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    I need a simple Python script that checks names on Tumblr, whether they can be registered or not. I need the script to do the following: pull email and password from text file (text file1), then open firefox from the same folder, go to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], enter email and password in registration, pull username from text file (text file2) and try to...

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    Hi. My adsense account is banned today because of invalid trafic.. Is there anyone that wrote an appeal before and achive to reopen the adsense account.. if you have a comment about reopening adsense account pls bid to my project.. ( i got pinned my images at my website this month.. so the person who pinned my images visited hundreds of my websites pages so also saw hundred of google ads.. may be...

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    stop asking to reopen the link spreadsheet

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    Park a website Bitti left

    I need to close down my website. But keep all the data in case i need to reopen it later. I want a landing page to appear when people go to the URL.

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    Need an android app client-server type: Project description: Service management for gas and water interventions. Basically a ticketing service Client: Android app that receives messages from server with details of intervention: name of customer, phone, address, problem description. Client app user should be able to see those details and accept the service inquire. After that, client app user shoul...

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    DNS Verify Bitti left

    I have started a new store One designer finished the 10 product store. I cannot verify the domain even tho it is working on Shopify the child setup would work tho it is set up with an Empire theme I have tried google merchant account and just deleted that because it isnt working. I need to get this going. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I want this store to be...

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    Hi ksd711, it appears that I cannot reopen the project. So, I am directly hiring. I would ike to start with a project - which we need to estimate - and then work toward a more regular process. Thanks, Rosemarie

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    I need a Windows developer who can develop a whiteboard app (example Microsoft Whiteboard) but with very basic functions like Ink, Undo-Redo, Save File and MS Word & PDF File import. You can use existing Microsoft Ink API or similar to build it. Features: - Basic annotation features like Ink writing, color change, eraser - Save file and reopen saved file - Import Microsoft Word document as &#...

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    Develop an UNO component in JAVA that will provide option to select different office files from disk and open it on libreoffice (Read the file using UNO and open into Libreoffice) Files types are Doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, odt, ott, txt, html etc. (All office files which support by Libreoffice) Uno should also control SAVE and SAVE AS menu button of Libreoffice This 2 buttons should be c...

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    We are happy to inform you that we have finally moved to a new place and are all set to reopen our company here at 10th mile chauk, Hazam Basti Ranchi 835221. We cordially invite you for the inauguration party

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    Understand the project requirement and then Bid, copy paste bid will be ignored Hello, i need simple app like this with different color and improved design. Please test the apk and let me know the time. Note:- visitors and visited tabs will load random numbers from contacts on reopen of application I do not need login function. I do not need slider bar functions. i need track function if anoth...

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    I need the attached documents to work in "Mac preview" application. Currently, there is something wrong with the formatting that my Mac gives me an error and won't open. The message says "Preview Quit unexpectedly click reopen to open the application again. Click report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple". I currently have another fillable PDF th...

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    I need a WPF C# Code for sending messages and images for any number using Web Whats App 1._ Open Web Browser, Scan QR Code (process of whats app). 2._ Send a message to any number from a simple txt file. (each number in a line) 3._ If the app is closed, save de session, cookies, etc, 4._ If the app is reopen, the session is still saved. 5._ Option saves multiple sessions for multiple phone numbe...

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    Writ Poetry Review is a Western Australian online poetry magazine, where we host poems, interviews and book reviews and release several issues a year. It's run purely by volunteers. The magazine went on hiatus 4 years ago and we want to get it back online! Unfortunately we have not been able to get hold of the previous web designer, so are effectively "locked out" of the old website...

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    hi please serious freelancers and 10hours a day service only..i have a chat app which is running already so its have some bugs and need to add some function here is the list of task [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] disconnection after 5 days and rooms error with it some time shown blank and to make seprate the server for rooms and some time error cannot connect t...

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    EA programming Bitti left

    Simple EA code to reopen close trade

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    Hi Sanjeev K., I hope all is well. I worked with you awhile back. I believe it was 2015. You helped me upload products to my seller page on Amazon. We had a baby(actually 2) and missed some shipments resulting in our page being suspended, this was also due to inventory issues. We left suspended as we were too busy with the babies but are now in a position to reopen our account and start selling a...

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    Task 1: -Create integer type field "State Change Counter" inside 'incident' Table -Create Business Rule (Reopen Count) which will increment "State Change Counter" field only when state of incident changed -Create boolean type field "CounterIsEven" (with 'Read Only' checked) that will display "true" if "State Change Counter" is e...

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    Hi Indra K., somehow my freelancer closed my account last week saying that my account is a duplicate one for another active account, which i have no clue with how that happened. I've been contacting freelancer support to ask them to reopen my account, but I haven't heard back anything from them. I have to sign up a new account now. If they can't help me reopen the old one, I have to...

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    Hi we have a book that we can't get the side bar editors notes off of we contacted Microsoft word many times and they helped us get the side bar note off the book, but then when we would go to save it and then reopen it, they would then all return. So we need a person who knows this feature who can get it turned off so we can get the book printed.

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    Hi, We are looking for a logo, we had one that interested us but the freelancer is very slow and never do it like we want.. would you like to join the contest? I would like to see what you can do.. If you are interested, let me know, I will reopen the contest

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    I am looking for someone to create a wordpress module that we can install into our site that will make it so that we can create docx and pdf documents (legal) based on templates we will be building. It should be possible to calculate with dates, use multiple choice fields, use selections to add or remove sections, automatically number sections in the document, calculate rates, calculate interest, ...

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    I'm unable to load pages on a VERY old Drupal site that I need to reopen to recover data from! I have uploaded the DB, uploaded the old site, connected the DB, but can't get the pages to show. I think the Htaccess file, or the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] file are wrong, and need help spotting where the error is..

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    Hi guys, I am looking for someone to develop an App for both Android and iOS devices. I need you to do the front-end and back end in Qt/Qml. You can use Java code for front and back-end, but I mainly want you to program it with C. Every code that you will write need a common, explain what that code means or does. I don’t need CRM for changing the colour or buttons. I can do it with codes as...

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    Small MVVM project; I need a C#/WPF developer to do the next task: Run the project click one button will display a form: - (after drag and drop any object to the main form) the object coordinates and size most pe saved in a Xml file (Xml object seriallization); when modify the position and the size of any objects the xml file most be updated according with the new coordinates and new size (for t...

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    Hello, My Name is Eimy and I am the Lead Purchasing Agent for Our Ecommerce Store. We are in need of a talented, creative designer to give life to our Online Store identity as we are updating our logo We will be providing more details about the store via chat. LOGO NAME: Holiday Aficionado We sell High ticketed seasonal products. we close down store and reopen for every holiday (going by th...

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    Hi Aline B., I would like to get 5 more designs from you based on the Floral/Organic Seamless Vector Patterns Contest. Including edits. Sorry had to close the project and reopen it to make it 10 days.

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] able to install on Mac, Ubuntu, windows machines [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] able to choos edirectory [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] images should be listed. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] click on that we should show the ...

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    Custom Clothing Sri Pooja Boutique, is a fashion company delivering customise clothing for everyday needs and special occasion needs. Each item is handmade and has process attached to it. Challenge With the season on head, it’s difficult to manage with pen and paper records of order received, order due, bill of material and other processes. We are looking for seamless process which will h...

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    Software tool development required. SW tool short details: Customized Autocad format viewer (*.dwg; *.dxf) for Windows 10 (UA/ EN) with drawing scaling, mirroring, and rotation capabilities. SW tool is targeted to be used with projector, to project image on a flat surface. Image adjust is required to scale the image to match real dimensions. SW tool setup parameters need to be saved and reopen on...

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    Hello I'd like to have someone create for me (or help me find/implement a currently existing product or software) that can do the following: 1. Open a program from my desktop 2. Adjust one setting from its default to what I need 3. Click start to run the program 4. Close the program after its been running for 45 minutes (or some other time I can adjust) 5. Reopen the software immediately aft...

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    I had to reopen the job.

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    There is always an error when I try to reopen. So I made a new project

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    1. Firebase Google and Facebook and email Signin and store database to firebase 2. Customizing user profile page and displaying connected social profiles 3. Change the way this app is displaying news 4. Add to do list function and Add a Note function for login users and store data on firebase 5. Save favourite news to firebase database 6. Discussion Board - Where registered users can publish their...

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    Ability to change widgets layout in design mode by drag and drop and be responsive at preview based on page width. Take a look at attachment [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and tell me how you would implement a logic that would responsively re-arrange widgets. Features to include: 1. add and remove widgets (button at a toolbar) 2. set iframe url for widget (usin...

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    Ability to change widgets layout in design mode by drag and drop and be responsive at preview based on page width. Features to include: 1. add and remove widgets (button at a toolbar) 2. set iframe url for widget (using a button at a toolbar) 3. resizable widgets using edge or corners drag and drop. 4. ability to select multiple widgets and align tops, bottoms, lefts, rights and center 5. ability...

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    Hello, I have an app here [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I would like to do some fixes and changes : - There is an issue with new ‘sign up’. Right after signing up the user does not have access to the app sometimes. He has to close then reopen the app. - Put in place ‘offline mode’ where users can listen to downloaded music from their li...

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    Hello, i wanna fix some bugs on an existing IOS app xcode 10.1 1- the IAP dons’t contained an action if the user already purchase the subscription. the process icon just keep spinning with no stop [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 2- The loading of the live wallpapers its not working right, When i choose a wallpaper its took me to another wallpaper not the ...

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    I'm looking to have a script written that will lock an Autodesk Maya file after a few days and then delete the whole content if the right code isn't entered. Think of it like having a trial version attached to a Autodesk Maya file when it opens , it saves out the date and then after a few days maybe 30days or so it locks. I need to be able to set how long and when it locks, I want to be ...

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    this is Ionic3 cordova wordpress woo-commerce app, from [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] page when tapping on a product many time it open product page perfectly but some time it freeze(hang) while opening product page and can not go back. same problem from [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] page when tapping on a product many time i...

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    ■ Overview I want to create a chat system that is customer support for a securities company. It is a reference URL. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Because the wholesaler of this chat system doesn't support with chat on the same day, Even if the user closes the screen, logs such as the history of interactions will be stored unless the cache is cleared. I w...

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    K2 blackpearl form with gis map - drop a few markers draw a polygon save and reopen saved gis data

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    Trophy icon customize jQuery File Upload Bitti left

    Hi, i want to customize jQuery File Upload [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] i switched 'user_dirs' => false, to 'user_dirs' => true, so every user will have separate folder named with session_id. i want any user can back to same session_id any time by passing session_id to URL like that. [URL'yi görüntüle...

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    Hello, I need a tool developed which basically performs the following duties: 1) Detects an image on a website (the image's location varies everytime you reopen it) -this would be great if we can define the image in the tool so that if I need this tool to work somewhere else, I'll just change the image so that it starts working on the new image 2) Clicks on that image and waits for a...

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    I need redesign theese 3 icons attached. The icons should have the samze size as within the picture and also the orange color-style. "PartClose&ReOpen" should have some arrow-circle and an "x" for "close". "only close" shoudl have an "x" for "close". "copy" should have a symbol for "copy" and the text. Thanks fo...

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