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    Need a written summary in layman's terms to explain the approach to sampling wastewater, RNA extraction and RT-qPCR, with a summary of the skills and equipment required to do so.

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    I need someone familiar with bioinformatics and R programming/analysis and data visualization

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    Looking for a programmer familiar with using R on DNA-SEQ, RNA-SEQ, Bioinformatics and statistical analysis

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    I need some one who is an expert in bioinformatics to build a model who can predict RNA-Protein interactions. More details to be provided

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    Basic data gathering for a survey about genetic testing in the UK today for a study about the progress in genomics. List all UK based private companies offering various DNA testing services. Keywords: DNA testing, DNA sequencing, next generation sequencing, NGS, RNA testing, Polymerase chain reaction, PCR, Single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNP genotyping, SNP-seq, gene test, paternity testing...

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    The new System of Thinking and understanding world and universe on base IT Technology using AI communication Platform for connect all on this earth people existence with better communicate functions or AIML whether RNA, ML or DL ​​process via telepathy, mental interface, astral spirit or any vibrations in the frequency form which call signal for open communication interface from mind to virtual ne...

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    Natural Avatar Bitti left

    All old you see in the video and movies and other digital media ,A rich colony of their why ! ALL Aciantpeople in the form of team just like Ant,tribals people and At the time slowly-slowly its also a machanic problems,for explain a Evolution,make change the world and in solar system .It causes the that human changes the change into its working [URL'yi görüntülemek için...

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    Cell migration and chemotaxis in cancer (Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma) We need to analyze scRNA seq data. Points we want to find- 1. Whether LPAR(1-6) and LPP3 genes are expressed in pancreas at all or not? 2. If yes, then what is the level of expression in normal and metastatic pancreas? 3. Comparing the level of gene expression in normal, primary tumor, cancerous and metastatic pancreas. 4. ...

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    I have a couple of questions that require essay form answers with Harvard referencing, plagiarism free, The questions are as follows: 1) Discuss how the oestrogen receptor (a nuclear hormone receptor) acts as an activator transcription factor to increase the expression of oestrogen responsive genes. In your answer discuss the mechanism of action of the oestrogen receptor and how it enhances the...

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    In early stages of AD, tau propagates from the entorhinal cortex to the hippocampus(HPC). Dr. Tonegawa showed that there could be a direct connection between certain clusters of cell, “island cells” in the medial entorhinal cortex(MEC) and the CA1 in the HPC. In our project, we are trying to show that tau propagates by this connection, either directly or indirectly. We did some Ephys ...

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    Note: Please do not pull vector graphics off of google that are not your original work Company Name: Silvec Biologics Tag Line: Protecting, curing, and enhancing trees using proprietary RNA therapies. We are looking to turn this into a brand so please include brand colors with the logo. Name Means: 1. What does Silvec mean to you as a word? What did you choose it? ANSWER: Sil means forrest i...

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    Seeking ongoing collaboration 6 hours per week. The goal is publishing in major bio-medical literature and getting grants. Requires Ph.D. Skills required: extensive knowledge and experience in RNA Seq, Chip Seq and publications in bioinformatics, statistics, and genetics. Experience required in R, Python, Machine learning (including Random Forrest, Neural Networks and Bayesian Networks) and B...

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    Cell migration and chemotaxis in cancer. Have to do RNA-seq data analysis. We need to see expression of genes (LPA receptors and LPP3 enzyme) in the normal, cancerous and metastatic pancreas and analyze and compare them. We need to see if there is high expression of these genes when pancreas becomes metastatic from a healthy one and whether these genes are expressed in metastatic pancreas at all?

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    I want guy who is good in bioinformatic work . you should have skills on RNA sequencing, and collecting datasets I want you to collect Bladder Cancer datasets and perform following 2 conditions : 1. To quantify cell-cell interaction intensity based on single-cell RNA sequencing data. 2. To identify interactions associated with disease progression based on scRNAseq data. I may provide you pdf fi...

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    I need to understand RNA structure and do some coding to prove my algorithm

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    Hello, We are a laboratory that diagnosis tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme Disease. We have about five people in customer support, who do a very good job, but are not trained in the science of what we do. We are looking for someone who has good communications skills (whether on the phone or in person) but more importantly is able to provide guidance or answer questions on the science. We prima...

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     Coronavirus ( latin -corona means "crown" Or "halo" ) First discover in the late - 1960s Human Coronavirus - 2003 Classification Family - Coronaviridae Subfamily - Orthocoronaviridae Size Virus diameter - 120nm Range - 27 to 34 Kilobase Largest among - RNA virus Causes Cause disease in mammals and birds. In human Coronavirus cause respiratory tract infections. Types of ...

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    You have to plot data in a heat map for RNA sequence data, will provide more details in chat.

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    DOUBLE-EDGED REGULATION OF VASCULAR TONE BY COX IN HEALTHY RESISTANCE ARTERIES-ROLE OF ISOFORMS Cyclooxygenase (COX) ability to produce both vasodilators and vasoconstrictors puts the enzyme in a key position to determine endothelial function. In healthy conditions, COX-1 was causing vascular relaxation in skeletal small arties while COX-2 was driving mesenteric small arties toward contraction. ...

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    1. An application of Deep Learning to a real-world problem. 2. Research report must be in a 6-page IEEE format with sections on: i. Abstract ii. Introduction iii. Motivation iv. Literature Review v. Methodology vi. Result vii. Conclusion 4. Experiment must have a baseline to justify the validity of work.

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    I'm receiving the error "RuntimeWarning: divide by zero encountered in double_scalars z = (bigu - meanrank) / sd" for my Python 3 code when I try running my script. It's supposed to give me the data results of my RNA sequence from two sets of patient ID's. I need this done by tomorrow evening. I will send you the code to fix once we talk.

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    Our company is a DNA/RNA Extraction Kit production company. We have been selling to marketers, but now we want our own website to sell to more clients. We have a domain but not a functioning website. Our current website runs on WordPress. We would want someone to develop our website fully, ie eCommerce is working, customers are able to create their own account on the website, security, and etc.

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    We are doing an animated explainer video about Molecular Engineering and we need someone to do the voiceover. -American Accent -600 words approx. -3-minute length approx. -Knowledge about DNA and RNA is a plus

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    Seeking anyone who has completed a PhD in preferably molecular biology or any biological science for answering, using research & critical thinking, any 2 of these questions: 1. Expression of recombinant proteins in yeast is an important tool for biotechnology companies that produce new drugs for human use. In an attempt to get a new gene X expressed in yeast, a researcher has integrated gene ...

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    Hi I need any professional who is adept with Next Generation Sequencing (RNA-seq ) analysis. Doing differential expression and downstream analysis and can explain both biology part and analysis part clearly

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    We are looking for someone with knowledge to:I am looking for a good writer capable Do an RNAseq analysis to get some results. I'm doing a work on Blocking ephrinB2 with highly specific antibodies inhibits angiogenesis. I already have the materials and methods, what I need is to make the results (we have protocols)

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    looking for someone with the right skills in java and biology to write a program that calculates the phylogenetic tree of k>1 sequences (DNA, RNA or proteins).

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    1)Write a program that calculates pairwise sequence alignments of two sequences (DNA, RNA or proteins). 2)Write a program that calculates the phylogenetic tree of k>1 sequences (DNA, RNA or proteins).

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    I have several LC-MS/MS or RNA-seq data and look for a bioinformatics signaling pathway analyzer to analyze and draw several figures. Also, to write the description as well as the method regarding the analysis is included.

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    Pick a disease and find a genome of it (Disease's Genetic Data Set) ... Just to make it a bit less complicated, you can choose any easy genetic disease' if you can find its genetic [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] don't expect me to provide you with any Dataset or genetic data, Unfortunately I don't know how to find any data that's why I n...

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    We have several CSV files with bird data (species names & groups, sound descriptions) that we want to link together but their content is not always consistent: - different date/time notations => split into Year;Month;Day;Time (each could be empty) - different geo location notations => convert to WGS84 Latitude;Longitude;Elevation There are 2 CSV files (; semicolon): - Malaysia 932 line...

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    We have several CSV files with bird data (species names & groups, sound descriptions) that we want to link together but their content is not always consistent: - different date/time notations => split into Year;Month;Day;Time (each could be empty) - different geo location notations => convert to WGS84 Latitude;Longitude;Elevation First file has 5580 lines of CSV (; semicolon), Example:...

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    Hello, I am looking for igraph python expert who can help me with my work. I have almost 1,00 dataset of non-coding RNA in bpseq format that need to calculate some of the graph properties eg:- articulation points, average edge betweeness and others. I am using igraph python on Ubuntu 18.04 . What you need to do is help me to do the code and have to explain to me in detail on the code and the outp...

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    Name of company: Cellience Catchline: The science of cells Key words: cells, molecular, health, DNA Type of business: research into cell biology and health products General Guidelines: The logo should either incorporate elements of cellular/molecular biology (DNA, RNA, cell division etc.) or otherwise be simple, clean and refreshing, using a font associated with the medical/health industry. Grap...

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    Purine/Pyrimidine Orientation count for RNA Adjacent Threaded Pairs

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    transcription Bitti left

    the process of constructing a messenger RNA molecule using a DNA molecule as a template with resulting transfer of genetic information to the messenger RNA

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    Hi Bin, Happy New Years to you. Here is the next RNA project I would like to offer you. It uses the output of the two-state RNA pairing program that you completed on December 31st. For this project, you will need to create a loop for the RNA pairing program to complete RNA pairs for an entire RNA design list. From this output, you will be able to complete the below. Program for a specified ra...

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    Analysis of deferentially expressed genes in prunus perscia for the treatment of Hypoxia using generalized linear models. The project is halfway done by RNA sequencing, Needs to be finished by ML sequencing by downloading the data sets and analyzing in R. Data Sets, existing code and files will be shared after discussion.

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    The RNA sequencing part of the project is done, just finish the same using ML sequencing. The files have been uploaded.

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    Adapting the supplied VBA code description, identify and list the pairs contained in 3 RNA designs within an excel spreadsheet (see attached excel file for complete description and supplied VBA code/outline in Tab4). Milestone will be the return of excel file that successfully creates these 3 lists.

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    Work with a citizen science research group improving RNA designs to help diagnosing diseases. Need R programmer who is fluent with: 1. using Levenshtein (edit) distance in stringdist library (at least that is were it used to be...) 2. R Program's clustering functions to test clustering on variety of factors. To get started and demonstrate basic capability, complete R program hierarchica...

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    The aim of the project is to develop a basecalling algorithm for RNA sequencing to detect RNA modifications building on the Chiron package ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın])

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    Describe the different classes of RNA in the cell and a brief description of the role(s) that these play. Focus should be made on the small RNA classes that have been identified that are involved in regulation of gene expression (ie. miRNA, siRNA, RNAi), describing their roles and the pathway(s) in which they are involved

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    logo designer Bitti left

    we are a responsible nutrition association in india that wants a logo for its body. RNA is the association registration name

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    Design logo Bitti left

    I need a logo designed. For hpv cancer Cancer of cervix Detec it by rna of virusThis name famma

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    We need a reproduction of virus model on the picture attached for Unity. It will be used on a mobile VR application so it should be performant as mush as possible. - Virus shape must be spiral like (not straight like in the sample photo). Request shape will be given an FBX file. - All the roughness and deformations on the virus shell must be modelled as normal/height/detail maps. - The dot like...

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    I am looking for a Python implementation of a dynamic programming algorithm in Python. The algorithm is described in detail in this paper "Optimal computer folding of large RNA sequences using thermodynamics and auxiliary information.".

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    Design a Logo Contest - LiqBioDx The Task: To design a memorable, clever logo for my business. Company: Liqbiodx About: The company will provide a diagnostics screening service using blood samples, some keywords to have in mind/inspire the design: cancer, blood, red blood cells, platelets, DNA/RNA, circulating tumor cells. The winning design will be awarded £35

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    Arcis are a life sciences technology company focused on rapid extraction of DNA and RNA from human and non-human samples. We enable earlier cancer detection so its quite a high interest area. We want an investor presentation that pulls out the science elements but also explains the compelling investor proposition and how we will make a major return on investment. Someone with a Molecular Biolog...

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