools Mastery**: Highly proficient in design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, and others relevant to mobile, web, and dashboard design. - **Communication and Collaboration**: Excellent communication skills are a must, with a knack for interpreting feedback and collaborating closely with our team to ensure the vision is accurately b...

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    I'm excited to work with an experienced industrial designer who can create a modern and aesthetically pleasing plant stand design. Your specialization s...are some limitations due to the mechanical concept, but everything is described in detailed explanation which will be shared with (according to experiences) most suitable freelancers. Required Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in Industrial Design - Expertise in designing gardening equipment, particularly plant stands - Familiarity with modern design aesthetics - Experience designing and prototyping with metal and plastics To be a successful candidate for this project, you should be able to showcase previous works that demonstrate your design capabilities, particularly in similar projects. I look forward to your uniqu...

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    I'm seeking a professional UI/UX designer with critical skills in wireframing, prototyping, visual design, and creative animations. Your primary task will be to create engaging and intuitive designs for an interactive website. Key Responsibilities: - Develop wireframes and prototypes for website interfaces - Create visually compelling design solutions - Incorporate creative animations to enhance user experience Ideal qualifications: - Experienced in UI/UX design for web platforms - Strong skills in wireframing, prototyping, and visual design - Ability to create attractive animations - Understanding of excellent user-centered design practices. This project demands a consultant who can provide innovative design ideas to make our interactive service website truly stand...

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    ...and Understanding**: Empowering the team to develop a deeper empathy for our users, facilitating the creation of more user-centric designs. - **Wireframing and Prototyping**: Enhancing our ability to quickly iterate and validate our design concepts through effective wireframing and prototyping techniques. - **Visual Design and Branding**: Sharpening our visual design skills to ensure our products not only function well but also convey our brand's identity powerfully. #### Ideal Candidate: - **Experience**: Strong background in UI/UX design, with a portfolio showcasing a breadth of skills across user research, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design. - **Teaching Skills**: Proven ability to convey complex design concepts in an understandable and engaging ma...

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    ...accommodate these components seamlessly, optimizing their performance. - **Microcontroller Compatibility:** The PCB should be designed with microcontroller support in mind, allowing for flexible and scalable use in future applications. - **Prototyping Focus:** As this is a prototype, adaptability and an understanding of prototyping processes are important. The design should allow for easy iteration based on testing results. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in PCB design software (e.g., Altium Designer, KiCad, Eagle) - Familiarity with PCB prototyping and manufacturing processes - Experience in designing for LEDs, sensors, and microcontroller integration - Strong understanding of electrical engineering principles - Ability to work closely with me to ...

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    ...working with metal materials, understanding their properties and how they can be altered to fit medical standards. - **Adjustable Arms Design:** Experience in creating adjustable mechanisms, particularly for arms that can accommodate different positions and uses. - **SolidWorks or Equivalent Proficiency:** Ability to use CAD software like SolidWorks to draft precise and detailed designs ready for prototyping. - **Medical Equipment Design Experience:** Previous work in the medical equipment sector is highly desirable, showcasing an understanding of regulations and requirements unique to medical devices. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong portfolio in metal product design, especially within the medical field. - Knowledge in ergonomics to ensure the equipment's usabili...

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    I'm looking for an experienced UI/UX designer to create a Figma prototype - mock ups of my company's service within a prospective client's flows. I have screenshots of the latter, and screenshots of our service.

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    ...Optimization:** Focus on creating a motor that delivers high efficiency and high torque, without compromising on its size or reliability. Strategies to minimize noise operation will also be appreciated. - **Technical Skills:** Strong skills in CAD software for motor design, simulation tools for performance prediction, and a good understanding of materials that enhance efficiency and durability. - **Prototyping and Testing:** Ability to prototype designs and test for performance metrics including efficiency, torque, and operational noise levels. This project is a fantastic opportunity for someone interested in contributing to innovative industrial machinery with their expertise in motor design. The successful candidate will have the chance to see their designs move from concept ...

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    ...with our product both efficient and enjoyable. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in UI and UX design principles for websites, mobile apps, and desktop applications. - Ability to understand and design for a general audience, with an inclusive approach that caters to diverse user groups. - Experience in creating wireframes, storyboards, user flows, and process flows. - Skilled in using design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Illustrator, or similar. - A strong portfolio showcasing previous work on various platforms. - Excellent communication skills to understand and translate requirements into user-friendly designs. **Ideal Skills:** - Attention to detail and a knack for creating visually appealing and user-centered designs. - Knowledge of current UX trends and abili...

    €42 (Avg Bid)
    €42 Ortalama Teklif
    12 teklifler designing for both web and mobile platforms. - Ability to create designs that are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. - Knowledge of the latest UI/UX trends and technologies. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong portfolio showcasing minimalist UI/UX designs. - Familiarity with user interface design patterns and standard UCD methodologies. - Proficiency with design and prototyping tools such as Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, etc. - Excellent communication skills to understand and translate my vision into design. Although not initially specified, incorporating interactive elements that promote user engagement without compromising the minimalist theme would be beneficial. Given the nature of the project, creativity and a keen eye for detail are crucial. I look f...

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...scheduling system that enables both staff and patients to book, cancel, or reschedule appointments effortlessly. - Implement an intuitive billing module for processing payments, generating invoices, and managing financial transactions. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in UX/UI design for websites, particularly in the healthcare sector. - Strong understanding of wireframing, prototyping, and UI design tools like Figma. - Knowledge in creating responsive designs that enhance accessibility and user interaction. - Ability to work closely with our IT and healthcare team to understand technical requirements and patient needs. - Experience in implementing user-centered design principles that cater to a wide range of users including patients, doctors, and administrat...

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