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    ...need to advertise [login to view URL] please register on forums/blogs under name: Albert Green Tim Peterson search for related forum posts( where people are looking how to generate word files on C# ) and leave there suggestion to try ZetWord sdk DON'T REPLY where ZetWord sdk WAS ALREADY MENTIONED in EARLIER REPLIES under topic make short reply ( 80% replies

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    ...analytical work for them and deliver them large data sets. We want to deliver a written report in Microsoft Word document format describing our analysis and results. We need a template so that we can create dozens of these reports easily each quarter. We need a standard template that is professional and impressive, and we need it to accommodate inserting so...

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    ...into a table in Microsoft Word using an existing template and a pile of photos (approx. 300) imported into the same document. I need the document to be saved into Dropbox on completion. I would like the person to have Microsoft Word on a PC, rather than a MAC. I need the person to complete the job by Tuesday. I have attached a sample report so you can s...

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    This is a project to create a Microsoft Word Template for technical reports. We have an example of the data we want in the report which we will give to the person we select. The template must be flexible and professional for the following: Cover Page Table of Contents, Table of Figures, and Table of Tables Executive Summaries Nested Sections Tables

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    I am a builder / building, mostly for homes and produce a pre-purchase building inspection report, its a two stage process 1. house inspection (using pen & paper & camera) 2. type up the inspection report using template in microsoft word. Stage 2 is the section I wish to outsource, following the template by typing and adding the phot...

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    I run a small environmental consulting firm and I'm looking for someone to develop/design an interactive Microsoft Access template that will populate a Word document/report with data. Also could use assistance optimizing our company's use of Office 365.

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    Looking for a freelancer to prepare an Annual Report Front cover template for my business. I have a design in mind that I would like copied for my business. I would like the template to be done in MICROSOFT WORD so it can be editable for me to change names as necessary. I've attached a design I like along with my company logo.

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    We need a Word template for claims reports to speed up the workflow. The template is in the attachment. All gray boxes are text boxes. It would be ideal when we can additional text row's when they are effectively needed (new field with +). For the columns "Betrag (Amount)", the "Total" should be added up (including taxes 7.7%). You are free to create

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    I am a real estate appraiser. I have a Microsoft Word document that serves as a template for a certain type of real estate appraisal reports I write. The document has a set of different forms provided by the State of Tennessee. Each form is separated from the others in the Microsoft Word document by a section break. I want a button I can click on

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    I am seeking an expert in MS Word to help improve a report template used by our consultancy business. The aim of the template is the provide a standard look and feel across all reports, irrespective of which consultant is using it. Some of the report layout is ‘boiler plate’, some needs to give the consultant options to choose from and some needs to

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    ...principles organized in three categories: Enhance Me (4), Simplify My Life (8), and Make Me Amazing (5). ASSIGNMENT For this assignment, you are to prepare and submit a report on design.  Select and analyze two of the Android Developer Design Principles.  Summarize each principle.  Re-state the Android description and give your own interpretation

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    Our organisation produces a number of reports and as such we are looking to have a standard report temaplte design using Microsoft word that our own internal staff will eventually be able to reuse for each report developed.

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    Hi, I need a report template designed, so it can easily be updated and changed for different projects, by my team in Microsoft Word, without needing to use InDesign. The document will have 20 sections, which will vary in length depending on each use, and will be about 45 pages (like a business plan). The output needs to look far more professional

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    I want to sell some bundle of microsoft word/powerpoint page layout template in portrait/vertical layout which adressed to corporate/business/company profile/Annual Report/business proposal, something like that, most of template in internet are made in InDesign format, i need template in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint format which have same...

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    Saya ingin menjual beberapa template microsoft word / powerpoint dalam layout potrait / vertikal bertemakan company profile / annual report / proposal bisnis, sejenis itu, sebagian besar template di internet dibuat dalam format InDesign, Saya memerlukan template dalam format Microsoft Word atau Powerpoint yang memiliki kualitas yang sama deng...

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    CREATE FORM Bitti left report. Five pages at most, to be converted into a WORKING TEMPLATE where ALL of the data in the tables can be changed, removed or added while keeping the same format. Hence, I need to keep the identical Graphics, Format and Template of this statement; however, I want to be able to change the figures and data. I will provide the report for reference

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    Microsoft word report template

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    11 teklifler create an automation process for our report writing. We have a report template which has variables in it of which we change each time we write the report as the answers are different for each individual report. We need a way to be able to use some sort of drop down menu options in order to populate the report with the correct paragraphs without havin...

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    ...Admin creates survey meeting for microsoft company and then fill basic detaisl like company name etc, then he meets with their it team for category B and its sub category to answer questions, he captures all details similarly he meets other employees to get more information and complete survey then he generates report using phpdocx question bank

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    I am looking for a talented, motivated Native English speaking writer to create an organized, well-researched report on the following topic: Recipe writing (cookbook) - 50 recipes with introduction and conclusion Please bid only if you are interested in this subject. The precise subject of the cookbook will be sent to you once you are hired

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my biostatistic project. The skills required are SPSS Designer and MICROSOFT WORD. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $2000-$3000 [login to view URL]: An administrator is conducting a survey concerning the prescribing of antibiotics at a particular clinic. The data concerning 25 patients were collected

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    ...looking for a professional Microsoft Word editor in order to improve the formatting of our report and remove errors, using a pre-defined template. We do not need advanced graphic editing but simple and error-free formatting. You will be provided with an already formatted report (plus short annex and summary) for a total of 3 Word files (about 250 pages

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    ...update in future)  - Invoice design (in keeping with the company corporate identity)  - Receipt design (in keeping with the company corporate identity)  - Microsoft Word Report template (in Landscape, portrait etc.)  - Brochure design (detailing our company main activities etc.). We would be really on the creativity and expertise of the selected

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    ...dynamic report in Microsoft Word format. I can also accept PDF if it is easier. The report will contain colored text, tables, images, table of contents. Please make sure you can do this job. I have a template in word. However, last time freelancers literally just copied the file out. That is not what i am looking to do. I want to fill the report ...

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    Simple project. Excel VBA to open Word and populate various sections of single page. I want to supply a completed Microsoft Word template (property research report), then reverse engineer an Excel Macro that can fill out the various sections of that Word template. Our aim is the use the Excel template to complete various Word documents...

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    I am working on a project that requires the ability to export a report in Microsoft Word format. I do have a template in Word of how the final report should look like. I have developed the report in PHP already but require now someone that can build the openTBS word template and help me complete the php script base don why I already ...

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    Assignment 1: 'Prepare an individual report linking the overarching themes of sustainable development to a specific company, business sector or geographical region. Examples from public and third-sector organisations and / or private sector companies should be used to illustrate your submission, as appropriate.' The topic for the assignment should

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    Looking for an expert in Microsoft VBA to review a current project, complete the sections that requires the transfer of data to Word Docs and PDF pages, also provide solutions for the printing and saving of the Workbook. Also want the code reviewed and estimate for time/cost to update code. This was written by someone without VBA experience.

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    I have an executive executive summary and a press release for a report that will be released soon. I need the Microsoft word documents to appear professional and also require a template so that I can use the "design" for future documents. The documents should be uniform in appearance have the ability to be edited in Word as simply as possible.

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    ...firm that produces technical reports on flooding. We would like to have a Microsoft Word cover page and Report Template designed. The cover page should include at least the following (listed in no particular order): 1. Report title and date, plus "Draft Report" or "Final Report" 2. Place for Client name(s) and logo(s) 3. ...

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    ...Scoring Guide. Website icon APA Style and Formatting. Microsoft Word icon Qualitative Study Evaluation Template. Locate an article from the peer-reviewed, scholarly journals in your field using one of the databases available in the Library. This article should be no more than five years old and report on an empirical qualitative study. The article may

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    Need a Microsoft word template created for technology company. Template will be used to create a report, needs to look simple and professional. Prefer colors to be in orange or orange square. Open to suggestions Please see attached logo for inspiration.

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    ...Library. Website icon Finding Articles by TYPE. Microsoft Word icon Quantitative Study Evaluation Template. Locate an article from the peer-reviewed, scholarly journals in your field using one of the databases available in the Capella Library. This article should be no more than five years old and report on an empirical quantitative study. The article

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    ...A in the same document as Part B. Word Limit: 3000 +/- 10% YOUR BRIEF You have recently been appointed by the Dundee City Council who is seeking to develop a tram system of its own but they have concerns over the problems that Edinburgh had with their tram project. Your assignment is to write a report on the prospective Dundee tram system as

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    We need a designer to make a Microsoft Word Report Template for us. The document that will be cut and pasted into the template is at [login to view URL] The Report template should fit School District Branding. We will need to be able to make changes

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    ...a designer to finalize our research report and make it more professional. The report and all data related to the charts will be provided as well as supervision on how to display the data. We require professional graphs and infographics and formatting/template for the final report. The report is made in a word file. We require a person to be capabl...

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    Hi, I do some occasional freelance work as a town planning consultant and am looking to update my logo, letter template, report template and business card from the Microsoft Word versions I currently use (which are a bit dated and not especially professional looking). I've uploaded the current documents I'm using to help illustrate. The business

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    The project is about organising a summer party. There is a 2000 word report which will be written up. I have provided a template and a example report. The second part is to make a diagram of tasks and the third part is to make a giant chart using Microsoft project 2010. It is important you have that software because it will be needed to complete this

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    We need an A4 report template designed in Microsoft Word. This template will be used by various people with different level of skill in Word so the design needs to be clear and easy to follow and use. It must follow our brand colours and fonts and include all of the requirements listed in the document 'Report Breakdown'. We have i...

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    Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Designer needed. I'm trying to convert a multi-page word report (average report is 10 pages) into an excel spreadsheet. No formulas or links needed, just basic design/format stuff. The intent is to use it as a template for future reports. Thank you.

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    ...must be a book that will educate MY AUDIENCE and get 5 star reviews on Kindle. (I will supply you with samples of similar content and specific topics to cover within the report once I select you). The book should contain a unique table of contents that best fits the book topic and that YOU would most like to read about. You will need to

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    ...must be a book that will educate MY AUDIENCE and get 5 star reviews on Kindle. (I will supply you with samples of similar content and specific topics to cover within the report once I select you). The book should contain a unique table of contents that best fits the book topic and that YOU would most like to read about. You will need to write

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    ..."BubbleIt". Using the logo and proposed theme, also need a Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint template created. Word template should be report format with: - front cover with main logo design on it - table of contents - body of reports Powerpoint template - same structure as for Word About the compan...

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    I have a Microsoft Word Document that I would like re-designed with my logo and the removal of another companies logo. Design a cover page an example will be provided and instructions. If you do not have experience in re-designing or creating templates DO NOT APPLY. We will provide the instructions prior to the job and ONLY apply if you can deliver

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    We have built smart templates with customised ribbons for use with Microsoft Word 2013. The templates have style and tool buttons to undertake complex tasks within MS Word at the click of a single button. For example, in the report template an author can click a single button to create a Table of Contents, Table of Tables, Table of Figures and a Table

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    I need to convert a report format into a template that will simplify the entry of data, diagrams, photos and images. The main report format uses Microsoft Word with some added input from Microsoft Visio. Paragraph organisation, automated contents, electronic signatures, use of tables, captioning of images, etc. are important. The format used in the

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    ...corporate report template document that can be used to present reports to clients. It must be in Microsoft Word or Publisher format and contain: - A title page - Different sections and associated headings - Spaces for pictures - Appendix title pages We would like to be able to drop custom information for each client into the report. It

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    ...powerpoint template like this: [login to view URL] Take relevant template icons and pages to fit with the data we are presenting. #1 We need to tweak to fit our branding colors and make the entry page look fresh #2 Insert a monthly report done in microsoft word and excel The report contains

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    ...electricity usage kWh) over time. 3. Microsoft version of excel deficient in XML functionality and therefore the project developer must provide XML converter. 4. Project developer must do all work on Mac as demonstration that functionality of work is sound for mac application going forward. 5. Must produce standard template excel program that takes XML data

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