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    I have a website that has the option of four separate stylesheets. I want a series of links with the web page to dynamically reload the page with the stylesheet that has been selected. I want this stylesheet to remain active throughout pages, until another is selected. For example, I have four stylesheets: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to...

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    ...what I need for a website design and I have the parts for it but I need someone to put it all together. I have attached an image that shows the colors and layout that I want. I have also attached the top logo and the "eye background" (which may need to be adjusted to get the eye in the right place. The menu will be DHTML and have 'home' and 'mode...

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    ...source chat application on the internet that I basically want cloned with a few changes. I have attached the project to this bid so you can check it out and see if its somthing you are able to do. Here is a list of a few changes I would like to see in my client/server applications. Client Specs 1 - Same credit system but with a few different options on what

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    I want Instant messenger for my religious website with voice/video enabled. Required Messenger features : One to One Chat, Voice chat/Video chat/Call me Multiple Users Conference,(voice chat/video chat like yahoo) Show how many Emails received Just like Msn and Yahoo. New soft layout of Chat messenger With Smiles and with my predefines smilies

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    ...wide maybe 150-200px hieght. Also 3-4 smaller more rectangle or square images for content pages. Header graphic must be very eye grabbing but NOT annoying or uncomfortable to the eye. It also must contain a dog or several dogs, and a dog house (preferably because it's a dog house site). dog lovers like cute or handsome pictures of dogs... The other

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    77 teklifler able to done through a CMS such as Mambo. There are 3 parts to the site that I need: 1) Shopping Cart - Needs to be able to remember users details (all but CC) - Only needs to send an email of CC details for manually processing - Be secured - Needs to be able to offer free/trial products that still require registration - Needs to...

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    €260 - €1301
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    ...Ultimately my goal is for an open source mathbook that 1) Public / autodidacts / anyone can edit (within reason, i.e. like a wiki), AND rate teh quality of the explanatons/questions/lessons (i.e. rate the sections, explanations, etc, in the glossary/html/chm/whatever file) and have rankings. I also need a mathematical question generator for this

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    ...supposed to be a 3 to 4 week project. Unfortunately several months have gone by and the work is still not complete. Attached is a document that explains the items that are still left. This has been a working document during testing with that developer. I have tried to clean up anything that may be confusing, but if you have questions please ask.

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    ...attached gif-file to get more of the idea. The parts that are marked purple are what we want help with - basically just a frame to surround the site. The [login to view URL] file shows the proportions of the frame and this is the file that we want back with an added design. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have additional questions on this projec...

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    16 teklifler need of a website designed for us, from start to finish. We will provide you with very specific instructions as to how the website should work and function. It will be a site where users can log in and search for information from over 2000 entries. There will be up to 1000 users that will need to use the site. Each user will need a username and password

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    I have a table of contributions. I need 2 queries. One, I need to know the number of donors who have donated only one time. Two, I need a second query of the number of donors who have donated more than once. That's it. Fairly simple. If you have any questions, ask before you bid. Database in Access 2003 format. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...and/or PDF files that need to be converted to Java Help files and/or HTML help with XML.? I? have a client that wants the files converted to Java Help but if someone can tell me why they should switch to another technology like HTML with XML I am game to convince them to switch. There are a couple of variables that need to be addressed in th...

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    ...Access Data To Excel. I have an Access database. It contains 1 table with data. 1 query based on that table. 1 form whose recordsource is the query. We are talking about the same data. I have an Excel file called EXCEL_DATA with field names on top and corresponding to the field names in Access. Exact arrangement from left to right What I want is to be able

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    ...should be able to handle thousands of players Poker game should be customizable graphics wise and scaleable user load wise. Software does not have to be made-to-order, if you already have developed such a product and are willing to license it please bid as well with licensing details. Please feel free to ask any questions. ## Del...

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    I need someone who is very knowledgeable in XSLT to take 2 existing sheets and combine them into one sheet. For someone versed in XSLT, this should be a relatively simple process. The only major difference between the two is that one outputs a basic HTML table for layout and the other one doesn't. The two sheets process custom tags and output either

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    ...very similar to the standard slider component on the controls palette. Our version provides some additional functionality. We need to use this control in conjunction with a 3rd Party VCL component called Express Org Chart (See [login to view URL] for more info). Quite simply each element in the chart needs to have ourt

    €260 - €1301
    €260 - €1301
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    ...runs on a Windows host. I moved the site from Windows to Linux hosting, and now the script won't work. The script is attached to this project, feel free to take a look. The problem is that the script was written to use Win32::ODBC; that reads an access database. The script and data would have to be put into a MySQL database (or flat file, I don't car...

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    ...your bid, please include a small proposal showing you understand what I am asking, and how you would approach this** I am more than happy to quickly answer any questions about these applications that you post. Ask away in the chat room or send a message! Thanks **----- EDIT ADDITION ------** The Deliverables List was Garbled but I fixed it. Sorry.

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    ...Visual Basic 6.0 code to help me cross-fade video media clips. Window Media Player has a crossfade effect in audio, where one track's end overlapps with the next one's beginig giving the effect of a smoot transition. Refer to the following URL for more info: To get an idea of audio crossfade feature in Media Player refer to the URL <http://www

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    ...driven cart. It needs to be design consistent with site html pages. Needs to be robust and to incorporate a catalogue (unlimited records) in list format (no images), and membership table (unlimited records), Site url is [login to view URL] There should be a simple forum for members to discuss topics pertaining to the web site. Requires

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