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    We want to sign documents using smart cards produced by ACS in iOS operating system. (Example: using bluetooth card reader) For this reason, pkcs#11 middleware is required for signing. The environment in which this middleware will be used can be QT or swift.

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    ...where date_sub(curdate(), interval 30 day) <= o.date_purchased and o.orders_id = ot.orders_id and = 'ot_total' and o.orders_stores_id = '" . (int)$manager_stores_id . "' group by dateday"); (int)$manager_stores_id returns NULL or 0 it is meant to return a stores id e.g. 25 this id was registered in login using tep_session_register if i print $_SESSION on the page it shows but for some reason this orders_query is not working it returns NULL im going mental its something technical HELP file attached for u to look at...

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    I am looking for a person who is able to create automated betting solution that will automatically place bets based on pre-set requirements. You have to build a solution that will be able to place bets and that will not get detected. We are interested hearing what are the possible options to take - based on pricing and level of the safest approach possible. For that reason the solution should use human like behaviour, having randomise mouse movements, captcha handling, random delays. All should be done by simulating a regular clicks as normal person would. Do you have an experience with something like this? Then jump on and let us know!

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    For some reason, I'm not able to create a ChatGPT 4 vision API workflow In . So I want to see if you can do this for me. And get it to work with my GPT API. More work will be avalable if sucsesful.

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    ...worth paying for? * For how long would you expect the app to stay in the market (is it something novel that may not have competitors for sometime or is it just another app that has come and will go) * Any problems or missing features with the app * Anything unique about the app that others do not have * Any updates planned (if you have info on this, that is) * A rating out of 5 or 10 (for some reason people like rating out of 5) * Your final verdict (to go for the app or not) Write it in free flowing manner that comes naturally to you. You are not writing an academic paper so you do not have to plan like one. Blogging can be done free style. Furthermore, we need other writings separate of review because we will publish separately. Three to five lines of pros and the same for c...

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    I require a detailed employment verification service for one of my potential employee based in Kempton Park, South Africa. The verification should thoroughly confirm previous employment history. Key responsibilities: - Authenticate all details relating to the candidate's past employment(s). - Verification should be comprehensive, examining details such as position held, length of service, reason for leaving, and re-employment possibilities. Required Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in employment verification and background checks. - Strong attention to detail. - Familiarity with South African labor laws and regulations. - Prior experience in verifying employment history in the Kempton Park region will be advantageous. Note: I possess necessary information such as...

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    The objective of this task is to convert a Word document into LaTeX. The primary reason is to meet specific publishing requirements. Key Aspects: - The project involves extensive use of advanced mathematics and symbols, equivalent to the postgraduate level or higher. The candidate must therefore possess a strong understanding of these concepts. - Latex package knowledge: The potential freelancer should be familiar with using LaTeX packages related to mathematics and symbols. Ideal Skills: - Advanced mathematics - LaTeX conversion expertise - Familiarity with LaTeX mathematics and symbol related packages. This task requires skilled execution to maintain the integrity and complexity of the original document during conversion. If you believe you fit the bill, please place your bid...

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    I'm looking to rectify an error in my IndusInd bank account as I have a lien amount that was entered due to an unknown reason. Unfortunately, I don't have any specific evidence to prove this erroneous transaction. However, I have tried dealing with this issue directly with the bank with no resolution yet. Here's what I need: - You should be highly experienced in financial consultancy, particularly in banking. - You will need to devise a strategy on how to approach the bank and effectively communicate the issue. - Recommend practical steps to remove the lien from my account. - Draft appropriate communication, if necessary, that would help resolve the issue. The ideal candidate for this job would be someone with strong problem-solving abilities, exceptional banking k...

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    I'm in need of a competent **full time** Virtual Assistant who can help manage multiple aspects of my business. MUST BE ABLE TO WORK IN US TIMEZONEThis includes handling: 1. Calendar Management: Keeping my schedule organized and ensuring that all appointments and meetings are accurately reflected. 2. Data Entry: Regularly inputting necessary data. For this reason, proficient skills in Google Sheets are required. 3. Accounting: Maintaining business finance records with a sound intermediate level of knowledge in accounting. An ideal candidate for this role would be someone who is meticulous, organized, and knowledgeable about Google Sheets and accounting principles. Strong attention to detail and the ability to work with minimal supervision would be highly appreciated. This rol...

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    ...------------------------- I'm an agarwood estate owner. I have a species of Phytophthora that is causing many trees to yellow and several have already died and been removed. We're in Sri Lanka, Bandarawela, the climate and soil isn't the most suited for agarwood but the trees have grown to (less than) half their expected size within 10-11 years.. The soil pH is really low, that's one reason the fungus is running amok.. Also, the soil is clay-like, reddish brown. As of now, I've hired one of Sri Lanka's premier agarwood specialists to consult with the situation. His recommendation is as follows: 1. Block the uptake of the tree using tebuconazole, 25ml per tree diluted to 1 liter. 2. Then disinfect the entire soil with a mix that h...

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    ...any error message. Possible Causes: 1. Plugin Compatibility Issues: Updates may have caused conflicts between WooCommerce, Germanized, Post Label Center, and other plugins. 2. Database Error: The "DB Insertion failed" message suggests a potential database issue. 3. Why is even the Payment Plugin not working properly since the error with Post Plugin ocurred? are those both because of the same reason? Here are the essential facets of the project: - My backups were created using All-in-One Backup & Updraft, which I prefer to utilize for this restoration project, but it seems that non of those are working. - The restoration must include **all components** of my site: posts, pages, themes, plugins, and media files. The aim is to make the website fully operational ...

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    1. Need a platform where user can fill the data in a form(serial number, description, starting date) 2. Once user submit the data, it store to database. 3. In another page, there is search bar where user can find case based on serial number and it shows record below it. 4. User can edit this data also. 5. In edit field, if user extend the date then it will ask to user a reason for extending. 6. If user again search case in search bar then user can see all previous dates which was selected and with their reasons 7. No login functionality required 8. Very simple design

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    I'm currently looking for an experienced database administrator or a SQL expert who can convert my raw SQL files, originally from MariaDB 10.6, into a standard .SQL format. The primary reason for this conversion is to facilitate a smooth migration to MySQL. As this project forms a crucial part of my migration strategy, it's imperative that we adhere to a stringent timeline. **Why the Conversion?** - The conversion is essential for migrating my database from MariaDB 10.6 to MySQL. It's critical for ensuring compatibility and efficiency in the new environment. **Expected Deliverables:** - Convert raw SQL files from MariaDB 10.6 format to .SQL files - Ensure that the conversion process does not introduce any data integrity issues - Verify compatibility with the target ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Learndash expert who can help me promptly. I'm not certain of the Learndash version I'm using, therefore proficiency in multiple versions is vital. The primary concern I have is with the course accessibility settings. For some reason, my courses remain closed when they should be freely accessible. I am keen to have this issue addressed immediately. Key Skills: - Experience with various Learndash versions - Proficiency in course accessibility troubleshooting DONT respond if you can not start work now!! use the reference BIGwaves

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    ...skills - Background in HR or a similar field would be advantageous - Strong understanding of corporate culture and decision-making processes Task specifics: - The letter's intended recipient is undisclosed. The freelancer should adopt a general approach ensuring the message is universally effective regardless of recipient. - The freelancer must incorporate reasons related to health as the main reason for the appeal. - No need to include any past work, experience, or detailed project proposals in the application. The focus is solely on the effectiveness of the requested appeal letter. Your action should result in a thoughtfully crafted letter that convinces my employer of the necessity and feasibility of the switch to working from home. A combination of empathy, logical r...

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    ...high-performing PPC campaigns across selected Google platforms. - Optimize ads for better engagement and conversion rates. - Continuously analyze performance data to tweak and improve campaign strategies. - Work collaboratively to understand our brand voice and market position. **1, My ads showing on wrong keyword and google showing wrong page title, I am using my SMB profile for ads? what will be the reason can you list in here then we can talk the next steps all details. **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - Proven track record of successful Google Ads campaigns with tangible results. - Proficiency in using Google Analytics and other relevant tools for performance analysis. - Ability to craft compelling ad copies that resonate with our target audience. - Experience in managin...

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    Two games that were successfully uploaded in 2019 to my app store have recently been taken down. I believe the reason is due to update issues as they have not been updated in over 4 years. The games do not have any bugs or other issues that I want looked at. You are purely making it so the games can become available again in the exact state they were previously. I would like this job completed as quickly as possible so I will prioritize candidates that are willing to immediately start and work until both games have been submitted. The games were both built in 2019 unity.

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    ...worth paying for? * For how long would you expect the app to stay in the market (is it something novel that may not have competitors for sometime or is it just another app that has come and will go) * Any problems or missing features with the app * Anything unique about the app that others do not have * Any updates planned (if you have info on this, that is) * A rating out of 5 or 10 (for some reason people like rating out of 5) * Your final verdict (to go for the app or not) Write it in free flowing manner that comes naturally to you. You are not writing an academic paper so you do not have to plan like one. Blogging can be done free style. Furthermore, we need other writings separate of review because we will publish separately. Three to five lines of pros and the same for c...

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    ...worth paying for? * For how long would you expect the app to stay in the market (is it something novel that may not have competitors for sometime or is it just another app that has come and will go) * Any problems or missing features with the app * Anything unique about the app that others do not have * Any updates planned (if you have info on this, that is) * A rating out of 5 or 10 (for some reason people like rating out of 5) * Your final verdict (to go for the app or not) Write it in free flowing manner that comes naturally to you. You are not writing an academic paper so you do not have to plan like one. Blogging can be done free style. Furthermore, we need other writings separate of review because we will publish separately. Three to five lines of pros and the same for c...

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    Hi, I have a python script that does symbolic regression. the script saves a PKL file each iteration of the main loop. there is a bug that stops the execution of the program for some reason (a bug). deliverables: 1. fix the bug in the script. 2. explain what you did.

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    fix error 502 2 gün left

    I have error 502 on several pages on a plesk 18.0.58 and ubuntu 22.04...18.0.58 and ubuntu 22.04 server. 1. Dev Server is getting into error 502 all the time Exactly the same code works on the live server 2. Live server 2 domains are in error 502 System admin experience and devops experience To just make it clear. The site is migrated with PLESK migrator. The tool sets the domain and all the same as it was on the old server. On the old server it works for some reason. Platforms: Ubuntu 22.04 PLESK 18.058 NGINX Apache Errors on: 1. live server: 2 x Magento 2.4.3 p1 2. dev server: 1 x Magento 2.4.3 p1 3. dev server: Jenkins Several other sites are working on the servers above so it is not a global error. I have tried to change to FPM etc on some of them without results ...

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    I'm looking for a talented professional to create an efficient, cloud-based payroll program. This program must be designed for a small-sized company with less than 50 employees. Key functionalities should include: - Automating Timesheet Calculations: To streamline the payroll process and save time. - Generating Pay Slips: Ensuring each employee...also advise on best practices to enhance efficiency within the payroll process. Cloud based software must have API integration to our in house app Prefer previously built payroll program that incorporates all 50 states. Must be able to send state and federal taxes automatically. Must have .API integration to connect to our in house app We do NOT have access to state tax tables, which is the reason why we are seeking a pre built ...

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    Next.js Expert Needed 1 gün left

    Hi, there! I need a developer, who can integrate the Brevo Email API with my app. On Brevo, I have a folder named `users` and a list named `cardholders`. In my app, I have a dynamic route named `referraId` and each route has ...with my app. On Brevo, I have a folder named `users` and a list named `cardholders`. In my app, I have a dynamic route named `referraId` and each route has its own dynamic form. Now, I want each time a cardholder submits a form, the cardholder data i.e. refName, refId, etc. should be added to the cardholders list on Brevo. I used to use Resend API to send emails, but for some reason, the API stopped sending after some time. That's why I would like to switch from using Resend to using Brevo for simplicity purposes. Cheers, K

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    This video project aims to raise awareness about our funding needs and appeal specifically to private donors. We're looking to create a video that tells a great story. The following elements would be crucial: - Conducting interviews with key individuals. This could bring a nice personal touch and a closer insight into the reason behind our fundraising initiative. The perfect freelancer for this job should be excellent at conducting interview-based shoots, capturing raw emotion and interesting perspectives in an authentic way. - Featuring the history of our organization. We want to remember our roots, bring attention to our journey and show our progress to our donors. The ideal freelancer should have experience in presenting an organization’s history and capturing view...

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    I have recently purchased access to a protected/private/invite-only trading script on TradingView (written in PineScript) and I need your help to extract the source code. I have no extract the source code. I have no idea if the task has been done in the past or not, but your job will be to find a way to do it. Only apply if you are confident you can think of at least one way to achieve it. One common approach might be going through the Chrome debugger and inspecting the Javascript code, but that may not be sufficient given it's a protected/private script. If for any reason you are unable to complete the task, I will not leave any negative feedback but payment will be done only after the source code has been extracted successfully and tested by me to confirm the outp...

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    I'm seeking for an experienced developer to code a unique ranking system for my T6ZM server under .gsc code. or any code thats works with the server and the Admin The objective of this project is to make the gaming experience more exciting, engaging and a reason to come back. Well it goes like this, Ranks will be numerical from 1 to 100, with each rank costing double the amount of the previous rank (starting at 2000 points for rank 1). i want to create a command called ".rankup" that checks the player's money balance and deducts the appropriate amount if they can afford it, If the player can afford it, update their rank and apply the points multiplier bonus. if they don't, notify them saying they don't have enough also, update their clan tag to disp...

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    ...core functionality should allow for the creation of affiliate links that are specific to products across multiple networks. Each link should be easily traceable, allowing me to monitor click-through rates efficiently. - **Unsubscribe Link Generation:** An essential tool to respect user choices, enabling them to unsubscribe with a simple click. The process should capture the user's email address, reason for unsubscribing, and display a confirmation message upon completion. - **Custom Domain Usage:** The entire system must operate under my existing domain, ensuring a consistent and professional user experience. **Ideal Candidate Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in web development, specifically in creating secure and scalable link generators. - Experience with affiliate m...

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    ...reorganization of pages with products, highlight products more to boost sales, make newsletters more visible, remove old services we no longer provide, and eventually add new providers Can you provide more details on the specific content updates you would like to make to your website? Text updates, Image updates, Adding new pages: I need to publish pages that have been hidden for some unknown reason by the last website editor such as my careers page and the job descriptions and job application pages as well as the new products. What design changes would you like to make to your website? Layout and structure. I need suggestions as I am not sure how it can flow better. This will be the last change I make as I have a monthly budget to stick to and the priority for this month is ...

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    Hi Bhawan, can you see any reason that this non-secure message would be seen by my client. I can not replicate the error on my side. News page with the HTTPS: url and SSL certificate is: Client can login here, also via this secured link: But they receive the attached error (see chat).

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    I'm searching for an experienced web developer to convert my game website from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4. The main reason for this overhaul is to improve the site's responsiveness. Key requirements include: - Complete switch from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4, maintaining all functionalities and current page count (over 10 pages). - Implementation of custom animations for an enhanced, dynamic user experience. - Application of a new color scheme to freshen the overall website look and feel. Ideally, you'll have proven experience in Bootstrap and be able to share previous work examples. Knowing how to create custom animations is highly essential, and some UI/UX design background will be beneficial. Understanding of current design trends and color schemes is necessary...

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    ...picture of a girl to address a sensitive requirement. Your task will be to subtly remove any hints of her pregnancy (I would suggest elongating her sweater) and apply a soft, light blurring effect to her outline, with particular attention to diminishing the lower part of her dress. It's imperative that these edits appear seamlessly natural, preserving the authenticity of the original photo. The reason for diminishing the lower part of her dress is I want the photo to depict a 1930's look. I also would like, but not required, for the sky to have a touch of blue. Key Requirements: - Remove the appearance of pregnancy without altering the natural flow and structure of the dress. - Apply a light blur to the girl's outline, ensuring that the transition from the subject ...

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    Seeking a talented and experienced Software Requirements Specifications Engineer, ERD Designer, and Roadmap Specialist to create a plan and blueprint for our developers, system administrator, and project manager to follow. Experience working closely with teams and developers to gather requirements, analyze business needs, and prioritize features is required. The website ...requirements, analyze business needs, and prioritize features is required. The website is in development and we are close to completing a minimal viable product using a MEVN stack: Mongo, Express, Vue3 (+Quasar), Node. There are 4 or 5 different SRS documents. I hired 2 project managers until I found the current person helping us out. The previous ones created their own SRS which was part of the reason they we...

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    55 teklifler and seek the exclusion of the evidence acquired during that search from the upcoming 2024 court case. due if possible by midnight PT on 2/18. **Key Aspects to Highlight:** - **Time and Date of the Search:** The exact timing is crucial for arguing the motion's context. - **Location of the Search:** This information is vital to establish the scope and invasiveness of the search. - **Reason for the Warrantless Search:** A thorough analysis will bolster the argument that the search was unjustifiable and in violation of privacy rights. **Desired Outcome:** - **Exclusion of Evidence:** The primary goal is to argue successfully for the exclusion of evidence obtained during the drone search, potentially favoring the defense significantly. **Legal Arguments...

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    ...I have a python file () which is used to scrap the google search results, as the aim is to get the first google-scholar account from the google search and the search parameters are defined within 'testing ' However, the code executes the error (: 429 Client Error: Too Many Requests for url:) error due to non-existence of proxy IP addresses. For this reason, I have made another python routine () and have loaded the proxy IP addresses. I need a freelancer to adjust this code (or write another code from scratch) so that I should successfully scrap the google data from thousands of searches from a single PC. Note: I have added all the files in the project details except ( will be provided to the selected freelancer)

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    I've been struggling with my Instagram page lately where it seems like it becomes inactive every day without clear reason. I'm no longer able to reach my audience efficiently, which indicates some form of functionality issue or bug within the system. Here's what I need: - A comprehensive check of my Instagram page’s functions, including login, registration, posting, content editing, liking, and commenting. - Identify why my page appears to be inactive and why my contents aren’t reaching my audience as expected. - Provide a strategic plan to rectify the identified issues and enhance my content reach. Ideal candidates should: - Have a strong understanding of Instagram functioning and API. - Have past experience in social media troubleshooting, particular...

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    migrate gitea from old server to new I have migrated from the old server so the PLESK on Ubuntu 22.04 should work and have domains setup correctly. I have also followed instructions to install gitea, but I cannot get it to work for some reason since I have 200 other things and not time and patience right now. QUESTION: have you migrated gitea from an old server to a new server previously? takes 1-2 hours work to do: 1. install gitea on new server 2. copy old gitea to new server 3. run it 4. point me to an instruction that can tell how a. migration should be done b. installation from scratch and the tricks to get the stuff working. Please: ONLY APPLY IF YOU HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE AND YOU ARE A SYSTEM ADMIN. Be a rock solid system admin. Not someone who has installed it one time....

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    I'm in need of a designer who can convert 4 .ai files to .psd while maintaining the same layer structure. The reason behind this project is to attain compatibility with other software. The files contain a mix of text elements, vector graphics, and images. An ideal kick for this job would be someone with extensive experience in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Being meticulous to maintain the integrity of the layers during conversion is paramount. Looking forward to a seamless and quick transformation!

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    Will be resolving all of these issues mentioned below: Forms are not alinged with the layout on mobile Huge spaces between all the sections Icon boxes should be 2 in one row the header section has to be changed and has to be intact in a single line:.move that contact form from the top of the page either to middle or bottom and focus ...section has to be changed and has to be intact in a single line:.move that contact form from the top of the page either to middle or bottom and focus more on the products at the top I believe all the product section could be 2 per section rather than a single one big one per section. when you get to the product category page layout is not good, shows two per section but one is big one small for some reason. The top menu is showing fully which needs to...

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    ...focusing on displaying daily deals prominently - Ensure the platform supports heavy traffic and dynamic content updates - Craft a navigation system that allows users to effortlessly browse deals - Integrate analytics to monitor user engagement and preferences The end goal is to launch a platform that stands out for its ease of use, efficiency in deal delivery, and reliability, providing users with a reason to come back daily. If you are passionate about creating platforms that attract and retain users through exceptional performance and design, I would love to see your proposal. I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Bootstrap website and mobile app for featuring both local and online deals. I already have a specific design in mind for the website and app. The proje...

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    21 teklifler a system tray app that runs on windows, mac and linux, and since the only package I could quickly find that allow pdf to printer is a nodejs package, I am thinking this is an electron app. If you want to use another tech stack just check in. We use python and javascript mostly, with a couple of small new items in rust... I would not want to deviate from our known tech unless there is a good reason....

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    ...with expertise in Finale music-notation software to enhance a project of mine. My composition is complete, but it lacks proper piano pedaling notation, which is crucial for the piece's authenticity and emotional resonance. I also want proper high-quality Garritan sounds for the output (as my Garritan isn't working for some reason) **Requirements:** - Add proper piano pedaling to the composition. - Produce an MP3 file utilizing high-quality Garritan sounds. For some reason, my system isn't generating the Garritan sounds correctly, and I need someone who can troubleshoot this issue to ensure the final audio is of high quality. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Finale music-notation software - Experience with piano compositions and understandi...

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    ...this transfer is to benefit from the better customer service that AngelBroking offers. To ensure a successful project, here's what you need to know: - **Stock Type:** The transfer will solely involve equity stocks. - **Access to Accounts:** I currently have full access to both my IIFL (NSDL) and AngelBroking (CDSL) accounts, ensuring no delays in necessary actions or information retrieval. - **Reason for Transfer:** The primary driving force for this move is to avail the superior customer service provided by AngelBroking. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in handling NSDL and CDSL operations. - Skilled in equity stock management and transfer procedures. - Thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements surrounding such transfers. - Excellent communicati...

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    ...2500 dream reports. These dream reports have been coded into 10 themes, and 77 sub-themes. The data is now in a numerical format, there is no need for additional text analysis. The data is current in Excel format. I will be adding 1000 new reports to the dashboard every week, so it is important that the project is delivered in a way that allows me to add new dream reports independently. For this reason I would prefer free or low-cost platforms (e.g. R, Python, Tableau, Gephi). I am open to suggestions regarding the best visualization. I have attached a screenshot from TextIQ as a broad idea. It is important that the dashboard can 'click through' to individual dream reports, as well as show the broad themes and connections between themes. ### Ideal Skills and Experi...

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    My automatic gate system, a Rigel 5 model, is faced with a predicament—it doesn't open or close as it should. I’m specifically looking for a professional who can swiftly identify and rectify this problem. Key Details: - The issue surfaced recently; the gate doesn’t respond as anticipated. - The reason behind this fault is unclear—the problem's origin remains unknown as no recent incidents or changes related to power outage, weather or physical damage have taken place. - I have noticed some error messages and indicator lights when the gate malfunctions. Required Skills and Experience: - Expertise in working with automatic gate systems, specifically Rigel 5 models - Strong problem-solving skills and ability to work independently - Excellent underst...

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    €874 - €1748
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    I am currently experiencing a critical issue with my web application that employs CakePHP version 4. For some reason, none of the Ajax requests within the application are executing properly. This is hindering the dynamic aspects of the application, affecting both the retrieval and sending of data to the server. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge in CakePHP (specifically version 4) - Expertise in Ajax and JavaScript for dynamic web applications - Proven experience in diagnosing and resolving Ajax request issues - Ability to work efficiently to troubleshoot and implement necessary fixes ### Specific Requirements: - Diagnose why Ajax requests are not working within the CakePHP 4 environment - Address and fix issues related to both sending and receiving data via Ajax ...

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    Trophy icon Simple Sticker Designs Bitti left, the sticker size can be increased to 7cmx7cm, but I would prefer the smaller size. If you need to make it larger, please specify in your entry. Sticker 2) SIZE: 75mm x ???mm (portrait layout - the ??? can be anywhere from 80-130mm). A smaller size is more cost effective, so a smaller size would be preferred, but the appearance of the design is the most important, so if you have a good reason to make it larger, please do so. Please specify the size in your entry. SHAPE: Rectangle with rounded corners (ensure design fits inside the rounded corners). BACKGROUND COLOUR: White REQUIREMENT: This will be a simple reorder QR code for a product. It will be attached to the storage container the product arrives in. The design should incorporate our UNEDITED QR code. The design shou...

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    I am currently using LuyaCMS and I have a template that was built with the UI-Kit CSS framework. I would like to convert it to a WordPress template. The main reason for this conversion is for a different division of the same company that would prefer to work within Wordpress as they are familiar with it already. There is no need to duplicate content and placeholder images and dummy text can be used where needed. The WordPress template must: - Be responsive (adjusts to different device screens) - Use UI-Kit () You can see the current template in use here: Take note of the different layouts per page and animations here and there. Having knowledge of both Ui-Kit and WordPress would be ideal for this job. If you are proficient

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    I'm in need of a professional and persuasive letter that will be sent to Embassy A. The primary purpose of the letter is to request assistance with my long stay visa. The embassy should be clear on the reason I want to leave the United States. Key factors that need to be carefully considered are: - Presenting compelling reasons for my long stay visa application. - Clear and concise description of my intent to leave the United States. - Respecting the embassy's protocols and using a formal tone throughout. Freelancers with previous experience in immigration and visa processing or diplomatic liaising are preferred. Excellent writing skills are a must! A successful bid will provide: * An outline of your proposed letter before proceeding with full draft * Your previous exper...

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