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    Hello! I would like to design an experiment on PSYCHOPY and run it online. For this experiment I would need the subjects to play an online games on the browser (for example [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) but then I need them to finish the experiment. If the experiment redirects them to the game website nothing guarantees that they will come back to finish the...

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    Hi folks, I have an experiment already created with PsychoPy, but due to the pandemic, I would like to create this exact same experiment to be run online (O-Tree). Since the experiment has been created already, I need someone who can create the same experiment into Python. Everything is there, structure, tasks, etc. Brief description: Building economic decision-making experiments (3 different...

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    I am a researcher in need of making a single-click executable app for a psychological experiment that people can do at home. It should be an app that runs on both MacOS and Windows machines that the participants will download and then run on their computer offline. This is not a mobile app. The experiment would need to be programmed in either Shiny in the R programming language, or Python. The ex...

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    I need assistance from someone who knows the PsychoPy program. The attached formula (prisoner's dilemma game) needs to be set into the program. Five persons will play the game simultaneously on five synchronized computers.

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    Hi I have an experiment done using PsychoPy script I need a report about the experiment

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    I am looking for a freelancer to code me a template so that I can practice on it and customize later (The code you will prepare is not going to be used for real experiments). Before each trial, I need the fixation cross appears and the timer counts down from 5 to 0, then the loop should start. The code should include 4 images, presented in parallel on the screen, however in randomized order for ...

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    I am a researcher in neuroscience, and have created a series of psychological tests using a python GUI (psychopy). I would like to have javascript versions of these tasks so I can run these experiments online. If possible, I would also like a data processing pipeline so the data from those tests can be fed into statistical analyses using R.

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    I am a cognitive psychologist and would like to hire a programmer to help with a research experiment on brain/cognitive training. My goal is to use PsychoPy (Python) and word2vec/gensim to provide real-time feedback to participants on semantic distance of word pairs. Participants will see a cue word (e.g., table) and will be asked to type a semantically distant word; the semantic distance (1 - s...

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    I need help in recreating experiments using psychopy please. More information will be shared. You would need to know psychopy using python.

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    I am creating a simple experiment for a pilot study I'm running for grad school, and need help programming it to run properly. Basically, I have a series of videos to be presented over several trials. Here's what one trial would look like: A video plays, then an image is shown (a question to be answered); the participant will answer with a key press. Depending on whether the participa...

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    I need some changes to an existing website. Coding for software E prime and Psychopy

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    Hi. I am looking for a python programmer to code four small psychology experiments. You must have experience using Psychopy, as the python code needs to include parallel coding so my Psychopy experience can communicate with physiological recording software (labscribe and Iworx equipment). I have added in attachment a detail file of what I want. PS: If you can fully create the experiment using t...

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    I need a python script to run in psychopy. It will receive a file every 4min aprox. (is a .rtp similar to a .txt or csv) The script must to be able to read this line "Pearson correlation 0, 1 : 0.6847" contained inside the file and take the last number 0.6847. Finally, if this number is for example, bigger than 0.50 present a stimulus (a picture or something like) if its lower...

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    stimuli trials presentation using psychopy

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