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    My current website needs updating. It's an electrical, solar, battery, and EV charger business site, and I'm looking for an experienced web developer to update the site using Bluehost and WordPress. The job will involve the following: - Updating Content & Photos: The site's content and images need to be refreshed to reflect my business's current offerings. - Redesigning Layout: I want the website to have a fresh, modern look that aligns with the services I provide. - Adding New Features: I'm open to suggestions here. A few ideas could be online appointment booking system, product catalog, or live chat support. Additionally, there are a few key areas where I'm seeking recommendations: - SEO Enhancements: The site should be optimized for search eng...

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    I am looking for an artistic designer who can create a realistic t-shirt design where a face of our choice is superimposed onto Gollum, the character from 'Lord of the Rings', who is hoarding over phone chargers. This original and funny shirt is intended to convey a lighthearted message about our constant need for chargers. Ideal skills and experience: - Expertise in graphic design and illustration - Proficient in image manipulation techniques - Familiarity with the concept of superimposing - Understanding of the character "Gollum" from The Lord of the Rings - A strong aesthetic sense As for our time frame: we have no strict deadline, so the priority here is quality rather than speed. We appreciate your creativity and look forward to seeing your designs!

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    91 teklifler truck. The LEDS will flash alternately to represent the emergency lights. The motor will power the back wheels and the sound will play through a small speaker as a siren and horn. Here are the requirements for the project: I believe the Arduino MKR Zero would be a good fit since it has the integrated micro SD card holder and sound processing capabilities. It also has an integrated battery charger. The Arduino needs to be powered by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery like 3.7 Volts. - Control LEDs: I believe I can get by with two white 3mm LEDs. I will install fibre-optics to transfer the light from the LEDs to various lenses on the fire truck. The LEDs should flash alternately. - Control Motor: Apart from the LEDs, the circuit should also be able to control a small ...

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    I'm in need of a professional designer who can create captivating packaging for data cables and charger adapters. The design should appeal to a broad audience, encompassing all age groups. Key Requirements: - Create engaging, eye-catching packaging that appeals to a wide demographic. - Ensure the design reflects the high-quality nature of the products. - Design style is open-ended, giving you creative freedom to impress. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in packaging design, ideally for tech accessories or similar products. - Understanding of design principles for appealing to all age groups. - Ability to create original, engaging designs that stand out on shelves or in online stores.

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    I'm in need of an expert to design a site plan for a Level 2 EV chargers. Key Requirements: - Analyze existing property blueprints and create ev charger plan with load balancing for 20 chargers. - Ev charger plan must include: Cover Sheet, site plan, electrical site plan, parking layout and details, single line diagram, schedules and Notes and T24 compliance forms. Experience: - Experience in EV charging station design. - Experience in load balancing for multiple chargers

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    I'm looking for a skilled Flutterflow developer to create a collapsible sidebar that works like the video link below:

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    I have a hub dynamo installed on my bike and I'm looking for someone to wire it up to power both front and rear lights, as well as a USB charging port. I'd like the setup to be ready ASAP. Located South London. Key requirements include: - Wiring the hub dynamo to power both ligh...include: - Wiring the hub dynamo to power both lights and a USB charging port - Ensuring the lights are correctly set up for front and rear - Installing the USB charging port in a convenient and accessible location It's important that the setup is both functional and durable. I'm looking for a professional who has experience working with bike dynamos and electrical systems. Experience with USB charger installations is a plus. Needs soldering experience and be able to do

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    ...simply to add convenience and enjoyment to daily lounging. The ideal freelancer for this project should have a strong background in furniture design, with a particular interest in creating innovative and multifunctional pieces. Key Features: - Built-in Speakers: The coffee table will have integrated speakers, offering a high-quality sound experience for music or TV. - Wireless Charger: An integrated wireless charger will allow users to easily charge their devices while relaxing on the couch. - Hidden Compartment: A discreet and spacious hidden compartment will be included to store snacks and drinks. - Cooler: The table should include a cooler to keep drinks cold. - Hot or Warming Plate: Additionally, a hot or warming plate would be incorporated for keeping food or drinks ...

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    ...battery packs to be stored to the rear of the property with 2 doors one to gain entrance from inside the property and one externally, battery pack to charge enough electricity for 7 days usage. Ground Floor Should have a large garage to hold a minimum of 8 large 4x4 cars, a laundry/Pantry room with slots for 4 washing machines and 4 dryers, the garage must also have space for an electric car charger, a Large open plan kitchen, an large open plan living room, large open plan dining room, all rooms to have speakers in the roofing controlled by a central system app, so you can change and play music in different rooms, Family study room, 4x female guest bathrooms, one male's guest bathroom with 4x urinals, 4x hand basin,2x toilets. All ground floor windows to be shatter-proof ...

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    ...a subpanel in the garage. Work to be done by myself, a 50-year veteran truck and car mechanic, welder, and general DIY guy. Key Details: - The primary goal for this upgrade and the garage subpanel is to meet increased power demand and lay groundwork for adding new circuits in the future. - I anticipate needing 7 or more extra circuits for future use. - I am interested in adding a Level 2 car charger in the garage for personal use. Ideal Skills: The perfect candidate for this project would have significant electrical engineering experience, especially in panel upgrades. They should also possess a thorough understanding of domestic power demands and how to efficiently design circuits for a garage set-up. Knowledge of the installation process for car chargers, particularly Level ...

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    I'm seeking a professional designer who can create engaging packaging for tech accessories like data cables, charger adapters, and mouse keyboards. The design should be captivating and appealing, yet the style is open-ended as I skipped the design style question. Your application should stand out with a detailed project proposal, demonstrating your understanding of the project and how you plan to undertake it. Ideal candidates will have experience in packaging design and a portfolio demonstrating their ability to design in different styles. Solid communication and proposal writing skills are also desired.

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    I'm looking for an experienced designer to help create a high-speed public EV charger. Key requirements include: DC fast charger - Focus on high efficiency and fast charging: The key goal of this project is to create a charger that can rapidly and effectively charge electric vehicles, catering to the needs of public use. The design should prioritize efficiency and speed without compromising on quality. - Additional features: While the primary goal is efficiency, I'm also interested in exploring additional features. This could include solar power integration to promote sustainability, and smart charging capabilities such as app control and usage tracking to enhance user experience. The ideal candidate should have: - A strong background in designing public...

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    I need a highly skilled electrical engineer who can design an industrial-grade, slow-trickle charging circuit for lead-acid batteries. This device will be used primarily for powering backup systems. Key Responsibilities: - Design a charging circuit compatible with lead-acid battery chemistry. - Prioritize circuit efficiency to enable slow-trickle, long-term charging without overcharging or damaging batteries. - Draft detailed documentation on the design, including technical specifications (voltage, current, etc.) and assembly instructions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Solid understanding of lead-acid battery charging dynamics. - Demonstrated experience in industrial circuit design. - Knowledge in handling charging circuits for backup power systems. - Proficiency in using circuit simula...

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    ...charging of the LiPo battery, we require a skilled electronic engineer (if you've already worked on similiar project) to create a LiPo charger circuit with comprehensive protection features, including low and high voltage charging protection. I've tried with TP4056 but the charging time is too big. **Key Features:** 1. Overvoltage protection to prevent damage to the battery during charging. 2. Overcurrent protection to safeguard against excessive current flow. 3. Low voltage charging protection to prevent the battery from reaching dangerously low levels. 4. Charging status indication for the microcontroller **Key Responsibilities:** 1. Design a LiPo charger circuit incorporating overvoltage, overcurrent, and low voltage charging protection. 2. Develop a robus...

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    Seeking an expert to significantly improve the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in an EV onboard charger's AC-DC PFC stage. Your role will involve creating simulations and models in MATLAB/Simulink to reduce the THD to as low as possible, ideally below 5%. In addition, you will need to propose and test techniques to mitigate a persisting high 3rd order harmonic. Our current techniques have not been effective and as such you are welcome to recommend simple and feasibly implementable alternatives. Knowledge in designing PCB will be highly advantageous. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in MATLAB/Simulink. - Background in electrical engineering. - Experience with THD reduction. - Ability to design simple and effective strategies. - Knowledge of PCB design.

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    I'm looking for a talented 3D artist to help me bring my rubber phone holder to life. I need a high-quality, realistic 3D rendering . The images will be similar to the images attached. The socket and charger 3d file will be supplied by me. They can download 3d file for any android phone from any websites. Key Requirements: - Demonstrated experience with 3D rendering, particularly of consumer products. - A portfolio showcasing past work in this domain. The successful freelancer should be able to create a visually appealing and detailed representation of the rubber product. Please include examples of your past work in your application.

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    ...charging systems. The task at hand is somewhat intricate as it involves creating a DC fast charger with a power output of 120kw; the catch is that it should be tuneable. Key requirements for the design: - Charging Connector: The type 2 connector, suited to fit most, if not all, EV models. - Safety Features: It's critical that the design integrates over-voltage protection, ground fault protection, and short-circuit protection mechanisms. - User Interface: The charger should have LED indicators for user-friendly interactions. Furthermore, I have ambitions for the charger to be integrated with a mobile app for remote management and convenience. It'll be best if candidates have credible experience in EV charger design, electrical engineering, and...

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    Monthly seo for 15 keywords as follows for the region of " Victoria" or "Victoria BC" (British Columbia , Canada) Victoria electrical contractor Victoria electricians electrician Victoria electrical technician electricians near me Electrical contractor in Victoria BC Electrical service upgrade Electrical inspection Electrical car charger licensed electricians electrical contractors electrical companies victoria electric car chargers victoria electrical panel upgrade electrical services First month 150 links and on page seo for 250$ each month after 200 links as follows: ✅ 90+ Da Quality Links ✅ 80+ Da Quality Links ✅ 70+ Da Quality Links ✅ 60 + Da Quality Links ✅ 50 + Da Quality Links ✅ Social Bookmarking ✅ Classified Ads ✅ Article Submission ✅ Web 2.0 ✅ For...

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    We are making a bidirectional EV charger. We need to obtain switching waves with 180° phase shifter as well as an inverted wave with same criteria. Both this wave should be obtained using Arduino.

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    Looking to create a power supply with the primary use of charging devices. This will involve designing an AC-DC 5v USB 2.0 compliant power supply. The design must incorporate the following safety requirements: • Overcurrent protection • Short-circuit protection • Overtemperature protection The ideal candidate for this job will have experience in electronic design, specifically surrounding charging devices and safety measures. A sound knowledge of USB 2.0 standard and the forelisted safety considerations is a must.

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    ...create a medium-sized, aluminium die cast housing for a portable EV charger. My design preference leans towards a modern, minimalistic aesthetic, while delivering an ergonomic user experience. Key requirements for this project include: - Diverse skills in industrial design, ergonomics, and manufacturing processes - Knowledge and experience with aluminium die casting - Ability to design for a modern, minimalistic aesthetic that screams both appeal and functionality - Understanding how to create an ergonomic design that balances aesthetics and user interaction - Experience in designing medium-sized electronic items, ideally charging devices Your contributions will greatly help in developing a user-friendly, appealing charger that stands out in the EV market. If this pro...

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    3D Animated video of wireless charger (the one you sent) 3 shots: 1. Introduction shot 2. Charger opening up in parts 3. Charger closes and flips out of screen.

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    Trophy icon Vibrant New Home Brochure Design Bitti left

    ...deck Premium, durable flooring and all-black hardware throughout Large first-floor office space Master suite with dual walk-in closets, dry bar with mini-fridge, double vanity, walk-in shower, and bidet-equipped toilet Exterior & Utilities: Contemporary design with black windows and white panel siding Real stone water table and fully finished stone front stairs/stoop Concrete driveway with a car charger Mudroom featuring a dog shower and additional storage Exterior lighting and security with sconces, flood lights, Ring cameras, and soffit lighting Rear porch leading to a flat, rectangular backyard Two brand new HVAC units and custom PEX water supply system Location: Nestled on a quiet street in the desirable Lyon Park neighborhood, this home is just 2 miles from Washington,...

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    I am in need of a skilled engineer to design and develop an off-board charger for my e-bike. The charger should be designed for an input voltage of 220V and should be capable of outputting 48V to charge the e-bike. It should also incorporate key safety features: - Short circuit protection - Overheating protection - Overcharge protection The ideal freelancer for this project should have an extensive background in electrical engineering and practical experience in designing and developing off-board chargers for e-bikes. Proficiency in safety standard protocols is also necessary. You should also understand and implement the necessary regulations and standards related to designing e-bike chargers.

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    Someone to complete a simple CAD project. I need the damaged mesh I will provide to be repaired and generate a menifold mesh, ensuring the part closely matches the original. Then I need you to redesign the object utilising the strengths of material extrusion. By the end, I should have the followin...mesh I will provide to be repaired and generate a menifold mesh, ensuring the part closely matches the original. Then I need you to redesign the object utilising the strengths of material extrusion. By the end, I should have the following: - The file with the repaired mesh - A redesigned part but similar in function - Both of the above files ready to be sliced for 3D printing The part is a USB charger. I have attached an image of the part along with the damaged file that needs to be...

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    Trophy icon Wireless Charger Logo Design Bitti left

    As the owner of a wireless charging product, I'm in need of a professional logo design. for Brand name: ZELOFON Unfortunately, I haven't decided on specific colours yet or the exact style, so I'm completely open to your creative interpretations. As for where the logo will be used, it needs to be versatile as it will be displayed on our: - Website - Product packaging - Social media profiles - Directly on the product Ideal candidates for this project are designers with extensive experience in logo conception who are comfortable with a broad design directive, and can produce work suitable for multiple uses. Experience in designing logos for electronic gadgets or related fields will be considered a plus.

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    I require a qualified engineer to design and implement a small, slimline 5000mAh wireless charging battery that is compatible with all smartphones. This will need to be encased in a material such as silicone or similar, making the to design and implement a small, slimline 5000mAh wireless charging battery that is compatible with all smartphones. This will need to be encased in a material such as silicone or similar, making the battery removable. The successful freelancer should display: - Proficiency in electrical/electronics engineering - Experience in building wireless charging solutions - Familiarity with the Qi wireless charging standard - Knowledge of smartphone battery requirements Please include references or examples of past similar projects in your bi...

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    ...explanation. - Roof Sleeky Modern Simple Neon/LED lighting design, similar concept to EV car. To provide the aeriel layout plan incl. 1. Roof footprint 32m x 19m 2. Building fooprint 30m x 12m 3. Building consist of 1 building consist of 2 stores :- a) Convenience/ grocery store (approx. 30-40%build up) incl. - public accessible toilet 1male + 1female - Electrical LV room approx 4m x 2m - EV charger supervisor storage room approx 2m x 2m , can combined with elec. LV room. - Muslim praying room x 2 for male & female (accomodate max 3-4 person at a time) b) F&B store 60-70%area (such as Mcdonald) incl. - Toilet room 1male & 1 female + external wash basin external area. - consist of outdoor tables. Result requirements. 1) Aerial dwg - Just 1 dwg with aerial vi...

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    ...within a range of 30 meters. This Bluetooth device will be operated by a button mechanism. The firmware for the device is nearly complete, reaching 98% readiness. In terms of resources, the client possesses the necessary documentation and materials for the project. This includes Gerber files, component datasheets, and electrical diagrams for both the Bluetooth device and its associated battery charger. Additionally, there is a power bank component integral to the device's functioning. However, there is an issue with the power bank's charging mechanism. Specifically, there is no automatic stop mechanism to halt charging once the battery is fully charged. This deficiency has led to a critical problem wherein the device's battery swells upon overcharging. The clien...

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    I need a graphics expert to deliver 5-10 product images and add a creative twist with realistic illustrations for my product listings. Product images for IPhone 15 Charger + IPhone 14 Charger Key Tasks: - Generate product images - Create realistic illustrations Ideal Skills: - Experience in creating product images - Strong skills in realistic illustration - Attention to detail - Ability to capture my product's features accurately. If you're a talented graphic artist that can bring my product to life on-screen, this project is for you.

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    I'm seeking a proficient mobile app developer with skillful prowess in both Android and iOS platforms. The application development project envisages incorporating the Tuya SDK to create a reliable, efficient Home EV Charger application with a distinctive set of features: - Charging scheduling: Enabling users to schedule their own charging times. - Battery status monitoring: Real-time battery health status update for users. - Stats: Insightful statistics regarding charging usage. The design aspect of the application is already covered, thus allowing the developer to focus solely on the functionalities. Ideal candidates should have profound experience in mobile app development, preferably in the renewable energy sector. Familiarity with Tuya SDK is REQUIRED. The roll-out ...

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    I am seeking a skilled intermediate-level embedded systems developer specializing in Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers to bring an innovative project to life. This project requires the integration of several key features and functionalities to ensure efficiency, user-friendly experience, and safety. Ideal candidates must possess a strong background in embedded systems design and development, specifically with application in EV charging solutions. **Core Project Requirements:** - **Real-Time Monitoring:** Development of a system capable of monitoring charging status and performance metrics in real time. - **Safety Protocols:** Implementation of comprehensive safety protocols to protect against electrical hazards, ensure device integrity, and user safety. - **User Interface Design:** Creation...

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    I require an expert in PCB design, specifically for EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations. Your task will be to create a design for a PCB that is compatible with both Type 1 and Type 2 charging connectors. The design must ensure a power output of 22 kW, a fairly high specification that will require in-depth knowledge and experience in the realm of high-power electronics. Moreover, the EV charger PCB must integrate crucial safety features including: - Overcurrent protection - Short-circuit protection - Overvoltage protection Ideal candidates will have a strong background in electronic engineering, particularly with a focus on high-power applications and charging systems. Any prior experience with similar projects, especially related to EV charging stations, will be highly v...

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    I'm looking for skilled electrical engineers who can design a PCB for a 50kW EV charger. This charger should adhere to the CHAdeMO charging interface standard and include a Type 1 (J1772) connector. Ideal candidates need the following skills and experience: - Comprehensive understanding of CHAdeMO charging interface standard - Extensive experience with PCB design - A strong background in EV technologies, specifically those that relate to chargers - Familiarity with Type 1 (J1772) connectors Your task involves creating schematics, selecting suitable components, and producing all necessary documentation. Please ensure your portfolio demonstrates relevant projects.

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    I'm venturing into a new business and I require a professional to help with the design of a USB mobile phone charger PCB. As the project is in its infancy stage, the specific features of the charger have not been fully decided. Your input and suggestions would be valuable. Here's what's expected: - Design a PCB for a USB mobile phone charger, excluding specific features - Provide suggestions and recommendations on features that can be incorporated into the charger, based on your knowledge and experience. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in PCB design for mobile phone chargers, specifically USB chargers. - Comprehensive knowledge of USB charger designs and features. - Communication skills to effectively discuss and suggest possible featur...

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    I need a comprehensive mobile and web application that will simplify the process of paying for electric vehicle (EV) charging. The platform of the application should be compatible with Android, iOS, and web, ensuring it is accessible to a wide range of users. Moreover, it needs to be integrated with a third-party payment gateway for smooth and secure transactions. The principal functionalities the application should have include: - Providing real-time charging status updates. It's imperative for users to know the status of their charging so they can manage their time effectively. - Featuring the location of nearby EV chargers. A built-in map pinpointing nearby charging stations would be highly beneficial to users. - Keeping a history of past charges. This should allow users to tra...

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    Our board has 3 distinct functionalities: o Battery charger with overcharge and discharge protection o DC to DC step-up converter (3.10V to 4.2V battery input  5V, 2A max.) o H-bridge motor driver (used to drive a coil/magnet diaphragm pump) Please check the component values, arrangement, board layout and overall logic or anything relevant not mentioned. If necessary, you should redesign it.

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    I'm seeking an experienced 3D animator to create a realistic animation that highlights the fast charging feature of a mobile charger. Key Responsibilities: - Accurately represent product details in the animation. - Emphasize the speed of the charger in the animation. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in realistic 3D animation - Expertise in highlighting product features through animation - Previous experience in tech or electronics animation would be advantageous. This project demands a keen understanding of product design and a talent for bringing the high-speed charging functionality of a charger to life visually. A portfolio showcasing similar work is highly desirable.

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    I require an expert familiar with Android OS, specifically for a Galaxy A7 tablet. The main task involves configuring power management settings to ensure that the screen remains on when charging via USB, and enters a deep sleep mode when not charging. Here's what I am looking for: - Configure galaxy a7 to stay on when receiving power through a USB charger - Adjust settings to allow the tablet to go into deep sleep mode when not charging - Apple Music and Waze starts in split screen if rebooted The ideal freelancer for this project needs to be proficient in Android OS modifications and aware of the power management settings for the mentioned device. Experience with automotive technology will also be advantageous but is not strictly needed.

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    ...explanation. - Roof Sleeky Modern Simple Neon/LED lighting design, similar concept to EV car. To provide the aeriel layout plan incl. 1. Roof footprint 32m x 19m 2. Building fooprint 30m x 12m 3. Building consist of 1 building consist of 2 stores :- a) Convenience/ grocery store (approx. 30-40%build up) incl. - public accessible toilet 1male + 1female - Electrical LV room approx 4m x 2m - EV charger supervisor storage room approx 2m x 2m , can combined with elec. LV room. - Muslim praying room x 2 for male & female (accomodate max 3-4 person at a time) b) F&B store 60-70%area (such as Mcdonald) incl. - Toilet room 1male & 1 female + external wash basin external area. - consist of outdoor tables. Result requirements. 1) Aerial dwg - Just 1 dwg with aerial vi...

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    I'm looking for a skilled electronics engineer to create a custom circuit design for a solar mobile phone charger capable of operating in cold and snowy conditions. The charger should have LED status indicators to showcase charging levels and power status. **Key Specifications:** - Design suited for cold, snowy environments - Includes LED status indicators **Ideal Skills:** - Electronics Engineering - Circuit Design - Experience with solar power devices - Knowledge of temperature-resistant components The successful freelancer will have a proven track record with solar-powered electronics and understand how to design for durability and efficiency in harsh weather conditions. I'm keen to see your portfolio of related projects. Let's power through the cold with...

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    I need 1-3 images of an product witch doesn't exist on the market. It is a small square cabinet, that have inside 2 Electric Toothbrush, with the charger on the bottom, and UV Sanitizer on top, also below the cabinet need to be a power bank that will be the source of the energy.

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    Seeking a skilled PCB designer to develop a multifunctional solar battery charger within the confines of a medium-sized board. The ideal freelancer will bring my vision of a robust and efficient solar charger to life, catering to the ever-growing demand for sustainable energy solutions. If you have a passion for green technology and a portfolio of intricate electronic designs, I invite you to be part of this exciting project. Essential Requirements: - Experience in PCB layout and design - Familiarity with lithium-ion battery charging circuits - Understanding of voltage regulations for 3.3V, 5V, and 12V outputs - Ability to deliver a design catering to an indoor environment - Proficiency in PCB design software (e.g., Altium, Eagle, KiCad) Key Deliverables: - PCB design files...

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    I need an expert to develop an Ocpp platform and associated mobile app for EV chargers. The features should include: - Charging status monitoring: The system needs to be able to monitor the current status of charging. - Payment options: I require a seamless payment system integrated within the platform and the mobile app. The acceptable payment options should be credit card and billing. For the Bill payment option, I prefer to have it implemented as a monthly invoice. The invoice should be generated automatically at the end of each billing cycle and sent to the user's registered email. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Ocpp platform development - Expansive competence in mobile app development - Extensive experience with payment gateway integration - Knowledge of automate...

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    I'm looking for an experienced PCB designer who can create an innovative circuit design optimized for charging multiple wearable devices. The design must operate within the 12-24V DC range and incorporate features to efficiently charge various wearables at once. Key Requirements: - Design a PCB for multi-device charging. - Ensure compatibility with wearable devices. - Incorporate a 12-24V DC power input range. Important Skills: - Proficient in PCB design software (E.g., Altium, Eagle). - Knowledge of power electronics and circuitry. - Experience with designing for wearables is a plus. - Understanding of manufacturing and assembly processes. If you have a portfolio showcasing similar projects and the technical capability to execute this with precision, please bid on this project. Yo...

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    I'm in the market for a specialized freelancer to design a solar-powered charging circuit tailored for consumer electronics. Here are the project specifics: - Design Focus: Solar-powered charger for consumer electronic devices. - Charge Specification: Needs to support optimal maximum charge current. - Battery Chemistry: Compatibility with common consumer electronics batteries required. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PCB design and layout. - Expertise in solar charge controllers. - Solid understanding of power management and consumer electronics batteries. - Experience in designing circuits for efficiency and reliability. What I'm expecting: - Schematic and PCB design files. - Bill of materials with selected components. - Analysis of power efficiency. - Prototype...

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    Looking immediately for a skillful PCB designer, experienced in charger circuit design, particularly for battery types. Work specifics include: • Developing a battery charger circuit compatible with solar power. • Applying knowledge in battery charger types, with special attention to lithium ion batteries. Key skills and experiences: • Profound knowledge in charger circuit design • Strong experience with lithium ion batteries • Considerable understanding of PCB design Get ready to work with urgency as this project needs to be completed ASAP. If your specialty is combining your skills in circuit design and deep understanding of battery types, this task is the perfect one for you. Speed and accuracy are essential.

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    I'm in need of a proficient professional to design AFE (Active Front End) hardware and firmware catering to industrial machinery. The goal of the project is to better efficiency and reduce harmonics, targeting a power range below 50kW. - Primary Project Spec: Input voltage: Vnom [Volt] 480/380V, three phase ● Input voltage variation: +/- 10% of Vnom ● Frequency 60/50 Hz ● Continuous apparent Power 16 KVA ● Continuous active power 16KW ● Input current, Inom [Amp] 30 Arms ● Power factor range@ full power >0.95 Using TI micro controller evel board TMS320F28377D The enclosed PDF shows the full system but for first stage we are only looking at doing the AFE Ability to built a prototype unit for testing is a benefit Ideal candidates should illustrate a solid background in ...

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled and experienced circuit designer who can create a pulse charging circuit for a 12V or 24V battery. This circuit will need to be compatible with a 500watt, 44V, 12 A max solar panel. Ideally, you should be proficient in: - Designing circuits with a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) generator - Building circuits that trigger a Mosfet, IGBT, BJT, or an equally efficient transistor - Engineering circuits with a charging voltage exceeding 100V - Regulating frequencies in the range of 0-10kHz. - Efficiency is crucial here. Don't want too much wasted energy in heat or heat dissipation, or waste half of the energy if it is 50% duty cycle. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge in electronics and circuit design. A robust understanding a...

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